James Rowe

James Rowe
Short Name: James Rowe
Full Name: Rowe, James, 1865-1933
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1933

Pseudonym: James S. Apple.

James Rowe was born in England in 1865. He served four years in the Government Survey Office, Dublin Ireland as a young man. He came to America in 1890 where he worked for ten years for the New York Central & Hudson R.R. Co., then served for twelve years as superintendent of the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society. He began writing songs and hymns about 1896 and was a prolific writer of gospel verse with more than 9,000 published hymns, poems, recitations, and other works.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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قد غرقت في الشرورJames Rowe (Author)Arabic1
我曾深沉罪海中,遠離平安之岸 (Wǒ céng shēnchén zuì hǎizhōng, yuǎnlí píng'ān zhī àn)James Rowe (Author)Chinese2
A better day is nighJames Rowe (Author)2
A blessed change has taken placeJames Rowe (Author)2
A captive once was I, and in fetters layJames Rowe (Author)3
A day will come, a perfect dayJames Rowe (Author)2
A flower fair has gone from earthJames Rowe (Author)2
A glorious home is preparingJames Rowe (Author)English2
A glorious Savior is JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
A happy song abides withinJames Rowe (Author)2
A happy song each day is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
A happy song is in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
A happy song today is ringingJames Rowe (Author)English2
A helper true, the Savior needsJames Rowe (Author)2
A mansion fair now waits for meJames Rowe (Author)3
A message has come, Glad tidings from homeJames Rowe (Author)3
A song of rejoicing is thrilling my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
A wandering boy was awearyJames Rowe (Author)3
A wonderful Friend has come down from on highJames Rowe (Author)5
A wonderful Friend is beside meJames Rowe (Author)2
A wonderful homeJames Rowe (Author)2
A wonderful peace is abiding withinJames Rowe (Author)2
A wonderful song I'm singing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Above the blue sky there's a beautiful homeJames Rowe (Author)2
Above the starry skiesJames Rowe (Author)2
Across the line between heaven and earthJames Rowe (Author)3
Across the line, where pain and careJames Rowe (Author)2
Adrift was I on sin's rough seaJames Rowe (Author)2
Afar from home and God I strayedJames Rowe (Author)2
Afar from the noise of the cityJames Rowe (Author)2
After a while, our sky will be bright Sunshine willJ. R. (Author)4
After is ended the last hard mileJames Rowe (Author)4
After my trials and troublesJames Rowe (Author)2
After my trials and troubles are passed [past]James Rowe (Author)16
After my trials of earthlife are o'erJames Rowe (Author)13
After our labors and after our caresJames Rowe (Author)3
After our labors and troublesJames Rowe (Author)3
After the battle, when we gather with saints inJames Rowe (Author)2
After the cares of the worldJames Rowe (Author)2
After the clouds roll byJames Rowe (Author)5
After the end of strife and of this earthly lifeJames Rowe (Author)English2
After the fighting is ended belowJames Rowe (Author)12
After the labors of earth are all doneJames Rowe (Author)3
After the midnight, morning will greet usJames Rowe (Author)17
After the shadows flee, beautiful morn 'twill beJames Rowe (Author)6
After the storms of life are o'erJames Rowe (Author)3
After the sunshine and after the rainJames Rowe (Author)2
After the trials of earth have been pastJames Rowe (Author)4
After the trials of life are all pastJames Rowe (Author)3
After the victory here has been wonJames Rowe (Author)3
After this earthly journey is endedJames Rowe (Author)2
After we cross the silent river and are safe at home foreverJames Rowe (Author)English2
After we have crossed the riverJames Rowe (Author)2
Again to the blessed RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
All along life's dreary wayJames Rowe (Author)2
All day long of Jesus I am singingJames Rowe (Author)7
All days are thine, dear LordJames Rowe (Author)2
All glory to the Lamb who diedJames Rowe (Author)2
All glory to the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
All hail the King of our salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
All hail the Lord of ParadiseJames Rowe (Author)English2
All in all to JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
All is glory, hallelujahJames Rowe (Author)2
All is not sunshine in this world of oursJames Rowe (Author)English2
All my heart belongs to JesusJames Rowe (Author)6
All my heart went out to my Redeemer dearJames Rowe (Author)2
All my sins at last are goneJames Rowe (Author)2
All our grief will be over, over thereJames Rowe (Author)2
All our troubles will be endedJames Rowe (Author)2
All praise and glory be to Christ of CalvaryJames Rowe (Author)2
All the bells of glory will be sweetly ringingJames Rowe (Author)English2
All the home path is brightJames Rowe (Author)2
All the shadows pass away, it becomes a happy dayJames Rowe (Author)6
All the shadows will have goneJames Rowe (Author)2
All the trouble clouds above you will be taken from your sightJames Rowe (Author)2
All the way to realms of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
All the world to me todayJames Rowe (Author)5
All the world was dreary, And my soul was wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
All the world was lost in the night of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
All things sing itJames Rowe (Author)2
Almost persuaded, so often I've sungJames Rowe (Author)2
Along the good old way I'm singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Although he knew my dreadful storyJames Rowe (Author)2
Although the way is thornyJames Rowe (Author)2
Always happy with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Always keeping my Redeemer near meJames Rowe (Author)2
Always so joyously singingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Amazement is mine when I think of the OneJames Rowe (Author)2
Amid the dark, wild way of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Amid the fierce storms that are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)3
Another hour with Jesus, The Friend all friends aboveJames Rowe (Author)English2
Are preachers filled less with the Spirit divineJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you bending under careJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you bending under sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you burdened, worn and wearyJames Rowe (Author)English9
Are you doing your best for the Master on highJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you dreary and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you far from JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you fond of pretty flowersJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you in sin, and in sorrowJames Rowe (Author)5
Are you in trouble and want to get outJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you living close to Jesus, freely doing what you mayJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you meeting with a smile all your trialsJames Rowe (Author)4
Are you needing strength and cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you pressing on, has your burden gone?James Rowe (Author)5
Are you sin sick, worn with care and sadnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Are you truly trusting Jesus?James Rowe (Author)2
Are you weary, do you grieveJames Rowe (Author)6
Are you weary of your life of sin?James Rowe (Author)English2
Around me souls are sunk in sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Around the cross we standJames Rowe (Author)4
As falls the tree so must it lieJames Rowe (Author)3
As I go onward with the Lord divineJames Rowe (Author)8
As I walk at the side of my Savior divineJames Rowe (Author)3
As our fathers shouted, Hallelujah! Glory!James Rowe (Author)English2
As the days hurry on with so much of life goneJames Rowe (Author)2
As the shades of night take awayJames Rowe (Author)3
As the stars in number are theyJames Rowe (Author)2
As through life you journeyJames Rowe (Author)10
As to the home in glory-land you goJames Rowe (Author)English2
As we go along life's wayJames Rowe (Author)3
As we march along together to our homeland in the skyJames Rowe (Author)2
As we march with JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
As we travel along toward the city of lightJames Rowe (Author)2
As we travel homeward in the light of loveJames Rowe (Author)3
As we travel onward to our home aboveJames Rowe (Author)1
As you follow Jesus onwardJames Rowe (Author)2
As you forward march against the hosts of wrongJames Rowe (Author)2
As you go along life's pathwayJames Rowe (Author)4
As you go along, seeing the blessed gospel lightJames Rowe (Author)2
As you go along through the busy throngJames Rowe (Author)2
As you go along through the vales of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
As you go onward from day unto dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
As you go onward with Jesus each dayJames Rowe (Author)3
As you journey onward through the busy throngJames Rowe (Author)3
As you left the homestead in the happy long agoJames Rowe (Author)6
As you travel on in the light of graceJames Rowe (Author)4
As you travel on to glory, Be the pathway drear or brightJames Rowe (Author)2
As you travel on to glory many troublesJames Rowe (Author)2
As you travel onward through this desertJames Rowe (Author)2
As you walk the glory wayJames Rowe (Author)3
At midnight a mother sat weeping aloneJames Rowe (Author)2
At the dawning of the morning (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
At times the golspel way is drearJames Rowe (Author)2
Awake and sing, ye lovers of the Holy OneJames Rowe (Author)2
Awake, awake, and in the LordJames Rowe (Author)6
Awake, awake and to the field be speedingJames Rowe (Author)3
Awake, awake, the harvest master callsJames Rowe (Author)2
Awake, awake, ye children of the holy OneJames Rowe (Author)2
Awake, my countrymen, awakeJames Rowe (Author)2
Awake, ye saints, and sing unto the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Away from God, and home was IJames Rowe (Author)2
Be free from fearJames Rowe (Author)2
Be glad, rejoice, Hope's golden lightJames Rowe (Author)English3
Be glad, ye Christian soulsJames Rowe (Author)3
Beaming stars for Christ are weJames Rowe (Author)2
Beautiful Bible, God's message of loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Beautiful message of love divineJames Rowe (Author)English2
Beautiful soul-land, kingdom of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Beautiful, wonderful summerlandJames Rowe (Author)2
Because his gospel's wondrous lightJames Rowe (Author)English2
Because I believe and have found salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
Because I love Jesus and he loves meJames Rowe (Author)2
Because the sky is overcastJames Rowe (Author)2
Behold the king, for he is nearJames Rowe (Author)2
Bells are pealingJames Rowe (Author)2
Bells are ringing, children singingJames Rowe (Author)3
Bells of joy are ringing (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
Beneath his wings I dwell in peaceJames Rowe (Author)2
Beyond the fading marks of timeJames Rowe (Author)2
Beyond the gates of light and loveJames Rowe (Author)3
Beyond the reach of pain and sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Billows of grace are swellingJames Rowe (Author)4
Bless thou Jehovah, O my happy soulJames Rowe (Author)4
Blessed be the name of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Blessed Jesus who has died for meJames Rowe (Author)2
Blessed Savior, stay beside me, that my foesJames Rowe (Author)3
Bondage is past and no longerJames Rowe (Author)2
Bright is the path [that] I tread todayJames Rowe (Author)7
Brighten the world with songs of cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
Brighter grows the Christmas gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Brightly the sun is shining OverJames Rowe (Author)2
Bringing in the harvest for the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Brother dear, the field of songJames Rowe (Author)2
Brother, if a friend you needJames Rowe (Author)2
Bruddah Moses said to PharaoahJames Rowe (Author)English2
By and by, the saved will gatherJames Rowe (Author)2
By faith I cling to Christ my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
By the grace of him to whomJames Rowe (Author)2
By the light of the gospel storyJames Rowe (Author)2
By the Lord I've been forgivenJames Rowe (Author)4
By the way of the crossJames Rowe (Author)2
By the way of the cross I am traveling homeJames Rowe (Author)2
Carol his praise, send itJames Rowe (Author)2
Carols of gladness thrill my soul todayJames Rowe (Author)7
Carry the sunlight wherever you go, Many are living in darkness and woeJames Rowe (Author)English4
Cause for rejoicing I found one dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
Children, children let glad praiseJames Rowe (Author)3
Children's Day anthems are swellingJames Rowe (Author)2
Children's hearts are glad todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ for helping hands is callingJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ has banished all my sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ has died upon the crossJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ has paid all the costJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ has redeemed me, with rapture I singJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ is a wonderful Savior, freeing from sin that depravesJames Rowe (Author)English2
Christ is dear to meJames Rowe (Author)3
Christ is leading me, upward speeding meJames Rowe (Author)9
Christ is leading us, feeding us with the bread of HeavenJames Rowe (Author)English2
Christ is making sinners freeJames Rowe (Author)7
Christ is risen from the grave, O hail himJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ is saving man from sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ is saving soulsJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ is the leader of the worldJames Rowe (Author)5
Christ is worthy of our praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ lives again to rescue menJames Rowe (Author)English2
Christ my Lord from gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ shall reign foreverJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ, the blessed King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ, the blessed MasterJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ, the Lord is nearJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ the Lord is saving all the worldJames Rowe (Author)2
Christ the Lord is setting sinners freeJames Rowe (Author)2
Christian, is the pathway dark before theeJames Rowe (Author)2
Christian soldiers, onward with a songJames Rowe (Author)English2
Christian workers, living for his gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Christians, be true to Him; sing praises new to HimJames Rowe (Author)English2
Christians, sing to Jesus the Savior with joyJames Rowe (Author)2
Christians, there is still so much to doJames Rowe (Author)4
Close to Jesus always we remainJames Rowe (Author)2
Close to my Redeemer, homeward goingJames Rowe (Author)4
Close to my Savior I'm walking todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Close to my Savior, workingJames Rowe (Author)2
Close to our divine Redeemer clingingJames Rowe (Author)3
Close to the cross of my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)English2
Close to the Lord we are marching to gloryJames Rowe (Author)4
Closely to Jesus I am clingingJames Rowe (Author)5
Cloudless skies will meet my sightJames Rowe (Author)4
Clouds will depart and shadows flee, morning will dawn for you and meJames Rowe (Author)English2
Come and go with me to the home aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
Come home, lost soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, join the song, O ransomedJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, let us bow before himJames Rowe (Author)3
Come, let us lift an anthemJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, let us rejoice in Christ todayJames Rowe (Author)4
Come, let us sing of the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Come on, reapers, his praises singingJames Rowe (Author)5
Come sing of the savior, who died for menJames Rowe (Author)6
Come sing unto the Lord, a new anthem of praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Come to Christ with your careJames Rowe (Author)3
Come to the cross, O wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
Come to the frontJames Rowe (Author)4
Come, ye children of the King, who delight His praise to singJames Rowe (Author)English2
Come, ye faithful, at his altarJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, ye faithful lovers of JesusJames Rowe (Author)5
Come, ye, honor the King, Jesus the LordJames Rowe (Author)8
Come, ye lovers of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, ye people, your voices again employJames Rowe (Author)4
Come ye ransomed souls, and sweetly singJames Rowe (Author)2
Come, ye servants of Jesus your voices lift to Him againJames Rowe (Author)3
Come, ye who love the RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
Come ye whose souls delightJames Rowe (Author)3
Come, young men, strong menJames Rowe (Author)2
Comrades, long has been the battleJames Rowe (Author)2
Comrades on the roadJames Rowe (Author)2
Comrades, press along with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Counties here and counties thereJames Rowe (Author)2
Countless praises fill my soul for the Lord who made me wholeJames Rowe (Author)2
Courage, comrades, courage, strong and faithful beJames Rowe (Author)3
Crossing the river, bound for the heavenly shoreJames Rowe (Author)7
Cuando cargado y triste estéJames Rowe (Author)Spanish2
Dark clouds may often hide the goalJames Rowe (Author)2
Dark clouds may often hide the goal, But fear willJames Rowe (Author)11
Dark indeed is the night when our dear onesJames Rowe (Author)5
Darkness and sin abound, sorrow and care are foundJames Rowe (Author)2
Darkness may overtake me and my song forsake meJames Rowe (Author)21
Day by day we go alongJames Rowe (Author)2
Death has again bereft us, again we've said goodbyeJames Rowe (Author)8
Deep in the love of Jesus our KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Deep in the love of my Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
Deus promete grandes coisas concederJames Rowe (Author (sts. 1-3))Portuguese2
Do many trials bend theeJames Rowe (Author)2
Do not grieve day by day just because over the wayJames Rowe (Author)3
Do not waste your life in shadowJames Rowe (Author)2
Do what you can for Jesus, as through the world you goJames Rowe (Author)English2
Do you follow a path that is thorny and drearyJames Rowe (Author)English2
Do you hear, O fainting soldierJames Rowe (Author)English4
Does it pay to follow JesusJames Rowe (Author)5
Does the day bring but little of gladness?James Rowe (Author)2
Does the world no rest afford?James Rowe (Author)4
Don't cease to tell the storyJames Rowe (Author)3
Don't go away unsaved, dear soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Don't let the tempter defeat you,James Rowe (Author)2
Don't try to succeed without Christ as your friendJames Rowe (Author)English3
Don't you know that Jesus knows all your careJames Rowe (Author)5
Don't you want to go to that kingdomJames Rowe (Author)2
Down in the lowlands you wander and sighJames Rowe (Author)2
Down in the valley of sorrow and strifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Draw me to theeJames Rowe (Author)2
Dread not the things that are aheadJames Rowe (Author)12
Drear may be the journeyJames Rowe (Author)2
Drear may be the pathway through the wildernessJames Rowe (Author)English2
Drear may be the scene before me, clouds may hide the blue aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
Driving the foe before usJames Rowe (Author)11
Duty is calling from morning till nightJames Rowe (Author)4
Duty's voice is calling usJames Rowe (Author)3
Each day a failure used to beJames Rowe (Author)3
Earth and sky again with praise are ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
Earth may give wonderful riches and fameJames Rowe (Author)3
Earth seems full of beauty rich and rareJames Rowe (Author)2
Earthly cares will be forgottenJames Rowe (Author)4
Earthly friends may forsake you when trouble is nearJames Rowe (Author)English2
Earthly friends may turnJames Rowe (Author)3
Earthly pleasures vainly call meJames Rowe (Author)English107
Einen Heiland durft' ich findenJames Rowe (Author)German1
En pecados y temorJames Rowe (Author)Spanish2
Endless glory will be given by and byJames Rowe (Author)2
Enemies oft I meet who would my aims defeatJames Rowe (Author)English2
Erdenlust kann mich nicht haltenJames Rowe (Author)German2
Ere to labor you beginJames Rowe (Author)4
Eu, perdido pecador, longe do meu JesusJames Rowe (Author)Portuguese2
Even children may work for the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)5
Evening shadows gather nearJames Rowe (Author)3
Ever on and on with banners brightJames Rowe (Author)6
Every day may be drearyJames Rowe (Author)5
Every hour of every day make meJames Rowe (Author)2
Every mite of kindnessJames Rowe (Author)3
Every moment of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Every sign of care will leave us, we shall then sing forevermoreJames Rowe (Author)English4
Every sin is goneJames Rowe (Author)2
Every step, my Savior, lead Thou meJames Rowe (Author)English2
Every trial will be overJames Rowe (Author)2
Everybody here needs the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Everyone should love himJames Rowe (Author)2
Evil gives pleasure but leaveth a stainJames Rowe (Author)6
Every care and every sorrowJames Rowe (Author)8
Every hour of day, on the homeward wayJames Rowe (Author)English3
Exalt his love in praises sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
Exalt the holy Son of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
Eyes are upward turningJames Rowe (Author)7
Eyes with lovelight gleam and glowJames Rowe (Author)2
Facing the storms of life and doubting Jesus neverJames Rowe (Author)2
Faithful lovers of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Faithful soldiers of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Faithful workers we all intend to beJames Rowe (Author)2
Far beyond the cares of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Far from God my wayward soul has strayedJames Rowe (Author)2
Far from home and God I wanderedJames Rowe (Author)3
Far from the Shepherd I had wanderedJames Rowe (Author)3
Far out on the sea, Far out on the seaJames Rowe (Author)3
Far out on the wild raging oceanJames Rowe (Author)7
Farewell, farewell, may Jesus guide and keep youJames Rowe (Author)2
Father, hear me, let me borrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Father, when life's rough storms are beatingJames Rowe (Author)3
Father, when life's wayJames Rowe (Author)1
Fearing not the cloudsJames Rowe (Author)2
Fearing not the sea's commotionJames Rowe (Author)English2
Fearing the storm no moreJames Rowe (Author)4
Feeling his touch in the light of his faceJames Rowe (Author)2
Fight for the Hero who leadeth to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Finding joy in the beautiful storyJames Rowe (Author)2
Firmly stand for Jesus every dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Flowers everywhere are growingJames Rowe (Author)2
Flowers nod and smile todayJames Rowe (Author)4
Foes all in vain my soul assailJames Rowe (Author)2
Foes may betide meJames Rowe (Author)12
Foes may tempt and storms may sweepJames Rowe (Author)2
Follow me, said gentle JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Follow, my comrades, the Leader eternalJames Rowe (Author)2
Follow the cross, for it leadeth to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Following Jesus day by day, keeping our facesJames Rowe (Author)2
Following Jesus on the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Following Jesus our Leader to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Following Jesus to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Following the King before usJames Rowe (Author)English2
For all the blessings that we have receivedJames Rowe (Author)2
For Jesus I'm living, the tidings I'm givingJames Rowe (Author)2
For the beauty of the springJames Rowe (Author)2
For the glory of the MasterJames Rowe (Author)4
For the Master sowingJames Rowe (Author)2
For the Master's everlasting gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
For the mercy He hath shown us and the love He hath bestowedJames Rowe (Author)English2
For the pain he bore and the thorns he woreJames Rowe (Author)2
For the soul forgivenJames Rowe (Author)4
For us, the Lord was crucifiedJames Rowe (Author)7
For what Jesus did to save meJames Rowe (Author)3
For what the Lord has done for meJames Rowe (Author)English2
For workers the Lord of the vineyard is callingJames Rowe (Author)3
For years I was under the tempter's controlJames Rowe (Author)2
Forth to the conflict, hearts strong and steadyJames Rowe (Author)2
Forward, all rejoicing, with the Savior we will goJames Rowe (Author)4
Forward, comrades, banners wavingJames Rowe (Author)2
Forward, God's own soldiers, onwardJames Rowe (Author)2
Forward, soldiers, is the order clearJames Rowe (Author)2
Forward to the conflictJames Rowe (Author)2
Free salvation, tell it unto allJames Rowe (Author)2
From his palace in the skyJames Rowe (Author)2
From my Father's home I wanderedJames Rowe (Author)English3
From the grave the Lord hath risenJames Rowe (Author)2
From the Lord no more I wanderJames Rowe (Author)2
From the mire of sin and doubtJames Rowe (Author)4
From the table now retiringJames Rowe (Author)42
From the throne His light shines over usJames Rowe (Author)English2
From tower and steeple gladsome bells send out their voices clearJames Rowe (Author)2
Fully redeemed, my joy is unboundedJames Rowe (Author)2
Gathered again in his presenceJames Rowe (Author)2
Gathered again in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Gathered at his sacred feetJames Rowe (Author)2
Gathered together at his holy feetJames Rowe (Author)3
Gathered together before himJames Rowe (Author)7
Gathering sheaves for Jesus, our eternal KingJames Rowe (Author)3
Get back to the gospelJames Rowe (Author)2
Give a cheering messageJames Rowe (Author)2
Give it out, day by dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Give praise to God whose Son us was givenJames Rowe (Author)English2
Give your heart to me, says JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Glad is the song I sing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Gladness is filling my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Glorious scenes will greet our eyesJames Rowe (Author)English2
Glory, honor, praise and power be to God's almighty SonJames Rowe (Author)2
Glory to Jesus, He has redeemed me from sinJames Rowe (Author)3
Glory to Jesus, I am singing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Glory ye in the name of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Glowing and gleaming wherever we goJames Rowe (Author)2
Glowing, gleaming, as we goJames Rowe (Author)English2
Go forth, ye saved in Jesus' nameJames Rowe (Author)2
Go tell the sweet story of ChristJames Rowe (Author)2
God is calling for helpers trueJames Rowe (Author)2
God is pleading againJames Rowe (Author)2
God so loved the world His Son was givenJames Rowe (Author)11
God's book, a deathless song of loveJames Rowe (Author)4
God's dear Son has kept me singingJames Rowe (Author)2
God's great hosts are marchingJames Rowe (Author)2
God's mighty legions press alongJames Rowe (Author)2
God's own Son came down from heavenJames Rowe (Author)8
God's own Son is leading usJames Rowe (Author)8
God's way is best for me I knowJames Rowe (Author)English2
Golden morning breaks over the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)English2
Gone is my love for the pleasures of sinJames Rowe (Author)English2
Gone is the night of repiningJames Rowe (Author)3
Gone my sadness, all is gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Gone on to the heavenly landJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is Jehovah whose Son to redeem usJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is the joy of salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is the joy that is thrillingJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is the Lord and is worthy of praiseJames Rowe (Author)3
Great is the Lord and King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is the mightJames Rowe (Author)2
Great is the story of God and His loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
Great may be the burdensJames Rowe (Author)2
Guided by Thee, O glorious SaviorJames Rowe (Author)English2
Hail, glorious Easter, beautiful time of springJames Rowe (Author)4
Hail the bright morningJames Rowe (Author)2
Hail to the honor of our mighty KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, came to earthJames Rowe (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, to the holy One on highJames Rowe (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, to the Lamb of CalvaryJames Rowe (Author)English2
Hallelujah, sing the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Happiest praise freely we raiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy am I every hour of the dayJames Rowe (Author)3
Happy banner bearers, standing on paradeJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy children of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy hearts are singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy in the Savior, on and on we goJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy indeed I am, praising the precious LambJames Rowe (Author)3
Happy is the carol that my soul is singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy is the time we spend praising Jesus hereJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy little Christians on the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy little pleaders, that is what we areJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy new songs we all shall sing, praising our everlasting KingJames Rowe (Author)4
Happy soldiers, training for the frayJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy songs I sing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Happy throngs forever singJames Rowe (Author)2
Hark! a mighty host is singingJames Rowe (Author)3
Hark, the harvest Master callsJames Rowe (Author)2
Hark, the King calls todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Hark, the Master dear is callingJames Rowe (Author)3
Has the morning brought you sadnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Has the morning brought you sadness Spend the day with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Has your burden heavy grownJames Rowe (Author)2
Has your soul become discouragedJames Rowe (Author)2
Have a blessing ready, as you pass alongJames Rowe (Author)5
Have a heart of kindness, sympathy and loveJames Rowe (Author)4
Have a sunny smile to give awayJames Rowe (Author)4
Have faith in the blood of the CrucifiedJames Rowe (Author)4
Have I been to the Lord and confessedJames Rowe (Author)2
Have no fear, let faith be shownJames Rowe (Author)2
Have something to spare as you pass on your wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Have we done our very best for JesusJames Rowe (Author)4
Have you a burden heavy to bearJames Rowe (Author)2
Have you a burden too heavy to bear, Carry your troubles to JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Have you a trouble which causes distressJames Rowe (Author)4
Have you any sorrow, Comfort would you borrowJames Rowe (Author)10
Have you been to Jesus for redeeming graceJames Rowe (Author)2
Have you labored for the gloryJames Rowe (Author)3
Have you prayed for any blessingJames Rowe (Author)4
Have you wandered from the peaceful foldJames Rowe (Author)7
Have you wandered in sin, Does the tempter pursueJames Rowe (Author)9
Having been forgiven all transgressionsJames Rowe (Author)2
Having faith in God's eternal sonJames Rowe (Author)2
Having faith in Jesus I have looked aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
Having faith in Jesus, singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Having faith in the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Having my Savior always beside meJames Rowe (Author)4
He came from a village homesteadJames Rowe (Author)2
He died for all, O blessed thoughtJames Rowe (Author)2
He keepeth my soul in the havenJames Rowe (Author)3
He was burdened with age, bent with sin and careJames Rowe (Author)3
He will care for me, Burdens bear for meJames Rowe (Author)English2
Hear our happy voices speeding over the plainsJames Rowe (Author)4
Hear the bells, loud and clearJames Rowe (Author)2
Hear the call for reapers ringing o'er the land (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)3
Hear the children's song of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)3
Hear the news, joyful news, soul afar from God and homeJames Rowe (Author)2
Hear the shouts that rend the air, victoryJames Rowe (Author)3
Hear the tramp, tramp, tramp of the ransomed throngJames Rowe (Author)2
Hear the tramp, tramp, tramp of the Sunday school brigadeJames Rowe (Author)14
Hear the trumpet ringing outJames Rowe (Author)3
Heart and soul with joys are singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Heart and voice we shall employJames Rowe (Author)3
Hearts are free from griefJames Rowe (Author)2
Helpful be each passing dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Helping hands for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Helping with the harvestJames Rowe (Author)9
Here no glory may I gainJames Rowe (Author)2
Here we love to praise himJames Rowe (Author)2
Here we stand, a happy bandJames Rowe (Author)2
Here's a song I sing of my precious Lord and KingJames Rowe (Author)3
Here's a thought that cheers my soulJames Rowe (Author)3
Here's the song our old clock singsJames Rowe (Author)2
Here's the song that I'm outpouringJames Rowe (Author)3
Here's the truth that I am singingJames Rowe (Author)3
His love extends o'er all the earthJames Rowe (Author)2
Holding fast to himJames Rowe (Author)2
Home is always happy, if the Lord is thereJames Rowe (Author)2
Homeless here the soul may roveJames Rowe (Author)17
Homeless I may be belowJames Rowe (Author)2
Homeward bound with the King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Homeward, today I am goingJames Rowe (Author)2
Homeward, we go, happy praises singingJames Rowe (Author)3
Hope and gladness ever abide in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Hope on, dear heart, though heavy burdens bend theeJames Rowe (Author)2
Hosanna singing, to my Savior clingingJames Rowe (Author)2
How are you spending your earthly days?James Rowe (Author)English3
How are you treating the MasterJames Rowe (Author)2
How brightly shines our gospelJames Rowe (Author)2
How busy they are every hourJames Rowe (Author)2
How could the Lord leave his kingdom aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
How glad and free our souls will beJames Rowe (Author)2
How great, how wonderful art thouJames Rowe (Author)2
How happy I am with Calvary's lambJames Rowe (Author)2
How have you been living your lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
How I love my precious SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
How I love to sing of Christ my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
How I love to sing the praise of the FriendJames Rowe (Author)2
How it comforts the soulJames Rowe (Author)2
How oft my mind goes backJames Rowe (Author)2
How our eyes with joy will gleamJames Rowe (Author)2
How our souls will shineJames Rowe (Author)2
How strange it is that men can shunJames Rowe (Author)3
How sweet a place would be the worldJames Rowe (Author)4
How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dreamJames Rowe (Author)English40
How sweet is Jesus, how true to meJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet is the love of my Savior and KingJames Rowe (Author)7
How sweet is the thought that redemption has broughtJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet is the thought that the Savior is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet is the thought that when trials betideJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet the thought of childhood daysJames Rowe (Author)1
How sweet the thought that I shall liveJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet the thought that I shall traceJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet the thought that oft is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet the thought that there is oneJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet the thought that we (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
How sweet to have a Friend divineJames Rowe (Author)4
How sweet to hear, when day is o'erJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet to know that, while we bearJames Rowe (Author)2
How sweet to rest at Jesus' feetJames Rowe (Author)2
How the angry wind is blowingJames Rowe (Author)2
How the bells of joy will ringJames Rowe (Author)2
How the bells will be ringingJames Rowe (Author)6
How the bells will ring and our hearts will singJames Rowe (Author)9
How the holy angels marvelJames Rowe (Author)2
How the light of love will shine on His palaces divineJames Rowe (Author)English2
How this precious promise cheersJames Rowe (Author)2
How will it be when this life is throughJames Rowe (Author)2
How wonderful is he who fillsJames Rowe (Author)2
Hoy me llama el mundo en vanoJames Rowe (Author)Spanish2
I am a stranger here below, heaven's my homeJames Rowe (Author)7
I am bound for glory and am singing as I goJames Rowe (Author)6
I am bound for glory with a happy throngJames Rowe (Author)2
I am clinging to Jesus, my wonderful friendJames Rowe (Alterer)English2
I am clinging to my LordJames Rowe (Author)2
I am clinging to the Lord, Trusting daily in His wordJames Rowe (Author)2
I am close to the Friend who has banishedJames Rowe (Author)3
I am close to Thy side, blessed SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I am deep in the love of my heavenly KingJames Rowe (Author)4
I am facing home at lastJames Rowe (Author)2
I am glad that I have given all my heart to himJames Rowe (Author)2
I am glad that 'twas said unto meJames Rowe (Author)4
I am going home to my mansion grandJames Rowe (Author)2
I am going on with my Lord and KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I am going to the land of song; Are you? are you?James Rowe (Author)English3
I am going upward all the whileJames Rowe (Author)2
I am happy all the whileJames Rowe (Author)2
I am happy and free every dayJames Rowe (Author)2
I am happy every day, and I'm singingJames Rowe (Author)6
I am happy, I am freeJames Rowe (Author)2
I am happy in Jesus and singing his praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
I am happy now, for the Lord is mineJames Rowe (Author)3
I am holding on to the promise grandJames Rowe (Author)2
I am in my Savior's keepingJames Rowe (Author)2
I am in the glory way with myJames Rowe (Author)2
I am in the old cross wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I am keeping close to JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I am laboring on for the Savior divineJames Rowe (Author)2
I am led every dayJames Rowe (Author)2
I am led every day by his love divineJames Rowe (Author)2
I am letting Jesus lead meJames Rowe (Author)2
I am living with Jesus, the blessed King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)6
I am lowly nowJames Rowe (Author)3
I am making known to others the Redeemer of my soulJames Rowe (Author)8
I am marching with the King of heavenJames Rowe (Author)3
I am marching with the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)4
I am not afraid to go in the pathJames Rowe (Author)2
I am on my way, to the realms of dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I am on the way to glory with the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I am on the way with the King todayJames Rowe (Author)2
I am praising with gladness my Savior and KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I am pressing along in the love-lit wayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I am pressing along with a wonderful songJames Rowe (Author)3
I am pressing on in the light of loveJames Rowe (Author)4
I am pressing on with the mighty OneJames Rowe (Author)2
I am redeemed at lastJames Rowe (Author)2
I am resting, dear Lord, in the arms of thy loveJames Rowe (Author)2
I am resting in my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I am safe in the armsJames Rowe (Author)2
I am sailing for the homelandJames Rowe (Author)2
I am satisfied with Jesus Who by dying made me freeJames Rowe (Author)2
I am saved and am going to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
I am singing of a Savior whose name I now adoreJames Rowe (Author)2
I am singing of the One who saved my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
I am small, but, Master dearJames Rowe (Author)2
I am so glad salvation's freeJames Rowe (Author)26
I am so happy in Jesus my FriendJames Rowe (Author)English2
I am sure that love divineJames Rowe (Author)4
I am telling out the story to the soulsJames Rowe (Author)2
I am the Lord's and he is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
I am trusting completely my Savior and KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I am walking and talking with JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
I am walking home with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I am walking in the light of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
I am walking with Jesus, singing songs in his praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
I am walking with my Savior in the blessed, old cross-wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I am walking with the mightyJames Rowe (Author)2
I am weary, longing for thy peaceful foldJames Rowe (Author)2
I am with the Savior who has diedJames Rowe (Author)3
I am working all the whileJames Rowe (Author)2
I am working for the blessed LordJames Rowe (Author)3
I am working for the LambJames Rowe (Author)2
I bear with patience every careJames Rowe (Author)English2
I belong to him Who gave his life for meJames Rowe (Author)3
I belong to the King and with rapture I singJames Rowe (Author)2
I build on Christ of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
I can never forget what my Savior has doneJames Rowe (Author)6
I can sing along the way, and be happy every dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I can stand amid the tempestJames Rowe (Author)2
I care no more for pleasures wrongJames Rowe (Author)English2
I cling to my Savior's dearJames Rowe (Author)2
I could feel the burden roll from my weary, sinful soulJames Rowe (Author)8
I could see the road to the blest abodeJames Rowe (Author)10
I dearly love my Savior nowJames Rowe (Author)2
I do not ask what trials waitJames Rowe (Author)3
I do not have to worry when the skyJames Rowe (Author)3
I do not know how Christ could dieJames Rowe (Author)5
I do not know, I cannot understandJames Rowe (Author)10
I do not know what tears may fallJames Rowe (Author)7
I had drifted far from shoreJames Rowe (Author)2
I had long been sad, but my soul grew gladJames Rowe (Author)3
I had wandered far away and was lostJames Rowe (Author)2
I had wandered far away and was lost in the depthsJames Rowe (Author)2
I had wandered from the rightJames Rowe (Author)2
I had wandered, talents squanderedJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a dear Savior, a wonderful friendJames Rowe (Author)6
I have a friend to guide meJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a friend who is at my sideJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a friend who is faithful to meJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a friend who loves me soJames Rowe (Author)4
I have a friend whose changeless loveJames Rowe (Author)5
I have a great Savior who saves every dayJames Rowe (Author)1
I have a most wonderful peaceJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a precious friendJames Rowe (Author)3
I have a precious Savior, he came from heaven aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a Savior I adoreJames Rowe (Author)4
I have a Savior who stays at my sideJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a Savior, a wonderful friendJames Rowe (Author)English2
I have a song within my heart, and naught can causeJames Rowe (Author)2
I have a true FriendJames Rowe (Author)2
I have been forgivenJames Rowe (Author)2
I have found a FriendJames Rowe (Author)2
I have found a Friend to guide meJames Rowe (Author)6
I have found a Friend who loves meJames Rowe (Author)2
I have found a guideJames Rowe (Author)2
I have found a precious Friend, one on whomJames Rowe (Author)2
I have found the Savior precious, And I love him more and moreJames Rowe (Author)English1
I have found the true CompanionJames Rowe (Author)4
I have given my heart to the King aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
I have grown so weary of the pleasuresJames Rowe (Author)2
I have had a song to sing every day to ChristJames Rowe (Author)5
I have had a talk with Jesus, it have brought meJames Rowe (Author)5
I have had my sings forgivenJames Rowe (Author)3
I have had no fear of the tempter nearJames Rowe (Author)3
I have heard a precious storyJames Rowe (Author)2
I have heard of a glorious land of songJames Rowe (Author)2
I have heard of a land with a glorified strandJames Rowe (Author)2
I have heard of realms of gloryJames Rowe (Author)4
I have joy to overflowingJames Rowe (Author)2
I have left my sins with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I have left the vales of darkness and the stormy plains of sinJames Rowe (Author)English3
I have lost my doubt, and my sin and fearJames Rowe (Author)English2
I have lost my sins and am pure withinJames Rowe (Author)3
I have naught to fear on my journey hereJames Rowe (Author)4
I have naught to fear when the way isJames Rowe (Author)2
I have naught to fear while I tarry hereJames Rowe (Author)10
I have no fear of foes along the wayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I have no fear that I shall fallJames Rowe (Author)2
I have started for heaven with my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I have sung every day as I've traveled alongJames Rowe (Author)2
I have sung every day in the heavenly wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I have sung o'er and o'er, and rejoiced evermoreJames Rowe (Author)2
I have wandered far from Thee, LordJames Rowe (Author)5
I heard a story sweet, one dayJames Rowe (Author)2
I in sin was livingJames Rowe (Author)2
I know a friend who is faithfulJames Rowe (Author)2
I know a home where joys abideJames Rowe (Author)2
I know not where my mansion standsJames Rowe (Author)2
I know that foes are always nearJames Rowe (Author)13
I know that God created manJames Rowe (Author)2
I know that grace divine will keep this soul of mineJames Rowe (Author)English2
I know that Jesus needs meJames Rowe (Author)3
I know that the victory soon will be mineJames Rowe (Author)3
I know what my Savior has done for the lostJames Rowe (Author)English2
I lost my sins one happy dayJames Rowe (Author)2
I love the old, old storyJames Rowe (Author)2
I love the service of my LordJames Rowe (Author)2
I love to share a sorrowJames Rowe (Author)10
I love to sing of Christ my King who bore for meJames Rowe (Author)2
I love to tell the story of my Savior's matchlessJames Rowe (Author)4
I must be true to my Savior and FriendJames Rowe (Author)2
I must sing for joy at the happy thoughtJames Rowe (Author)6
I never fear when night is nearJames Rowe (Author)6
I never forgot how the blessed one diedJames Rowe (Author)2
I no longer am under a burdenJames Rowe (Author)2
I no longer sink beneath the waves of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
I once heard a sweet storyJames Rowe (Author)14
I once was fettered, lone and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
I once was worn and sad, but now I'm free and glad (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)English2
I prize thy love, my Lord divineJames Rowe (Author)2
I rejoice in my RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
I rest in Thee, my Lord and KingJames Rowe (Author)3
I shall always need TheeJames Rowe (Author)4
I shall lose the heavy burden that is bending me todayJames Rowe (Author)3
I shall meet my Savior face to faceJ. R. (Author)6
I shall rise, some cloudless morningJames Rowe (Author)3
I shall see unclouded skiesJames Rowe (Author)2
I sing in praise of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I sing of love, the love that ledJames Rowe (Author)2
I sing of thy loveJames Rowe (Author)2
I used to be so lonelyJames Rowe (Author)2
I walk with Christ, he leads me onJames Rowe (Author)2
I wandered in the lowlands, was hopeless and despairingJames Rowe (Author)3
I wandered in the vales of nightJames Rowe (Author)English2
I want my dear RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)English2
I want to be a blessing to Jesus everydayJames Rowe (Author)2
I want to live closer, my Savior, to theeJames Rowe (Author)2
I want to live for Jesus (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
I want to scatter sunshineJames Rowe (Author)2
I want to shine for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I want you to know who loveth me soJames Rowe (Author)2
I was a wayward child, was sinking in despairJames Rowe (Author)5
I was bound by sin many dreary yearsJames Rowe (Author)2
I was fettered, I was sadJames Rowe (Author)3
I was fleeing from the foeJames Rowe (Author)2
I was lonely and sad, but a carol I hadJames Rowe (Author)7
I was lonely and sad, I was far astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
I was lost and sad in the lowlands drearJames Rowe (Author)2
I was lost and sad, now I'm saved and gladJames Rowe (Author)4
I was lost and weary in the downward wayJames Rowe (Author)9
I was lost in the valley of darknessJames Rowe (Author)3
I was on the downward way, weary, worn, and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
I was sad and lonelyJames Rowe (Author)2
I was sin stained and wanderingJames Rowe (Author)3
I was sinking deep in sin, Far from the peaceful shoreJames Rowe, 1865-1933 (Author)English243
I was sinking deep in sin, Sinking to rise no moreJames Rowe (Author)English2
I was sinking in sin, and despairingJames Rowe (Author)2
I was sunk in sin, despairingJames Rowe (Author)4
I was tossing about on the billows of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
I was weary and was lone and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
I was wildly tossed about on the sea of sin and doubtJames Rowe (Author)4
I was worn and sad, and far astrayJames Rowe (Author)3
I will follow the Savior all the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I will lift up mine eyes to the hills (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
I will never doubt my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I will trust the love of himJames Rowe (Author)2
If a burden you are bearingJames Rowe (Author)3
If, after the trials of earthJames Rowe (Author)2
If all in this city whose souls are astrayJames Rowe (Author)3
If daily I trust my Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
If duty should call you awayJames Rowe (Author)2
If for Christ you would liveJames Rowe (Author)2
If for help we look aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
If for the prize we have strivenJames Rowe (Author)16
If I am faithful to Jesus my KingJames Rowe (Author)5
If I forget thee, JerusalemJames Rowe (Author)English2
If in the valley of trouble you dwellJames Rowe (Author)3
If Jesus I may see, at lastJames Rowe (Author)3
If my path should dangerous growJames Rowe (Author)3
If our past is hidden in the Savior's loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
If seems the world to you unkindJames Rowe (Author)8
If slaves of drink through out our landJames Rowe (Author)3
If some great burden bends you lowJames Rowe (Author)3
If the blessed gospel truly you believeJames Rowe (Author)2
If the blessed Savior took away your sinJames Rowe (Author)2
If the Lord has made you freeJames Rowe (Author)2
If the Savior helps you bearJames Rowe (Author)3
If the truth no more you doubtJames Rowe (Author)3
If The way is drear and your heart needs cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
If to Heaven you would goJames Rowe (Author)English2
If we abide in the love of our KingJames Rowe (Author)2
If we are faithful in word and deedJames Rowe (Author)4
If we are keeping Jesus nearJames Rowe (Author)4
If we are true to the Master divineJames Rowe (Author)2
If we do our duty during pilgrim daysJames Rowe (Author)English2
If we follow Jesus closely, we shall always have a friendJames Rowe (Author)2
If we follow to the endJames Rowe (Author)2
If we want the worldJames Rowe (Author)3
If we wish to free our countryJames Rowe (Author)2
If you are burdened and weary and loneJames Rowe (Author)2
If you are sad and weary and burdened down with careJames Rowe (Author)5
If you are troubled, or worried, or sadJames Rowe (Author)2
If you are very anxious to helpJames Rowe (Author)3
If you have a blessing In your heart to spareJames Rowe (Author)3
If you have a kindly wordJames Rowe (Author)12
If you have a song which would cheer the throngJames Rowe (Author)3
If you have a task to doJames Rowe (Author)2
If you have learned the story of Jesus andJames Rowe (Author)2
If you know the blessed SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
If you love the Savior, Show it in your lifeJames Rowe (Author)3
If you need uplifting, if you need a songJames Rowe (Author)22
If you want the world to love the blessed lambJames Rowe (Author)2
If you wish to be triumphant when shall end this earthly strifeJames Rowe (Author)6
If you wish to turn from sinJames Rowe (Author)3
If you would be glad and happy, as onward you goJames Rowe (Author)2
If you would find the better landJames Rowe (Author)13
If you would have the sweetest pleasuresJames Rowe (Author)2
If you would please your redeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
If you would reach the better homeJames Rowe (Author)2
If you would sing along life's wayJames Rowe (Author)4
If you would unlock the door of peaceJames Rowe (Author)English2
If you'd keep away from worryJames Rowe (Author)5
If your heart belongs to Jesus who has died for sinJames Rowe (Author)English2
If your life is sad and lonelyJames Rowe (Author)2
If your path is drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
If your sins have been forgiven and the Lord is now your guideJames Rowe (Author)3
If your soul has wandered in forbidden waysJames Rowe (Author)2
If your soul is astray and in darknessJames Rowe (Author)3
If your soul is sad and wearyJames Rowe (Author)3
If your soul is weary and your heart is sadJames Rowe (Author)2
If your soul would triumph in this earthly frayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'll cling to him, who rescued meJames Rowe (Author)2
I'll cling to my Redeemer dearJames Rowe (Author)2
I'll cling to my Savior, then allJames Rowe (Author)2
I'll do what I can for thy glory, LordJames Rowe (Author)4
I'll go all the way with Jesus, to the glory land aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
I'll stand up for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm bound for a land of palaces grandJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm bound for heaven with the Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm bound for the City of glory and restJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'm bound for the kingdom of glory and songJames Rowe (Author)English3
I'm climbing by faithJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm clinging to the LambJames Rowe (Author)5
I'm doing my best for God todayJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm following Jesus to heaven aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm following Jesus wherever he leadsJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm following One who has died for meJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm going on with God's great SonJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm happy and singing as onwardJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm happy indeed, my Redeemer I praiseJames Rowe (Author)4
I'm happy today in my Savior's loveJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm happy today in the marvelous loveJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm his at last, he foundJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm in the path of peaceJames Rowe (Author)5
I'm in the path that love has brightenedJames Rowe (Author)3
I'm in the service of my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm joyously singing, as onward I goJames Rowe (Author)3
I'm just a little soldierJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm keeping close to my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm living for Jesus, who leads me alongJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm living for my blessed SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm looking to thee, my heavenly KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm not afraid of storms that sweepJames Rowe (Author)1
I'm on my way to realms of lightJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'm on my way with Christ todayJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm on the right side nowJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm on the road to that abode of joyJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm on the way to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm only a little ChristianJames Rowe (Author)7
I'm out in the vineyard of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm out of the darkness, I live in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm praising my Savior with heart and withJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm pressing on, from day to dayJames Rowe (Author)5
I'm rooted in eternal loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'm safe in the love of my Savior divineJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm sailing along on the ocean of lifeJames Rowe (Author)3
I'm singing and telling of Jesus aboveJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'm singing in the glory wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm singing of him who has banished my sinJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm singing of Jesus who cancelledJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm singing of redeeming loveJames Rowe (Author)3
I'm singing, singing all day longJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm singing the praise of Jesus my LordJames Rowe (Author)8
I'm telling the world about ChristJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm tossed about by wave and windJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm trusting my Redeemer dearJames Rowe (Author)8
I'm trusting the grace of Christ my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm trusting the love of Jesus my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm trusting the Redeemer who made me so freeJames Rowe (Author)4
I'm trusting the Savior whoJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm trusting the Savior who has died for meJames Rowe (Author)4
I'm trusting today the RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm under the gospel banner, singing, along the wayJames Rowe (Author)English2
I'm walking today the heavenly wayJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm walking with a happy throngJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm walking with him who is guidingJames Rowe (Author)3
I'm walking with Jesus, the wonderful KingJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm walking with Jesus, who holds my handJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm weak and worn, for pardon longingJames Rowe (Author)2
I'm weary of bearing so great a loadJames Rowe (Author)2
In a glorified land, by a beautiful seaJames Rowe (Author)2
In a happy song, as we go alongJames Rowe (Author)2
In a home far awayJames Rowe (Author)2
In amazement I view the years gone byJames Rowe (Author)English2
In darkness deep I was astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
In God's great Son rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)2
In good order I my house shall keepJames Rowe (Author)2
In his love rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)3
In his praise whose graceJames Rowe (Author)2
In Jesus believing what joy I'm receivingJames Rowe (Author)3
In life's ever dreary valleyJames Rowe (Author)2
In love divine I am abidingJames Rowe (Author)6
In loving service for the Master dearJames Rowe (Author)2
In my heart a song is ringing (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
In my heart a song is swellingJames Rowe (Author)4
In my heart there is a song (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
In my Savior dear aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
In my soul a carol is ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
In my soul a song swellsJames Rowe (Author)2
In my soul there is a songJames Rowe (Author)5
In our Master's footsteps goingJames Rowe (Author)3
In sin's dark ways I spent my daysJames Rowe (Author)2
In sorrow I wandered, my spirit oppressedJames Rowe (Author)English79
In that old log cabin home, in the happy long agoJames Rowe (Author)4
In the awful sea of sin I was sinking fastJames Rowe (Author)English13
In the blessed gospel lightJames Rowe (Author)2
In the book that tells the love of the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
In the brightness of his presence, I am restingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the cleansing Fount I am singingJames Rowe (Author)3
In the dreary lowlandsJames Rowe (Author)2
In the fight against the forcesJames Rowe (Author)2
In the footsteps of One we dearly loveJames Rowe (Author)2
In the footsteps of our KingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the glory of Jesus we march alongJames Rowe (Author)6
In the glory of my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
In the glory of the gospelJames Rowe (Author)2
In the glory of the presence of the King I loveJames Rowe (Author)2
In the good old way, nearing home each dayJames Rowe (Author)2
In the gospel way I am pressing onJames Rowe (Author)2
In the gospel way to gloryJames Rowe (Author)3
In the gospel way to the realms of dayJames Rowe (Author)2
In the happy by and byJames Rowe (Author)1
In the happy service of the soul's eternal friendJames Rowe (Author)6
In the harvest field there is work for all (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)3
In the highway of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
In the highway that leads to the city of restJames Rowe (Author)English2
In the highways and the bywaysJames Rowe (Author)English2
In the holy presence of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
In the homeward road we all are marching onJames Rowe (Author)2
In the hour of grief, giving true reliefJames Rowe (Author)3
In the hour of pain and sorrowJames Rowe (Author)7
In the hour of trouble, it is sweet to have a friendJames Rowe (Author)9
In the light and gladness of my Lord and KingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the light and gladness of the king of kingsJames Rowe (Author)2
In the light and glory of His life and storyJames Rowe (Author)9
In the light and glory of the blessed storyJames Rowe (Author)2
In the light of Christ our mighty SaviorJames Rowe (Author)5
In the light of God where the saints have trodJames Rowe (Author)4
In the light of love coming from aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
In the light of the love of my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
In the Lord I am evermore rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the love light dwellingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the love light I am walkingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the love light of the masterJames Rowe (Author)2
In the love light we are marching on to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
In the love of Christ, my Savior There is everything I needJames Rowe (Author)3
In the love of my choiceJames Rowe (Author)2
In the lovelit rode to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
In the lowlands drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
In the lowlands I had wanderedJames Rowe (Author)5
In the mansion by the riverJames Rowe (Author)2
In the matchless light of our salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
In the path of glory making known the storyJames Rowe (Author)3
In the path of glory on and on we goJames Rowe (Author)2
In the paths of light and peaceJames Rowe (Author)2
In the precious harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)2
In the royal serviceJames Rowe (Author)3
In the service of God We are happy and freeJames Rowe (Author)2
In the service of my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the service of my Lord I would gainJames Rowe (Author)2
In the service of my Master I am workingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the service of the King Everybody can helpJames Rowe (Author)7
In the service of the Lord, laboringJames Rowe (Author)2
In the sky glad strains are swellingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the steps of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the steps of the King With his standard waving aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
In the straight and narrow path to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
In the thorny way of life where so many are at strifeJames Rowe (Author)English2
In the trying race of life, many souls we meet each dayJames Rowe (Author)4
In the vales where stormsJames Rowe (Author)2
In the west descended, has the golden sunJames Rowe (Author)6
In the winning army of the mightyKingJames Rowe (Author)2
In the world of sin and care, help the blessed One aboveJames Rowe (Author)English2
In these days of doubt and errorJames Rowe (Author)2
In these days of moneymakingJames Rowe (Author)2
In these latter days many calls are heardJames Rowe (Author)2
In this earthly life with its care and strifeJames Rowe (Author)3
In this life of sadness, trouble pain and careJames Rowe (Author)2
In this vale of sadnessJames Rowe (Author)6
In this world of sadness there is much to doJames Rowe (Author)3
In this world of shadows, in this life so sadJames Rowe (Author)2
In this world of sin and greedJames Rowe (Author)5
In this world of sin and sadness Where the soul is ever triedJames Rowe (Author)2
In this world of sin and strife, In this cold and stormy lifeJames Rowe (Author)English14
In yonder home where angels singJames Rowe (Author)2
Inside the gates of home, sweet homeJames Rowe (Author)2
Is it well with your soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Is there a shadow of sin on your heartJames Rowe (Author)2
Is thine heart by trouble triedJames Rowe (Author)3
Is your pathway drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
It but a moment takes to speak a word of cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
It is sweet indeed to know, in this pilgrim land belowJames Rowe (Author)English2
It was the day of PentecostJames Rowe (Author)2
It will be a happy morningJames Rowe (Author)4
It will be the dawn of a new dayJames Rowe (Author)2
I've a carol sweet, ringing in my soulJames Rowe (Author)English2
I've a carol to singJames Rowe (Author)3
I've a friend from a kingdom supernalJames Rowe (Author)English2
I've a Friend unfailing Who will leave me neverJames Rowe (Author)2
I've a friend whose power to saveJames Rowe (Author)English2
I've a home across the riverJames Rowe (Author)English2
I've a song of delight in my heart all the whileJames Rowe (Author)English6
I've been happy and free with a songJames Rowe (Author)2
I've been singing for joy in the heavenly wayJames Rowe (Author)12
I've found the One who loves meJames Rowe (Author)3
I've found the sweet haven of sunshine at lastJames Rowe (Author)3
I've given my heart to the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
I've had a carol in my soulJames Rowe (Author)3
I've heard of a city of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
I've heard of a land of joy and peace and wonderful lightJames Rowe (Author)English20
I've heard of a wonderful cityJames Rowe (Author)2
I've heard of the glory landJames Rowe (Author)2
I've heard the land of joy and peaceJames Rowe (Author)2
I've left at lastJames Rowe (Author)2
I've left my heavy burden with the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
I've left the fettered ranks of sinJames Rowe (Author)4
I've left the road that leads to deathJames Rowe (Author)2
I've left the vale of darknessJames Rowe (Author)8
I've lost all love for pleasures vainJames Rowe (Author)3
I've no fear that I shall strayJames Rowe (Author)3
I've no more desire to wanderJames Rowe (Author)2
Jehovah reigns, and all the world shall worshipJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus, blessed Savior, daily I would liveJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus calls for helpers trueJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus calls for soldiers brave and true and strongJames Rowe (Author)English2
Jesus came and soughtJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came down all the lost ones to saveJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came down from heaven above Sinners to seekJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came down from his kingdom aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came down life with gladness to crownJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came from glory land the world to saveJames Rowe (Author)5
Jesus came from heaven, sinful hearts to winJames Rowe (Author)5
Jesus came from heaven, sinners to redeemJames Rowe (Author)English2
Jesus came from paradise to rescue meJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came in love from his home aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus came one day, took my sins awayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus came to seek and pardonJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus Christ, who came to earth and diedJames Rowe (Author)5
Jesus has brightened and gladdened your lifeJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus has heard my pleaJames Rowe (Author)English2
Jesus has helped me my burdens to bearJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus has pleaded with your lost soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus has taken a beautiful budJames Rowe (Author)34
Jesus has taken my burden awayJames Rowe (Author)5
Jesus has taken the sins from my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus has washed away my sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus I long to be more like theeJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus is asking you to come to him todayJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus is banishing doubtsJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is calling for help today!James Rowe (Author)English2
Jesus is calling for soldiers today, Answer the call, fall into lineJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is calling for some one todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is calling for workers trueJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is calling to sinners todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is calling to someone todayJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus is dearer to me all the whileJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus is hiding the sins of your pastJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is keeping me happy and freeJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus is King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is life and light to meJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is my gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is pardoning sinfulJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is pleading, patiently pleadingJames Rowe (Author)5
Jesus is pleading with your waywardJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is saving and lifting the lostJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is saving the lost and the sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is saving the lost ones todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is so wonderful, I love Him more and moreJames Rowe (Author)6
Jesus is sunshine all the dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is the Tree, and we the little twigsJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is waiting to save and to blessJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus is waiting your burden to bearJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus is willing to pardon your sinJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus knows how to wash sin stains awayJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus laid aside his crownJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus leads us to a countryJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus left home, throneJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus listens to confessionsJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus loves a tender voiceJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus loves us dearlyJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus, my Friend forever, sweet is thy love to meJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus, my Savior, has made meJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, is precious to meJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, leaving me neverJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, whatsoe'er the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus needs some one to sing of his loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
Jesus needs somebody, who can it beJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus needs someone to help him each dayJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus needs us daily in his vineyard hereJames Rowe (Author)10
Jesus pardoned my transgressionsJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus pleads with a soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus saves from sin, maketh pure withinJames Rowe (Author)18
Jesus saw me far astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus still is pleading, gently pleadingJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus the King divine, seeking your soul and mineJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus, the Lord, laid his glory asideJames Rowe (Author)9
Jesus, the mighty one, leads us alongJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus, thy wondrous love drawsJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus waits to pardon sinJames Rowe (Author)4
Jesus waits to receive all who truly believeJames Rowe (Author)3
Jesus walks with me each dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jesus wants us all to live rightJames Rowe (Author)3
Jewels for the Master seeking dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Jim used to have a steady job and lots of doughJames Rowe (Author)2
Join ye the song, and send the tidings wingingJames Rowe (Author)3
Joy fills my soul, for I have been forgivenJames Rowe (Author)2
Joy fills my soul! In Christ I am Rejoicing!James Rowe (Author)2
Joy is springing up within meJames Rowe (Author)English2
Joy uplifts us, whenever we gather hereJames Rowe (Author)4
Joybells are ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
Just a little Christian soldierJames Rowe (Author)4
Just a little farther on weary burdenJames Rowe (Author)2
Just a tiny soldier marching in the lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Just across the border lineJames Rowe (Author)3
Just across the silent river On a fair, eternal shoreJames Rowe (Author)3
Just beyond the earthly shadowsJames Rowe (Author)English2
Just over the dark silent tideJames Rowe (Author)3
Just over the river there waits for meJames Rowe (Author)3
Just to abide in the love of my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Just to be telling of the loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Just to feel the Master near to do His bidding hereJames Rowe (Author)4
Just to follow each dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Just to live close to my SaviourJames Rowe (Author)2
Just to walk with Jesus, my LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep my hand in thine, dear SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
Keep on singing as you go alongJames Rowe (Author)3
Keep on singing of the love of the matchless King aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep on working, workingJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep the battle ragingJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep the battle raging, comrades, day and nightJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep the gospel banner waving in the lightJames Rowe (Author)English2
Keep the joybells ringingJames Rowe (Author)3
Keep the royal standard waving, soldiers of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Keep the song waves rollingJames Rowe (Author)3
Keep your light burningJames Rowe (Author)2
Keeping in touch with the MasterJames Rowe (Author)2
Kept by the grace of himJames Rowe (Author)2
Kingdom beyond the shadowsJames Rowe (Author)2
Knowing that my Savior freely gaveJames Rowe (Author)2
Knowing that my soul is in the Master's keepingJames Rowe (Author)4
Labor for Jesus, go gather the grainJames Rowe (Author)3
Labor for the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Labor in the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)4
Labor on and on for the holy OneJames Rowe (Author)2
Labor on for JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
Laboring for the Master all the whileJames Rowe (Author)3
Laboring longer and fasterJames Rowe (Author)2
Laboring on with GodJames Rowe (Author)3
Lead on, O great Emanuel, lead on, as Thou has alwaysJames Rowe (Author)3
Lean on the Lord, O heart of sorrowJames Rowe (Author)3
Lean on the Lord, when the storm is sweepingJames Rowe (Author)4
Leaning on my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Leaning on the promises of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Leaning on the promises, we march alongJames Rowe (Author)7
Learning how to fightJames Rowe (Author)English2
Learning how to follow JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Learning to stand for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Lejos de mi dulce hogar, vagaba yo sin DiosJames Rowe (Author)Spanish1
Let anthems of praise forever riseJames Rowe (Author)2
Let anthems rise again to Heaven's LordJames Rowe (Author)English2
Let me hear it again, that beautiful storyJames Rowe (Author)2
Let me tell you of a Friend and SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Let me tell you somethingJames Rowe (Author)2
Let No be your answerJames Rowe (Author)2
Let our voices be liftedJames Rowe (Author)2
Let the Holy Spirit lead meJames Rowe (Author)3
Let the whole world know that, for men belowJames Rowe (Author)3
Let us be true to our eternal friendJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us bravely keep repeatingJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us come again before the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us do our best for Jesus, You and IJames Rowe (Author)English2
Let us do the Master's willJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us enter the presenceJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us ever labor in the Master's nameJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us extol the name of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us gather 'round the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us keep the story sweetlyJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us labor in the vineyard day by dayJames Rowe (Author)4
Let us labor on by faith still clingingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Let us lift our voices gladJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us not worry when trouble clouds formJames Rowe (Author)3
Let us sing again to the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us sing of the love of the One most highJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us travel on our wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us truly labor in the Master's vineyardJames Rowe (Author)3
Let us work for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Let us worship the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Let voices rise in praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Let your sinful days be overJames Rowe (Author)English2
Letting Jesus lead me alongJames Rowe (Author)2
Letting songs of joy heart and voice employJames Rowe (Author)4
Letting the war cry ringJames Rowe (Author)2
Life has been so sweet to meJames Rowe (Author)English2
Life is dreary, you are wearyJames Rowe (Author)11
Life is dreary, you are weary Teardrops fall like rainJames Rowe (Author)2
Life is passing by, death is drawing nighJames Rowe (Author)2
Life was but shadows and sadness and careJames Rowe (Author)English2
Lift high the standardJames Rowe (Author)2
Lift the standard and wave it highJames Rowe (Author)2
Lift thine eyes, behold the lightJames Rowe (Author)1
Lift your voices to the LordJames Rowe (Author)English2
Lifting souls from sin, And to Jesus winJames Rowe (Author)3
Lifting your voices in praise todayJames Rowe (Author)English2
Light will be adorning every soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Like a lamp unto your feet A light from heaven glowsJames Rowe (Author)1
Like billows of a mighty seaJames Rowe (Author)2
Like the song birds of spring when they gaily singJames Rowe (Author)English2
Linger no more in the market placeJames Rowe (Author)3
List, while I praise the beautiful flowerJames Rowe (Author)6
Listen, listen, weary comradesJames Rowe (Author)2
Listen to the order, reapers fewJames Rowe (Author)3
Listen to the song of the angelsJames Rowe (Author)2
Listening to the music of the voice of GodJames Rowe (Author)4
Little busy bodies, gladJames Rowe (Author)2
Little flowers, nod and smile, So may you, so may IJames Rowe (Author)3
Little indeed I crave glory of landJames Rowe (Author)2
Little lanterns we must beJames Rowe (Author)2
Little lights for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Little ones are flowersJames Rowe (Author)2
Little ones for Jesus we are here belowJames Rowe (Author)2
Little ones who love the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)4
Living for Jesus in the light of true and loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
Living in darkness still looking for pleasureJames Rowe (Author)English2
Living in his presence and in true accordJames Rowe (Author)6
Lo a mighty army marches to the frayJames Rowe (Author)2
Long a hopeless soul I wanderedJames Rowe (Author)3
Long I have roamed in the landJames Rowe (Author)2
Long I spurned the loving SaviorJames Rowe (Author)English2
Long I was under the tempter's controlJames Rowe (Author)2
Long long ago you lost your songJames Rowe (Author)10
Long my soul was wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
Long no more for earthly richesJames Rowe (Author)2
Look around you men of leisureJames Rowe (Author)2
Look to the hill of CalvaryJames Rowe (Author)2
Looking behind the curtainJames Rowe (Author)3
Looking to Jesus day after dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Looking to thee from day to dayJames Rowe (Author)13
Lord, I make a full surrender To obey thy callJames Rowe (Author)2
Love all love excelling, Savior, FriendJames Rowe (Author)3
Love divine amazesJames Rowe (Author)3
Love for our divine Redeemer showingJames Rowe (Author)2
Love, light around us throwingJames Rowe (Author)3
Love light brightens all the wayJames Rowe (Author)3
Love tunes our hearts today to singJames Rowe (Author)2
Love ye one another, is the Lord's commandJames Rowe (Author)3
Loving me, the master diedJames Rowe (Author)3
Loving service givingJames Rowe (Author)2
Loyal I would ever beJames Rowe (Author)2
Loyal servants of the MasterJames Rowe (Author)4
Loyal soldiers of the KingJames Rowe (Author)3
Loyal soldiers of the Lord and KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Loyal soldiers of the Lord of allJames Rowe (Author)2
Loyal to Jesus, our Savior, every dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Make it known to all the nationsJames Rowe (Author)2
Make one another happyJames Rowe (Author)2
Making the burdens of weary ones lighterJames Rowe (Author)2
Man's promises are brokenJames Rowe (Author)2
Many a friend I prize here belowJames Rowe (Author)2
Many are down in the lowlands of strifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Many are striving in vain to riseJames Rowe (Author)2
Many are waiting the gospel to hearJames Rowe (Author)2
Many are waiting the story to hearJames Rowe (Author)7
Many careless souls todayJames Rowe (Author)3
Many count the Lord as a FriendJames Rowe (Author)3
Many foes will meet usJames Rowe (Author)2
Many foes you may be meetingJames Rowe (Author)2
Many from evil are turning awayJames Rowe (Author)4
Many hard things Jesus bids meJames Rowe (Author)7
Many indeed are the friends that I prizeJames Rowe (Author)3
Many live in places drearJames Rowe (Author)2
Many snares and dangers may be in the roadJames Rowe (Author)2
Many souls are homeward goingJames Rowe (Author)2
Many souls are troubled, many are opprest [oppressed]James Rowe (Author)2
Many souls are wandering from God awayJames Rowe (Author)3
Many stains of the world I was bearingJames Rowe (Author)4
Many stains were on my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Many trials I shall meetJames Rowe (Author)2
Many trials meet you on the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Many years I'd squandered and in darknessJames Rowe (Author)4
Many years my soul was tossed aboutJames Rowe (Author)2
March along, follow the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
March along rejoicing, givingJames Rowe (Author)2
March along rejoicing, loyal soldiers of the KingJames Rowe (Author)3
March along, soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
March along with a song, making hillsJames Rowe (Author)2
March along with a song, there will dawn a bright unclouded dayJames Rowe (Author)2
March along with a song to the land aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
March along with gladness voicingJames Rowe (Author)English2
March along, ye legions of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
March onward, army of the LordJames Rowe (Author)3
March onward, happy pilgrim throngJames Rowe (Author)2
March to battle, soldiers braveJames Rowe (Author)2
Marching along in the light of graceJames Rowe (Author)2
Marching along with a smile and a songJames Rowe (Author)2
Marching along with Jesus the Savior to gloryJames Rowe (Author)English2
Marching on in blessed gospel lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Marching on with the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Marching with the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Matchless is He who to lead meJames Rowe (Author)English2
May I be one of those who tryJames Rowe (Author)2
Men of Zion, for the Master livingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Messengers of mercy in the vineyard workingJames Rowe (Author)2
Mid ceaseless commotion, we're crossing life'sJames Rowe (Author)2
Mid the throng in which I'm daily livingJames Rowe (Author)English1
Mid the toil and strife of this busy lifeJames Rowe (Author)15
Mighty storms around me sweepingJames Rowe (Author)3
More and more as days go byJames Rowe (Author)2
More of thy Spirit we need, dear LordJames Rowe (Author)2
More today than everJames Rowe (Author)2
Mui triste eu andava, aflito e sem pazJames Rowe (Author)Portuguese2
My blessed Savior holds my handJames Rowe (Author)1
My burden of sin has passed awayJames Rowe (Author)2
My burdens I'm patiently bearingJames Rowe (Author)English2
My daily life I'm givingJames Rowe (Author)2
My days had spent in the valleysJames Rowe (Author)2
My faith in my Savior no evil will shakeJames Rowe (Author)2
My faith is stayed on JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
My grace is sufficient, saith JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
My hand is in my Savior'sJames Rowe (Author)2
My happy soul is clingingJames Rowe (Author)2
My heart belongs to Jesus nowJames Rowe (Author)5
My heart has lost its sadnessJames Rowe (Author)3
My heart is fixed on thingsJames Rowe (Author)2
My heart is thine, my Savior, KingJames Rowe (Author)3
My heart is thine, thou Lamb of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
My heart o'erflows with a happy songJames Rowe (Author)4
My heart rejoices in thy loveJames Rowe (Author)2
My heart to my Redeemer I have givenJames Rowe (Author)2
My hope is built on heaven's ownJames Rowe (Author)2
My lamp is burning and cheerful its glowJames Rowe (Author)English2
My lamp of life is burningJames Rowe (Author)2
My life was a failure, for I was astrayJames Rowe (Author)7
My life was dreary, my soul awearyJames Rowe (Author)3
My life will shine with love divineJames Rowe (Author)2
My Master's love I sing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
My Master's voice is always sweetJames Rowe (Author)3
My mother trod the way to GodJames Rowe (Author)English2
My path is pleasantJames Rowe (Author)4
My path may be lonely, and dark be the nightJames Rowe (Author)English24
My path was always rough and drearJames Rowe (Author)4
My pathway was dreary by day and by nightJames Rowe (Author)2
My Redeemer is beside meJames Rowe (Author)English2
My Savior is merciful, tender and sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior, linger nearJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior loved me dearlyJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior's hand my ownJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior's love has set me freeJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior's love my spirit feedsJames Rowe (Author)4
My Savior counts on meJames Rowe (Author)2
My Savior needs helpers from day to dayJames Rowe, 1865-1933 (Author)English5
My sins are washed awayJames Rowe (Author)4
My sins have been forgivenJames Rowe (Author)2
My sorrows all will soon be pastJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul belongs to Jesus nowJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul from the deep has been liftedJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul had wandered far in sinJames Rowe (Author)5
My soul had wandered far in sinful nightJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul has been wounded by forces of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul has found a Friend completeJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul has heard the blessed Savior callingJames Rowe (Author)3
My soul has lost its burdenJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul is glad, and so I sing A song of joyJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul is glad, for love divineJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul is glad with praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul is happy at lastJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul is singing, Happy DayJames Rowe (Author)3
My soul shall be faithful and strongJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was adrift on the oceanJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was in bondageJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was in darkness and utter despairJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was lost in depths of nightJames Rowe (Author)3
My soul was sad and lonelyJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was straying, God disobeyingJames Rowe (Author)2
My soul was tossed by angry wavesJames Rowe (Author)English2
My soul was tossed by waves of sinJames Rowe (Author)10
My soul was tossing on sin's wild seaJames Rowe (Author)2
My theme is love—redeeming loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
My trust is in my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
My trust is in my Savior I share His grace divineJames Rowe (Author)3
Naught have I to dread in the path aheadJames Rowe (Author)English2
Naught I fear the hordes of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Naught on earth I may ownJames Rowe (Author)2
Naught to me are worldly pleasuresJames Rowe (Author)2
Naught to me is earthly fameJames Rowe (Author)English2
Nearer, ever nearer, Jesus is to meJames Rowe (Author)2
Nearer to the country of unending dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Nearer to thee, Lord, draw me todayJames Rowe (Author)5
Never mind how steep the way isJames Rowe (Author)2
Never mind the raging tempestJames Rowe (Author)6
Nevermore I worry when the day is drearJames Rowe (Author)2
No burdens we shall have to bearJames Rowe (Author)2
No fear will bend me, no foe offend meJames Rowe (Author)2
No foe I am fearingJames Rowe (Author)3
No longer fetters bind meJames Rowe (Author)2
No matter how dreary or thorny the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
No matter how wildly the billows may rollJames Rowe (Author)2
No more I roam away from homeJames Rowe (Author)2
No more my soul is grievedJames Rowe (Author)2
No more the billows o'er meJames Rowe (Author)2
No more the vales of sin I roamJames Rowe (Author)2
No mother's love, no father's careJames Rowe (Author)2
No one need to perish in their sin todayJames Rowe (Author)3
No raging storm I fearJames Rowe (Author)2
Not a sorrow will ever be knownJames Rowe (Author)2
Not a storm is ever sweepingJames Rowe (Author)4
Not a trouble, not a careJames Rowe (Author)2
Not far away the city liesJames Rowe (Author)4
Not for me the fleeting pleasuresJames Rowe (Author)2
Not one soul is bowed in sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Not upon some hilltop do you have to liveJames Rowe (Author)6
Now with hearts and spirits lowlyJames Rowe (Author)2
O, a wondrous song of jubilationJames Rowe (Author)3
O angels listen while I singJames Rowe (Author)2
O answer the master's callJames Rowe (Author)3
O be strong in the Lord every passing dayJames Rowe (Author)2
O beautiful city of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
O beautiful land, O glorified shoreJames Rowe (Author)English2
O blessed hour when I shall riseJames Rowe (Author)2
O blessed morn, when grief and careJames Rowe (Author)2
O blessed thought that nowJames Rowe (Author)3
O blest and happy land of mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O bright home in the skyJames Rowe (Author)2
O brother, if you dread the wayJames Rowe (Author)3
O Christians all awake, a special effort makeJames Rowe (Author)English2
O Christians, sing to Christ the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
O come ye weak and worn and wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
O, could my voice make the universeJames Rowe (Author)4
O, could my voice make the universe ringJames Rowe (Author)3
O, crown the King of changless loveJames Rowe (Author)2
O dawn supreme when I shall riseJames Rowe (Author)2
O despairing soul, there is help aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
O drifting life so far from shoreJames Rowe (Author)2
O fadeless dawn, O golden LightJames Rowe (Author)2
O, fighting host of ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
O Friend divine, whose boundless graceJames Rowe (Author)2
O gladsome day, when I no more shall struggleJames Rowe (Author)3
O glorified city, I'm looking to seeJames Rowe (Author)2
O glorious day when I shall ascendJames Rowe (Author)3
O golden dawn when I shall standJames Rowe (Author)2
O gospel ship, sail on and onJames Rowe (Author)4
O happy dawn when I shall riseJames Rowe (Author)2
O happy day when light shall breakJames Rowe (Author)2
O happy morn when I shall singJames Rowe (Author)2
O heart bowed down by pain and woeJames Rowe (Author)2
O heart of grief look up, trust onJames Rowe (Author)3
O heart of trouble, care and griefJames Rowe (Author)2
O how could Jesus leaveJames Rowe (Author)2
O how my loving mother used to worry over meJames Rowe (Author)2
O how often we are driven on the stormy seaJames Rowe (Author)2
O how precious are the momentsJames Rowe (Author)1
O how precious is the thought (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
O how sweet is the thought that is thrilling my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
O how sweet it is when our souls are sadJames Rowe (Author)2
O how sweet the thought to meJames Rowe (Author)2
O how sweet to know, while we toil belowJames Rowe (Author)2
O how sweet to sing of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
O how tender and sweet is the feelingJames Rowe (Author)2
O, how the Savior lovesJames Rowe (Author)English2
O how we love to gather hereJames Rowe (Author)2
O I used to be worried by trouble and careJames Rowe (Author)2
O if you seek a perfect friendJames Rowe (Author)3
O it is wonderful joy that is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O land beyond the sunsetJames Rowe (Author)2
O let us be careful while sowing our seedJames Rowe (Author)English13
O long I drifted with the tideJames Rowe (Author)2
O Lord, lead on thine army grandJames Rowe (Author)2
O love divine, redeeming loveJames Rowe (Author)2
O matchless dawn, when shall I seeJames Rowe (Author)2
O morn divine when with the throngJames Rowe (Author)2
O morn sublime, when shall we standJames Rowe (Author)4
O morning glad when I shall restJames Rowe (Author)3
O my soul is singing and my heartJames Rowe (Author)2
O pity the dear little childrenJames Rowe (Author)3
O praise again the glorious King Who left His home salvation to bringJames Rowe (Author)2
O praise again with gladsome songsJames Rowe (Author)English2
O ransomed souls [throng] with joyous songJames Rowe (Author)24
O rejoice and sing, let hosannas ringJames Rowe (Author)5
O rejoice in the Lord, Worthy praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
O send, my soul, thy voice aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
O send out the happy tidings over every hill and plainJames Rowe (Author)2
O sing, sweetly singJames Rowe (Author)2
O so careful we must be in this sinful worldJames Rowe (Author)2
O so many are they who are resting todayJames Rowe (Author)2
O soldiers true, your duty doJames Rowe (Author)2
O soul astray in deepest nightJames Rowe (Author)2
O soul in sin despairingJames Rowe (Author)2
O soul lost in night, yet shunning the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
O soul, oppressed by many foesJames Rowe (Author)2
O souls in deep despair, here life is gladJames Rowe (Author)3
O spread the news over land and seaJames Rowe (Author)2
O sweet is the thought that ever is mineJames Rowe (Author)9
O tell the sweet story wherever you go (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
O that home prepared in gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
O the army of salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
O the conflict of the agesJames Rowe (Author)2
O the gladness and the glory (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)4
O the gladness that within my soul is dwellingJames Rowe (Author)3
O the glory of that morning over yonderJames Rowe (Author)2
O the glory that waits at the beautiful gatesJames Rowe (Author)2
O the happiness divineJames Rowe (Author)2
O the joy of love divineJames Rowe (Author)2
O the joy of the souls that victoriously singJames Rowe (Author)3
O the joy that fills me every passing dayJames Rowe (Author)3
O the joy that fills this heart of mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O the joy that I hadJames Rowe (Author)2
O the joy that will abide with the faithfulJames Rowe (Author)4
O the love of Jesus brightens all my daysJames Rowe (Author)6
O the love of Jesus means so much to meJames Rowe (Author)24
O the peace that fills meJames Rowe (Author)7
O the perfect peace that overflows the soulJames Rowe (Author)3
O the praises that we shall singJames Rowe (Author)2
O the precious love of Jesus (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
O the rapture that will comeJames Rowe (Author)2
O, the rest that will be found, O, the joy that will aboundJames Rowe (Author)9
O the songs that we shall singJames Rowe (Author)6
O the sweet old gospel storyJames Rowe (Author)6
O the sweetest story that was ever told to menJames Rowe (Author)2
O the way is bright, for there's always lightJames Rowe (Author)3
O the wonderful loveJames Rowe (Author)2
O thou Lover of my deathless soulJames Rowe (Author)2
O Thou lover of my soul, there is none above TheeJames Rowe (Author)2
O Thou precious Friend divineJames Rowe (Author)2
O time of joy, when by his graceJames Rowe (Author)2
O wayward one, stop now to thinkJames Rowe (Author)3
O weary soul, the gate is near, in sin why still abideJames Rowe (Author)31
O what a day 'twill be beside the crystal seaJames Rowe (Author)2
O, what a Friend is Jesus How he is blessing meJames Rowe (Author)2
O what a glorious Savior is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O what a wonderful message I've heardJames Rowe (Author)4
O what a wonderful Savior is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O what are they doingJames Rowe (Author)1
O what comfort, peace and pleasureJames Rowe (Author)2
O what gladness we shall know and what songs of joy will flowJames Rowe (Author)9
O what joy and peace and gladnessJames Rowe (Author)3
O what joy will come when we all get homeJames Rowe (Author)2
O what joys we all shall knowJames Rowe (Author)2
O what rapture has been mineJames Rowe (Author)2
O what rapture we shall feelJames Rowe (Author)7
O why are you grieving the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
O why should I grieve my RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)4
O wonderful city, I long to be thereJames Rowe (Author)3
O wonderful day, when trials are o'erJames Rowe (Author)3
O wonderful is Jesus' loveJames Rowe (Author)5
O wonderful pilot that guides my soulJames Rowe (Author)5
O workers in the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)7
O workers true, in the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)2
O worn and weak, despairingJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye blood bought throngs, with your gladdest songsJames Rowe (Author)5
O ye faithful servants of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye heavy laden and distrestJames Rowe (Author)English2
O ye heralds of light to the children of nightJames Rowe (Author)English2
O ye lost and wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye ransomed, on the wayJames Rowe (Author)3
O ye soldiers of the army of the Mighty One aboveJames Rowe (Author)English2
O ye who drift on the ocean of sinJames Rowe (Author)3
O ye who follow Christ the Lamb of CalvaryJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye who in pleasure are wasting the yearsJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye who sink in sin, the better life beginJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye, who still in darkness liveJames Rowe (Author)2
O ye who wander in sin's dark valleyJames Rowe (Author)2
O'er flowing with song, I'm pressing alongJames Rowe (Author)2
O'er the sea of life many mighty billows rollJames Rowe (Author)2
O'er the sea of life we sail todayJames Rowe (Author)7
Of Jesus I am singing along the gospel wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Of my Savior I am singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Off to war, O mighty host of ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
Oft in dreams I stand on the golden strandJames Rowe (Author)2
Oft our burdens bend us lowJames Rowe (Author)2
Often burdened I may beJames Rowe (Author)2
Often the journey grows weary and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Often times my path is rough and drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
Often we read of mansions aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
O beautiful, beautiful EasterJames Rowe (Author)3
O, for the friends and loved ones gone onJames Rowe (Author)5
O hear the sounds that rendJames Rowe (Author)2
O how He loves to have us nearJames Rowe (Author)English2
O how sweet is the thought that salvation has broughtJames Rowe (Author)3
O sing hosannas to the Lord, who leads us on our wayJames Rowe (Author)English2
O the fields are ripe and the reapers fewJames Rowe (Author)2
O the thrill I feel, as that sweet appealJames Rowe (Author)English2
O, what gladness there will beJames Rowe (Author)2
On a bed made of rags, in a garretJames Rowe (Author)3
On and on with our redeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
On comrades on follow the king supernalJames Rowe (Author)2
On comrades on in the light eternalJames Rowe (Author)2
On comrades on the order still is ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
On earth we have to say good byeJames Rowe (Author)2
On I go, through life's deep shadowsJames Rowe (Author)2
On my Redeemer my sin I have castJames Rowe (Author)2
On pleasure bent your days are spentJames Rowe (Author)English2
On the glory-road to yonder glad abodeJames Rowe (Author)English2
On the Lord's side weJames Rowe (Author)2
On the Rock I stand, viewing heaven's landJames Rowe (Author)English2
On the Savior dear dependingJames Rowe (Author)2
On the way to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
On the way to glory land, to the bright eternal strandJames Rowe (Author)English2
On the way to heaven many pitfalls waitJames Rowe (Author)2
On we go from day to dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Once completely under sin's controlJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I bore a burden greatJames Rowe (Author)8
Once I served the tempterJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I sought for worldly pleasures, heeding not the Savior's pleaJames Rowe (Author)3
Once I was burdened and farJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I was sinking, of death ever thinkingJames Rowe (Author)3
Once I was straying, with troubles increasingJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I was wayward and lone and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I was wayward, once far astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
Once I woundered why Jesus came to dieJames Rowe (Author)2
Once in the thundering breakersJames Rowe (Author)3
Once my days I squandered, for in sin I wanderedJames Rowe (Author)3
Once my wayward life was lost in nightJames Rowe (Author)5
Once while strolling with my girlJames Rowe (Author)2
One I forever shall love and adoreJames Rowe (Author)2
One midnight, when I felt despairJames Rowe (Author)3
One must be careful in these sinful yearsJames Rowe (Author)English2
One name shines out of history's pagesJames Rowe (Author)2
One of these days shadows will vanishJames Rowe (Author)3
One precious word now fills my soulJames Rowe (Author)3
One word is full of music sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
Only a smile, but a heart that is drearJames Rowe (Author)2
Only a word by somebody heardJames Rowe (Author)English2
Onward, Christ comradeJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward Christians loyal, Sending praise aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, comrades, all rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, comrades, Christ the Lord is leadingJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, comrades, in the Master's nameJames Rowe (Author)English2
Onward go, O blood bought throngJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward go, rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward go, the praise of Jesus singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward going with Christ todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, in majesty, forward in gloryJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, legions of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, little soldiers, bravely onward goJames Rowe (Author)English11
Onward loyal soldiers of the KingJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward mighty army, on, on to the fightJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, O soldier, anew to beginJames Rowe (Author)English2
Onward, O ye men of ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, soldiers all rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, soldiers, forward in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, soldiers, singing in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, soldiers, with the King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward still, like a monarchJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward they go, in the light of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward to conquer we march side by sideJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward travel, ye soldiers braveJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, upward, comradesJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward, upward, loyal comrades of Christ the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Onward we press to deliverJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward, with a song of jubilationJames Rowe (Author)3
Onward with Jesus, upward to gloryJames Rowe (Author)English2
Onward, ye pilgrims, to glory aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
Others are coming to Jesus todayJames Rowe (Author)5
Others turn from sin todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Our country must from drink be freedJames Rowe (Author)2
Our happy day is here againJames Rowe (Author)2
Our little hearts are happyJames Rowe (Author)2
Our love for our Master we like to showJames Rowe (Author)2
Our Master is calling for volunteers todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Our souls will know no sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Our theme is love, the Savior's loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
Our thoughts go back to other daysJames Rowe (Author)4
Our trials all will soon be passed and heaven be ours at lastJames Rowe (Author)5
Ours is a mighty CommanderJames Rowe (Author)2
Out in the highways and bywaysJames Rowe (Author)2
Out in the world there is work to be doneJames Rowe (Author)3
Out in the world where evil if rifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Out in the world where so manyJames Rowe (Author)4
Out of many hearts today one golden themeJames Rowe (Author)2
Out of the mire I've been lifted at lastJames Rowe (Author)2
Out on the billows of evil and strifeJames Rowe (Author)4
Out on the billows of sin I was driftingJames Rowe (Author)2
Out on the dangerous ocean of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Out on the ocean of life we sailJames Rowe (Author)English2
Out to battle we are goingJames Rowe (Author)2
Over in Eden, fair as the dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Over on the golden strandJames Rowe (Author)2
Over sea and land speeds the great commandJames Rowe (Author)2
Over the billows with Jesus we goJames Rowe (Author)English2
Over the border line, shiningJames Rowe (Author)2
Over the border line waiting for meJames Rowe (Author)2
Over the hills and valleys drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
Over the river, in glory todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Over the river, shining foreverJames Rowe (Author)16
Over the sea we are sailingJames Rowe (Author)2
Over yonder, growing fonder of the absentJames Rowe (Author)3
Passing away, one after anotherJames Rowe (Author)2
Patiently bearing our troubles and sorrowJames Rowe (Author)3
Peace and gladness have banished sadnessJames Rowe (Author)2
People hear about the power of the Son of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
People join in exultationJames Rowe (Author)6
Perfect gladness thrills my soul todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Pilgrim, be patient, whatever befallJames Rowe (Author)2
Pilgrim on the pathway to the gates of lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Pilgrim true, be carefulJames Rowe (Author)3
Pilgrim, when under a burden bendingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Pilgrims, bound for glory, as we go alongJames Rowe (Author)2
Pilgrims, bound for glory with the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Pilgrims on the journey through the wilderness of lifeJames Rowe (Author)English2
Praise again the mighty King of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise him, praise him, carol his wonderful storyJames Rowe (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, praise him, praise him again (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
Praise Jehovah, singing of love so rich and freeJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise, O praise the King of heavenJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise the Lord for full salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise the Lord, ye wandering children of menJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise the mighty Redeemer who died for you and meJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise to Jehovah the Lord of life and gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise to sing to ChristJames Rowe (Author)2
Praise ye saved, the King victoriousJames Rowe (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, for heJames Rowe (Author)2
Praises glad we shall be voicing in the land of great rejoicingJames Rowe (Author)5
Praising my Savior I go my way, happinessJames Rowe (Author)5
Precious indeed is the BibleJames Rowe (Author)2
Precious indeed is the Savior to meJames Rowe (Author)4
Precious is Thy loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Precious memories of motherJames Rowe (Author)2
Precious redeemer, O how I loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Precious souls are drifting in dangerJames Rowe (Author)2
Press along soldiers braveJames Rowe (Author)2
Press along soldiers strong, keep the standard highJames Rowe (Author)3
Press along with him though the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Press on, press on, with Christ the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Press on with the LordJames Rowe (Author)3
Press on ye saved to glory landJames Rowe (Author)2
Press onward loyal soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
Pressing along with smile and songJames Rowe (Author)2
Pressing on to battleJames Rowe (Author)2
Pressing on with Jesus to a better placeJames Rowe (Author)English2
Prize the BibleJames Rowe (Author)2
Proclaim the news on sea and landJames Rowe (Author)2
Pull homeward pull homewardJames Rowe (Author)2
Rain is falling I felt a dropJames Rowe (Author)2
Rally, soldiers, true and brave and with Jesus onward goJames Rowe (Author)2
Rapture fills my heart todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Rapture is thrilling my spirit todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Rapture my heart is swellingJames Rowe (Author)5
Reapers are you true to dutyJames Rowe (Author)3
Reaping with Jesus, savingJames Rowe (Author)2
Redeemed by love O matchless thoughtJames Rowe (Author)English2
Redeeming love will always beJames Rowe (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, and lowly bend before himJames Rowe (Author)3
Rejoice, rejoice, And sing and tell the storyJames Rowe (Author)English2
Remember the blessed Sabbath dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Rest ye not, O soldier, still go bravely onJames Rowe (Author)2
Resting in the arms of Jesus (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
Ring, merry bells, for your music of cheerJames Rowe (Author)3
Rise, and buckle on your armor, Christian soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
Rivers of blessing are flowingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Rivers, rills and brooksJames Rowe (Author)2
Sabbath bells are ringing (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)3
Sadness has departed, fear has fled awayJames Rowe (Author)4
Safely from the tempter hidingJames Rowe (Author)2
Safely hiding me Christ is guiding meJames Rowe (Author)2
Sailor listen to the storm bells toilingJames Rowe (Author)2
Savior, bless us as we part, fill our souls with love divineJames Rowe (Author)1
Savior, often I am temptedJames Rowe (Author)3
Say, I will, to Jesus when for help he pleadsJames Rowe (Author)3
Scatter love and kindnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Scatter love around youJames Rowe (Author)2
Scatter the message of JesusJames Rowe (Author)4
Scatter the news of slavationJames Rowe (Author)2
Scatter the precious love lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Scatter the tidings gladJames Rowe (Author)2
Scatter the tidings of salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
Scattering seeds of beautiful deedsJames Rowe (Author)2
See the mighty army in the glory wayJames Rowe (Author)2
See, the Monarch of monarchs comes in majestyJames Rowe (Author)14
See, the Ruler of nations comes in majestyJames Rowe (Author)3
Seeds for the harvest sowingJames Rowe (Author)2
Seeing us in fetters, from his throneJames Rowe (Author)3
Seeking a city fairJames Rowe (Author)2
Seeking a city grandJames Rowe (Author)4
Send the news o'er all the earthJames Rowe (Author)5
Serving the King we loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Shining for the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Should somebody thoughtlessly wander awayJames Rowe (Author)English2
Shout his praisesJames Rowe (Author)3
Show your love for Jesus, whensoever you mayJames Rowe (Author)4
Showers of blessing are falling all day longJames Rowe (Author)2
Showers of blessing are falling, faster than ever beforeJames Rowe (Author)4
Sigh not to labor in fields that are wideJames Rowe (Author)English2
Signal bells are ringingJames Rowe (Author)3
Sin abounds in the landJames Rowe (Author)2
Sin is a burden which no one can bearJames Rowe (Author)2
Sin is growing weakerJames Rowe (Author)2
Sin long had caused me to grieve and repineJames Rowe (Author)3
Since Christ the Savior rescued meJames Rowe (Author)2
Since for me his love was givenJames Rowe (Author)3
Since he is building a mansion for meJames Rowe (Author)3
Since I gave my heart to Jesus, he has done so much for meJames Rowe (Author)3
Since I gave myself to Jesus and he took my sinsJames Rowe (Author)2
Since I prayed that Jesus my guide would beJames Rowe (Author)4
Since I went to Jesus and he made me freeJames Rowe (Author)2
Since I've known he died all my sins to hideJames Rowe (Author)2
Since Jesus came and found me and put his arms around meJames Rowe (Author)English3
Since Jesus has so freely diedJames Rowe (Author)2
Since Jesus the Savior redeemed meJames Rowe (Author)2
Since Jesus took possessionJames Rowe (Author)2
Since my heart was given to the King of heavenJames Rowe (Author)English2
Since my precious Savior redeemed my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the blessed Savior took control of meJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Friend of sinners found meJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the gloom has gone and the light is hereJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Lord divine saved this soul of mineJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Lord made whole my eternal soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Lord to make us freeJames Rowe (Author)3
Since the mighty Savior took away my sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Savior pardoned all my shameJames Rowe (Author)2
Since the Savior came, bless His holy nameJames Rowe (Author)English2
Sinful pleasures charm no longerJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing again to the Savior we love so wellJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing aloud an anthem of praiseJames Rowe (Author)3
Sing away, sing away, never ceaseJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing, Christian, sing, while we gather before himJames Rowe (Author)12
Sing, O earth, in praise of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing, O earth to the King most highJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing, O, sing of the Savior who diedJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing, O sing unto the Lord with heartsJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing of the Leader from gloryJames Rowe (Author)12
Sing of the Savior eternalJames Rowe (Author)3
Sing, people, singJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing, redeemed of every nationJames Rowe (Author)2
Sing the tidings over and over, Christ will winJames Rowe (Author)4
Sing to Jesus, praise him with heartJames Rowe (Author)3
Sing today to Jesus the KingJames Rowe (Author)3
Sing, with all the saints in GloryJames Rowe (Author)English2
Sing, ye servants of Jesus, exalt His nameJames Rowe (Author)English2
Singing of Jesus, I am pressingJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing of love divine, knowing that Christ is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing of love divine, letting my love lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Singing on the journey to the better landJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing praise again, anthems raise againJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing, smiling, glowingJames Rowe (Author)3
Singing songs of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing the praises of my KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing the praises of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Singing to victory, serving the LordJames Rowe (Author)8
Sinner, are you lone and sadJames Rowe (Author)3
Sinner, hear the Savior's pleaJames Rowe (Author)2
Sinner, hear the tidings gladJames Rowe (Author)English2
Sinner, if mercy and peace you would knowJames Rowe (Author)2
Sinner, Jesus still is pleadingJames Rowe (Author)3
Sinner, someone is coming your wayJames Rowe (Author)3
Sinner straying, disobeying your Creator's willJames Rowe (Author)2
Sinner, the words of the blessed One hearJames Rowe (Author)4
Sinner, why in sin remainJames Rowe (Author)2
Skies are glowingJames Rowe (Author)2
Smiles on our faces gleamJames Rowe (Author)2
Smiling skies will bend above usJames Rowe (Author)11
So close to my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
So far I had wanderedJames Rowe (Author)3
So long you have lived out of touch with the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
So many believe that themselves they can saveJames Rowe (Author)2
So many folks are absent from the Sunday SchoolJames Rowe (Author)5
So many great trials betide youJames Rowe (Author)2
So many need helpJames Rowe (Author)2
So sweet is thy love, blessed JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
Soldiers in the army of the King divine, Hark! the call is ringing all along the lineJames Rowe (Author)English2
Soldiers in the army of the King of kingsJames Rowe (Author)3
Soldiers in the army of the living GodJames Rowe (Author)2
Soldiers of Jehovah, press the fightJames Rowe (Author)English2
Soldiers of Jesus, orders are ringingJames Rowe (Author)3
Soldiers of the King of ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
Soldiers of Zion trueJames Rowe (Author)4
Soldiers on the battlefieldJames Rowe (Author)5
Some are working for Jesus todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Some beautiful day, our troubles will endJames Rowe (Author)3
Some believe that life has ended when the body has descendedJames Rowe (Author)English2
Some better time, my soul will riseJames Rowe (Author)2
Some blissful morn my soulJames Rowe (Author)3
Some children fear the raindropsJames Rowe (Author)2
Some dawning day, beyond the beat of floodJames Rowe (Author)2
Some dawning fair, my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Some day, beyond the gatesJames Rowe (Author)4
Some day our hearts will lose their careJames Rowe (Author)3
Some day the way will not be fairJames Rowe (Author)6
Some day, you say, When I have timeJames Rowe (Author)2
Some day, you say, when passing by souls bowed in grief and careJames Rowe (Author)2
Some day you say, while Jesus pleadsJames Rowe (Author)10
Some day you will weary of living in sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Some doubters are trying God's Word to reviseJames Rowe (Author)English13
Some glorious morning, some beautiful dayJames Rowe (Author)4
Some golden dawn, when shadows fleeJames Rowe (Author)10
Some golden day my soul will riseJames Rowe (Author)2
Some golden daybreak, some resplendent mornJames Rowe (Author)3
Some golden mornJames Rowe (Author)2
Some happy day in glory a throng will sing the storyJames Rowe (Author)English2
Some happy day, with trials overJames Rowe (Author)2
Some holy dawnJames Rowe (Author)2
Some morning fair, my Lord will callJames Rowe (Author)5
Some morning fair, some quiet dawnJames Rowe (Author)2
Some morning fair, with trials o'erJames Rowe (Author)2
Some morning, when the shadows vanishJames Rowe (Author)2
Some on beds of easeJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone will plead for salvation too lateJames Rowe (Author)4
Some peaceful morning, some peaceful dawnJames Rowe (Author)2
Some sweet day, when our troublesJames Rowe (Author)3
Somebody cares when drear the dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Somebody found me when I was astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
Somebody here is weary and wornJames Rowe (Author)4
Somebody knows a bright wayJames Rowe (Author)4
Somebody knows the path I treadJames Rowe (Author)2
Somebody may be lost in sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Somehow, I know that Jesus guidesJames Rowe (Author)3
Someone has lightened a sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone has saved my drifting soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone helps me on my wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone I am trusting sweetlyJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone is grieving the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone is pleading with youJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone is risking a precious soulJames Rowe (Author)4
Someone is whispering sweetlyJames Rowe (Author)4
Someone o'erburdened with grief and careJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone saw me strayingJames Rowe (Author)2
Someone who had the glad tidings receivedJames Rowe (Author)2
Something I must do each dayJames Rowe (Author)4
Something keeps me happy as I go alongJames Rowe (Author)2
Something tells me you're unhappyJames Rowe (Author)2
Sometime, I know, I shall beholdJames Rowe (Author)3
Sometime my soul will speed awayJames Rowe (Author)2
Sometime the shadows will leave usJames Rowe (Author)2
Sometime the veil of life will riseJames Rowe (Author)English3
Sometimes my path is rough and thornyJames Rowe (Author)English2
Sometimes the path is very dimJames Rowe (Author)2
Sometimes the way is rough and drearJames Rowe (Author)3
Sometimes the way of life is steepJames Rowe (Author)English2
Somewhere, beyond the hills of lifeJames Rowe (Author)5
Somewhere beyond the sea of lifeJames Rowe (Author)4
Somewhere, somewhere the sky is brightJames Rowe (Author)3
Songbirds in the woodlands sing itJames Rowe (Author)7
Songs of gladness singJames Rowe (Author)2
Songs of joy my soul is singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Songs of joyous praise to our LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Songs of joyous praise to the Savior raiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Songs of praise are swelling overJames Rowe (Author)2
Soon the Lord will come again from aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
Soon the night will end and the day be hereJames Rowe (Author)4
Soon the trials of life will be o'erJames Rowe (Author)3
Soon we shall enter the land supernalJames Rowe (Author)2
Sorrows and troubles are bending us lowJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul astray, give heedJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul astray in darkness, bowed by sin and woeJames Rowe (Author)5
Soul astray, in sorrow or despairing, heed todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul, bending low in thy sorrow and careJames Rowe (Author)3
Soul bending low under sin and despairJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul burdened and strayingJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul, by earthly friends forsakenJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul, drifting over the ocean of sinJames Rowe (Author)3
Soul far astray in the valley of sinJames Rowe (Author)English2
Soul in fetters livingJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul in sin's wild wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Soul, on sin's wild oceanJames Rowe (Author)3
Souls are astray bearing burdens of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Souls are drifting afar from shoreJames Rowe (Author)English2
Souls are in danger on sin's rolling seaJames Rowe (Author)2
Souls are waiting for the storyJames Rowe (Author)6
Souls are wandering, life's day squanderingJames Rowe (Author)2
Souls are wasting their yearsJames Rowe (Author)2
Sounds of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Speed away, speed away, The harvest Lord is callingJames Rowe (Author)2
Speed away to the frayJames Rowe (Author)3
Spreading all around us comfort, light and cheerJames Rowe (Author)English2
Spreading the gospel of love and lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Stand firm, my soul when storms of doubt are ragingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Standing again together before HimJames Rowe (Author)2
Standing here in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Stay thou beside me, Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
Step along, step along, Little ones in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
Step by step and keeping timeJames Rowe (Author)2
Step by step we climb the hills of gloryJames Rowe (Author)English2
Still is heard the gospel storyJames Rowe (Author)2
Still labor on, true sons of GodJames Rowe (Author)English2
Still many are the foes I meetJames Rowe (Author)2
Still more to me with each new dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Still outside, still outsideJames Rowe (Author)3
Still the cross is brightly glowingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Still the dear Savior is pleadingJames Rowe (Author)5
Still the love that savesJames Rowe (Author)2
Still the Savior saves for the cleansing wavesJames Rowe (Author)4
Still the Shepherd true is callingJames Rowe (Author)2
Still there are souls in galling fetters piningJames Rowe (Author)2
Still there is many a foe to meetJames Rowe (Author)2
Still unnumbered human criesJames Rowe (Author)3
Storm clouds have gathered above youJames Rowe (Author)2
Storms may leap upon my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
Storms may rage about me, none of them I fearJames Rowe (Author)3
Storms may sweep around youJames Rowe (Author)3
Strong in the Lord, we are marching to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Sunlight is glowing on the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)2
Sunny hearted Christians we intend to beJames Rowe (Author)2
Sure of his blessingJames Rowe (Author)2
Sure that he is ableJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweet is the carol that I singJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweet is the message of love divineJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweet is the praise to my Savior givenJames Rowe (Author)English2
Sweet is the song I am singing todayJames Rowe (Author)14
Sweet is the song we are singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweet is the thought when a storm is sweepingJames Rowe (Author)3
Sweet the assurance that Jesus has givenJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweetly I sing to Jesus the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
Sweetly I'm telling the story of loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Tell it, sing it o'er and o'erJames Rowe (Author)2
Tell it to others as onward you goJames Rowe (Author)3
Tell me not the way grows darkerJames Rowe (Author)2
Tell more and moreJames Rowe (Author)2
Tell that story again to meJames Rowe (Author)3
Tell the gospel story, sing it to the throngJames Rowe (Author)2
Tell the Lord your sorrow, comfort he will sendJames Rowe (Author)2
Telling the story of ChristJames Rowe (Author)2
Tempests wild may sweep about youJames Rowe (Author)2
Ten little mothers with ten little petsJames Rowe (Author)2
Ten little sewing girlsJames Rowe (Author)2
Ten little sowers for Jesus we areJames Rowe (Author)3
That our lives may count for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
The airship awaitsJames Rowe (Author)2
The battle cry is ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
The battle is on, the banners are wavingJames Rowe (Author)2
The bells of joy are ringingJames Rowe (Author)9
The Bible tells about a placeJames Rowe (Author)5
The Blessed One wants me to scatter the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
The burden from my soul has completely goneJames Rowe (Author)2
The burden from my soul has fledJames Rowe (Author)English2
The burden of evil gone, with Jesus I'm going onJames Rowe (Author)English2
The burden of my life has rolledJames Rowe (Author)English3
The Conqueror is marchingJames Rowe (Author)2
The days are often dreary, and we are worn and wearyJames Rowe (Author)English2
The earth grows bright, the night has goneJames Rowe (Author)2
The evening sun was sinking lowJames Rowe (Author)15
The evening bells were ringingJames Rowe (Author)English2
The fight is on and we shall winJames Rowe (Author)2
The fight of all the ages now is ragingJames Rowe (Author)2
The flowers and birds are Thine, O GodJames Rowe (Author)English2
The foe is near, the bugle call is ringingJames Rowe (Author)3
The Friend of sinners has found meJames Rowe (Author)2
The glory day is breaking o'er the mountainsJames Rowe (Author)2
The golden homelights gleam and glowJames Rowe (Author)English2
The greatest friend that can be knownJames Rowe (Author)2
The harvest fields are white, and glowingJames Rowe (Author)2
The Hero of the crossJames Rowe (Author)2
The hordes of sin no more I fearJames Rowe (Author)2
The hour of death I dread no moreJames Rowe (Author)2
The King has pardoned meJames Rowe (Author)2
The king of glory died for meJames Rowe (Author)2
The longer I know my redeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
The longer I know my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
The Lord has blessed us by his presence sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord has found me!James Rowe (Author)English2
The Lord is calling and men are fallingJames Rowe (Author)4
The Lord is my Shepherd (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
The Lord is now my happy songJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord left his home and his gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord left his homeland of gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord of all is leading us alongJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord of earth and sea and skyJames Rowe (Author)English2
The Lord of life has risenJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord of the harvest is calling today, Heed the callJames Rowe (Author)3
The Lord our God is King of allJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord will come again, Although we know not whenJames Rowe (Author)2
The Lord will not fail meJames Rowe (Author)3
The Lost shall hear the story of my Savior's love for meJames Rowe (Author)2
The love of Christ has won me from the downward wayJames Rowe (Author)4
The love of Christ my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
The love of Him who made me whole, my theme shall ever beJames Rowe (Author)English2
The love of Him who made me whole, shall evermore my life controlJames Rowe (Author)7
The love of Jesus fills my soul, And makes me sing for joyJames Rowe (Author)8
The love of Jesus is so dearJames Rowe (Author)2
The love of Jesus is the songJames Rowe (Author)2
The love of our glorious SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
The love that sought me in the nightJames Rowe (Author)5
The mighty King Emmanuel still leads his army strongJames Rowe (Author)2
The mighty Lion who ruleth ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
The ocean of life I am crossingJames Rowe (Author)2
The path is rough, the day is drearJames Rowe (Author)2
The path may be long, my heart lack a songJames Rowe (Author)2
The powers of sin are losing swayJames Rowe (Author)2
The Prince of night is marshalling his forcesJames Rowe (Author)3
The redeemed came from his homeJames Rowe (Author)2
The redeemer dear now holds my handJames Rowe (Author)3
The redeemer eternal is now reigningJames Rowe (Author)2
The redeemer pleads knowing all our needsJames Rowe (Author)2
The royal standard still is flyingJames Rowe (Author)2
The Sabbath day was fading fastJames Rowe (Author)2
The Sabbath day was nearly o'erJames Rowe (Author)3
The Savior came from aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior came his love all to giveJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior died my soul to winJames Rowe (Author)6
The Savior has bought meJames Rowe (Author)6
The Savior is calling for soldiers brave and strongJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior is mine and grace divineJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior is near to comfort and cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior is turning no sinner awayJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior laid his crown aside And then to set me freeJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior left heaven, the sinner to saveJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior now walks with me and sweetly he talks with meJames Rowe (Author)English6
The Savior who came from his father aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior's hand is clasping mineJames Rowe (Author)2
The Savior's love is wonderfulJames Rowe (Author)English2
The secret of his heart he holdsJames Rowe (Author)2
The sinner's Friend is at my sideJames Rowe (Author)2
The sky is often drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
The sky may be stormy, the way may be drearJames Rowe (Author)2
The slaves of drink who smile and winkJames Rowe (Author)4
The Son of God is at my sideJames Rowe (Author)English2
The song of my soul is of JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
The song that now with joyJames Rowe (Author)2
The Spirit pleads again with youJames Rowe (Author)6
The storm may rage the waves may swellJames Rowe (Author)3
The storms of life are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)2
The tempest has ended my anchor is castJames Rowe (Author)2
The temple bells are soundingJames Rowe (Author)2
The very best of all is Christ my LordJames Rowe (Author)2
The village choir was singingJames Rowe (Author)12
The waves may swell the tempest raveJames Rowe (Author)3
The way is bright before meJames Rowe (Author)2
The way is so drear and foes are so nearJames Rowe (Author)5
The way may grow thornyJames Rowe (Author)2
The way of life is sunnyJames Rowe (Author)2
The welcome bells of heaven are ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
The world's Redeemer marches on, triumphantJames Rowe (Author)2
There are foes around, but my soul is free from fearJames Rowe (Author)English2
There are foes here and there, many trials to bearJames Rowe (Author)English2
There are hearts to comfortJames Rowe (Author)2
There are many paths through this world of sinJames Rowe (Author)English9
There are many pitfalls in the homeward wayJames Rowe (Author)4
There are many souls astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
There are many souls todayJames Rowe (Author)4
There are many still from God astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
There are many who are walking in the downwardJames Rowe (Author)3
There are pardons at the crossJames Rowe (Author)2
There are sheep astray, far from home todayJames Rowe (Author)2
There are some who waitJames Rowe (Author)2
There are souls bent with burdens of sorrowJames Rowe (Author)3
There are souls in sin which we fail to winJames Rowe (Author)9
There are souls to win in the vales of sinJames Rowe (Author)2
There are sounds of triumph ringing in the airJames Rowe (Author)2
There are those who wait at the pearly gateJames Rowe (Author)2
There comes a morn, A happy mornJames Rowe (Author)3
There comes a morn when I shall standJames Rowe (Author)2
There is a city fair called BeulahJames Rowe (Author)4
There is a cleansing, healing tide, Whose flow serene, and deep, and wideJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is a hand that's reaching outJames Rowe (Author)2
There is a happy carol in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
There is a home beyond the tideJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is a homeland waitingJames Rowe (Author)3
There is a land above the skiesJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is a land where souls remainJames Rowe (Author)2
There is a place where souls may find The peaceJames Rowe (Author)3
There is a story that I am hearingJames Rowe (Author)2
There is gladness in my soul, I have given Christ controlJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is gladness in my soul, There is joy beyond controlJames Rowe (Author)1
There is gladness, there is glory all the timeJames Rowe (Author)2
There is happiness eternal in the blessed world supernalJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is joy for youJames Rowe (Author)2
There is joy in heavenJames Rowe (Author)2
There is little sadness, but a lot of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)5
There is naught to fear in the desert drearJames Rowe (Author)2
There is neither grief nor sadnessJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is one who came down from his FatherJames Rowe (Author)2
There is one who leads on to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
There is one who left his gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
There is only one true SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
There is peace and there is gladness in my heart todayJames Rowe (Author)English2
There is something in my soul which keeps the shadows all awayJames Rowe (Author)19
There is something in that storyJames Rowe (Author)3
There is work for all to do, then, away, ye reapers trueJames Rowe (Author)6
There is work to do if your heart is trueJames Rowe (Author)English2
There will be a happy day when my soul is called up homeJames Rowe (Author)English2
There will be a wonderful meeting, when the saints are gathered inJames Rowe (Author)2
There will be joy where ends the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
There will come a day and it may be nighJames Rowe (Author)2
There will dawn a happy morning for the souls redeemed by graceJames Rowe (Author)4
There's a beautiful home above In a kingdom of rapture and loveJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a beautiful morning comingJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a beautiful star that through the nightJames Rowe (Author)4
There's a better land o'er the mystic seaJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a blessed cleansing fountainJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a blessed story of redeeming loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
There's a blessed story which gladly I tellJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a call for willing workersJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a carol in my soul which will lastJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a church in the valley by the wildwoodJames Rowe (Author)English3
There's a city fair on the other sideJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a clear call ringing over land and seaJames Rowe (Author)English2
There's a clear light shining inJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a Friend outside who has knockedJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a glad, sweet song in my heart todayJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a glad time coming that eternal morningJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a glorious home aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a great glad day for the faithfulJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a guide post brightJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a happy carol ringing in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a happy land, with a golden shoreJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a home for you, a home for meJames Rowe (Author)English4
There's a King from aboveJames Rowe (Author)4
There's a land far away fromt he desertsJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a land far away in the somewhere of timeJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a land of light where there comes no nightJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a land of never ending beautyJames Rowe (Author)English2
There's a line thrown out, O sinking soulJames Rowe (Author)4
There's a love-lit land with a golden strandJames Rowe (Author)English2
There's a loving faithful motherJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a matchless leader marching on todayJames Rowe (Author)English2
There's a message true and gladJames Rowe (Author)16
There's a mighty fight still ragingJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a mighty foeJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a mighty Friend beside youJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a mighty helper at my side todayJames Rowe (Author)4
There's a place of happiness and gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a place of rest in the world on highJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a place of rest most divinely blestJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a precious Friend called JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a precious old Book which I read every dayJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a precious thought to cheer usJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a precious volumeJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a precious yield in the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a slogan ringing over sea and landJames Rowe (Author)5
There's a song I'm singing as I go alongJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a song in my heart from morn till nightJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a song in my heart which my soul loves to singJames Rowe (Author)5
There's a song in my soul, for I'm happy and wholeJames Rowe (Author)5
There's a song of cheer though the pathJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a song of gladness ringing in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a song of joy ringing nowJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a song of rapture in my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a song within, for I've lost my sinJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a sorrowless, painless, happy landJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a story I've heard which is trueJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a story of sunshine for the lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a story often heardJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a story sweet that I shall repeatJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a story sweet which the saved repeatJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a Stranger standing meekly at your doorJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a sweet, new song in my heart todayJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a sweet old story which I love to hearJames Rowe (Author)12
There's a sweet story oldJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a tender, loving angelJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a wonderful country waiting yonderJames Rowe (Author)3
There's a wonderful Friend, ever closeJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a wonderful message for souls far astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
There's a wonderful RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
There's an old home far awayJames Rowe (Author)3
There's gladness in this soul of mineJames Rowe (Author)2
There's no one else like JesusJames Rowe (Author)12
There's One who will love me, whatever may betideJames Rowe (Author)2
There's sunshine in my Savior's loveJames Rowe (Author)2
They say there is a book aboveJames Rowe (Author)3
Things of the earth that we cherishJames Rowe (Author)English2
Think not, O soul in bondageJames Rowe (Author)3
Thinking not of danger, singing as we goJames Rowe (Author)2
This assurance now is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
This I know when storms are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)5
This is my aim and my constant endeavorJames Rowe (Author)2
This is my story, as on I goJames Rowe (Author)4
This is the carol ringing down in my soulJames Rowe (Author)English2
This is the message that I sing todayJames Rowe (Author)2
This is the promise that conquers fearJames Rowe (Author)3
This is the reason I'm happyJames Rowe (Author)2
This is the song my heart is ever singingJames Rowe (Author)4
This is the song we sing, this is the news we bringJames Rowe (Author)English2
This my assurance as I walk the glory wayJames Rowe (Author)2
This question rings above the strifeJames Rowe (Author)2
This song within my heart abidesJames Rowe (Author)2
Though here we are worn by burdens long borneJames Rowe (Author)English2
Though the path seems drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
Though your head be bowed with sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Thou art safe with Jesus, friend of sunny daysJames Rowe (Author)2
Though a burden bearing, never be despairingJames Rowe (Author)5
Though at times discouraged in the harvestJames Rowe (Author)2
Though at times the road to the blest abodeJames Rowe (Author)2
Though billows riseJames Rowe (Author)2
Though both path and sky are darkJames Rowe (Author)2
Though dreary my way, and heavyJames Rowe (Author)2
Though happy times all end, we knowJames Rowe (Author)2
Though he reigned on high, Jesus came to dieJames Rowe (Author)5
Though heavy burdens bend you lowJames Rowe (Author)2
Though in his word no record shows that smiling He could beJames Rowe (Author)3
Though Jesus saved and set me rightJames Rowe (Author)2
Though jostled daily by the throngJames Rowe (Author)2
Though long we have prayed for a blessing of loveJames Rowe (Author)2
Though loved ones vanish from my sideJames Rowe (Author)10
Though many and deep thy transgressions may beJames Rowe (Author)5
Though many and great the temptations you meetJames Rowe (Author)English2
Though many are the cares of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Though many thorns are spreading o'er the pathJames Rowe (Author)2
Though many trials are betidingJames Rowe (Author)2
Though many trials of life betide meJames Rowe (Author)3
Though mighty storms are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)2
Though my heart oft is burdened with sadnessJames Rowe (Author)2
Though now around me billows sweepJames Rowe (Author)2
Though oft the path is roughJames Rowe (Author)2
Though often skies are drearJames Rowe (Author)2
Though our Lord has gone to realms aboveJames Rowe (Author)4
Though sin and shame had marred my nameJames Rowe (Author)2
Though so many that we used to meetJames Rowe (Author)2
Though so oft we meet in his presence sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the billows sweep meJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the journey be long and our hearts lose their songJames Rowe (Author)English2
Though the path be dimJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the path grow roughJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the path we travel in todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the way be long and wildJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the way be thorny, and the hills be steepJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the way is drear and the tempter nearJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the way may be rough and foes oft assailJames Rowe (Author)2
Though the world to sing may call meJames Rowe (Author)2
Though today you sigh, as the hours go byJames Rowe (Author)2
Though trials great make drear the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Though we labor hereJames Rowe (Author)2
Though we oft are depressedJames Rowe (Author)2
Though you are lost and sad todayJames Rowe (Author)2
Though your field of labor cover but a littleJames Rowe (Author)4
Through all the battles of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Through the field of life I'm goingJames Rowe (Author)2
Tidings of happiness telling while we mayJames Rowe (Author)2
Till the glory morning breaksJames Rowe (Author)2
'Tis a wonderful story (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
'Tis a wondrous storyJames Rowe (Author)2
'Tis safe to go where Jesus goesJames Rowe (Author)3
'Tis sweet at Eastertide to seeJames Rowe (Author)2
'Tis sweet to have a faithful friendJames Rowe (Author)3
'Tis sweet to know (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
'Tis sweet to walk with Jesus, for, when the way is drearJames Rowe (Author)3
To be patient I will tryJames Rowe (Author)2
To cleanse us from sin, keep us spotless withinJames Rowe (Author)2
To Jesus each day I am clingingJames Rowe (Author)3
To Jesus I am clingingJames Rowe (Author)2
To know I'm saved by grace divineJames Rowe (Author)2
To my Lord I have been clingingJames Rowe (Author)5
To our Savior we are clingingJames Rowe (Author)English2
To realms of light we make our wayJames Rowe (Author)3
To share another's troubleJames Rowe (Author)3
To tell the matchless story of my Savior's loveJames Rowe (Author)3
To that blest city I am goingJames Rowe (Author)2
To the field with JesusJames Rowe (Author)8
To the fray, march awayJames Rowe (Author)3
To the front, soldiers true, we are called todayJames Rowe (Author)2
To the valleys where the shadows lieJames Rowe (Author)2
To the verge of despair I was drivenJames Rowe (Author)2
To the wayward and the wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
To the weak and worn and wearyJames Rowe (Author)3
To the world my love for ChristJames Rowe (Author)2
To thy blessed promise clingingJames Rowe (Author)2
Today my heart is sweetly singingJames Rowe (Author)2
Today the Redeemer is callingJames Rowe (Author)2
Toiling on for Jesus every passing dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Tonight, as I sit in the gathering gloamJames Rowe (Author)7
Training for battle, we are youthful soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
Tramp, tramp, tramp, tramp, see the army grandJames Rowe (Author)3
Transgressions have all been forgivenJames Rowe (Author)English2
Travel on and never fearJames Rowe (Author)2
Travel on with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Travel on, ye soldiers trueJames Rowe (Author)English2
Travel onward and be trueJames Rowe (Author)4
Travel onward, pilgrim bandJames Rowe (Author)3
Travel onward, pilgrim, toward that better landJames Rowe (Author)2
Travel onward still, do the Master's willJames Rowe (Author)2
Traveling home to GodJames Rowe (Author)2
Traveling homeward, nearer and nearerJames Rowe (Author)4
Traveling on the way, singing of grace each dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Traveling on with the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Traveling upward with the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Trials befall me, but day by dayJames Rowe (Author)English3
Trials bravely meeting, hearts for Jesus beatingJames Rowe (Author)2
Trials I am meeting, oft a storm is beatingJames Rowe (Author)2
Trials will all be past, glory will come at lastJames Rowe (Author)3
Trials will be past, rest will come at lastJames Rowe (Author)3
Triumphant hosannas are ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
True to Jesus provingJames Rowe (Author)4
True to my Savior I want to beJames Rowe (Author)7
Trust the Savior with your sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
Trusting His promise, lovingly clingingJames Rowe (Author)2
Trusting sweetly in our PilotJames Rowe (Author)2
Trusting wholly in the mighty SaviorJames Rowe (Author)3
Try to be more like JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Turning from the world for JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
Two homes there are, not far awayJames Rowe (Author)2
Under burdens here we wanderJames Rowe (Author)2
Under love's bright banner marching on to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
Under the care of my Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
Under the leader of the worldJames Rowe (Author)2
Under the standard bright keepingJames Rowe (Author)2
Under the wrong flag was IJames Rowe (Author)2
Under thy wings dear Lord I restJames Rowe (Author)2
Under thy wings O Heavenly FatherJames Rowe (Author)2
Under thy wings O Holy DoveJames Rowe (Author)2
Up, soldiers, up and awayJames Rowe (Author)2
Uplifting all the fallen raceJames Rowe (Author)2
Upon the cross my Savior diedJames Rowe (Author)2
Vainly had the tomb been guardedJames Rowe (Author)2
Vainly the storm sweepeth over my soulJames Rowe (Author)6
Very often the pathway is thorny and roughJames Rowe (Author)2
Victory bells are ringing over the sea and landJames Rowe (Author)2
Wait until I meet that fellow with a wart upon his noseJames Rowe (Author)2
Waiting, watching, till the shadowsJames Rowe (Author)2
Waking joyful carols in the midst of careJas. Rowe (Author)2
Walk in the light: so shalt thou knowJames Rowe (Author)English1
Walking home with Jesus who redeems from sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Walking in the heavenly wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Walking the old cross wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Walking with Christ to my palace of lightJames Rowe (Author)3
Walking with heaven's kingJames Rowe (Author)2
Walking with my blessed SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
Walking with the blessed One along the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Waste no more your days in strife and sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Watchman, see, a storm is formingJames Rowe (Author)9
Waves are tossing us today, but the storm will pass awayJames Rowe (Author)English2
We are flowers sweet and fairJames Rowe (Author)2
We are God's true soldiersJames Rowe (Author)3
We are going on to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
We are happy children, for this days is oursJames Rowe (Author)2
We are happy sunbeamsJames Rowe (Author)English2
We are happy to sing in praiseJames Rowe (Author)2
We are happy to work for JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
We are helping JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
We are homeward bound with JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
We are little soldiers, training for the fightJames Rowe (Author)3
We are little sowers, sowing seeds of loveJames Rowe (Author)4
We are making sunshine all the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
We are marching along, with a smile and a songJames Rowe (Author)2
We are marching on from day to dayJames Rowe (Author)3
We are marching on with Jesus the RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
We are marching today in the King'sJames Rowe (Author)2
We are not very big, we knowJames Rowe (Author)8
We are on our way to glory landJames Rowe (Author)2
We are on our way to ZionJames Rowe (Author)2
We are on the firing lineJames Rowe (Author)2
We are on the road to the soul's abodeJames Rowe (Author)6
We are on the road to the trueJames Rowe (Author)2
We are on the way with the LordJames Rowe (Author)3
We are only little soldiers, But our courageJames Rowe (Author)2
We are pressing on to heavenJames Rowe (Author)3
We are rays of sunshineJames Rowe (Author)2
We are telling out salvations's precious storyJames Rowe (Author)2
We are temperance soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
We are tempted and triedJames Rowe (Author)2
We are told that Jesus died for allJames Rowe (Author)2
We are traveling on with the King we adoreJames Rowe (Author)2
We are under marching orders to go into all the worldJames Rowe (Author)1
We are valiant soldiersJames Rowe (Author)2
We are waiting for the dawningJames Rowe (Author)1
We are working for the harvestJames Rowe (Author)2
We belong to Jesus who has rolled our sins awayJames Rowe (Author)2
We come to sing the praise of GodJames Rowe (Author)2
We have been redeemed by loveJames Rowe (Author)English2
We have heard the call of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
We have heard the call of the Lord of allJames Rowe (Author)2
We have no fear that we shall strayJames Rowe (Author)2
We may lighten pain and careJames Rowe (Author)2
We must all be carefulJames Rowe (Author)2
We ought to be proud of our glorious landJames Rowe (Author)English2
We profess to follow JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall all forget the careJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall all forget the nightJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall carol with pure delightJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have joy beyond compareJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have no care, not a burden bearJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have no care or sorrowJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have no grief that our souls will failJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have no loads to bearJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall have peace and joy to spareJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall hear the beautiful storyJames Rowe (Author)3
We shall lose our grief and careJames Rowe (Author)English2
We shall never grow wearyJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall never hear a sighJames Rowe (Author)7
We shall never, never roamJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall overcome temptationJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall overflow with joyJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall reign with himJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall see no weeping eyesJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall see the face of the King of graceJames Rowe (Author)8
We shall sing a sweet new song on the golden shoreJames Rowe (Author)English2
We shall sing a sweet new song, When we join the ransomed throngJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall sing a sweeter song than nowJames Rowe (Author)2
We shall soon be safe at restJames Rowe (Author)2
We should truly love the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
We sing of a glorious SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
We sing of him who brightens all the wayJames Rowe (Author)5
We smile and sing for Christ our KingJames Rowe (Author)2
We were all astray, fetteredJames Rowe (Author)2
We will bravely press alongJames Rowe (Author)2
We will march along with the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
We would be like Jesus wasJames Rowe (Author)4
We would make the most of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Weary one, burdened by trouble or griefJames Rowe (Author)2
Weary sailor tossed by angry wavesJames Rowe (Author)2
Weary soul, if some sorrow is bending thee lowJames Rowe (Author)3
Weary, worn and spent, filled with discontentJames Rowe (Author)3
Welcome to the newborn KingJames Rowe (Author)2
We're pressing on to gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
We're tired of seeing whiskeyJames Rowe (Author)2
We're toiling for the MasterJames Rowe (Author)2
We've closed your door for evermoreJames Rowe (Author)2
What a burden rolled awayJames Rowe (Author)5
What a carol my soul is singingJames Rowe (Author)2
What a change has come to my heart and homeJames Rowe (Author)English2
What a comfort it is as I goJames Rowe (Author)2
What a companion is JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
What a friend I have in the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
What a happy, happy song they're singingJames Rowe (Author)3
What a matchless Savior I have found at lastJames Rowe (Author)English2
What a mighty host is marchingJames Rowe (Author)2
What a mighty King is o'er usJames Rowe (Author)2
What a morning it will beJames Rowe (Author)2
What a multitude of singers will surround the throneJames Rowe (Author)2
What a precious Friend the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
What a song of gladnessJames Rowe (Author)2
What a song of joy will our souls [hearts] employJames Rowe (Author)6
What a song of joy will roll through the city of the soulJames Rowe (Author)English2
What a song of praise every hearth will raiseJames Rowe (Author)2
What a song of praise ransomed soulsJames Rowe (Author)2
What a song we all shall singJames Rowe (Author)5
What a song will rise on that bright, eternal morningJames Rowe (Author)6
What a time of rapture sweetJames Rowe (Author)2
What a time of rejoicing it will beJames Rowe (Author)2
What amazement now is mineJames Rowe (Author)2
What an anthem we shall raise James Rowe (Author)12
What an anthem we shall singJames Rowe (Author)4
What an invitation is extended by the LordJames Rowe (Author)3
What can make the spirit pureJames Rowe (Author)2
What delight will meet our eyesJames Rowe (Author)2
What glory is mine, by serving the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
What has set my joybells ringingJames Rowe (Author)6
What hosannas there will rollJames Rowe (Author)3
What hosannas we shall raiseJames Rowe (Author)7
What hosannas we shall singJames Rowe (Author)6
What hosannas will be sungJames Rowe (Author)2
What if now a storm is sweepingJames Rowe (Author)2
What is making earth more faitJames Rowe (Author)2
What is making life so sweet and bright to me?James Rowe (Author)English23
What joy awaits over thereJames Rowe (Author)2
What joy it is to tell the storyJames Rowe (Author)2
What keeps my pathway brightJames Rowe (Author)2
What kind of life is yours todayJames Rowe (Author)4
What makes the homeward pathJames Rowe (Author)2
What may little children do to be true indeedJas. Rowe (Author)3
What mortal can describe the placeJames Rowe (Author)2
What mortal voice can truly singJames Rowe (Author)2
What rapture fills my soulJames Rowe (Author)2
What rejoicing there will be, by the shiningJames Rowe (Author)8
What rejoicing there will be when the gatesJames Rowe (Author)2
What to me are the shadows on the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
What uplifting songs will riseJames Rowe (Author)2
What will it matter in the bye and byeJames Rowe (Author)7
What will keep me faithful every passing dayJames Rowe (Author)3
What wondrous music will thrill usJames Rowe (Author)2
Whatever may befall me, I am in His keepingJames Rowe (Author)English2
Whatsoever may be before meJames Rowe (Author)2
When a dark shadow falls over the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
When a friend from earth departsJames Rowe (Author)2
When a heavy burden bendsJames Rowe (Author)2
When all my trials here shall endJames Rowe (Author)2
When angry waves about me rollJames Rowe (Author)8
When at last we see the King and His praise in glory singJames Rowe (Author)12
When at last we stand on the golden strandJames Rowe (Author)English2
When by pleasures tempted from the upward pathJames Rowe (Author)2
When by storm my bark is drivenJames Rowe (Author)10
When Christ shall reign as Lord of allJames Rowe (Author)2
When Christ, the Lord, was here below, He cheered the sadJames Rowe (Author)2
When clouds of trouble gather nearJames Rowe (Author)3
When daybreak comes and shadows fleeJames Rowe (Author)7
When earthly life is endedJames Rowe (Author)2
When from our hearts the song of cheer has flownJames Rowe (Author)2
When from the presence of dear ones you goJames Rowe (Author)2
When God's children cease to roam and with Him are safe at homeJames Rowe (Author)10
When great temptations I am called to faceJames Rowe (Author)2
When hard the task I do for himJames Rowe (Author)2
When he shall come to the worldJames Rowe (Author)2
When heavy is your load of careJames Rowe (Author)3
When heavy my burden, and life seemeth drearJames Rowe (Author)3
When heavy my burden and steep the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
When heavy trials bend me lowJames Rowe (Author)2
When I am burdened, or weary and sadJames Rowe (Author)10
When I am lonely, sad and distressedJames Rowe (Author)2
When I am tempted evil to doJames Rowe (Author)3
When I am weary, discouraged and sadJames Rowe (Author)English2
When I am worn by the cares of the dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
When I cannot see the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
When I have left this earthly placeJames Rowe (Author)3
When I hear the grand old story ofJames Rowe (Author)2
When I meet my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
When I need a friend who will comfort lendJames Rowe (Author)2
When I need someone in time of griefJames Rowe (Author)48
When I recall what God's loveJames Rowe (Author)2
When I think how Jesus left his home in gloryJames Rowe (Author)2
When in majesty and gWhen in majesty and glory comes the Savior, by and byJames Rowe (Author)2
When in that better land before the bar we standJames Rowe (Author)12
When in the vale of lengthened yearsJames Rowe (Author)7
When Jesus died, the world to saveJames Rowe (Author)English2
When Jesus leads, the way is fairJames Rowe (Author)2
When Jesus looked upon the earthJames Rowe (Author)2
When Jesus, the King, left glory to bring salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
When life and its cares shall forever be pastJames Rowe (Author)3
When love is strong, we know that nightJames Rowe (Author)2
When misfortune overtakes me, and my weary soul is triedJames Rowe (Author)5
When morning comesJames Rowe (Author)2
When my heart is heavy burdenedJames Rowe (Author)2
When my heart with heavyJames Rowe (Author)2
When my soul to despair had been drivenJames Rowe (Author)2
When my spirit is sighing, lost in the gloamJames Rowe (Author)2
When no water was at handJames Rowe (Author)3
When o'erwhelming billows rollJames Rowe (Author)3
When our life's brief story here shall end foreverJames Rowe (Author)3
When our trials are all overJames Rowe (Author)2
When peace and joy have fledJames Rowe (Author)2
When some heavy burden bends usJames Rowe (Author)2
When storms of life are raging and the way you cannot seeJames Rowe (Author)3
When the battle wildly rages onJames Rowe (Author)2
When the bells of glory ring in the cityJames Rowe (Author)2
When the billows over you rollJames Rowe (Author)2
When the billows rise and rollJames Rowe (Author)3
When the billows rise and threaten meJames Rowe (Author)2
When the burden of sorrow is bending you lowJames Rowe (Author)2
When the day is dreary (Rowe)James Rowe (Author)2
When the daylight diesJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the foe assails your soulJames Rowe (Author)2
When the foes of truth assailJames Rowe (Author)2
When the gates open wideJames Rowe (Author)2
When the glad morning shall banish the nightJames Rowe (Author)4
When the glaring signs of run throughout our landJames Rowe (Author)3
When the heart is burdenedJames Rowe (Author)2
When the homeward path is drearyJames Rowe (Author)2
When the morning breaks and the shadows flee awayJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the night has fled awayJames Rowe (Author)3
When the night is long or when gone your songJames Rowe (Author)2
When the path is hard to seeJames Rowe (Author)4
When the path is muddy and the night is darkJames Rowe (Author)2
When the path is unknownJames Rowe (Author)2
When the path was hard to seeJames Rowe (Author)2
When the pearly gates unfold and the city weJames Rowe (Author)6
When the resurrection morning makes theJames Rowe (Author)2
When the resurrection morning makes the hillsJames Rowe (Author)6
When the roll is called in the landJames Rowe (Author)4
When the roll is called in the land of lightJames Rowe (Author)3
When the saints reach home some morningJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the saved of God shall meet aboveJames Rowe (Author)2
When the Savior came and removed my shameJames Rowe (Author)2
When the Savior dear made my record clearJames Rowe (Author)3
When the Savior dear took away my fearJames Rowe (Author)3
When the Savior made my sin departJames Rowe (Author)5
When the shadows flee and we cease to roamJames Rowe (Author)3
When the shadows of unrest are fallingJames Rowe (Author)4
When the songs of glory rollJames Rowe (Author)2
When the Spirit came in to remove all my sinJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the storm is raging and the heart is sadJames Rowe (Author)10
When the storms of life are raging, And the winds and waves prevailJames Rowe (Author)8
When the storms of life are raging I just clingJames Rowe (Author)2
When the storms of life are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)4
When the storms of life are sweeping and I cannot see the wayJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the storms of life betide meJames Rowe (Author)2
When the storms of life sweep over your soulJames Rowe (Author)English3
When the strife is ended and from deeps of nightJames Rowe (Author)4
When the thorns are growing o'er your wayJames Rowe (Author)3
When the way groweth drear do not yield to fearJames Rowe (Author)2
When the way grows drear precious Lord lingerJames Rowe (Author)2
When the way is dim and you long for himJames Rowe (Author)3
When the way is dreary and your soul is sadJames Rowe (Author)3
When the wind of trouble blowsJames Rowe (Author)English2
When the work of life is ended and the judgment day appearsJames Rowe (Author)2
When the world and its pleasures are callingJames Rowe (Author)2
When this dreary life here below is endedJames Rowe (Author)6
When this life is ended and your soulJames Rowe (Author)3
When thorns across my way I seeJames Rowe (Author)2
When those he loved were sore afraidJames Rowe (Author)2
When thy soul is bendingJames Rowe (Author)2
When trials come and foes appearJames Rowe (Author)English2
When trouble rests upon me, and no cheering voice I hearJames Rowe (Author)2
When troubled my soul, and when peace I would findJames Rowe (Author)31
When troubles come and life is drearJames Rowe (Author)English2
When troubles come and sorrow when shadows lieJames Rowe (Author)2
When under my burden I fellJames Rowe (Author)2
When we ask Jesus to send us a blessingJames Rowe (Author)2
When we bend neath some greatJames Rowe (Author)2
When we look around us scanning hills and plainsJames Rowe (Author)4
When we reach the blessed countryJames Rowe (Author)2
When we reach the gate of the blest estateJames Rowe (Author)3
When we reach the gates of ourJames Rowe (Author)2
When we reach the golden shoreJames Rowe (Author)3
When we reach the golden strandJames Rowe (Author)2
When we see the smiling faceJames Rowe (Author)2
When we see the smiling face of the SaviorJames Rowe (Author)4
When we wander from the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
When we were lost in sinJames Rowe (Author)3
When weary am I of the cares of the dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
When with the Savior we enter the glory landJames Rowe (Author)41
When with the Savior we sweep through the gateJames Rowe (Author)3
When you are weary and when you are sadJames Rowe (Author)2
When you left the homestead in the happy long agoJames Rowe (Author)5
When you need a friend whoJames Rowe (Author)2
When you see a brother who has sunkenJames Rowe (Author)3
When your soul is tempted and a friend you needJames Rowe (Author)2
When your soul is troubled and your heart is sadJames Rowe (Author)4
When your trials are o'er won't you meet meJames Rowe (Author)4
Whenever a cross I'm bearingJames Rowe (Author)4
Whene'er a duty waits for theeJames Rowe (Author)3
Whenever a storm sweepeth over meJames Rowe (Author)4
Whenever by sorrow my spirit is triedJames Rowe (Author)3
Whenever I'm weary and sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Where brothers are burdened andJames Rowe (Author)2
Wheresoe'er my path through the world may leadJames Rowe (Author)2
Wheresoe'er you need him, if on Christ you callJames Rowe (Author)2
Wherever Jesus bids me goJames Rowe (Author)English2
Wherever there may be any need of meJames Rowe (Author)3
Whether drear or sunny is the path I treadJames Rowe (Author)2
Whether on duty, business or pleasureJames Rowe (Author)3
Whether skies be bright or drearJames Rowe (Author)2
While afar you wander seeking wealth and fameJames Rowe (Author)3
While the mighty storms of life are sweepingJames Rowe (Author)3
While the ninety and nine lay in the foldJames Rowe (Author)3
While the sun makes brightJames Rowe (Author)2
While the sunshine floods with splendorJames Rowe (Author)4
While working for Jesus the heavenly doveJames Rowe (Author)2
Whilst hordes are out to hustleJames Rowe (Author)2
Who can take all my sins awayJames Rowe (Author)2
Who has better rightJames Rowe (Author)2
Whosoever may be before meJames Rowe (Author)English3
Whosoever will may come, says JesusJames Rowe (Author)2
Why art thou fearful, beloved of the LordJames Rowe (Author)English1
Why begin complainingJames Rowe (Author)2
Why do many still live in doubt and sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Why do you linger in death and in sinJames Rowe (Author)3
Why from Jesus do you wanderJames Rowe (Author)2
Why Jesus loved my soul so wellJames Rowe (Author)2
Why, O soul, in darkness wanderJames Rowe (Author)2
Why should I worry about the wayJames Rowe (Author)3
Why should I worry when foes assailJames Rowe (Author)2
Why spend your life with GodJames Rowe (Author)2
Why still wander in the lowlandsJames Rowe (Author)2
Why will you linger in darkness?James Rowe (Author)English2
Wild is the tempest, yet many there areJames Rowe (Author)5
Will you follow my SaviorJames Rowe (Author)2
With a song of cheerJames Rowe (Author)2
With a song of hope and peace and gladnessJames Rowe (Author)English2
With a spirit of wonderful love for the lostJames Rowe (Author)3
With all my transgressions forgivenJames Rowe (Author)2
With banners proudly wavingJames Rowe (Author)2
With banners spread, we proudly treadJames Rowe (Author)3
With banners waving and armor brightJames Rowe (Author)2
With banners waving in the lightJames Rowe (Author)2
With God's own Son we're marching onJames Rowe (Author)2
With His banner over me and His cross before meJames Rowe (Author)3
With his flag unfurledJames Rowe (Author)2
With his standard bright unfurledJames Rowe (Author)2
With hosannas to the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
With Jesus as our leader we are going onJames Rowe (Author)2
With Jesus, my Lord, all the way I am goingJames Rowe (Author)6
With Jesus, my Lord, as Pilot aboardJames Rowe (Author)2
With my past forgiven, on the way to heavenJames Rowe (Author)5
With my Redeemer I am livingJames Rowe (Author)3
With my Savior close beside meJames Rowe (Author)2
With my Savior dear so close to meJames Rowe (Author)2
With my Savior dear, who is always nearJames Rowe (Author)English2
With our banner waving inJames Rowe (Author)2
With our banners waving proudly in the lightJames Rowe (Author)English5
With our glorious Savior we areJames Rowe (Author)2
With our joybells sweetly ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
With our sins forever goneJames Rowe (Author)2
With our standard highJames Rowe (Author)2
With praise in my heart ever swellingJames Rowe (Author)2
With songs of joyous, endless praiseJames Rowe (Author)3
With the army of salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
With the blessed One we are all pressing onJames Rowe (Author)2
With the cross of Jesus on before usJames Rowe (Author)2
With the faithful army of the King of kingsJames Rowe (Author)4
With the glorious King of salvationJames Rowe (Author)2
With the gospel standard waving in the golden lightJames Rowe (Author)3
With the great Commander homeward going to that world aboveJames Rowe (Author)English2
With the mighty Savior at my sideJames Rowe (Author)2
With the Savior we are goingJames Rowe (Author)3
With the scarlet thread of redemptionJames Rowe (Author)1
With the winning army of the KingJames Rowe (Author)2
With the wonderful King of the agesJames Rowe (Author)2
With trusting heart I follow himJames Rowe (Author)2
Within my heart a burdened feeling bound meJames Rowe (Author)2
Within the old homesteadJames Rowe (Author)2
Wo noch so viele im Dunkel der WeltJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful anthems of gladness swell and ringJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful blessings are falling, over the land againJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful gladness is mine each dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful is Jesus, our matchless KingJames Rowe (Author)7
Wonderful Jesus, glorious friendJames Rowe (Author)16
Wonderful love the Redeemer has shownJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful Savior, gracious RedeemerJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful Savior, gracious Redeemer feeding ourJames Rowe (Author)2
Wonderful things of folks are saidJames Rowe (Author)English26
Wondrous joy is mine, whileJames Rowe (Author)4
Won't you turn away from sinJames Rowe (Author)2
Won't you turn away from sin Won't you let God's lovelight inJames Rowe (Author)2
Words of love from above Jesus has brought to the worldJames Rowe (Author)English8
Work on with purpose trueJames Rowe (Author)2
Work on ye faithful of the LordJames Rowe (Author)2
Workers are needed by the heavenly kingJames Rowe (Author)3
Workers in the harvest field keeping doubt awayJames Rowe (Author)3
Workers in the harvest field reap and singJames Rowe (Author)2
Working for the Lord in the harvest fieldJames Rowe (Author)2
Working for the Savior in the field todayJames Rowe (Author)6
Working in the harvest field of God todayJames Rowe (Author)5
Worldly pleasures charm no more, Jesus satisfies meJames Rowe (Author)5
Worldly sinful pleasures still rule you heartJames Rowe (Author)2
Worldly things I crave no moreJames Rowe (Author)3
Worn and distrest, longing for rest!James Rowe (Author)English2
Would we free our favored country from the awful curse of drinkJames Rowe (Author)4
Would you be happy through life's trying dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you be strong in the vineyard belowJames Rowe (Author)3
Would you feel your heart grow sweeter every dayJames Rowe (Author)5
Would you feel your heart grow lighter every dayJames Rowe (Author)4
Would you have a song to sing?James Rowe (Author)English2
Would you help the Savior every passing dayJames Rowe (Author)3
Would you help to free the worldJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you know what makes me happyJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you leave the land of sinJames Rowe (Author)3
Would you love the Savior dearJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you see the clouds and shadowsJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you sing each day of lifeJames Rowe (Author)2
Would you truly triumph over every foeJames Rowe (Author)2
Wounded heart, despairJames Rowe (Author)2
Ye happy bells of Easter, ring out in glad accordJames Rowe (Author)2
Ye lovers of Jesus, awake and ariseJames Rowe (Author)3
Ye lovers of Jesus, no longer be sadJames Rowe (Author)2
Ye loyal soldiers of Jehovah, marching on for the rightJames Rowe (Author)English2
Ye ransomed souls, your voices raiseJames Rowe (Author)2
Ye who are weary and burdened and sadJames Rowe (Author)3
Ye who believe in the gospel of JesusJames Rowe (Author)3
Ye who have promised to help the MasterJames Rowe (Author)3
Ye who love the Savior lowlyJames Rowe (Author)2
Ye workers for God arise, for cloudlessJames Rowe (Author)2
Years I wandered, freely squandered all my substance day by dayJames Rowe (Author)English2
Yonder a city of glory and joyJames Rowe (Author)2
Yonder, choirs are always singingJames Rowe (Author)6
Yonder the joy bells are ringingJames Rowe (Author)2
Yonder, there are heartsJames Rowe (Author)2
You always have room in your sin loving heartJames Rowe (Author)15
You are cheerful and strongJames Rowe (Author)1
You are far astray from the fold todayJames Rowe (Author)2
You are lost in sin, deeply stained withinJames Rowe (Author)English2
You are making known the loveJames Rowe (Author)2
You are straying from the good old wayJames Rowe (Author)2
You belong to Jesus who has saved you by his loveJames Rowe (Author)2
You have been forgiven and are bound for heavenJames Rowe (Author)English2
You have spent all your daysJames Rowe (Author)2
You have wandered far where temptations areJames Rowe (Author)2
You know that Christ is pleadingJames Rowe (Author)3
You know that Jesus died for youJames Rowe (Author)3
You know you are needing God's wonderful loveJames Rowe (Author)2
You know you are needing the comfort of loveJames Rowe (Author)2
You know you are still unforgivenJames Rowe (Author)2
You may have to bear heavy loads of careJames Rowe (Author)11
You may have your brandyJames Rowe (Author)2
You may help to save many soulsJames Rowe (Author)5
You might feel that you could shineJames Rowe (Author)6
You oft have heard the Savior'sJames Rowe (Author)3
You wander after where enemies areJames Rowe (Author)4
You will always be a blessing to the MasterJames Rowe (Author)4
You will have a helper near and no foe will give you fearJames Rowe (Author)5
You will never mind the shadows of the darkestJames Rowe (Author)2
You will sing along the wayJames Rowe (Author)2
Your burden is heavy, your pathJames Rowe (Author)2
Your heart is true, men count on youJames Rowe (Author)2
Your life is overshadowed with troubleJames Rowe (Author)English2
Your path is dark from day to dayJames Rowe (Author)2
Your soul is lost, you are astrayJames Rowe (Author)2
Your soul is sad, so darkJames Rowe (Author)2
You're taking just a glass a dayJames Rowe (Author)2
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