James Montgomery

James Montgomery
Short Name: James Montgomery
Full Name: Montgomery, James, 1771-1854
Birth Year: 1771
Death Year: 1854

James Montgomery (b. Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, 1771; d. Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, 1854), the son of Moravian parents who died on a West Indies mission field while he was in boarding school, Montgomery inherited a strong religious bent, a passion for missions, and an independent mind. He was editor of the Sheffield Iris (1796-1827), a newspaper that sometimes espoused radical causes. Montgomery was imprisoned briefly when he printed a song that celebrated the fall of the Bastille and again when he described a riot in Sheffield that reflected unfavorably on a military commander. He also protested against slavery, the lot of boy chimney sweeps, and lotteries. Associated with Christians of various persuasions, Montgomery supported missions and the British Bible Society. He published eleven volumes of poetry, mainly his own, and at least four hundred hymns. Some critics judge his hymn texts to be equal in quality to those of Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley . Many were published in Thomas Cotterill's Selection of Psalms and Hymns (1819 edition) and in Montgomery's own Songs of Zion (1822), Christian Psalmist (1825), and Original Hymns (1853).

Bert Polman
Montgomery, James, son of John Montgomery, a Moravian minister, was born at Irvine, Ayrshire, Nov. 4, 1771. In 1776 he removed with his parents to the Moravian Settlement at Gracehill, near Ballymena, county of Antrim. Two years after he was sent to the Fulneck Seminary, Yorkshire. He left Fulneck in 1787, and entered a retail shop at Mirfield, near Wakefield. Soon tiring of that he entered upon a similar situation at Wath, near Rotherham, only to find it quite as unsuitable to his taste as the former. A journey to London, with the hope of finding a publisher for his youthful poems ended in failure; and in 1792 he was glad to leave Wath for Shefield to join Mr. Gales, an auctioneer, bookseller, and printer of the Sheffield Register newspaper, as his assistant. In 1794 Mr. Gales left England to avoid a political prosecution. Montgomery took the Sheffield Register in hand, changed its name to The Sheffield Iris, and continued to edit it for thirty-one years. During the next two years he was imprisoned twice, first for reprinting therein a song in commemoration of "The Fall of the Bastille," and the second for giving an account of a riot in Sheffield. The editing of his paper, the composition and publication of his poems and hynms, the delivery of lectures on poetry in Sheffield and at the Royal Institution, London, and the earnest advocacy of Foreign Missions and the Bible Society in many parts of the country, gave great variety but very little of stirring incident to his life. In 1833 he received a Royal pension of £200 a year. He died in his sleep, at the Mount, Sheffield, April 30, 1854, and was honoured with a public funeral. A statue was erected to his memory in the Sheffield General Cemetery, and a stained glass window in the Parish Church. A Wesleyan chapel and a public hall are also named in his honour. Montgomery's principal poetical works, including those which he edited, were:—

(1) Prison Amusements, 1797; (2) The Wanderer of Switzerland, 1806; (3) The West Indies, 1807; (4) The World before the Flood, 1813; (5) Greenland and Other Poems, 1819; (6) Songs of Zion, 1822; (7) The Christian Psalmist, 1825; (8) The Christian Poet, 1825; (9) The Pelican Island, 1828; (10) The Poet’s Portfolio, 1835; (11) Original Hymns for Public, Private, and Social Devotion, 1853. He also published minor pieces at various times, and four editions of his Poetical Works, the first in 1828, the second in 1836, the third in 1841, and the fourth in 1854. Most of these works contained original hymns. He also contributed largely to Collyer's Collection, 1812, and other hymnbooks published during the next 40 years, amongst which the most noticeable was Cotterill's Selections of 1819, in which more than 50 of his compositions appeared. In his Christian Psalmist, 1825, there are 100 of his hymns, and in his Original Hymns, 1853, 355 and 5 doxologies. His Songs of Zion, 1822, number 56. Deducting those which are repeated in the Original Hymns, there remain about 400 original compositions.

Of Montgomery's 400 hymns (including his versions of the Psalms) more than 100 are still in common use. With the aid of Montgomery's MSS. we have given a detailed account of a large number. The rest are as follows:—

i. Appeared in Collyer's Collection, 1812.
1. Jesus, our best beloved Friend. Personal Dedication to Christ.
2. When on Sinai's top I see. Sinai, Tabor, and Calvary.

ii. Appeared in Cotterill's Selection, 1819.
3. Come to Calvary's holy mountain. The Open Fountain.
4. God in the high and holy place. God in Nature. The cento in Com. Praise, 1879, and others, "If God hath made this world so fair," is from this hymn.
5. Hear me, O Lord, in my distress. Ps. cxliii.
6. Heaven is a place of rest from sin. Preparation for Heaven.
7. I cried unto the Lord most just. Ps. cxlii.
8. Lord, let my prayer like incense rise. Ps. cxxxix.
9. O bless the Lord, my soul! His grace to thee proclaim. Ps. ciii.
10. Out of the depths of woe. Ps. cxxx. Sometimes "When from the depths of woe."
11. The world in condemnation lay. Redemption.
12. Where are the dead? In heaven or hell? The Living and the Dead.

iii. Appeared in his Songs of Zion, 1822.
13. Give glory to God in the highest. Ps. xxix.
14. Glad was my heart to hear. Ps. cxxii.
15. God be merciful to me. Ps. lxix.
16. God is my strong salvation. Ps. xxvii.
17. Hasten, Lord, to my release. Ps. lxx.
18. Have mercy on me, O my God. Ps. li.
19. Hearken, Lord, to my complaints. Ps. xlii.
20. Heralds of creation cry. Ps. cxlviii.
21. How beautiful the sight. Ps. cxxxiii.
22. How precious are Thy thoughts of peace. Ps. cxxxix.
23. I love the Lord, He lent an ear. Ps. cxvi.
24. In time of tribulation. Ps. lxxvii.
25. Jehovah is great, and great be His praise. Ps. xlviii. Sometimes, "0 great is Jehovah, and great is His Name."
26. Judge me, O Lord, in righteousness. Ps. xliii.
27. Lift up your heads, ye gates, and wide. Ps.xxiv.
28. Lord, let me know mine [my] end. Ps. xxxi.
29. Of old, 0 God, Thine own right hand. Ps. lxxx.
30. O God, Thou art [my] the God alone. Ps. lxiii.
31. 0 Lord, our King, how excellent. Ps. viii. Sometimes, "0 Lord, how excellent is Thy name."
32. O my soul, with all thy powers. Ps. ciii.
33. One thing with all my soul's desire. Ps. xxvii. From this, "Grant me within Thy courts a place."
34. Searcher of hearts, to Thee are known. Ps. cxxxix.
35. Thank and praise Jehovah's name. Ps. cvii.
36. Thee will I praise, O Lord in light. Ps. cxxxviii.
37. The Lord is King; upon His throne. Ps. xciii.
38. The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know. Ps. xxiii.
39. The tempter to my soul hath said. Ps. iii.
40. Thrice happy he who shuns the way. Ps. i.
41. Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declare. Ps. xix.
42. Thy law is perfect, Lord of light. Ps. xix.
43. Who make the Lord of hosts their tower. Ps. cxxv.
44. Yea, I will extol Thee. Ps. xxx.

iv. Appeared in his Christian Psalmist. 1825.
45. Fall down, ye nations, and adore. Universal adoration of God desired.
46. Food, raiment, dwelling, health, and friends. The Family Altar.
47. Go where a foot hath never trod. Moses in the desert. Previously in the Leeds Congregational Collection, 1822.
48. Green pastures and clear streams. The Good Shepherd and His Flock.
49. Less than the least of all. Mercies acknowledged.
50. Not to the mount that burned with fire [flame]. Communion of Saints.
51. On the first Christian Sabbath eve. Easter Sunday Evening.
52. One prayer I have: all prayers in one. Resignation.
53. Our heavenly Father hear. The Lord's Prayer.
54. Return, my soul, unto thy rest. Rest in God.
55. Spirit of power and might, behold. The Spirit's renewing desired.
56. The Christian warrior, see him stand. The Christian Soldier. Sometimes, "Behold the Christian warrior stand."
57. The days and years of time are fled. Day of Judgment.
58. The glorious universe around. Unity.
59. The pure and peaceful mind. A Children's Prayer.
60. This is the day the Lord hath made (q. v.). Sunday.
61. Thy word, Almighty Lord. Close of Service.
62. What secret hand at morning light ? Morning.
63. While through this changing world we roam. Heaven.
64. Within these walls be peace. For Sunday Schools.

v. Appeared in his Original Hymns, 1853.
65. Behold yon bright array. Opening a Place of Worship.
66. Behold the book whose leaves display. Holy Scriptures.
67. Come ye that fear the Lord. Confirmation.
68. Home, kindred, friends, and country, these. Farewell to a Missionary.
69. Let me go, the day is breaking. Jacob wrestling.
70. Not in Jerusalem alone. Consecration of a Church.
71. Praise the high and holy One. God the Creator.

In common with most poets and hymnwriters, Montgomery strongly objected to any correction or rearrangement of his compositions. At the same time he did not hesitate to alter, rearrange, and amend the productions of others. The altered texts which appeared in Cotterill's Selections, 1819, and which in numerous instances are still retained in some of the best hymnbooks, as the "Rock of Ages," in its well-known form of three stanzas, and others of equal importance, were made principally by him for Cotterill's use. We have this confession under his own hand.
As a poet, Montgomery stands well to the front; and as a writer of hymns he ranks in popularity with Wesley, Watts, Doddridge, Newton, and Cowper. His best hymns were written in his earlier years. In his old age he wrote much that was unworthy of his reputation. His finest lyrics are "Angels from the realms of glory," "Go to dark Gethsemane," "Hail to the Lord's Anointed," and "Songs of praise the angels sang." His "Prayer is the soul's sincere desire," is an expanded definition of prayer of great beauty; and his "Forever with the Lord" is full of lyric fire and deep feeling. The secrets of his power as a writer of hymns were manifold. His poetic genius was of a high order, higher than most who stand with him in the front rank of Christian poets. His ear for rhythm was exceedingly accurate and refined. His knowledge of Holy Scripture was most extensive. His religious views were broad and charitable. His devotional spirit was of the holiest type. With the faith of a strong man he united the beauty and simplicity of a child. Richly poetic without exuberance, dogmatic without uncharitableness, tender without sentimentality, elaborate without diffusiveness, richly musical without apparent effort, he has bequeathed to the Church of Christ wealth which could onlv have come from a true genius and a sanctified! heart.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by James Montgomery (679)sort descendingAsInstances
Зь неба Ангелы зьляціце, пабывайце тут і тамJames Montgomery (Author)2
مع ربنا الفادي نكون كل حينJames Montgomery (Author)1
صوت يوبيل اسمعواJames Montgomery (Author)1
بحسب كلمة العليJames Montgomery (Author)1
我們照你恩惠話語 (Wǒmen zhào nǐ ēnhuì huàyǔ)James Montgomery (Author)2
A blessing on our pastor's headJames Montgomery (Author)2
A child, a youth, a manJames Montgomery (Author)2
A child is born, the birth proclaimJames Montgomery (Author)3
A child of man, a child of GodJames Montgomery (Author)2
A children's temple here we buildJames Montgomery (Author)6
A grain of corn an infant's handJames Montgomery (Author)2
A hundred years ago, not oneJames Montgomery (Author)2
A penny is a little thingJames Mongtomery (Author)3
A poor wayfaring man of griefJames Mongtomery (Author)86
A race on earth, a race we runJames Montgomery (Author)2
A sure and tried foundation stoneJames Montgomery (Author)2
A willow by the water course James Mongtomery (Author)3
A world of sinners once was drownedJames Montgomery (Author)2
A year, another year is fledJames Montgomery (Author)6
According to thy gracious wordJames Montgomery (Author)423
Again, on this rejoicing dayJames Montgomery (Author)2
Again our ears have heard the voiceJames Montgomery (Author)25
Ages, ages have departedMontgomery (Author)3
Ah, give me, Lord, the single eyeMontgomery (Author)3
Ah now my spirit faintsMontgomery (Author)2
Al ser yo tentadoJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)2
All glory to the Father be, All glory to the SonJames Montgomery (Author)2
All glory to the Father be, Coequal glory to the SonJames Montgomery (Author)2
All hail, thy church's Savior dearJames Montgomery (Author)8
All hearts are open to Thy viewJames Montgomery (Author)2
All hearts to Thee are open hereJames Montgomery (Author)2
All Thy works, with one accordJames Montgomery (Author)2
All-wise, almighty, and all-goodMontgomery (Author)5
All ye nations [gentiles], praise the LordJames Montgomery (Author)75
Almighty Father, bless the WordJ. Montgomery (Author)2
Almighty God, in humble prayerJames Montgomery (Author)91
Almighty God, thy word is castMontgomery (Author)1
Almight Spirit, now beholdJames Montgomery (Author)1
An earthly temple here we raiseJames Montgomery (Author)4
Anĝelar' el regnoj glorajJames Montgomery (Author)4
And did the Son of God appearJames Montgomery (Author)2
And duly shall appear in verdureJames Mongtomery (Author)2
And why, dear Savior, tell me whyJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Angeles, alzad el cantoJames Montgomery (Author)2
Angeles de alta gloriaJames Montgomery (Author)3
Angels from the realms of glory, Wing your flight o'er all the earthJames Montgomery (Author)569
Angels, the firstborn sons of lightJames Montgomery (Author)2
Anjos das mansões de glóriaJames Montgomery (Author)2
Another day, a day of graceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Approach, thou blessed of the LordMontgomery (Author)1
Arabia's desert rangerJames Mongtomery (Author)5
Arise, and bless the LordMontgomery (Author)24
Arise and shine, your light is comeJames Montgomery (Author)4
Around the throne of grace we meetJames Montgomery (Author)2
As fail the waters from the deepJames Montgomery (Author)1
As from the winter skyJames Montgomery (Author)2
As God the spirit leadsJames Mongtomery (Author)2
As round about JerusalemMontgomery (Author)2
As the hart, with eager looksJames Montgomery (Author)66
Ask, and ye shall receive, On this my hope I buildJames Montgomery (Author)6
Assembled in Thy house of prayerJames Montgomery (Author)2
At evening time, let there be lightJames Mongtomery (Author)17
At evening time, when day is doneJames Mongtomery (Author)3
At evening, when his toils were o'erJames Montgomery (Author)1
At every motion [moment] of our breathJames Montgomery (Author)16
At once upon ten thousand flowersJames Mongtomery (Author)3
At thy rebuke the bloomJames Montgomery (Author)1
Awake, awake, put on thy strength, thy beautiful arrayJames Montgomery (Author)1
Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earthMontgomery (Author)98
Be known to us in breaking breadJames Montgomery (Author)43
Behold the Book, whose leaves displayJames Montgomery (Author)3
Behold the Christian warrior stand James Mongtomery (Author)37
Behold! the mountain of the LordMontgomery (Author)1
Behold yon bright arrayJames Montgomery (Author)4
Beneath the star-lit archMontgomery (Author)4
Beyond the flight of time Montgomery (Author)4
Beyond this vale of tears there is a life aboveJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Bless ye the Lord with solemn riteMontgomery (Author)2
Blessed be thy name, Jesus Christ, the sameJames Montgomery (Author)4
Blow ye the trumpet abroad o'er the seaJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Body and soul to Thee I giveJames Montgomery (Author)2
Bow every knee at Jesus' nameJames Montgomery (Author)2
Bright and joyful is the mornJames Montgomery (Author)52
Brother and friend, with heart and voiceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Brought forth to judgment, Jesus standsJames Mongtomery (Author)3
But who shall reach thine holy placeMontgomery (Author)2
Call Jehovah thy salvationJames Montgomery (Author)176
Canito ti suutJames Montgomery (Author)2
Children of Zion, know your King, Your own Messiah hailJames Montgomery (Author)2
Claim thy peace, thy consolationJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Climb we the mountain afarMontgomery (Author)4
Com prazer nos congregamos para a ceia do SenhorJames Montgomery (Author)1
Come and behold the works of GodJames Montgomery (Author)3
Come at the morning hourJames Mongtomery (Author)33
Come, from your dwellings, girls and boysJames Montgomery (Author)2
Come in, beloved of the LordJames Montgomery (Author)3
Come in thou blessed of the Lord! O come in Jesus' precious name (Kelly)Montgomery (Author)5
Come in, thou blessed of the Lord, Stranger nor foe art thouJames Montgomery (Author)48
Come, let us go to heavenJames Montgomery (Author)2
Come, let us join our souls to God In everlasting bandsMontgomery (Author)6
Come let us sing the song of songsJames Montgomery (Author)98
Come on, companions of our wayJames Montgomery (Author)2
Come see the place where Jesus lay, For he hath left his gloomy bedJames Montgomery (Author)10
Come to Calvary's holy mountainJames Montgomery (Author)142
Come to the land of peaceJames Mongtomery (Author)5
Come to the morning prayerJames Montgomery (Author)15
Come to the throne of GraceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Come, ye that fear the Lord, And love him while ye fearJames Montgomery (Author)5
Command thy blessing from aboveJames Montgomery (Author)43
Communion of my Savior's bloodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Could I command with voice or penJames Montgomery (Author)2
Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit of TruthJames Montgomery (Author)2
Cristo, al ser tentadoJames Montgomery (Author)2
Cuando sea tentado, Cristo, ven a míJames Montgomery (Author)1
Dacay angeles ti gloriaJames Montgomery (Author)2
Dad gloria al UngidoJames Montgomery, 1771-1845 (Author)4
Daughter of Zion, from the dustJames Montgomery (Author)134
Del alma es la oraciónJames Montgomery (Author)2
Du kommer, Herrens smordeJames Montgomery (Author)1
Du, som gaar udJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Dust and ashes, sin and guiltJames Montgomery (Author)6
Eilet nach GethsemaneJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Encompassed with ten thousand illsMontgomery (Author)3
Ere another Sabbath's closeJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)1
"Eterne ĉe l' Sinjor'!James Montgomery (Author)5
Eternity! Eternity! That boundless, soundless, tideless, seaJames Montgomery (Author)2
Extol the Lord, the Lord most highMontgomery (Author)4
Eyaŋpaha wakaŋpi kinJames Montgomery (Author)1
Fair shines the morning starJames Montgomery (Author)28
Faith, hope, and charity, these threeJames Montgomery (Author)31
Faith is the polar starMontgomery (Author)1
Faithful, O Lord, thy mercies areMontgomery (Author)6
Fall down ye nations, and adoreJames Montgomery (Author)4
Father of all our mercies, thouMontgomery (Author)8
Father of eternal graceJames Montgomery (Author)22
Father of glory, God of graceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Father of Jesus Christ our Lord, Our Father too through Him art ThouJames Montgomery (Author)2
Father of light, and life, and loveJames Montgomery (Author)2
Father of lights from whom aloneJames Montgomery (Author)2
Father! reveal Thy Son in meJames Montgomery (Author)4
Father! Thy will, not mine, be doneJames Montgomery (Author)9
Father, to us thy Son revealJames Montgomery (Author)1
Few, few and evil are thy daysJames Montgomery (Author)6
Fiel, eterno e santo amorJames Montgomery (Author)1
Fight the good fight; lay holdJames Montgomery (Author)11
Flee from the wrath to comeJames Montgomery (Author)1
Flowers grow in sweet societiesJames Montgomery (Author)2
Følger med til UrtegaardenJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Food, raiment, dwelling, health and friendsJames Montgomery (Author)3
Forever with the Lord, Father, if 'tis thy willJames Montgomery (Author)6
Forever with the Lord! Amen, so let it beJames Montgomery (Author)443
For the mercies of the dayJames Montgomery (Author)6
Free, though in chains, the mountains standJames Montgomery (Author)2
Friend after friend departs:James Montgomery (Author)157
Friends of the poor, the young, the weakJames Montgomery (Author)8
From Calvary a cry was heardMontgomery (Author)3
From day to day, before our eyesJames Mongtomery (Author)14
From little ones to Jesus broughtJames Mongtomery (Author)2
From year to year in love we meetMontg. (Author)32
Full speed along the world's highwayJames Montgomery (Author)8
Gebet ist unser tiefstes SehnenJames Montgomery (Author)8
Gethesemane can I forgetJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Give glory to God in the highest; give praiseMontgomery (Author)10
Give glory to the Lord, Extol his holy nameJames Montgomery (Author)2
Give tongues of fire, and hearts of loveMontgomery (Author)3
Glad was my heart to hearJames Montgomery (Author)27
Glory, O Father! beJames Montgomery (Author)2
Glory to the Father be, Equal glory to the SonJames Montgomery (Author)2
Glory to the Father be, Glory to the SonJames Montgomery (Author)2
Glory to the Father give, God, in whom we move and liveJames Montgomery (Author)128
Go to dark GethsemaneJames Montgomery (Author)374
Go to the grave in all thy glorious primeJames Montgomery (Author)104
Go, when the morning shinethMontgomery (Author)1
Go where a foot hath never trodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Go, ye messengers of GodMontgomery (Author)1
God! be merciful to me, For my spirit trusts in TheeJames Montgomery (Author)3
God comes, with succor speedyJames Montgomery (Author)17
God in his temple let us meetJames Montgomery (Author)12
God, in the high and holy placeJames Montgomery (Author)54
God is in his holy temple, All the earth, keep silence here!James Montgomery (Author)52
God is my strong salvationJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)215
God is our refuge and defense; In trouble our unfailing aidJames Mongtomery (Author)30
God is our strength and songJames Montgomery (Author)1
God made all his creatures freeMontgomery (Author)25
God moves in a mysterious wayJ. Montgomery (Author)1
God o'er all supremely blestJames Montgomery (Author)5
God of all grace, we bring to theeJames Montgomery (Author)1
God of all grace, we come to theeMontgomery (Author)9
God over all, the sun by dayJames Montgomery (Author)2
God said, Let there be lightJames Montgomery (Author)2
God scorns not humble thingsJames Mongtomery (Author)2
God shall charge his angel legionsJames Mongtomery (Author)25
God the Creator blessedJames Montgomery (Author)4
God's truth is my foundationJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Grace, like a fountain, ever flowsMontgomery (Author)3
Grant me within thy courts a placeMontgomery (Author)21
Green pastures and clear streamsJames Montgomery (Author)22
Gyd ud din Aand, o Herre GudJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Hail, all hail, the King of kingsJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hail to the Lord's anointedJames Montgomery (Author)601
Hallelujah! heart and voiceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hallowed be this humble spotJames Montgomery (Author)5
Happy the child, who early makesJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hark, the Savior's voice from heavenJames Mongtomery (Author)21
Hark! the song of jubileeJames Montgomery (Author)311
Hark, the vesper hymn is stealingMontgomery (Author)1
Hasten, Lord, to my releaseMontgomery (Author)20
Hath God cast off for everMontgomery (Author)4
Have mercy on me, O my GodJames Mongtomery (Author)6
He climbed the mountain; and beholdJames Montgomery (Author)2
He comes, with succor speedyJames Mongtomery (Author)3
He mijaly ny MpamonjyJ. Montgomery (Author)2
He saved others, scorners criedJames Montgomery (Author)2
He shall come down like showersMontgomery (Author)7
He that from dross would win the precious oreJames Mongtomery (Author)3
He that overcomes through meJames Montgomery (Author)2
Head of Thy Church, her glorious HeadJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hear me, O Lord! in my distress, Hear me in truth and righteousnessJames Montgomery (Author)7
Hearken, Lord, to my complaintsMontgomery (Author)21
Heart broken, friendless, poor, cast downJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)2
Heaven as a tent Thine hand displayedJames Montgomery (Author)2
Heaven is a place of rest from sinJames Montgomery (Author)33
Heralds of creation! cryJames Montgomery (Author)30
Here in the body pentJames Mongtomery (Author)5
Here, in thy name, eternal GodJames Montgomery (Author)70
Here, when the people seek thy faceJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Here young and old, here great and smallJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hid in the rock-cleft, let me standJames Montgomery (Author)2
High Priest for sinners, Jesus, LordJames Montgomery (Author)2
Higher, higher we will [will we] climbJames Mongtomery (Author)9
Him wilt Thou keep in perfect peaceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Holy, holy, holy, Lord, God of hosts, when heaven and earthJames Montgomery (Author)73
Holy, holy, holy, Lord, In the highest heavens adoredJames Mongtomery (Author)8
Home, kindred, friends, and country, theseJames Montgomery (Author)2
Hosanna be our cheerful songJames Mongtomery (Author)7
Hosanna be the children's songJames Montgomery (Author)102
How amiable, how fairJames Montgomery (Author)3
How beautiful the sight Of brethren who agreeJames Montgomery (Author)44
How can we sinners knowJames Montgomery (Author (C))1
How long, ye sons of men wil yeMontgomery (Author)3
How lovely and how fairMontgomery (Author)5
How many generations deadJames Montgomery (Author)2
How precious are thy thoughts of peaceMontgomery (Author)8
How shall a contrite spirit prayJames Montgomery (Author)3
How shall we come before the Lord?James Montgomery (Author)2
Humbly, my God, with Thee I walkJames Montgomery (Author)2
I and my house will serve the Lord, But first obedient to his wordMontgomery (Author)2
I build my house upon a rock,--James Montgomery (Author)2
I cannot call affliction sweetJames Montgomery (Author)28
I feed by faith on ChristMontgomery (Author)1
I feed by faith on Christ, my breadMontgomery (Author)17
I hear at morn and evenJames Montgomery (Author)3
I left the God of truth and lightJames Montgomery (Author)27
I love the Lord; He lent an earJames Montgomery (Author)10
I take the journey of a dayJames Montgomery (Author)2
I travel all the irksome nightMontgomery (Author)8
I will love the Lord; for HeJames Montgomery (Author)2
I wooed ambition, climbed the poleMontgomery (Author)2
If sang the morning stars for joyJames Mongtomery (Author)2
I'm trusting God for grace and powerJames Mongtomery (Author)2
In a garden, man was placedJames Montgomery (Author)2
In a land of strange delightJames Montgomery (Author)6
In all my ways, O GodMontgomery (Author)2
In darkness as in lightMontgomery (Author)3
In God's own workmanship displayedMontgomery (Author)2
In one fraternal bond of loveMontgomery (Author)15
In spirit when I took my flightJames Montgomery (Author)2
In the beginning, God said BeJames Montgomery (Author)2
In the hour of trialJames Montgomery (Author)395
In the morning hear my voiceJames Montgomery (Author)9
In thy house when now we singJames Mongtomery (Author)3
In thy house while now we singJames Mongtomery (Author)3
In thy presence we appearMontgomery (Author)18
In time of tribulationJames Montgomery (Author)30
In vain the preacher cried, RepentJames Montgomery (Author)2
Is summer ended, harvest pastJames Montgomery (Author)2
Is this the day that gave me birth?James Montgomery (Author)2
Isaac was ransom'd when he layJames Montgomery (Author)2
It is the Lord! Behold His handJames Montgomery (Author)3
Itancan, kta sdayapi (Hail to the Lord's Anointed)James Montgomery (Author)2
Itaŋcaŋ miciṭa, NiyeJames Montgomery (Author)1
Jehová mi pastor es, no me faltaráJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)2
Jerusalem, my glorious homeMontgomery (Author)4
Jerusalem, my happy home, Name ever dear to meJ. Montgomery (Author)33
Jesus, by those he called his ownMontgomery (Author)2
Jesus, I my cross have taken, All to leave and follow TheeMontgomery (Author)10
Jesus, Lord, our Captain gloriousJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Translator)1
Jesus, minaġi kiŋJames Montgomery (Author)1
Jesus o lar do céu deixouJames Montgomery (Author)2
Jesus, our best beloved FriendJames Montgomery (Author)52
Joyful in Thy House of PrayerJames Montgomery (Author)2
Joyful words, we meet againMontgomery (Author)1
Judge me, Lord, in righteousnessJames Mongtomery (Author)6
Kings shall fall down before himJames Montgomery (Author)1
Know, my soul, thy full salvationMontgomery (Author)8
Less than the least of allJames Montgomery (Author)3
Let mammon hold while mammon canJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Let me go, the day is breaking, Dear companions, let me goJames Montgomery (Author)23
Let not the strong, the, rich, the wiseJames Montgomery (Author)2
Let songs of praise arise; Teachers, your tribute bringJames Montgomery (Author)2
Let the elders praise the LordMontgomery (Author)2
Let the land mourn through all its coastsJames Montgomery (Author)3
Let there be light: thus spake the WordJames Montgomery (Author)7
Lift Up thine eyes, afflicted soulJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lift up your eyes, look roundJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lift up your heads, ye gates! and wideJames Montgomery (Author)7
Lift up your heads, ye gates of brassJames Montgomery (Author)68
Like Mary at her Savior's feetJames Montgomery (Author)5
Like Mary, when the angel cameJames Montgomery (Author)2
Listen to the gentle promptingsJames Mongtomery (Author)15
Lone traveler in the vale of heartsMontgomery (Author)2
Look thou O Lord on him who liesMontgomery (Author)3
Lord! are there eyes that see the sunJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lord, when this holy morning brokeJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Lord, forever at Thy side Let my place and portion beJames Montgomery (Author)61
Lord, for thy servant David's sakeMontgomery (Author)4
Lord! give us ears to hearJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lord God, the Holy GhostJames Montgomery (Author)189
Lord, I have foes without, withinJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Lord, I have put my trust in TheeJames Montgomery (Author)4
Lord, in thy garden agonyJames Mongtomery (Author)5
Lord Jesus Christ, the children's Friend, On us lift up Thy gracious handsJames Montgomery (Author)4
Lord, let me know mine end, My days how brief their dateJames Mongtomery (Author)19
Lord, let my prayer like incense riseJames Montgomery (Author)11
Lord of all power and might, All want and weakness weJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lord of hosts, to Thee we raiseJames Montgomery (Author)146
Lord, teach me how to pray, With reverence and with fearJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Lord, teach us how to pray arightJames Montgomery (Author)156
Lord, Thou hast been Thy people's restJames Montgomery (Author)11
Lord, though thy wisdom takes awayMontgomery (Author)2
Lord, when thy people seek thy faceMontgomery (Author)7
Lord, when we search the human heartJames Montgomery (Author)2
Lord, who shall reach thy holy placeJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Love is the theme of saints aboveJames Montgomery (Author)12
Lovest thou me, I hear my Savior sayJames Montgomery (Author)5
L'r os, o Gud, at bede retJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Maḣpiyata watiJames Montgomery (Author)1
Maker, Upholder, Ruler, theeJames Montgomery (Author)2
Maniry izahay (We wish to come to You)J. Montgomery (Author)2
May I remember, Lord, to theeMontgomery (Author)2
Men of God, go take your stationsMontgomery (Author)3
Mercy alone can meet my caseJames Montgomery (Author)31
Mercy and goodness, O my GodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Millions within thy courts have beenMontgomery (Author)6
Millions within Thy courts have metJames Montgomery (Author)49
Min savas mia Dio, do kiun timu mi?James Montgomery (Author)4
Moments and minutes, hours and daysJames Montgomery (Author)2
Mor agos ambell waith I dreiddgar olwg ffyddJames Montgomery (Author)1
Morning of the Sabbath dayJames Montgomery (Author)3
My Father's house on highMontgomery (Author)36
My God, beneath Thy watching eyeJames Montgomery (Author)4
My gracious Lord, I own thy rightMontgomery (Author)2
My gracious Lord, whose changeless loveJames Mongtomery (Author)10
My House shall be an House of PrayerJames Montgomery (Author)2
My Son, give me thine heart, and letJames Montgomery (Author)2
My thirsty spirit faintsJames Mongtomery (Author)2
My times are in Thy hand, O gracious GodJ. Montgomery Wilson (Author)2
Night is the time to museJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Night is the time to weepJames Montgomery (Author)1
Night turns to dayJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Not by the brazen trumpet's voiceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Not here, as to the prophet's eyeJames Montgomery (Author)7
Not in Jerusalem aloneJames Montgomery (Author)4
Not to the Mount that burn'd with fireJames Montgomery (Author)6
Nothing into this world we broughtJames Montgomery (Author)2
Now in holy convocationJames Montgomery (Author)2
Now living waters flowJames Mongtomery (Author)9
Now Lord of lords and King of kingsJames Montgomery (Author)2
Now may the Lord our shepherd leadJames Mongtomery (Author)8
Now weigh the anchor, hoist the sailJames Montgomery (Author)2
Nun al Kristo sonu kantoJ. Montgomery (Translator into English)1
O be joyful, every nationJames Montgomery (Author)2
O bless the Lord, my soul, His grace to thee proclaimJames Montgomery (Author)68
O bless the Lord, my soul, His mercies bear in mindMontgomery (Author)2
O come, let us raiseJames Montgomery (Author)14
O come, let us sing to the Lord, In God our salvation rejoiceMontgomery (Author)14
O for the death of thoseJames Montgomery (Author)9
O for the wisdom from aboveJames Montgomery (Author)2
O God, our Father, thine aloneJames Montgomery (Author)3
O God, thou art my God alone, Early to thee my soul shall cryJames Montgomery (Author)92
O God, unseen, but not unknownJames Montgomery (Author)9
O God, we praise Thee, and we ownJames Montgomery (Author)2
O great is Jehovah, and great be his praiseMontgomery (Author)13
O have you not heard of a beautiful streamJ. Montgomery (Author)1
O holy war those servants wageJames Mongtomery (Author)2
O Lord my King, how excellentMontgomery (Author)2
O Lord our God, Thy light and truthJames Montgomery (Author)8
O Lord, our King, how excellent James Mongtomery (Author)6
O love, beyond conception greatMontgomery (Author)2
O my soul! with all thy powersJames Montgomery (Author)4
O Spirit of the living God, In all Thy plenitude of graceJames Montgomery (Author)250
O Spirit of the Lord, prepareJames Mongtomery (Author)3
O take away this evil heartJames Montgomery (Author)2
O that I knew where I might find My righteous Judge's seatJames Montgomery (Author)2
O that it were as it hath beenJames Mongtomery (Author)2
O thou above all praiseMontgomery (Author)9
O thou by whom we come to GodJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)5
O Thou, in whom we live and move And have our being! meet us hereJames Montgomery (Author)2
O thou, my light, my life, my joyMontgomery (Author)18
O thou whose mercy guides my wayMontgomery (Author)1
O! What a privilege to kneelJames Montgomery (Author)2
O where shall rest be foundJames Montgomery (Author)450
O who in such a world as thisMontgomery (Author)14
Ocean and land the globe divideMontgomery (Author)2
Of him the sacred record saithJames Montgomery (Author)2
Of old, O God, thine own right handMontgomery (Author)3
Oft his silent spirit wentJames Mongtomery (Author)2
¡Oh, dónde se hallará del alma el descansar!J. Montgomery (Author)2
Oh! Valiant-for-the-TruthJames Montgomery (Author)2
On earth we meet again belowJames Montgomery (Author)2
On His pilgrimage of woeJames Montgomery (Author)2
On our span-long pilgrimageJames Montgomery (Author)2
On the first Christian Sabbath eveJames Montgomery (Author)16
Once more to Bethany,James Montgomery (Author)2
Once more, to pay our annual vowsJames Montgomery (Author)2
One human pair, and only oneJames Montgomery (Author)2
One prayer I have, all prayers in oneJames Montgomery (Author)98
One song of praise, one song of prayerJames Montgomery (Author)3
One thing, with all my soul's desireJames Montgomery (Author)4
Oppressed with guilt, convinced of sinJames Montgomery (Author)1
Optaye Jesus Tawa kiŋJames Montgomery (Author)1
Our Captain leads us onMontgomery (Author)3
Our heavenly Father, hear The prayer we offer nowJames Montgomery (Author)138
Our heavenly Father, hear our prayerJames Montgomery (Author)2
Our Master, Jesus, reigned aboveJames Montgomery (Author)2
Our parents, brothers, sisters, friendsJames Montgomery (Author)2
Our Savior's words are, Watch and prayJames Montgomery (Author)4
Our schools are nurseries belowJames Montgomery (Author)5
Our soul shall magnify the Lord, In him our spirit shall rejoiceJames Montgomery (Author)9
Our willing feet shall standMontgomery (Author)10
Out of the depths of woeJames Montgomery (Author)48
Palms of glory, raiment brightJames Montgomery (Author)97
Patient prayer has power with GodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Peace that passeth understanding, Peace to calm the bosom's strifeJames Montgomery (Author)6
People of the living God, I have sought the world aroundJames Montgomery (Author)230
Pour out Thy Spirit from on highJames Montgomery (Author)143
Power from on high, O God, impartJames Montgomery (Author)5
Praise him, all ye hosts aboveJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Praise the High, the Holy OneJames Montgomery (Author)5
Praise the Lord, O praise the Lord (Montgomery)James Mongtomery (Author)2
Praise the Lord through every nationJames Montgomery (Author)13
Praise we to the Father giveJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord, from pole to poleJames Montgomery (Author)2
Pray for Jerusalem, the city of our GodJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Prayer is appointed to conveyJames Montgomery (Author)1
Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice Montgomery (Author)22
Prayer is the simplest form of speechJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Prayer is the soul's sincere desireJames Montgomery (Author)635
Prince of Peace, control my willJames Montgomery (Author)1
Proclaim the year of Jubilee, New songs of glory singJames Montgomery (Author)2
Pueblo del eterno DiosJames Montgomery (Author)2
Religion bids all sin departMontgomery (Author)4
Religion's yoke is soft and lightJames Montgomery (Author)1
Rest from thy labor, restJames Montgomery (Author)22
Return, my soul, enjoy thy restMontgomery (Author)1
Return, my soul, unto thy rest, From vain pursuits and maddening caresJames Montgomery (Author)39
Return, my soul, unto thy rest, From God no longer roamJames Montgomery (Author)3
頌讚受膏的基督,君尊大衛後裔!(Sòng zàn shòu gāo de jīdū, jūn zūndà wèi hòuyì!)James Montgomery (Author)2
Save me Lord in this distressMontgomery (Author)6
Searcher of hearts, to Thee are knownJames Montgomery (Author)16
See the leaves around us fallingMontgomery (Author)1
Según tu dicho y voluntadJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)3
Segun tu palabra al morirJ. Montgomery (Author)2
Send out Thy light and truth, O GodJames Montgomery (Author)6
Servants of God, well doneJames Montgomery (Author)2
Servant of God, well done, Rest from thy loved employJames Montgomery (Author)156
Servants of God, in joyful laysMontgomery (Author)41
Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessJames Montgomery (Author (stanzas 4-5))65
Sing a new song unto the Lord; His mercies, every morning newJames Montgomery (Author)2
Sing Hallelujah, sing glory to God aloneJames Montgomery (Author)3
Sing we the song of those who standJames Montgomery (Author)77
Sinners of Adam's fallen raceMontgomery (Author)2
Sleep, weary world, and take thy restJames Montgomery (Author)3
Son of the living God, displayJames Montgomery (Author)2
Songs of praise awoke the mornJ. Montgomery (Author)23
Songs of praise the angels sangJames Montgomery (Author)384
Soon as the light of morning brokeJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Sow in the morn thy seedJames Montgomery (Author)298
Spirit, leave thy house of clayMontgomery (Author)43
Spirit of life, and light, and love, Thy glorious gifts impartJames Montgomery (Author)1
Spirit of power and might, beholdJames Montgomery (Author)53
Spread, O spread, thou mighty wordJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)1
Spring up, O well, sweet fountain, springJames Montgomery (Author)2
Stand up, and bless the Lord Ye people of his choiceJames Montgomery (Author)272
Stand up, and bless the Lord, your GodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Strangers and pilgrims here below Like all our fathers in their dayJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Strangers, whence came ye to the WestJames Montgomery (Author)2
Suender, die ihr tief gefallenJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Sun, moon and stars, by day and nightJames Montgomery (Author)2
Sweet is Thy mercy, O my GodJames Montgomery (Author)2
Sweet the hour of tribulationMontgomery (Author)2
Thank and praise Jehovah's nameJames Montgomery (Author)75
The bird that soars on highest wingJames Montgomery (Author)15
The blessing of a night's reposeJames Montgomery (Author)2
The brightest morning of the yearJames Montgomery (Author)2
The broken ties of happier daysMontgomery (Author)11
The children's angels always viewJames Montgomery (Author)2
The Christian warrior, see him standJames Montgomery (Author)39
The cross, the cross, O that's my gainMontgomery (Author)1
The days and years of time are fledJames Montgomery (Author)3
The days of Paradise were fewJames Montgomery (Author)2
The dew lies thick upon the groundJames Montgomery (Author)1
The earth is thine, its varied realmsJames Mongtomery (Author)3
The earth is thine, Jehovah, thineMontgomery (Author)10
The earth, O Lord, is ever thineMontgomery (Author)2
The earth, the ocean, and the skyMontgomery (Author)2
The end of all things is at handJames Montgomery (Author)2
The glorious universe aroundJames Montgomery (Author)53
The God of harvest praiseJames Montgomery (Author)143
The God of nature and of graceJames Montgomery (Author)28
The God of your forefathers praiseJames Montgomery (Author)2
The grace of Jesus Christ our Lord, The Father's love with sweet accordJames Montgomery (Author)5
The ground on which this day we standJames Montgomery (Author)2
The heathen perish, day by dayJames Montgomery (Author)25
The joy of the earthMontgomery (Author)2
The King of Glory we proclaimJames Montgomery (Author)2
The lighthouse founded on a rockJames Montgomery (Author)2
The Lord forgives thy sinsJames Mongtomery (Author)2
The Lord himself shall comeJames Mongtomery (Author)5
The Lord is gracious to forgiveMontgomery (Author)3
The Lord is in his holy placeMontgomery (Author)16
The Lord is King: upon His throneJames Montgomery (Author)6
The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know (Montgomery)James Montgomery (Author)375
The Lord is my Shepherd, He makes me reposeJas. Montgomery (Author)1
The Lord is on our side, His people now may sayMontgomery (Author)3
The Lord will grace and glory giveJames Montgomery (Author)4
The moment comes, the only oneMontgomery (Author)4
The moment comes, when strength shall failJames Mongtomery (Author)3
The morning dawns upon the placeJames Montgomery (Author)43
The morning flowers display their sweetsMontgomery (Author)1
The morning stars in concert sangJames Montgomery (Author)5
The mountains shall departJames Montgomery (Author)2
The Name, the Name o'er every nameJames Montgomery (Author)2
The one thing needful be our choiceJames Montgomery (Author)2
The pains of death are pastJames Montgomery (Author)2
The peace of God surpassing thoughtJames Montgomery (Author)2
The peace which God alone revealsMontgomery (Author)1
The poorest of the poor are weJames Montgomery (Author)2
The pure and peaceful mindJames Montgomery (Author)3
The Sabbath of the Lord, the Sabbath is our dayJames Montgomery (Author)15
The Savior stood on OlivetJames Montgomery (Author)1
The scene around me disappearsJames Montgomery (Author)7
The sting of death is sinJames Montgomery (Author)2
The sun clear-shining after showersJames Montgomery (Author)2
The sunbeams, infinitely smallJames Montgomery (Author)2
The tempter to my heart hath saidJames Montgomery (Author)1
The tempter to my soul hath saidJ. Montgomery (Author)25
The tender mercies of our LordJames Montgomery (Author)2
The tongue, the tongue, with all its powersJames Montgomery (Author)2
The truth is my keeper no want shall I knowJames Mongtomery (Author)2
The voice at midnight cameMontgomery (Author)2
The warrior saint behold him standJames Mongtomery (Author)2
The wind that brake the rocks, and rentJames Montgomery (Author)2
The Word of God, the Word of truthJames Montgomery (Author)2
The world can never give the blissMontgomery (Author)4
The world in condemnation layJames Montgomery (Author)4
Thee, in the watches of the night, My spirit would adoreJames Montgomery (Author)3
Thee we adore, eternal Lord!James Montgomery (Assisted by)1
Thee will I praise, O Lord, in lightMontgomery (Author)2
Thee, with the tribes asembledMontgomery (Author)4
There is a calm for those who weepMontgomery (Author)96
There is a death whose pant Outlasts the fleeting breathMontgomery (Author)2
There is a God, all Nature criesJames Montgomery (Author)2
There is a holy sacrificeJames Montgomery (Author)4
There is a river pure and brightJames Montgomery (Author)7
They that mourn in dungeon gloomJames Montgomery (Author)1
They that toil upon the deepMontgomery (Author)19
They walked with God in peace and loveJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)2
Thine arm, O Lord, of oldJames Montgomery (Author)2
Thine eye, Lord God, alone can seeJames Montgomery (Author)2
This is the day the Lord hath made, Let young and old rejoiceJames Montgomery (Author)5
This mortal life will soon be pastJames Montgomery (Author)1
This place is holy groundMontgomery (Author)38
This stone to Thee in faith we layJames Montgomery (Author)59
This world can never giveJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Thou art our Shepherd, glorious GodJames Mongtomery (Author)14
Thou art the Way, to Thee aloneMongtomery (Author)2
Thou Father of the fatherlessJames Montgomery (Author)4
Thou, God, art a consuming fireJames Montgomery (Author)3
Thou God of covenanted graceJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Though holy, holy, holy, LordJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Though I walk the downward shadeJames Montgomery (Author)4
Though the fig-tree's blossom failJames Montgomery (Author)2
Thousands, O Lord of Hosts! this dayJames Montgomery (Author)21
Thrice happy he who shuns the wayJames Montgomery (Author)5
Through shades and solitudes profoundJames Mongtomery (Author)9
Thus far on life's perplexing pathJames Montgomery (Author)20
Thus saith the high and lofty One, Inhabiting eternityJames Montgomery (Author)2
Thus saith the Lord, My Church, to theeJames Montgomery (Author)2
Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declareJames Montgomery (Author)26
Thy law is perfect, Lord of lightJames Montgomery (Author)41
Thy throne, O God, in righteousnessJames Montgomery (Author)2
Thy word, Almighty LordJames Montgomery (Author)22
Ti Dios ti pastorcoJames S. Montgomery (Author)2
Time grows not old with length of yearsJames Montgomery (Author)5
Time is earnest, passing byJames Montgomery (Author)1
'Tis God the spirit leadsMontgomery (Author)18
'Tis God's own Spirit leadsJames Mongtomery (Author)4
To Adam thus Jehovah spakeJames Montgomery (Author)3
To-day is added to our timeJames Montgomery (Author)2
To-day the Lord Our Shepherd leadsJames Montgomery (Author)2
To God most awful and most highJames Montgomery (Author)4
To me, though neither voice nor soundJames Montgomery (Author)2
To me to live, let it be ChristJames Montgomery (Author)2
To Thy Temple I repairJames Montgomery (Author)212
To us a child of hope is bornJames Mongtomery (Author)4
To us a child, of royal birthMontgomery (Author)1
To us the promised Child is bornJames Mongtomery (Author)3
To us the voice of Wisdom criesJames Montgomery (Author)5
To us, to every human heartJames Montgomery (Author)1
Tracts have the gift of tonguesJames Mongtomery (Author)4
Union of faith, and hope, and loveJames Montgomery (Author)2
Upon Thine altar, Lord, I layJames Montgomery (Author)2
Vessels frail and earthenJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Wake the song, wake the songJames Montgomery (Author)1
Walking on the winged windJames Montgomery (Author)3
We bid thee welcome in the NameJames Montgomery (Author)111
We know the condescending graceJames Montgomery (Author)2
We lift our eyes, our hands, to TheeJames Montgomery (Author)2
We meet for evening prayerJames Mongtomery (Author)4
We meet with one accordJames Mongtomery (Author)5
We plan foundations for the deadJames Montgomery (Author)2
Weep, little children, weepJames Montgomery (Author)9
Weep no more, Zion, dry thy streaming tearsJames Montgomery (Author)2
What are these in bright array, This innumerable throngJames Montgomery (Author)262
What are those soul-reviving strainsJames Montgomery, 1771-1854 (Author)7
What is our life?--a breath, a spanJames Montgomery (Author)2
What is the thing of greatest priceJames Montgomery (Author)61
What is the world, a wildering mazeJames Montgomery (Author)11
What secret hand, at morning lightJames Montgomery (Author)32
What shall I render unto thee, My SaviorJames Montgomery (Author)1
What shall we ask of God in prayer?James Montgomery (Author)22
When God from sin's captivityMontgomery (Author)5
When here, O Lord, we seek thy faceMontgomery (Author)9
When I behold the heavens on highJames Montgomery (Author)1
When in dark and dreadful gloomJames Montgomery (Author)4
When in these courts we seek thy faceJames Mongtomery (Author)3
When Israel, press'd by Pharaoh, stoodJames Montgomery (Author)2
When Jesus into Salem rodeJames Mongtomery (Author)8
When Jesus left His Father's throneJames Montgomery (Author)64
When, like a stranger on our sphereJames Montgomery (Author)67
When men once more were multipliedJames Montgomery (Author)2
When on Sinai's top I seeJames Montgomery (Author)85
When the overwhelming watersJames Montgomery (Author)2
When those who feared the Lord of oldJames Montgomery (Author)3
When war on earth suspendedJames Montgomery (Author)3
Where are the dead, in heaven or hellJames Montgomery (Author)29
Where are the living, on the groundJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Where are ye with whom in life I startedJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Where Babel's broad rivers rollMontgomery (Author)2
Where'er the Patriarch pitched his tentJames Montgomery (Author)2
While all the angel throngMontgomery (Author)6
While many cry in nature's nightJames Montgomery (Author)2
While saints and angels, glorious KingJames Montgomery (Author)3
While the prayers of saints ascendJames Mongtomery (Author)2
While these commands endureJames Montgomery (Author)2
While through this world we roamJames Montgomery (Author)3
While through this changing world we roamJames Montgomery (Author)47
Who make the Lord of hosts their towerMontgomery (Author)12
Who that hath ever beenJames Montgomery (Author)1
Why thus, my soul, cast down?James Montgomery (Author)2
Will e'er that sabbath-morning riseJames Montgomery (Author)2
Will mein Herz verzagenJames Mongtomery (Author)2
With heart and soul, with mind and mightJames Montgomery (Author)2
With joy we own thy servant [servants], LordJ. Montgomery (Author)12
With lawless lips, unbridled tongueJames Montgomery (Author)2
With men impossibleJames Montgomery (Author)2
With reverence and with godly fearJames Montgomery (Author)2
With wandering Jacob, let us sayJames Montgomery (Author)2
Within these walls be peaceMontg. (Author)50
Within these walls let heavenly peaceJames Montgomery (Author)2
Words of eternal life to meJames Montgomery (Author)2
Work while it is to-dayJames Montgomery (Author)21
Worthy the Lamb for sinners slainJames Montgomery (Author)3
Yea, I will extol thee, Lord of life and lightJames Montgomery (Author)11
Yes, I would bless thee, O my GodJames Mongtomery (Author)2
Young though in years we beJames Mongtomery (Author)3
Youth, health, and strength are ours to-dayJames Montgomery (Author)5
Yus amayaŋ ye, JehovahJames Montgomery (Author)1

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