Thomas Kingo

Thomas Kingo
Short Name: Thomas Kingo
Full Name: Kingo, Thomas, 1634-1703
Birth Year: 1634
Death Year: 1703

Thomas Hansen Kingo (15 December 1634 – 14 October 1703 Odense) was a Danish bishop, poet and hymn-writer born at Slangerup, near Copenhagen. His work marked the high point of Danish baroque poetry.

He belonged to a rather poor family partly of Scottish origin and was educated a clergyman. In his youth, Kingo wrote a series of poems picturing humorous scenes in village life and a pastoral love poem, Chrysillis. He studied theology at the University of Copenhagen, graduating in 1654, and for some time acted as private tutor. In 1661 he was appointed vicar to the pastor at Kirke Helsinge, and in 1668 he was ordained a minister at his native town, where his poetic activity began.

At first he essayed patriotic poems, but later devoted himself almost entirely to writing hymns, and in 1674 the first part of his Aandelige Siunge-Koor ("Spiritual Song Choir") appeared; followed in 1681 by a second part. This work consists of a collection of beautiful hymns several of which are still popular in the Danish Church.

In 1677 Kingo was appointed bishop of Funen. Charged by the government with the compilation of a new hymn-book, he edited (1699) the so-called Kingo's Psalmebog which contains eighty-five of his own compositions, and which is still used in various parts of Denmark and Norway. Some parts of the Danish rural population were firmly sticking to his hymns during the pietist and rationalist period contributing to their survival.

Though not the first Danish hymn writer Kingo must be considered the first real important one and also among the Danish poets of the 17th Century he is generally a leading figure. His hymns are born by a forceful and often Old Testamental wrath and renunciation of the world switching with Christian mildness and confidence. Both elements are thrown in relief by his private thrift and fighting nature. His worldly poems and patriotic songs are often long-winded and marked by outer effects but in short version he is unequalled, as in his both plain and worthy commemorative poem of the naval hero Niels Juel.

Texts by Thomas Kingo (209)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Aldrig er jeg uden VaadeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Alle I, som eder vendeKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Alle Ting er underligeKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Arise, my soul, awake from sleepThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
Be present at our table, LordThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author (sts. 2-3))English1
Bort Sorg og Klag'Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Come, Holy Spirit, Truth divineThomas Kingo (Author)English3
Dagen snart er runden henThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Dearest Jesus, draw Thou near meThomas H. Kingo (Author)English9
Den Naade, Gud har os betedThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Den Naade, Gud os haver tedThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Den naade, som Gud haver gjortThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Den Nat, da Jesus blev forraadtThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian3
Den onde AandThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian1
Den Raud og Trengsla, som eg lidThomas Kingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Den rette Dyders ModerKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Den Vei, der ind til Jesum gaarThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Der Døden slog Herodes nedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Det mulner mod den mørke NatThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian1
Det runde Himlens Stjerne-TeltKingo (Author)Norwegian3
Din Kirke, Herre, lad bestaaKingo (Author)Norwegian2
Eg Syn og Hjarta lysta maaKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Eia, hvor velKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Enhver, som tror og bliver døbtThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Er skibet nu Og folk i fare stedtThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Ever is a peril near meT. Kingo (Author)English5
Ever trouble walks beside meThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)2
Far, verden, far velThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Følg Jesus med!Thomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Fra Fristelser og Satans StødThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Fra Himmelen hid til os nedKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Fryd dig i Guds behagThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Gak Sorg og Klag'Thomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian1
Gak under Jesu Kors at staaKingo (Author)5
Gid jeg, o Jesus, følger digKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Giv, helligste TreenighedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian6
Giv, o Gud, jeg aldrig glemmerThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Give Gud i HimmerigeKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Gud Faders Navn og ÆreThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Guds Naade og AarvaagenhedKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Hører till I høie HimleKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Hører, Verdens, Øer, hører!Thomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Hav tak, o Gud, vor skabermandKingo (Author)Norwegian6
All who believe and are baptizedThomas Hansen Kingo, 1634 - 1703 (Author)English31
He that believes and is baptizedThomas Hansen Kingo (1634-1703) (Author)English2
Helligste TreenighedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
How fair the Church of Christ shall standT. H. Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English5
How fair the Church shall standThomas H. Kingo (Author)2
Hvad er det for en SnekkaKingo (Author)Norwegain5
Hvor deilig skal Guds Kirke staaKingo (Author)Norwegian6
Hvor gaar du henThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian3
Hvor lifligt er det dog at gaaKingo (Author)Norwegian6
Hvor saligt var det Ægte-ParThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Hvor stor er dog den glædeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Hvor tryg en Vei Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Hvordan end Pilatus hinkedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
I come invited by thy wordThomas Kingo (Author)English4
I Kristne, I, som kaldes vilThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
I pray Thee, dear Lord JesusThomas H. Kingo (Author)English7
I thank thee, God, Creator blestThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
Ingen Høihed, ingen ÆreThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Jeg glæder migKingo (Author)Norwegian3
Jeg løfter Sjæl og Øie opKingo (Author)Norwegian3
Jereo ny Mpamonjy, izay miakatraTh. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
Jesus giv mig Graad og SukkeKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Jesus dør, og Jorden rysterKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Jesus går den tunga stråtenT. Kingo, d. 1703 (Author)Swedish2
Jesus, O my King and SaviorKingo (Author)3
Jesus som skal Verden dømmeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Klar op, mit hjerte, sjæl og sindThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Kom, Talsmand, komThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian1
Kommer, I som vil ledsageThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Kor fager skal Guds Kyrkja staaKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Lad andre hen i Trældom gaaKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Længe haver Satan spundetThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Like the golden sun ascending, Breaking through the gloom of nightThomas Kingo (Author)English9
Like the golden sun ascending, In the darkly clouded skyThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)English2
Lord Jesus Christ, receive me nowThomas Kingo (Author)3
Lov og Tak og evig ÆreKingo (Author)Norwegian6
Luk Øine op, o KristenhedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Lys opp og klaarna, Saal og Sinn!Kingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Mba soraty ao am-pokoT. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
Med sorg hver Dag vi serThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Mig lyster nu at trædeThomas H. Kingo (Author)English5
Mig tjener alle Ting til GavnKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Min Jesus, du min SjæletrøstKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Min Jesu, du min Sj'letroestThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)1
Min sjæl og aand opmuntre digThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian6
Min Sjæl om du vil nogen TidKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Min Sjæl, vær lystig, glad og froThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Min sol, min lyst, min glædeKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Mørket skjuler JorderigeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
No kjem det Bod fraa EnglekorKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
No lid det nær til KvitsunfestKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Now sin, with reign unbrokenThomas Kingo (Author)English3
Nu bør ei synden mereThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Nu kommer bud fra englekorKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Nu kommer vaar og salig velstand snartKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Nu Mørket Jorden blinderThomas Kingo (Author (attributed to))Norwegian1
Nu nærmer sig vor pinsefestKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Nu rinder solen opKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Nu skall ej synden meraTh. Kingo, d. 1703 (Author)Swedish2
Nu veed jeg vei til himmerigThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Ny Pentekosta tonga izaoTh. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
O ÆgtestandKingo (Author)Norwegian5
O come and stand beneath the cross, And hear what Jesus speaks to usThomas Kingo (Author)English3
O dearest Lord, receive from meThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English5
O Gud, hvor jammerligThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O Gud, hvor stor og priseligThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O herre Gud din læreThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O i forældre, ser dog paaThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesus, gaar du da din veiKingo (Author)Norwegian5
O Jesu, kindly Lord, to theeBishop Kingo (Author)English3
O Jesus, naar jeg tænker paaThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesus, søde Jesus, digKingo (Author)Norwegian5
O Jesu, som Udi LandflygtighedThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesu vogt mit Hjerte saaThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesus, at Your altar nowT. H. Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English2
O Jesus, blessed Lord, to TheeThomas H. Kingo (Author)English18
O Jesus, blivThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
O Jesus, dearest Lord, to theeThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)4
O Jesus, du al Naadens VældKingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesus, gid du vildeThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
O Jesus, I beseech theeThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
O Jesus, jeg maa klage migThomas H. Kingo (Author)2
O Jesus, paa din alterfodThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O Jesus, præst i evighedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O Jesus, verdens frelsermandThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O kjære sjæl, fald ydmyg nedThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O kjære Sjæl, frygt aldrig merKingo (Author)Norwegian5
O kjære sjæl, luk op din mundThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O kjæreste sjæl, op at vaageThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
I Kristne, I, som trædeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
O let this day remind youThomas H. Kingo (Author)2
O mer end sterke HøvedsmandKingo (Author)Norwegian4
O søde Jesus, lad din AandThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
O Sjæle-hyrde, Gud og mandKingo (Author)Norwegian5
O søde Gud, din kjærlighed Thomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O store Gud, din kjærlighedThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
O VingaardsmandKingo (Author)Norwegian4
On my heart imprint Thine imageThomas H. Kingo (Author)English18
Op, glædes alle, glædes nuThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Op hjerte, hu, op sjæl og sindThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Op, sjæl, bryd søvnen afKingo (Author)5
Ory sady mitomanyT. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
Our table now with food is spreadThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)English9
Over Kedron Jesus træderThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Over Kedron Jesus passesThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)2
Over Kedron Jesus treadethT. Kingo (Author)English14
Paa Bjerget, har nu Jesus endtKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Paa hans Kors Pilatus skriverKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Pengene, som Judas slængteKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Praise and thanks and adorationThomas Kingo (Author)English4
Praise to Thee and adorationT. Kingo (Author)English14
Praise to you and adorationThomas H. Kingo (Author)English2
Print thine image pure and holyThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)5
Quien cree y bautizado esThomas Kingo (Author)Spanish3
Rettens Spir det er alt brækketThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Rind nu op i Jesu navnKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Ry Jeso Tompo, HianaoT. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
Ry Tompo o! TsinjovinaoT. Kingo (Author)Malagasy2
Søde Jesus, Festens FyrsteKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Søde Jesus, kom at røreKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Søde Synd, du Vellyst-EngelKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Saa faar og godThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Saa from og godKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Saa skal dog Satans rigeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Se hvor Jesus allevegneKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Se, hvor nu Jesus træderThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Seal my heart with thine impressureThomas H. Kingo (Author)3
Sjaa, no vil Jesus draga Kingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Skriv dig, Jesus, paa mit hjerteThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian3
Søde Jesus, glædens kildeThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Softly now the day is endingThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English5
Som den gyldne Sol frembryderKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Som den gyllne Sol kann brjotaKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Sorgen og Glæden de vandre tilhobeKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Sorrig og Glæde de vandrer tilhobeThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
Sover I, hvor kan I soveKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Store Gud og FrelsermandThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Tag nu o Herre, nøie vareKingo (Author)Norwegian4
Thanks to Thee, O Christ, victorious!Thomas Hansen Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English2
The day of Pentecost draws nighThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)2
The kingdom Satan foundedT. Kingo (Author)English3
The power of sin no longerT. H. Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English3
The sun arises nowT. H. Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English8
The way that unto Jesus leadsThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)3
Thee, holy Trinity, we prayThomas H. Kingo (Author)2
There came a message from the skyThomas Kingo (Author)English3
This night that Jesus was betrayedThomas H. Kingo (Author)2
Thy love, O gracious God and LordT. H. Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)English3
Til Herrens Bord i Jesu NavnKingo (Author)Norwegian3
Til Hvile Solen gaarThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian2
To you, O kindly Jesus ChristThomas Kingo (Author)2
Trods Kors og DødThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Upp, gledjest alle, gledjest noKingo (Author)Nynorsk2
Vaagn op, min sjæl, thi stunden erThomas Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Vaagn op, og slaa paa dine strengeKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Vain world, fare thee wellThomas H. Kingo (Author)4
Vanish now all sinful dreamingThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
Velkommen hid I Jesu søde NavnThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian4
Vi med Forundring daglig maaThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian3
Vil dog himlen intet taleThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Vor disk og dug er alt beredThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian6
Vor Gud er idel kjærlighedThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
Vort Maaltid vi da slutte nuKingo (Author)Norwegian5
Vær trøstig, Zion, Jesu BrudThomas H. Kingo (Author)Norwegian5
What vessel is that passingThomas Kingo, 1634-1703 (Author)3
Whoso believes and is baptizedThomas Hansen Kingo (Author)2
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