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Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman

Short Name: Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman
Full Name: Bateman, L. M. Beal, Mrs.
Birth Year: 1843
Death Year (est.): 1943

Pseudonym: Grace Glenn; Lucinda M. Beal Bateman lived in Ionia, Michigan. She wrote A book of rhymes to suit the times published about 1886 by N. Chapin & Son (Chicago); Gleams of gold published about 1889, and The prohibition speaker: a collection of readings, recitations, dialogues, tableux and songs for temperance and prohibition entertainments published in 1889 by Filmore Bros. (Cincinnati). She married Zadoc Henry Bateman in 1875. They had one daughter, Grace.

Dianne Shapiro, from "A book of rhymes to suit the times" and "The Genealogy of Dennis Bowen Caskey and Michelle Lynn Smith" (caskey-family.com/genhome, retrieved 7-1-2018)

Texts by Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (191)sort descendingAsInstances
A beautiful spriteL. M. Bateman (Author)2
A nightingale madeL. M. Bateman (Author)2
A place in the house of the mansions of GodL. M. Bateman (Author)3
A wanderer weary o'er the toilsome wayL. M. Bateman (Author)2
All the world is busyL. M. Bateman (Author)2
All the world is thirstingL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Are you lifting up the fallenMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Are you living close to Jesus, Are you daily doing good?Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
As a clinging, tender branchMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
As now from the courts of his house we departL. M. Bateman (Author)6
Athirst upon earth's weary wildernessMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Awake, awake, ye slumbering hosts of ZionL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Be glad while you mayMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Blessed Savior, wilt thou sendMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Christ is walking on the watersMrs. Z. H. Bateman (Author)5
Church of God, whose conquering legionsL. M. Bateman (Author)8
Come in, come in, O patient, loving SaviorMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Come, when the morn with rosyL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Come, while the grass in the pathMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Dear Savior, let thy childrenMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Down in old JudeaMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Down through the cloud rifts, O sinnerL. M. Bateman (Author)5
Draw me near to the SaviorMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Even a child, that surely meansL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Every moment, every moment Lord, I knowL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Eyes that have gladdened the world with their lightMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
Fiercely the cold winds are howlingMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
For the sighing and the weepingL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Forward, forward be our watchwordL. M. Bateman (Author)2
From far across the rolling seaL. M. Bateman (Author)2
From the land of toil and dutyMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
From the wide, wide earthMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
From the world of wantMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
From up in the mountains a streamletL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Gather the fragmentsMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Go forth, the world is wideMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
God forbid that I should glory In the work of human handsL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Goodbye, good friendsL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Goodbye, may God be with youL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Grant me a nearer viewMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Guide us, Jehovah, thou art strong and ableL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Have you heard, O, have you heard, Is your heart within you stirred?L. M. Bateman (Author)3
Have you heard the joyful sound, Jesus saves (Bateman)L. M. Bateman (Author)2
He of whom the books of MosesL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Ho ye thirsty ready to perishL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Home from work the laborers Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
How sorry it would make meL. M. Bateman (Author)2
I am Jesus' little friendL. M. Bateman (Author)2
I heard a robin one morningMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
I know what I'll do for JesusMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)8
I think that the flowers in heavenL. M. Bateman (Author)2
I want my heart made purer, LordL. M. Bateman (Author)6
I washed my hands this morningMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)61
I will early seek the SaviorMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)10
If I were a beautiful twinkling starL. M. Bateman (Author)6
I'll linger no longer in doubtL. M. Bateman (Author)2
I'm glad I have chosen the pathwayMrs. Z. H. Bateman (Author)3
In his name O blessed bannerL. M. Bateman (Author)2
In the cleft of rock, O SaviorL. M. Bateman (Author)3
In the cross of Christ I glory, Only in the cross!L. M. Bateman (Author)2
In the west the sun is sinkingL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Into the deep launch outMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)5
It takes two feet to bear us upMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
It was only a drop in the bucketL. M. Bateman (Author)2
It will not be long at the longestMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
I've a beautiful home in a garden fairL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Jesus came to guide thee trueL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Jesus, I will follow theeL. M. Bateman (Author)10
Jesus is the children's KingMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Jesus loved children no matter how smallL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, thou art nearerL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Jesus, we would trust in theeL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Keep rank, keep rank, make Jesus KingL. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
Laden with sin, by all its waysMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
Lead me, O my heavenly Father, Lead me evermore I prayMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
"Let little children come to me," The loving Savior saidMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Let us praise the Lord in songMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Let us sing as the birdies singMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Let us sing the songs of ZionMrs. Z. H. Bateman (Author)3
Let us watch and pray till the gloom of morningL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Life is like a sunlit streamL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Lift your eyes aloftL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Little by little I sawL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Little children all can giveL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Little stars that twinkle in the heaven's blueL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Lo I bow before thee LordMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Lone in the garden they laid HimL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Look abroad the world grows widerMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Make each other happy, childrenL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Mercy in Jesus, my brotherMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Merry little bobolinkL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Mid the tempest and storm, mid the wave and the galeMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Moment by moment, let me beL. M. Bateman (Author)4
My days go by as a weaver's shuttle fliesL. M. Bateman (Author)2
My ways are all so simple, LordL. M. Bateman (Author)2
No matter if storm clouds are heavy and darkMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Not without hope for the faith lighted visionMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
O, a song we'll sing of the olden timeMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
O brother, come out of the land of your sorrowMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
O I am glad because I liveL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O if I were a birdL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O Jesus, Savior, KingMrs. Z. H. Bateman (Author)3
O lift up your eyes, see the Day-star ariseL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O Lord, thy word to me is sweetL. M. Bateman (Author)3
O sing of the angelsL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O take us up close to thy heartL. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
O the home of the soulL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O the wondrous love of Jesus (Bateman)Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
O thou the great refinerL. M. Bateman (Author)6
O when that wondrous day in heaven shall dawnL. M. Bateman (Author)4
O why should we fear though the stormsMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
O why stand ye doubtingL. M. Bateman (Author)2
O wonderful GethsemaneL. M. Bateman (Author)2
On a desert, bleak and drearyL. M. Bateman (Author)6
On a Rock my houseL. M. Bateman (Author)2
One by one the days are going byL. M. Bateman (Author)3
One by one, the shadows gatherMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
One morning I questionedL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Only one moment at once goes byMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Only the fragmentsL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Our Father, keep us humbleL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Over the mountain the sunlight breaksMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Rally round the Bible, Children, let us singL. M. Bateman (Author)3
Rejoice and be ye gladMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Savior, grant me rest and peaceMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Scatter seed at early morningMrs. Beal Bateman (Author)4
Sing again of the wondrousL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sing aloud the joyful storyL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sing Hallelujah, for the Lord is loveL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sing, O sing againL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sing, O sing the song againL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sing, over and overL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Step by step, and day by day, March we on our forward wayL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Step, step, stepL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Sunshine clear and sunshine brightMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
Sweet Mary was sitting in sorrowMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Take Christ at his wordL. M. Bateman (Author)6
Take my hand, my heavenly FatherL. M. Bateman (Author)2
The lesson is hardL. M. Bateman (Author)2
The Master of the vineyard is comingMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
The saddest words that mortals speakMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
The Shepherd is calling his wandering sheepMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
The world is wide before meL. M. Bateman (Author)2
There are beautiful mansions I knowL. M. Bateman (Author)2
There are clouds, but high above themMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)4
There are sleeping crystal watersL. M. Bateman (Author)2
There met in conventionL. M. Bateman (Author)2
There's a far off path I should like to findL. M. Bateman (Author)3
There's a land where we are goingMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
There's a precious fountain flowingL. M. Bateman (Author)2
There's a river rolling everMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
There's a song on my lipsMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)10
There's a song the angels knowMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
There's one thing up in heavenL. M. Bateman (Author)3
This world is a beautiful worldMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Though lambs of the flockL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Though the task may be humbleL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Thy praises, thy praises, O help us, Lord, proclaimMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
'Tis not a far journey from usL. M. Bateman (Author)2
To thy feet I come, graciousL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Trust your life with JesusMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Under the shade of Elim's palm treesL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Under the storm burdened skyL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Unto the Rock that is higher than IL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Wanderer from Jesus, weary, sad and loneL. M. Bateman (Author)4
We are in thy vineyardL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We are little children, children of the LordL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We are on our journey to the heavenly homeMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)3
We are pilgrims on a journey through a wilderness of careL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We are waiting by the river, Strong and weak and young and oldMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
We haste to thy temple, O FatherL. M. Bateman (Author)4
We may all be standard bearersL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We read of a land of the pure and the freeL. M. Bateman (Author)4
Weak and humble, Lord, am IL. M. Bateman (Author)2
Weary of my load of sinL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We'll give our hearts to God this dayL. M. Bateman (Author)2
We're the victors now foreverMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
What are you doingL. M. Bateman (Author)2
What though the morning be fair and brightL. M. Bateman (Author)4
When all the clouds of darkness breakL. M. Bateman (Author)5
When as of old in her sadnessL. M. Bateman (Author)19
When temptations crowd around youMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
When the evening shadows gather and I restL. M. Bateman (Author)2
When the morning awakes and the sunlightL. M. Bateman (Author)2
When the murky night of sorrowMrs. L. N. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Where are the seeds we scattered in the springtimeMrs. L. M. B. Bateman (Author)4
Where, save to thee, O Lord, shall we our burdensMrs. Z. H. Bateman (Author)3
Will you come and taste the fountain with its water flowing free?Mrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)2
Work when the morning shineth, work when the noonday gleamsMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
Ye are the temple of the SpiritMrs. L. M. Beal Bateman (Author)1
You who are called to the feast of the bridegroomL. M. B. Bateman (Author)2
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