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Short Name: Anonymous
Full Name: Anonymous

In some hymnals, the editors noted that a hymn's author is unknown to them, and so this artificial "person" entry is used to reflect that fact. Obviously, the hymns attributed to "Author Unknown" "Unknown" or "Anonymous" could have been written by many people over a span of many centuries.

Texts by Anonymous (4521)sort descendingAsInstances
Радуйся мир, Господь грядёт!неизвестен (Translator)2
Тихая ночь, дивная ночь!неизвестен (Translator)2
Вести ангельской внемлинеизвестен (Translator)2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 God has made the way to heavenUnknown (Author)1
A Babe is born all of a maidAnonymous (Author)1
A Babe is born in Bethlehem, Bethlehem (Krauth)Anon. (Author)5
A beautiful land by faith I seeAnon. (Author)1
A captive here, and far from homeAnon. (Author)1
A certain man of whom we readAnon. (Author)1
A child for us is born this dayUnknown (Translator)2
A child this day is bornAnonymous (Author)2
A Cristo doy mi cantoAnonymous (Translator)3
A Cristo proclamad, Triunfante SalvadorDesconocido (Author (stanza 2))2
A crown of glory brightUnknown (Author)2
A cualquiera parte sin temor iréAnonymous (Translator)2
A Dios el Padre celestialDesconocido (Author)4
A Dios obedecen el rayo y el vientoDesconocido (Author)2
A Dios piadoso debí el nacerAnonimo (Author)2
A dread and solemn hourAnonymous (Author)1
Aŭdu : Sonas pastoraloAnonymous (Author)2
A friendless prisoner at Pilate's barUnknown (Author)3
A glorious day is dawningUnknown (Author)2
A glory in the Word we findAnon. (Author)1
A goodly theme is mineAnonymous (Author)1
A happy, happy welcomeUnknown (Author)1
A holy air is breathing roundAnonymous (Author)5
A homeless stranger amongst us cameAnon. (Author)3
A is for anyone who's not afraid to dieAnonymous (Author)2
A Jesús pertenecemos, nos debemos alegraranónimo (Author)2
A la divina Trinidadanónimo (Author)1
A la obra santa del ministerioDesconocido (Author)2
A little talk with Jesus, How it smooths the rugged roadUnknown (Author)1
A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all rightAnonymous (Author)1
A little that the righteous holdAnonymous (Author)1
A little while, O hands, of labor wearyAnon. (Author)1
A message from our FatherAnonymous (Author)2
A meteor bright its wondrous lightAnonymous (Author)2
A mind at perfect peace with GodAnon. (Author)2
A mother may forgetful beAnon. (Author)1
A mourning class, a vacant seatAnon. (Author)1
A new commandment I give unto youUnknown (Author)4
A nuestro Creador, alzamos hoy la vozAnónimo (Author)2
A nuestro Padre Dios Alcemos nuestra vozAnónimo (Author)3
A nuestro Padre Dios, Démos in alta vozAnonymous (Author)2
A pilgrim and a stranger hereAnon. (Author)1
A poor wayfaring man of griefAnonymous (Author)1
A shepherd band their flocks are keepingUnknown (Author)1
A silvery tide, called Sunny SideAnonymous (Author)1
A star is moving through the skyAnon. (Translator)1
A stranger in the world belowAnon. (Author)1
A ti acudimos sedientos, ¡ven, Señor!Anónimo de Panamá (Author)3
A ti mi voz elevo, De penas rodeadoDesconocido (Author)2
A virgin most pure, as the prophetsAnon. (Author)1
A voice upon the midnight airAnonymous (Author)7
A welsoch chwi EfAn. (Author (stanzas 1-3))1
Abide with us, our Savior, Nor let Thy mercy ceaseUnknown (Translator)5
Abio vi, abio vi, kun foliar' fidelaAnonima (Author)1
Abismado en el pecado A Ti clamare, SeñorAnonimo (Author)1
Abundant fields of grain shall waveAnonymous (Author)1
Ach Herr, wie bist Du so getreuAnonymous (Author)1
Ach, mein Herr Jesus, wenn ich Dich nicht hätteAnon. (Author)1
Ach Vater, der die arge WeltUnbekannt (Author)1
Ach, wer kann Dich würdig lobenUnbekannt (Author)1
Acquaint thee, O spirit, acquaint thee with GodAnonymous (Author)2
Acquaint thyself quickly, O sinner, with GodAnon. (Author)1
Adeste fidelesAnonima (Author, v. 6)2
Aed sain yr utgorn arian mawrAnonymous (Author (stanzas 1, 2))2
Af Jesu Ord og Adferd kanUkjendt (Author)1
Affliction is a stormy deepAnon. (Author)1
Affliction's faded form draws nighAnonymous (Author)1
After the Christian's tearsAnon. (Author)2
After the joys of earthAnon. (Author)4
After the shower, the tranquil sunAnon. (Author)1
After the stormy times, the calmness comesAnonymous (Translator)2
After the toil and troubleAnonymous (Author)1
Afvend fra os, o Herre mildUkjendt (Translator)3
Again, from calm and sweet reposeAnon. (Author)1
Again, indulgent Lord, returnAnonymous (Author)1
Again our earthly cares we leaveAnonymous (Author)2
Again the blessed gospel I have heardAnon. (Author)1
Again the day returns of sacred restAnonymous (Author)2
Again the Lord of life and lightAnon. (Author)1
We've passed a pleasant Sabbath dayAnonymous (Author)2
Agonizante en el huertoAnonimo (Author)2
Agradeço a ti, Senhor, pois to és bondoso.Unknown (Author)2
Ah, guilty sinner, ruined by transgressionAnon. (Author)1
Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offendedAnon. (Author (stanza 3))1
Ah, how shall fallen manAnon. (Author)1
Ah tell me not of gold or treasureUnknown (Author)1
Ah! the heart that hath forsakenAnon. (Author)2
Al Betleĥemo do kun ĝojo hastu niaAnonymous (Author)2
Al cielo iré: peregrino soyAnonimo (Author)2
Al contemplar la excelsa cruzDesconocido (Translator)2
¡Al mundo paz, nació Jesús! Nació ya nuestro ReyAnónimo (Translator)1
Al ni aperis nun io novaAnonymous (Translator)1
Al Padre, al Hijo el RedentorDesconocido (Author)2
Al Padre, Hijo Redentoranónimo (Author)1
Al pobre pesebre del niño JesúsDesconocido (Author)2
Al que está sentado en el trono (To the one who is seated on the throne)Anónima (Author)2
Al Salvador Jesús Canciones por doquierAnonymous (Translator)1
Te alabamos, O gran DiosAnónimo (Translator)1
Alabemos al SeñorDesconocido (Author)2
Alas, and did my Savior bleedAnonymous (Author (refrain))1
Alas how poor and little worthAnon. (Author)4
Alegres cantemos canciones de loorAnonymous (Translator (into Spanish))2
Aleluia, aleluia, eu alegre cantarei.Unknown (Author)2
¡ Aleluya al Trino DiosAnonimo (Author)2
Aleluya, aleluyaanónimo (Author)1
Alene Gud i HimmerigAnoymous (Translator)1
Alestu, fidelaj, ĝoje triumfantajAnonymous (Author)1
All around us, fair with flowersAnonymous (Author)5
Allá en el monte Horeb la zarza ardía (There was a burning bush upon Mount Horeb)Anónima (Author)2
Allá en el pesebre, do nace Jesúsdescon. (Author)2
Allá en la gloria, delante del gran tronoAnónimo (Translator)1
All glory be to God alone, Forevermore the highest oneUnknown (Author)1
All glory be to thee, Most High, To thee all adorationAnonymous (Translator (English))3
All glory be to God on high, Who hath our race befriendedUnknown (Author)2
All glory to God in the skyAnon. (Author)1
All glory to God, the Father and SonUnknown (Author)1
All hail, adored TrinityUnknown (Author)1
All hail, bright morning star!Anonymous (Author)2
All hail, happy day, When enrobed in our clayAnonymous (Author)1
All hail the gladsome Easter morn,Anonymous (Author)2
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallAnonymous (Author)3
All hail, ye fair celestial shoresAnon. (Author)1
All men living are but mortalUnknown (Translator (st. 5))4
All men on earth that liveAnonymous (Author)1
All my being and all that I possessUnknown (Author)2
All my sins have been forgiven; God is merciful to meAnonymous (Author)1
All nations, clap your handsAnonymous (Author)1
All nature dies, and lives againAnonymous (Author)3
All people that dwell on the earthAnon. (Author)2
All-powerful, self-existent GodAnon. (Author)4
All praise to the Father, the SonUnknown (Author)2
All praise to thee, eternal LordUnknown (Translator)9
All souls are Mine beneath the skyAnonymous (Author)2
All that I am I owe to TheeAnonymous (Author)1
All the fulness is in JesusAnon. (Author)1
All the world give praises dueAnon. (Translator)1
All things are now readyAnon. (Author)2
All things are ready, Come, Come to the supper spreadAnon. (Author)1
All things are thine; no gift have weAnon. (Author)1
All things beautiful and fairUnknown (Author)4
Each little flower that opensAnon. (Author)1
All things hang on our possessingAnon. (Author)4
All those that pass by, to Jesus draw nearAnonymous (Author)2
All throughout the world we stand, 'neath His Cross todayUnknown (Translator)2
All thy works, O heavenly FatherAnon. (Author)3
All who with heart confidingAnonymous (Author)1
All ye that fear Jehovah's NameAnonymous (Author)1
All ye, who feel distressed for sinAnon. (Author)1
All ye who seek a comfort sureAnon. (Author)1
All you who seek for sure reliefAnonymous (Author)1
All you that have confessedUnknown (Author)2
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluiaAnon. (Author)1
Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the holy anthem riseAnon. (Author)1
AlleluiaUnknown (Author (vs. 1-4))1
Alleluia! Let praises ringUnknown (Author)2
Alleluia! Lord most holyUnknown (Author)2
Hallelujah, song of gladness, Song of everlasting joyAnon. (Author)9
Alleluia, song of gladness, Voice of joy that cannot dieAnonymous (Author)4
Alleluia, thanks and gloryAnon. (Author)1
Alleluia to the King of kingsanonymous (Author)2
Alma, cese tu dolor, Todo consumó JesúsDesconocido (Author)2
Alma mía, no deliresAnonimo (Author)2
Almighty Father, bless the WordUnknown (Author)14
Almighty Father, gracious LordAnon. (Author)1
Almighty Father, hear our prayerUnknown (Author)2
Almighty Father, heavenly KingAnonymous (Author)1
Almighty father of mankindAnon. (Author)1
Almighty Father, take this breadAnon. (Author)2
Almighty Father, thou hast many a blessingAnonymous (Author)5
Almighty God, by thy great powerAnon. (Author)1
Almighty God, Thy lofty throneAnonymous (Author)1
Almighty God, who from the floodUnknown (Author)1
See, gracious God, before Thy throneAnonymous (Author)1
Almighty Maker, Lord of allAnonymous (Author)11
Almighty Ruler of the skiesAnon. (Author)1
Almighty Sovereign of the skiesUnknown (Author)1
Spirit of power and might, beholdAnonymous (Author)5
Alone with Jesus, leave me hereAnon. (Author)1
Alone with Jesus, O how sweet, In health to worship at his feetAnon. (Author)2
Alone with none but thee, my GodUnknown (Translator)1
Alone, yet not aloneUnknown (Author)1
Aloud we sing the wondrous graceAnonymous (Author)2
Alpha and Omega, be thou my first and lastAnon. (Author)1
Alzo a los montes misojos (LIft your eyes up to the mountains)Anonymous (Author)3
Am I coming, truly comingAnon. (Author)1
Am schönsten Tag hieniedenUnbekannt (Author)2
Am wirionedd boed ein llafurAn. (Author (stanza 1))2
Amarte sólo a ti, SeñorDesconocido (Author)4
Amarte sólo a ti, Señor (To love you, Lord, with all our heart)Anónima (Author)2
Amarte solo a ti, Señor (To love only you, O Lord)Anónima (Author (sts. 1, 3))2
Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)Anonymous (Author (stanza 5))18
Amazing sight, the Savior standsAnon. (Author)7
AmenAnon. (Author)1
Amen, Amen (Jen la Bebo)Anonima (Author)2
Amid the splendors of thy stateAnonymous (Author)1
Amid the Thronging WorshippersAnonymous (Author)1
Amidst the cheerful bloom of youthAnon. (Author)1
Amidst unsatisfied desiresAnonymous (Author)1
Amigo de los niñosDesconocido (Translator)2
Amigo, não saia sem CristoUnknown (Translator)2
Amiko sur la vivo-vojoAnonymous (Author)2
Among His people God is knownAnonymous (Author)1
Amor, amor, amor, amordescon. (Author)3
Amoroso Salvador, Sin igual es tu bondadDesconocido (Author)3
An alien from God, and a stranger to graceAnon. (Author)1
An Deinem Worte laß mich beliebenUnbekannt (Author)2
An early summons Jesus sendsAnon. (Author)1
Anĝeloj, venu el ĉiel'Anonima germana karolo (Author)1
Anbetung Dir! Sei hochgepriesenUnbekannt (Author)2
And dost thou say, ask what thou wiltAnon. (Author)1
And everyone beneath the vine and fig treeUnknown (Author)1
And is it so, a little whileAnonymous (Author)2
And now my soul, another yearAnonymous (Author)12
And shall we still be slavesAnon. (Author)1
Angel choirs in accents sweetAnonymous (Author)2
Angel voices, ever singingAnon. (Author)8
Angels, ever bright and fair, take O take me to your careAnonymous (Author)3
Angels from the realms of glory, Wing your flight o'er all the earthUnknown (Author (st. 5))1
Angels proclaim the happy mornAnonymous (Author)1
Angels! roll the rock awayAnonymous (Author)1
Angels we have heard on highAnonymous (Author)12
Angry words, O let them neverAnon. (Author)3
Another day is past, The hours forever fledUnknown (Author)2
Another six days work is doneAnonymous (Author (v. 2))1
Ante tí estoy, Rey del cieloAnonimo (Author)2
Anywhere with Jesus says the Christian heartAnon. (Author)1
Are we almost there? are we almost thereAnon. (Author)1
Arglwydd, gad i ni, rai euogAnon. (Author)2
Arise, and bless the LordAnon. (Author)1
Arise and sing, dispel your fearsAnonymous (Author)1
Arise, O Lord, our God, ariseAnonymous (Author)1
Arise, sons of the kingdomAnon. (Translator)1
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! Put on thy strength! the nations shake!Anon. (Author)2
Ĉarma la tero, dolĉa la ĉieloDiversaj (Translators (in part))1
Arme wittwe, weine nichtUnbekannt (Author)1
Around Bethesda's healing bowerUnknown (Author)1
Around the great white throne some dayAnon. (Author)1
Around the throne of God in heaven Thousands of children standAnon. (Author)1
Around thy table, holy Lord, In fellowship we meet (Peters)Anon. (Author)1
Art thou weary, art thou languidAnon. (Author)1
As a bird at dawning singethAnon. (Author)2
As an army we're marching toward heavenUnknown (Author)1
As darker, darker, fall aroundAnon. (Author)4
As, down in the sunless retreats of the oceanUnknown (Author)1
As flows the river, calm and deepAnon. (Author)1
As I sought with weary flittingAnon. (Author)1
As in solemn congregationAnonymous (Author)1
As Jacob did in days of oldAnon. (Author)1
As Jacob with travel was weary one dayAnonymous (Author)2
As Joseph was awalkingAnon. (Author)1
Thou who camest from aboveUnknown (Author)1
As oft, with worn and weary feetAnonymous (Author)4
As pants the hart for streams of living waterAnonymous (Author)1
As pants the hart for water brooksAnonymous (Author)1
As pants the wearied hart for cooling springsAnon. (Author)3
As showers on meadows newly mownAnonymous (Author)3
As strangers here belowAnon. (Author)1
As the sun doth daily riseAnonymous (Author)13
As the sweet flower that scents the mornAnonymous (Author)8
As thirsts the hart for cooling floodAnonymous (Author)1
As thirsts the hart for water brooksAnonymous (Author)1
As Thou, O Lord, hast made me strongAnonymous (Author)1
As we daily go aboutAnon. (Author)2
As years go by and words seem lessUnknown (Author)1
As you, go, tell the worldAnonymous (Author)3
As your family, Lord, meet us hereAnonymous (Author)7
Ashamed of Christ, my soul disdainsUnknown (Author)2
Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleepAnon. (Author)1
Asleep with Jesus, O! how sweetAnonymous (Alterer (stanza 4))1
Assembled in our school once moreAnon. (Author)1
At anchor laid, remote from homeAnon. (Author)1
At Easter morn the lark, ascendingAnonymous (Translator)2
At evening time, let there be lightAnon. (Author)8
At Jacob's well a stranger soughtAnon. (Author)1
At the close of every dayAnon. (Author)2
At the cross her station keeping Stood a mournful mother weepingUnknown (Translator)1
At the cross her station keeping Mary stood in sorrow weepingAnonymous (Author)1
At the Lamb's high feast we singAnonymous (Author)2
At this unwonted hour, beholdAnon. (Author)1
At thy table, Lord of lifeAnonymous (Author)1
Att bedja Gud, han sjelf oss bödAnonymous (Author)2
Attend, ye children of your GodAnonymous (Author)5
Attend, ye saints, and hear me tellAnonymous (Author)1
Auch dieser Tag ist wieder hinAnon. (Author)1
Auf dich seh ich, mit dir geh ichAnon. (Author)1
Aunque débil soy SeñorAnonymous (Author)4
Awaked by Sinai's awful soundAnon. (Author)3
Awake, all Buddhist peopleUnknown (Author)2
Awake, all conquering arm, awakeAnon. (Author)2
Awake, awake, arise, and hail the glorious mornAnon. (Author)1
Awake, awake, my sluggish soulAnon. (Author)1
Awake, awake, oh christians!Anonymous (Translator (v. 1-3))2
Awake, my heart, awake Thy gracious God to praiseAnon. (Author)2
Awake our drowsy soulsAnonymous (Author)1
Awake ye saints, attune your harpsAnon. (Author)1
Away in a manger, no crib for a bedAnonymous (Author)89
Away with our sorrow and fearAnonymous (Author)1
Baptized into our Savior's deathAnon. (Author)6
Bathed in unfallen sunlightAnonymous (Arranger (stanza 4))1
Be firm and be faithfulAnon. (Author)13
Be firm, be bold, be strong, be trueAnonymous (Author)1
Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earthUnknown (Author)1
Be joyful, Mary, heavenly queenAnon. (Translator)3
Be merciful to me, O God; thy mercy unto meAnon. (Author)1
Be near us, Holy TrinityAnonymous (Author)1
Be not dismayed, thou little flockAnonymous (Author (stanza 4))1
Be not swift to take offenseAnon. (Author)2
Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way To guide untutored youthAnon. (Author)1
Be present at our table, LordUnknown (Author)1
Be present, blessed Father To give away this brideAnon. (Author)1
Be present, Holy TrinityAnonymous (Author)1
Be still and know that I am God, Be still and know that I am GodAnonymous (Author)19
Be still and trust, for whatever God ordains is rightArranged (Author)2
Be still, be still, for all aroundAnonymous (Author)6
Be thou exalted, O our GodUnknown (Author)1
Be Thou My Helper in the StrifeAnonymous (Author)1
Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heartAnonymous (Author)1
Be thou, O God, by night, by dayAnonymous (Author)2
Be thou, O God, exalted high Unknown (Author)1
Be thou ready, fellow mortalAnonymous (Author)1
Be true and list the voice withinAnon. (Author)4
Be with me, Lord, where'er I goAnonymous (Author)1
Be ye joyful, earth and skyAnon. (Author)2
Bear on, my soul, the bitter crossAnonymous (Author)2
Beautiful morning, day of hopeAnonymous (Author)1
Beautiful Savior, King of CreationAnon. (Author)6
Beautiful Zion, built aboveAnon. (Author)4
Bebo Dia, tamen niaTradicia Pola Karolo (Author)1
Because thy trust is God aloneAnonymous (Author)1
Before the rosy dawn of dayAnonymous (Author)1
Before the throne of God above, I have a strong, a perfect pleaAnonymous (Translator)1
Before Thee, Lord, a people waitsAnonymous (Author)1
Before this time another yearAnonymous (Author)2
Before thy cross lamenting, My Savior, I would lieAnon. (Author)1
Before Thy people I confessAnonymous (Author)1
Begin the high, celestial strainAnon. (Author)2
Behold, a Branch is growingUnknown (Author (German))1
Behold! behold! the Lamb of God, On the cross, on the crossAnon. (Author)1
Behold Christ rising from the graveAnonymous (Author)1
Behold, How Pleasant and How GoodAnonymous (Author)1
Behold, I stand, I stand at the door and knockAnon (Author)2
Behold my Servant! see him riseAnonymous (Author)2
Behold, O God, thy chosen raceAnon. (Author)1
Behold the blind their sight receiveAnon. (Author)1
Behold, the Bridegroom cometh In the middle of the nightAnon. (Author)1
Behold, the Bridegroom draweth nighAnonymous (Author)1
Behold the eternal King and Priestunknown (Author)3
Behold, the joyful day is nighUnknown (Translator)1
Behold the Lamb of God, in his divine arrayAnonymous (Author)1
Behold the Lamb of God, who bore thy guiltAnon. (Author)2
Behold the light is glemingAnon. (Author)1
Behold the man! how glorious he!Anon. (Author)1
Behold the Savior on the cross, for us he diesAnonymous (Author)1
Behold a stranger at the door!Anon. (Author)3
Behold the Savior kneeling thereAnon. (Author)2
Behold us, Lord, with humble fearUnknown (Author)1
Behold what witnesses unseenAnon. (Author)1
Behold what wondrous graceAnon. (Author)1
Behold with awful pompAnon. (Author)2
Bei aller Verwirrung und Klage allhierAnon. (Author)1
Bela Jesuo, estro de la estrojAnonimulo en Münster (Author)2
Bellas las manitas sonAnónimo (Translator)2
Bellas tus moradas sonDesconocido (Translator)2
Bem de manhã, embora o céu serenoUnknown (Author)2
Bendeciré al Señor ento tiempo (I will extol my God each waking moment)Anónima (Author)1
Bendice, Señor, el pananónimo (Author)2
Bendito CristoANÓNIMO (Author)3
Bendito el Señor por su poderdescon. (Author)2
Beneath our best we may not liveAnon. (Author)2
Beneath the shadow of the crossAnon. (Author)1
Beneath the thick but breaking cloudAnon. (Author)2
Beneath the thick but struggling cloudAnon. (Author)6
Beneath the thick but struggling cloudsAnonymous (Author)4
Benighted on the troublous mainAnonymous (Author)1
Beside the well at noontime, I hear a sad oneAnon. (Author)4
Beside yon pearly portalsAnonymous (Author)1
Bethlehem in land of JudahAnonymous (Author)1
Betleĥemon kuris la paŝtista ar'Anonima pola kanto (Author)3
Beyond these [those] chilling winds and gloomy skiesAnon. (Author)1
Beyond this life of hopes and fearsAnon. (Author)2
Beyond where Cedron's waters flowAnonymous (Author)5
Bird and blossom, leaf and treeAnonymous (Author)2
Birdies in the wood Anon. (Author)2
Birds have their quiet nest, foxes their holesAnonymous (Author)2
Bleeding hearts defiled by sinAnon. (Author)3
Blessed feasts of blessed martyrsAnonymous (Author)1
Bless, O my soul, the living GodAnon. (Author)1
Bless the Lord, O my soul; Bless the Lord, O my soulUnknown (Author)1
Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless God's holy nameUnknown (Author)2
Bless the Lord, O saints and servantsAnonymous (Author)2
Bless us, God our Father, little childrenUnknown (Author)1
Blest are our eyes that see the lightAnon. (Author)2
Blessed angels, high in heavenAnon. (Author)4
Blessed art thou, O Lord of allUnknown (Author)1
Blessed be God, for ever blestUnknown (Author)1
Blessed Bible, how I love itAnon. (Author)4
Blessed city, heavenly Salem, Vision dear of peace and loveAnon. (Author)5
Blessed Jesus, at Thy wordUnknown (Translator (st. 4))9
Blessed Jesus, high in gloryAnonymous (Author)1
Blessed Jesus, meek and mild, Stoop to hear a little childAnon. (Author)1
Blessed Jesus, thou art mineUnknown (Author)1
Blessed Lord, our hearts are pantingAnon. (Author)1
Blessed Salem, long expectedAnon. (Author)2
Blessed words that with me dwellUnknown (Author)1
"Blest are the meek," he saidAnonymous (Author)13
Blest are the pure in heart, For they shall see our GodUnknown (Author)4
Blest be God, praised forever and worshiped (Rab ki hove sanaa hameshaa)Anon. (Author (refrain))2
Blest be the Eternal InfiniteAnon. (Author)1
Blest be the Lord! for us He caresAnonymous (Author)1
Blest be the Lord, my rock, my mightAnonymous (Author)1
Blest be the Lord, our fathers' GodAnonymous (Author)1
Blest be the tie that bindsAnonymous (Author (Spanish))1
Blest be thou, O God of IsraelAnonymous (Author)1
Blest Comforter divine! Let rays of heavenly loveAnon. (Author)1
Blest Creator of the lightUnknown (Translator)1
Blest day of God! most calm, most brightAnon. (Author)2
Blest day, when our ascended LordAnon. (Author)1
Blest feast of love divineAnon. (Author)3
Blest is he who loves God's preceptsAnonymous (Author)1
Blest Jesus, come thou gently downAnon. (Author)3
Blest Savior, as we treadAnon. (Author)1
Blest soul, how sweetly dost thou restAnon. (Author (st. 2))1
Blest work, the youthful mind to winAnon. (Author)1
Blovu trombonon kun laŭta sonor'nekonato (Translator (into German))1
Blow ye the trumpet, blowAnonymous (Author)1
Bonvenon al vi, haleluja!Anonima (Author)2
Book of grace, and book of gloryAnon. (Author)1
Borrará mi rebelionAnonymous (Author)2
Bounteous Spirit, ever sheddingAnonymous (Author)1
Bow down thine ear, O Lord, and hear, For I am poor and great my needAnonymous (Author)1
Brueder, die ihr Jesum liebetUnbekannt (Author)1
Brueder, tretet nun zusammenUnbekannt (Author)1
Brødre og Søstre, vi skilles nu adUkjendt (Author)1
Braint, braint Yw cael cymdeithas gyda'r saintAn. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))1
Bread of life from heavenAnonymous (Author (Spanish, st. 2))1
Bread of our souls, whereon we feedUnknown (Author)1
Break, break eternal day, bid darkness flee awayAnon. (Author)1
Break every yoke, the gospel criesAnon. (Author)2
Break forth into joy O my soulAnonymous (Author)2
Break forth, O beauteous heavenly lightUnknown (Translator)1
Brethren, we have met to worshipAnon. (Author)3
Brethren, while we journey hereAnon. (Author)3
Bright angel hosts are heard on highAnonymous (Translator (from French to Cornish))1
Bright as the sun's meridian blazeAnon. (Author)2
Bright glories rush upon my sightAnon. (Author)1
Bright rays of autumn quiverAnon. (Author)1
Bright was the guiding star that ledAnonymous (Author)2
Bring a torch, Jeannette, IsabellaAnonymous (Author)1
Bring in the children, O, bring them inAnon. (Author)1
Broken hearted, weep no moreAnon. (Author)1
Brother, don't stay awayAnon (Author)2
Brother hast thou wandered farAnonymous (Author)6
Brother, rest from sin and sorrowAnon. (Author)1
Brother, the angels sayAnonymous (Author)2
Brother, thou hast left us lonelyAnon. (Author)1
Sinners! will you scorn the messageAnonymous (Author)2
Brothers, when the wayAnonymous (Author)1
Bryd, Jesu, bryd det Aag, som mine SynderAnonymous (Author)1
Build on the Rock, the Rock that ever standsAnon (Author)1
Builder of mighty worlds on worldsAnon. (Author)4
Built on Christ, the firm foundationAnon. (Translator)1
Buried in baptism with our Lordanonymous (Author)1
Burst ye emerald gates and bringAnon. (Author)3
Buscad primero el reino de DiosAnónimo (Author (estr. 2))6
By all whom thou hast madeAnonymous (Author)1
By and by, beyond the riverAnon. (Author)1
By and by we'll see the KingAnon (Author)2
By Babel's riverside we sat in tearsAnonymous (Author)1
By Babel's streams we sat and weptAnonymous (Paraphraser)1
By faith I view my Savior dyingAnon. (Author)1
By faith in a glorified Christ on the throneAnon. (Author)1
By faith in Christ we're justifiedAnon. (Author)1
By precepts taught of ages pastAnonymous (Author)1
By shady mount and peaceful lakeAnon. (Author)1
By the thorny way of sorrowAnonymous (Author)3
By us the seed is sownAnonymous (Author)1
Bydd mrydd o ryfeddodauAnadnabyddus (Author)4
Cuán profundo es tu amordescon. (Author)2
Cúmplase, oh CristoAnónimo (Translator)1
Cabalga majestuosoDesconocido (Author)1
Cabeza ensangrentada (Simmonds)Anónimo (Author (latín))2
Caed trefn i faddau pechodAnon. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))3
Called by the Sabbath bells awayAnon. (Author)5
Calm on the bosom of thy GodAnonymous (Author)1
Calm on the listening ear of nightAnonymous (Author)3
Calma mi alma, contigo está SeñorAnónimo (Translator (Spanish))2
Can sinners hope for heavenAnon. (Author)3
Can you count the stars that nightlyAnonymous (Translator (from German, v. 2))1
Canciones nuevas alegrementeDesconocido (Author)2
Canta al poder de la fe interioranónimo (Author)2
Cantad al Señor, un cántico nuevodescon. (Author)1
Cantad al Señor un cántico nuevo (Sing Praise to the Lord, O sing out a new song)Anónima (Author)5
Cantad al uno y trino DiosDesconocido (Author)2
Cantad alegres al Señor Mortales todos por doquierDesconocido (Author)1
Cantad, cantad, mortalesDesconocido (Author)1
Cantad al Señor un cántico nuevo (O sing to the Lord, O sing God a new song)Anonymous (Author)5
Cantamos tu prez, Creador poderosoDesconocido (Author)4
Cantaré la maravilla, que Jesús murío por míDesconocido (Translator)2
Cantaremos Los niñitos todosanónimo (Author)2
Canten a Dios con alegríadescon. (Author)2
Canto de alegría porque tengo amorAnonymous (Author)1
Caridad que á los mortalesAnonimo (Author)2
Cast thy bread upon the waters Thinking not 'tis thrown awayAnon. (Author)9
Cast thy burden on the Lord, Only lean upon His wordAnon. (Author)16
Cast thy burden on the Lord, Lean thou only on His wordUnknown (Author)3
Celebremos el amor de Diosdescon., s. 20 (Author)2
Celestial worlds, your Maker's nameAnonymous (Author)1
Cheer up, desponding soulUnknown (Author)1
Cheer up prohibition menAnon. (Author)1
Child Jesus comes from heavenly heightAnonymous (Translator)1
Children--can you tell us why Jesus came from heaven to die?Anon. (Author)1
Children, can you tell me whyAnon. (Author)2
Children, do you love each otherAnon. (Author)1
Children hear the melting storyAnon. (Author)1
Children, in years and knowledge youngAnon. (Author)1
Children of a freeborn raceAnon. (Author)1
Children of friendship and loveAnon. (Translator (stanza 1))1
Children, sing for gladnessAnon (Author)1
Children, to your Creator, GodAnon. (Author)1
Children, we should loveAnon. (Author)1
Choose I must, and soon must chooseAnonymous (Author)1
Christ, above all glory seatedAnonymous (Author)14
Christ alone is our salvationUnknown (Author)3
Christ, by heavenly hosts adoredAnon. (Author)2
Christ did for us his life resignAnon. (Author)1
Christ, enthroned in highest heavenAnonymous (Author)1
Christ for the world we sing!Anonymous (Author)1
Christ has no hands but our handsAnon. (Author)1
Christ in the night he was betrayed For us a plain example laidAnonymous (Author)1
Christ is arisen From the grave's dark prison (Polack)Unknown (Author)1
Christ is made the sure foundationAnonymous (Author)19
Christ is merciful and mildAnon. (Author)1
Christ is my sure DefenderAnon. (Author)2
Christ is our corner-stoneAnonymous (Author)15
Christ is our rock and our defenseAnon. (Author)1
Christ is risen from the dead, glory, hallelujah!Anonymous (Author)2
Christ is set on Zion's hillAnon. (Author)1
Christ, our King, to heaven ascendethAnon. (Author)1
Christ the Lord ascended to the Father, Alleluia!Anon. (Author)2
Christ, the Lord is risen today, Sons of men and angels sayAnon. (Author)5
Christ the Lord is risen today, Christians, haste your vows to payUnknown (Author)2
Christ the Lord to us saidAnonymous (Translator (Spanish))1
Christ the Savior has appearedAnon. (Author)2
Christ was born in Bethlehem. AlleluiaAnonymous (Author)4
Christ was born on Christmas day, Wreathe the holly, twine the hayAnon. (Author)1
Christe, du Lamm Gottes, Der du trägst die Sünd der WeltUnbekannt (Author)1
Christian children must be holyAnon. (Author)1
Christian! Dost Thou See ThemAnon. (Author)1
Christian, is life's morning cloudedAnon. (Author)2
Christian, see the orient morningAnon. (Author)2
Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er theeAnon. (Author)1
Christian, walk carefully, danger is nearUnknown (Author)2
Christian, when thy way seems darkestUnknown (Author)1
Christmas time is come againAnonymous (Author)1
Christus ist vom Tod erstandenUnbekannt (Author)2
Christus vincit, Christus regnatUnknown (Author)1
Cielo nuevo, tierra nueva ¿dónde vamos a vivir? (Heav'n and earth will be renewed and we will live forevermore!)Anónima (Author)2
Clay to clay, and dust to dustAnonymous (Author)17
Clearly in the east it shoneAnonymous (Author)1
Climb, climb up sunshine mountainUnknown (Author)1
Cling to the Mighty OneAnon. (Author)1
Clywf lais ynb galw arnaf fi o'r nefAnon. (Author)2
Cofia, f'enaid, gariad IesuAnon. (Translator (stanza 1))2
Cold was the night in winter wildAnonymous (Author)2
Come all who trust in Christ, the Lord, whoseAnon. (Author)1
Come, all ye people, bless our GodAnonymous (Author)1
Come, all ye saints of GodAnon. (Author)1
Come, all ye servants of the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Come all ye who ever have mercy obtainedAnon. (Author)2
Come and join us in our laborsAnon. (Author)1
Come and praise the Lord our Kingunknown (Author)1
Come, angels, seize your harps of goldAnon. (Author)2
Come at the morning hourAnon. (Author)8
Come away to the skiesAnonymous (Author)2
Come, be my heart's beloved guestAnonymous (Translator)2
Come brethren, don't grow wearyUnknown (Author)1
Come, children, and learn of the infinite graceAnon. (Author)1
Come, children, now I prayAnon. (Author)1
Come children, with singingAnonymous (Author)1
Come Christian brethren ere we partAnon. (Author)2
Come Christian children, come and raiseUnknown (Author)3
Come Christian youths and maidensAnon. (Author)1
Come, comrades dear, who love the LordAnon (Author)1
Come dearest Lord, and bless this dayAnon. (Author)1
Come dearest Lord, who reignest aboveAnon. (Author)2
Come, Desire of nations, comeAnon. (Author)1
Come, divine and peaceful guestAnon. (Author)1
Come forth, come forth, brave reapersAnon. (Author)1
Come, gentle peace, while shadows fallAnon. (Author)2
Come, guilty sinners, come and seeAnon. (Author)3
Come, heavy laden one, sighing for restUnknown (Author)1
Come hither, ye faithful, Triumphantly sing!Anon. (Author)6
Come Holy Ghost, and with thy sacred fireAuthor unknown (Author)1
Come Holy Ghost, Creator, come from thyAnonymous (Translator (from Latin))3
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come, And visit all the souls of ThineAnon. (Author)2
Come, Holy Ghost, in love, Shed on us from aboveUnknown (Author)6
Come Holy Ghost, my soul inspire, This one great giftAnon. (Author)1
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireAnonymous (Author)11
Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mindAnonymous (Author)8
Come, Holy Spirit, from on high; Baptizer of our spirits thouAnon. (Author)1
Come, Holy Spirit, God and LordAnonymous (Author)1
Come into his presence singing "Alleluia"Anonymous (Author)12
Come join, ye saints, with heart and voiceAnon. (Author)6
Come, join ye saintsAnon. (Author)1
Come let me love; or is my mind Anon. (Author)1
Come, let us adore Him! come bow at His feet!Anon (Author)2
Come, let us all unite to sing, God is loveAnon. (Author)12
Come, let us all unite to sing, Our God is loveAnon. (Author)1
Come, let us all unite to sing, God is loveAnon. (Author)4
Come, let us all with one accord Adore and magnify the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Come, let us join our songs of praise To our ascended PriestAnon. (Author)2
Come let us join our cheerful songsAnon. (Author)1
Come, let us join our notes of praiseAnon. (Author)1
Come, let us pray; 'tis sweet to feelAnon. (Author)8
Come, let us sing before the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Come, let us sing in joyful songUnknown (Author)2
Come, let us sing of a wonderful loveAnon. (Author)1
Come, let us sing unto the Lord New songs of praise with sweet accordAnonymous (Author)1
Come, let us worship and fall down before ChristAnonymous (Translator)2
Come, Lord, in mercy come againAnon. (Author)2
Come now, and lift up your hearts and singAnonymous (Author)2
Come, now is the time to worshipAnonymous (Translator)1
Come, O come with me where love is beamingAnon (Author)1
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, And in our hearts take up thy restAnonymous (Author)15
Come, O Creator Spirit, come, And make within our hearts thy homeanonymous (Author)1
Come, O my soul, in sacred laysAnonymous (Author)3
Come, O thou universal goodAnonymous (Author)2
Come on, my partners in distressAnon. (Author)1
다 나 의 서 노 래 하 자 (Come one and all, come join in song)Anonymous (Author)2
Come out, come out, this winter's dayAnon. (Author)1
Come, poor sinner, seek salvationAnon. (Author)1
Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measuresAnonymous (Author)1
Come, shepherds, come! shake off your sleepAnonymous (Translator (from German))4
O sing to me of heaven When I am called to dieAnon. (Author)3
Come, sinner, to the gospel feast, O come without delayUnknown (Author)2
Come, sinners, to the gospel feast, Let every soul be Jesus' guestAnonymous (Author)3
Come sinners, you whose hardened heartsAnon. (Author)1
Come, Spirit blest, Creator, comeAnon. (Translator)1
Come, blessed Spirit, source of lightAnon. (Author)4
Come tell abroad a Savior's loveAnon. (Author)1
"Come!" the Savior's voice is callingAnonymous (Author)3
Come, thou soul transforming SpiritAnon. (Author)6
Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to singAnonymous (Author)164
Come, thou Fount of every blessingAnonymous (Author (refrain))1
Come, Thou Holy ParacleteAnonymous (Author)1
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come!Anonymous (Author)1
Come, 'tis Jesus gently calling, Ye with careAnonymous (Author)5
Come to Jesus come away, Forsake thy sins - oh, why delay?Anon. (Author)6
Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus just nowUnknown (Author)25
Come to Jesus, come to JesusUnknown (Author)1
Come to Jesus, little one! Come to Jesus now!Anon. (Author)1
Come to Jesus, O my brothersAnonymous (Author)2
Come unto me, all ye that labor, all ye that labor and are heavy ladenAnon. (Author)1
Come to the ark, come to the arkAnon. (Author)2
Come to the blood stained treeAnon. (Author)1
Come to the land of peaceAnon. (Author)6
Come to the living waters, comeAnon. (Author)2
Come to the morning prayerAnonymous (Author)5
Come to the Savior, come to the Savior, Thou sin stricken offspring of manAnon (Author)1
Come unto me, all ye who mournAnon. (Author)1
Come unto me and I will give you restAnon. (Author)2
Come unto me when shadows darkly gatherAnonymous (Author)21
Come weary, anxious, laden soulAnon. (Author)1
Come who will, the voice from heavenAnonymous (Author)3
Come hither, ye children, O come one and allAnon. (Translator)5
Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languishAnon. (Author)1
Come, ye sinners, poor and needyAnonymous (Author (refrain))10
Come, ye souls by sin afflictedAnon. (Author)1
Come, ye that fear JehovahAnonymous (Author)1
Come, ye that fear the Lord, and hear what he has done for meAnonymous (Author)1
Come, ye that love the Lord indeed, Who are from sin and bondage freedUnknown (Author)2
Come, ye weary sinners, oppressedAnon. (Author)1
Coming Savior, now in faithAnon. (Author)1
Como el vasto firmamentoDesconocido (Author)2
Como ovejas celebramos, ¡Oh Jesús! tu gran favorDesconocido (Author)2
Compañeros en CristoAnonimo (Author)2
Complete in thee, no work of mineAnon. (Author)1
Con acentos de alegríaAnon. (Author)1
Con gozo cumplido diríjome a tiAnonimo (Author)1
Con gran gozo y placeranónimo (Author)1
Con gratitud, al celebrardesconocido (Author)2
Con qué pagaremos Desconocido (Author)5
Con qué pagaremos (How can we repay you)Anónima (Author)2
Confío yo en CristoDesconocido (Translator)3
Conquering kings their titles takeAnon. (Author)2
Contigo haz que yo quedeDesconocido (Author (stanzas 2-3))2
Convencido de mi culpadesconocido (Author)1
Corazones siempre alegresanónimo (Author)2
Cordero, que bajaste del cielodescon. (Author)2
Courage, my soul, while God is nearAnon. (Author)1
Create in me a clean heart, O God (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)4
Create in me, Lord, O God, a clean heartAnonymous (Author)2
Creator of the stars of nightAnon. (Author)5
Creator Spirit, by Whose aidAnonymous (Translator)4
Creo en Dios Padre Todopoderosodescon., s.4 (Author)1
Cristianos todos, a prepararseanónimo (Author)2
Cristo es la peña de Horeb que está brotandodescon. (Author)2
Cristo es la peña de Horeb, que está brotando (Christ is the Mountain of Horeb overflowing)Anónima (Author)2
Cristo es la peña de Horeb, que está brotando (Christ is the Mountain of Horeb which is flowingAnonymous (Author)4
Cristo está conmigo: ¡qué consolación!anónimo (Author)2
Cristo, fiel te quiero seranónimo (Author)1
Cristo guarda siempre, puedo en él confiardescon. (Author)2
¡Cristo Jesús resucitó! Cantar queremos en su honorAnon. (Translator)2
Cristo Jesús resucitó (Christ Jesus lives with pow'r to save)Anónima (Author)3
Cristo me ama, bien lo séDesconocido (Translator)4
Cristo é tudo para mim, é vida, paz e luzUnknown (Translator)2
¡Cristo vive! ya no másAnonimo (Author)1
Crown Him with many crownsAnonymous (Translator (sts. 1, 3-5))1
Crown his head with endless blessingAnon. (Author)1
Cruzando el mundo, triste y sedientoDesconocido (Author)2
Cuán bueno es Diosdescon. (Author)2
¡Cuán gloriosa será la mañanaanónimo (Author)1
Cuán profundo es tu amor (Lord, how deep is your love)Anónima (Author)2
¡Cuánta luz en noche oscura! Desconocido (Author)2
¡Cuánto me alegra que nuestro SeñorAnónimo (Translator)1
Cuando combatido por la adversidadanónimo (Translator)1
Cuando Cristo vino a mi corazóndescon. (Author)2
Cuando sientas que tu hermano necesita de tu amor (When our sisters or our brothers stand in need of loving care)Anónima (Author)2
Cuando te abrumen penas y dolorAnónimo (Translator)2
Stand up, stand up, for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross (Duffield)Anon. ((Cyf.))2
Débil soy tu fuerza es talAutor desconocido (Author)4
Dad loor a Dios, himnos elevadanónimo (Author)2
Daeth trwy Yr Iesu glân a'i ddwyfol glwy (More, more Of myriad blessings shall outpour)An. (Author)2
Daily, daily sing the praisesAnon. (Author)1
Daniel was a man of prayerUnknown (Author)2
Dark and thorny is the desert Through which pilgrims make their wayUnknown (Author)5
Dark was the night, and cold the groundUnknown (Author)3
Darkening night the land doth coverAnon. (Author)1
Darkly rose the guilty morningAnon. (Author)1
Das Land, wo Milch und Honig fliesstAnon. (Author)1
Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadnessAnon. (Author)19
Daughter of Zion, from the dustUnknown (Author)1
Daw plant y gaethglud adre (The captives' brighter morrow)Anonymous (Author (stanzas 1, 2))2
Dawning fair, morning wonderfulAnonymous (Author)2
Day by day we magnify theeUnknown (Author)3
Day is done, gone the sunAnon. (Author)2
Day of wonder, day of gladnessAnon. (Author)3
De mañana al despertarAnónimo (Translator)2
De mi tristeza y esclavitudAnónimo (Translator)2
De mil arpas y mil voces Desconocido (Translator)2
De quien obró mi redenciónanónimo (Author)2
De quien pagó mi redención, Podría siempre yo cantarAnónimo (Author)3
De rodillas partamos hoy el pandesconocido (Author)1
De todos bajo el gran solanónimo (Translator)2
Dear Father in heaven, Look down from aboveAnon. (Author)1
Dear Father, keep me through this dayAnonymous (Author)1
Dear friends, farewell, I do you tellUnknown (Author)1
Dear friends [brothers] [brethren], farewell, I do you tellUnknown (Author)1
Dear friends, the time is drawing nearUnknown (Author)2
Dear is the spot where Christians sleepAnon. (Author)4
Jesus, let thy pitying eyeAnon. (Author)1
Dear little one! how sweet thou art, Thine eyes how bright they shineAnonymous (Author)1
Dear Lord, amid the throng that pressedAnon. (Author)2
Dear Lord, how precious is Thy bloodAnonymous (Author)1
Dear lord, wilt Thou not help usUnknown (Author)2
Dear Master, in whose life I seeAnon. (Author)1
Dear people we have met todayAnonymous (Author)1
Dear Savior, if these lambs should strayAnon. (Author)1
Dear Savior, we would know thy love Which yet no measure knows;Anon. (Author)1
Dearest brother, thou hast left usUnknown (Author)1
Death has been here, and borne awayAnon. (Author)1
Death is no more among our foesAnon. (Author)2
Death shall not destroy my comfortAnon. (Author)1
Debo decir a Cristo mis pruebasAnónimo (Translator (v.1-3))2
Deceit and falsehood I abhorAnonymous (Author)1
Deep and wide, deep and wideAnon. (Author)2
Deep in the dust before thy throneAnon. (Author)1
Deep river, my home is over JordanAnonymous (Author)1
Defend me, Lord, from shame (Psalter, 1912)Anonymous (Author)2
Deffro, f'enaid, deffro'n ufuddAn. (Author (v. 2, 3))2
Dein wort, o Herr, bringt uns zusammenUnbekannt (Author)1
Del alba al despuntaranónimo (Translator)3
Del amor divino, ¿quién me apartará?anónimo (Author)1
Del culto el tiempo llega, Comienza la oraciónDesconocido (Author)3
Del mi tierno Salvadoranónimo (Translator)2
Del trono celestialDesconocido (Translator)2
Del trono santo en derredorDesconocido (Translator)2
Delay not, delay not: O sinner draw near; The waters of life are now flowing for thee!Anon. (Author)1
Delightful thought, that sinners may commune with GodAnon. (Author)1
Deliver me from evilAnonymous (Author)1
Demos gracias al Señor, demos graciasdescon. (Author)2
Den ljusa dag framgången ärAnonymous (Translator)2
Den signede Dag er os nu tedAnonymous (Translator)2
Den signede Dag, som vi nu ser Ned til os fra Himlen kommeUkjendt (Author)3
Den signede Dag, som vi nu ser, Med Blide til os opkommeAnonymous (Author)1
Den, som mig føder, det er Gud min HerreAnonymous (Translator (Norwegian))4
Depth of mercy! can there beAnon. (Author)1
Der erste Adam warUnbekannt (Author)1
Der heiland kommt! Lobsinget IhmUnbekannt (Author)1
There's a star in the East on Christmas mornAnonymous (Author)1
Des Morgens, wenn ich früh aussteh'Unbekannt (Author)1
Desde el cielo Cristo llamaDesconocido (Translator)1
Despierta, triste pecadorAnonimo (Author)2
Despues de esta frágil vidaAnonimo (Author)2
Det Forsæt, Gud, hos mig fornyAnonymous (Author)1
Det koster mer, end man fra først betænkerAnonymous (Author)2
Det snart forvist paa Tiden erUkj. (Translator (Dansk))4
Di' naskiĝis, forto falasAnonima (Translator)3
Dicha grande es la del hombreanónimo (Author)2
Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shameAnonymous (Author)1
Die Himmel und der himmel HerrUnbekannt (Author)1
Dies est laetitiaeAnonymous (Author)2
Dieu des moissons tu chantesauteur inconnu (Translator)2
Dig bede Børnen' dineAnonymous (Author)2
Worthy is Christ (Digno es Jesús)Anonymous (Author)1
Dio, pli apud Vin, pli apud Vin!diversaj (mozaiko) (Translator)3
Dios del cielo, clemente, benignoDesconocido (Author)2
Dios está aquíAutor desconocido (Author)3
Dios está aquí (God is here today, As certain as the air God gives for breathing)Anónima (Author)1
Dios nos ha dado promesaAnónimo (Translator)2
Dios os guarde siempre en santo amorDesconocido (Translator)2
Dios te bendiga, protección te déanónimo (Author)1
Dios te guarde hasta volverte a verAnónimo (Translator)2
Diris el la nokta hel'Esperantigita en NV (Translator)2
Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, Help us to feed upon Thy wordAnonymous (Author)1
Disowned of heaven, by man oppressedAnon. (Author)4
Dispela de, dispela de, Got i bin wokim, Got i bin wokimAnonymous (Adapter)2
É divina, sábia e pura a Palavra do SenhorUnknown (Author (sts. 1-2))2
Divino SalvadorDesconocido (Translator (stanzas 3-4))2
Do not I love thee, O my Lord?Anon. (Author)1
Do not say, O Christian reaperAnon. (Author)2
Do Thou direct Thy chariotUnknown (Translator)1
Do what is right; the day-dawn is breakingAnonymous (Author)1
Do ye, O men, speak righteousnessAnonymous (Author)1
Do you know how many starsUnknown (Translator (from German))1
Do you think that the Lord forgets youAnon. (Author)2
Do your best, and be not troubledAnon. (Author)2
Dommedag skal Tiden endeAnonymous (Translator)1
Dona nobis pacem (Canon)Unknown (Author)4
Don't! Don't you get wearyUnknown (Author)2
Don't forget there's a house to letAnon. (Author)1
Donu la manon, ĉar samas nia cel'Nekonata (Author)2
Doquier alumbre al astro solDesconocido (Translator (v. 1, 3, 5))2
Dost Thou, the High and Heavenly OneAnon. (Author)2
Dowch, dowch, o fawr i fânAn. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))1
Down from the splendor of his everlasting homeAnon. (Author)1
Down in the dumps I'll never goUnknown (Author)2
Down to the sacred waveAnon. (Author)1
Draw mi welaf ryfeddodau (Far I see the respendent wonders)An. (Author (stanza 1))2
Draw nigh and take the Body of the LordUnknown (Author)4
Drawing nearer every day, Nearer to the soul's sweet homeAnon. (Author)1
Dread Jehovah, God of nationsAnon. (Author)13
Drooping souls, no longer mournAnon. (Author)1
Du grosser ZionskoenigUnbekannt (Author)1
Du hellige Guds Kirke herUkj. (Author)1
Du hjertekjære Jesus Krist!Anonymous (Translator)1
Du livsens Brød, Immanuel!Ukj. (Translator)1
Du snöda verld farvälAnonymous (Translator)2
Du, som förhärdad gäckasAnonymous (Author)2
Dulce y bello es el mensajeanónimo (Coro, traductor)2
Dum nokt' silenta kantas la ĉiel'Anonima (Author)2
Dust to dust, the mortal diesAnonymous (Author)1
Dwelling together, how happy we shall beUnknown (Author)1
Dyre Jesus du har fr'lst migOkaend (Author)2
E ke 'Lii mana mauAnonymous, c. 1757 (Author)1
Earth is waking, day is breakingAnonymous (Author)5
Earth, with her ten thousand flowersUnknown (Author)2
Earth's busy sounds and ceaseless dinAnon. (Author)2
Earth's mighty Maker, whose commandAnonymous (Author)2
Easter day, glad Easter DayUnknown (Author)1
Easter day hath dawned againAnonymous (Author)1
Easter flowers are blooming brightAnon. (Author)1
Eat, drink, in memory of your FriendAnon. (Author)1
Ebenezer, God is with usAnon. (Author)1
Ego sum pauperAnonymous (Author)2
Ein hoffter a'n rhyfeddod yw (Our pleasure and our wonder are)An. (Author)2
El amor es comprensivo (Love is kind and understanding)Anónima (Author)3
El Dios de paz, el Verbo eternoAnonymous (Author)3
El Dios de paz, el Verbo eterno (Peace-giving God and Word eternal)Anónima (Author)3
El hombre de Galilea va pasando ya (Oh, Jesus from Galilee, see, he is passing by)Anónima (Author)2
El nombre de Jesús load y a su divina leyAnónimo (Translator)4
El Señor nos ama hoyAnónimo (Author)3
El Señor nos ama hoy (Christ our Lord has loved us more)Anónima (Author)2
El Señor resucitó (Jesus Christ is truly risen)Anónima (Author)3
Election, 'tis a joyful soundAnon. (Author)2
Immanuel, we sing Thy praiseUnknown (Translator)1
En Belén nació Jesús, Aleluyadescon. (Author)2
En Belén nació Jesus (Christ is born in Bethlehem)Anónima (Author)2
En betleĥema gastejo por Vi ekmankis la lokoAnonima (Author)2
En bova fojntrogo anstataŭ litet'Anonima (Author (vv. 1-2))3
En el curso de este díaDesconocido (Author)1
En el huerto, agonizanteDesconocido (Author)2
En el huerto, arrodilladoDesconocido (Author)2
En la cruz mirad clavadoDesconocido (Author)2
En la Iglesia la gloria es para éldescon. (Author)2
En la noche los pastores a sus ovejitas velananónimo (Author)1
En la vergonzosa cruzdescon. (Author)4
En las regiones inmaculadasAnonimo (Author)1
En los campos se ha escuchadoanónimo (Author)2
En momentos así levanto mi vozdesconocido (Translator)3
En pecado yo vivíadesconocido (Translator)3
En todo tiempo, mi buen SalvadorDesconocido (Translator)2
En tus afanes y en tu dolorAnónimo (Translator (v. 1, 2, 4))1
Enhver, som æder dette BrødAnonymous (Translator)3
Entonemos al SeñorDesconocido (Author)3
Entre el vaivén de la ciudadanónimo (Translator)2
Enviado soy de Dios, mi mano lista está (The Lord now sends us forth with hands to serve and give)Anonymous (Author)3
Sent by the Lord am I; My hands are ready now Anonymous (Author)3
Er mor chwerw dyfroedd MaraAn. (Author (stanza 2))2
Fierce raged the tempest over the deepAn. (Author)1
Ere another Sabbath's closeAnon. (Author)5
Ere mountains reared their forms sublimeAnonymous (Author)1
Ere to the world again we goAnon. (Author)9
Erhoere gn'dig unser FlehenUnbekannt (Author)1
Es Cristo mi amigoDesconocido (Translator (v.1-3))2
Es la vida de mi almaanónimo (Author)2
Escucha, ¡oh Dios! La oracióndesconocido (Translator)4
Escucha, ¡oh Dios!, nuestra oraciónDesconocido (Author)2
Escucha, O Cristo, la oracióndesconocido (Author)2
Espíritu de Dios, Llena mi vida (Come, Holy Spirit, come, Come fill my living)Anónima (Author)2
Espíritu de luz y amorDesconocido (Translator)4
Established in the highes heav'nsAnonymous (Author)1
Estamos aquídescon. (Author)2
Este niño bautizamos En tu nombreDesconocido (Author)2
Estoy listo si él me llama (If God calls me, I am ready)Anónima (Author)2
Estu bonvena, Krist' Sinjor'Anonima (Author)2
Et barn er født i BetlehemUkjendt (Translator)3
Et lidet barn saa lysteligUkj. (Translator)1
Et trin jeg atter har idagUkjendt (Translator)2
Eterna gloria al PadreAnonimo (Author)2
Eternal Father, thou hast madeAnon. (Author)1
Eternal Father, throned above, Thou fountain of redeeming loveAnon. (Author)1
Eternal God, our humbled soulsAnonymous (Author)1
Eternal Beam of light divineAnonymous (Author)1
Eternal Light, DivinityAnonymous (Author)1
Eternal Lord, from land to landUnknown (Author)4
Eternal Monarch, King most highAnonymous (Author)1
Eternal praises to the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Eternal Savior, God of loveAnon. (Author)2
Eternal Son of God, O thouUnknown (Translator)4
Eternal Spirit, God of TruthUnknown (Author)1
Eternal Spirit, heavenly DoveAnon. (Author)1
Eternal Spirit, Source of lightAnonymous (Author)1
Eternity! Eternity! How long art thou, Eternity! And yet to thee Time hastes awayAnonymous (Author)1
Eternity, time soon will endAnon. (Author)2
Eternity, where, it floats in the airAnon. (Author)3
Eu te amo, eu te amo, ó meu SalvadorAnonymous (Author)2
Even he, who lit the stars of oldAnonymous (Author)1
Ever patient, loving, meekAnonymous (Author)2
Everlasting arms of loveAnon. (Author)10
Everlasting glory unto Jesus beAnon. (Author)1
He's the Lily of the valleyAnon. (Author)1
Everything's alright in my Father's houseAnon. (Author)1
Ev'ry day He grows a little dearerUnknown (Author)2
Every little step I take My Savior knowsAnon. (Author)1
Everybody ought to know the wondrous love of JesusAnonymous (Author (Chorus))2
Exalt the Lord, his praise proclaimAnonymous (Author)1
Exalted Jesus, heavenly KingAnon. (Author)1
Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, Nor sense nor reason known Anon. (Author)2
Fader vor udi himmerigAnonymous (Translator)1
Fading, still fading, the last beam is shiningAnonymous (Author)16
Fain would I, Lord of graceAnonymous (Author)1
Faint not, Christian, though the roadAnon. (Author)3
Faint the earth, and parched with droughtAnonymous (Author)2
Fair are the feet that bring the newsAnon. (Author)2
Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all natureAnonymous (Translator)61
Fairest Lord Jesus, Lord of all creationAnonymous (Translator)4
Faith adds new charms to earthly blissAnonymous (Author)1
Faith, hope, and love now dwell on earthAnonymous (Author)1
Faith is a living pow'r from heav'nUnknown (Author)2
Faith is the Christian's propAnon. (Author)2
Faith is the polar starAnon. (Author)1
Faith is the Spirit's sweet controlAnon. (Author)1
Faith of our fathers, living stillUnknown (Author (st. 3))2
Faithful people now rejoiceAnonymous (Author)1
Fang' dein Werk mit Jesu an, Jesus hat's in HändenUnbekannt (Author)1
Far be sorrow, tears, and sighingAnonymous (Author)1
Far beyond the dark blue seaAnonymous (Author)3
Far, far away from my loving Fatheranonymous (Author)1
Far from Thy heavenly careAnonymous (Author)1
Farewell, dear friends, a long farewellAnonymous (Author)6
Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at handAnon. (Author)2
Farewell, my friends, I must be goneAnon. (Author)2
Farewell, vain world, I'm going home, My Savior smiles and bids me comeAnonymous (Author)1
Farewell, we meet no more Anon. (Author)1
Fast breaks the morn, all glorious appearingAnonymous (Author)1
Father, adored in worlds aboveAnonymous (Author)3
Father Almighty, bless us with thy blessingAnonymous (Author)1
Father, bless our school todayAnonymous (Author)3
Father, bless the gifts we bring theeUnknown (Author)3
Father, can a child like meUnknown (Author)1
Father, give thy benedictionAnon. (Author)4
Father, hear the prayer we offer! Not for ease that prayer shall beAnon. (Author)15
Father, hear us when we prayAnonymous (Author)2
Father, high in gloryAnon. (Author)2
Father, holy Father, Now the sun has comeAnon. (Author)3
Father, holy Guardian, in thy tender loveAnon. (Author)1
Father, I know that all my lifeAnonymous (Author)2
Father, I stretch my hands to theeUnknown (Author)1
Father in heaven, bless thy little childrenAnon. (Author)2
Father in heaven, thy sacred nameAnonymous (Author)1
Father, in thy presence nowAnonymous (Author)3
Father, lead me day by dayAnon. (Author)1
Father, let thy light divineAnon. (Author)1
Father, long before creationAnonymous (Author)4
Father, may we heed the messageAnon. (Author)1
Father most holy, merciful, and tenderAnon. (Author)3
Father of all, from whom we traceUnknown (Author)2
Father of all, Thy ears we blessUnknown (Author)1
Father of all, whose powerful voiceAnonymous (Author)1
Father of heaven, whose love profoundAnon. (Author)2
Father of love and powerUnknown (Author)1
Father of men, who can complainAnonymous (Author)1
Father of mercies, God of peaceAnonymous (Author)3
Father of mercies, when the day is dawningAnonymous (Author)4
Father of might, my bonds I feelAnonymous (Author)3
Father of spirits, nature's GodAnonymous (Author)1
Father, once more let grateful praiseAnonymous (Author)2
Father Supreme, thou high and holy OneAnonymous (Author)2
Father Supreme, whose wondrous loveAnon. (Author)1
Father, the watches of the night are o'erAnonymous (Author)1
Father, thou art gone to restAnonymous (Author)1
Father, thou art great and holyAnon. (Author)1
I know thy thoughts are peace toward meAnon. (Author)1
Father, to thee I come, Owning how weak I amAnon. (Author)3
Father, to thee my soul I liftUnknown (Author)2
Father, whate'er of earthly blissAnonymous (Author)1
¡Feliz el dia en que escogi servirte, mi Señor y Dios!anónimo (Coro)1
Fiercely came the tempest sweepingAnon. (Author)1
Hallelujah, hallelujah, finished is the battle nowUnknown (Author)3
Fire up! Fire up! Christian, fire upAnon. (Author)2
Firm in thy strong controlAnon (Author)1
Firme nas promessas do meu SalvadorUnknown (Translator)3
Flag of the free, fairest to seeAnon. (Author)2
Fling wide the gates! I hear the angels singingUnknown (Author)1
Fly away, pretty mothAnon. (Author)1
Follow me, the Master saidAnonymous (Author)12
Follow the path of JesusUnknown (Author)1
Soldiers of Christ, arise, And put your armor on; Strong in the strength which God suppliesAnonymous (Author)4
Following Jesus, ever day by dayUnknown (Author)1
Fools in their heart have saidAnonymous (Author)1
For all the little childrenAnon. (Author)1
For alting Brødre, falder nedUkjendt (Author)2
For autumn's golden days, joyUnknown (Author)1
For balmy sunshine, for nourishing rainAnon. (Author)1
For flowers that bloom about our feetUnknown (Author)1
For Folkene i Doedens NatUkjendt (Author)2
For health and strength and daily foodAuthor unknown (Author)2
For me to live is Christ; To die is endless gainAnon. (Author)4
For me to live is Jesus, To die is gain for meUnknown (Translator (st. 8))5
For mercies past, we praise thee, LordAnonymous (Author)4
For mother love and father careUnknown (Author)1
For my home and friends I thank theeAnonymous (Author)2
For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reapedAnon. (Author)1
For the longest dayUnknown (Author)2
For the mercies of the dayUnknown (Author)2
For thou, over all thy name, O LordAnonymous (Author)1
For what shall I praise thee, my God and my King?Anonymous (Author)3
Forever settled in the heavensAnonymous (Author)1
Forever trusting in the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Forgive me, God, for things I doAnonymous (Author (st. 3))1
Forgive us for thy mercy's sakeAnonymous (Author)1
Forsake me not, my God, Thou God of my salvationUnknown (Translator)3
Fount of everlasting loveAnon. (Author)1
Fountain of good, to own Thy loveArranged (Author)3
Fountain of grace, rich, full, and freeAnon. (Author)2
Fountain of mercy, God of loveAnonymous (Author)8
Fountain of love, of peace, of joyAnon. (Author)2
Fra Døde opstod den Herre KristAnonymous (Translator)1
Frequent the day of God returnsAnonymous (Author)1
Fret not thyself, nor envious be When wicked workers thou shalt seeAnonymous (Author)2
Freut euch des Herren allzumalUnbekannt (Author)1
From all that dwell below the skiesAnonymous (Author (st. 3-4))12
From church to church the bells' glad tidings run:Anonymous (Author)2
From days of early youth, O GodAnonymous (Author)1
From earliest dawn of lifeAnon. (Author)4
From east the sun in splendor dressedAnon. (Translator)1
From every earthly pleasureAnon. (Author)1
From every fear and doubt, O LordAnon. (Author)3
From glory unto glory!Anonymous (Author)2
From God the Father, virgin-bornAnonymous (Author)1
From Jerusalem to Jericho, along that lonely roadAnon (Author)2
From out the depths I cry to TheeAnonymous (Author)1
From the depths do I invoke TheeAnonymous (Author)1
From the depths my prayer ascendethAnonymous (Author)1
내 가 깊 은 곳 에 서 (From the depths, O Lord, I cry)Anonymous (Author)2
From the earliest dawn of lifeUnknown (Author)1
From the first dawn of infant lifeAnon. (Author)3
From the rising of the sun To the going down of the sameAnon. (Author)4
From the table now retiringAnonymous (Author)10
From thy broad Atlantic harborsAnon. (Author)1
From whence doth this union ariseAnon. (Author)1
From whence this fear and unbeliefAnon. (Author)1
Fryd dig, du Kristi brudUkjendt (Author)1
Fuente de la salvacionAnonimo (Author)3
Fuente de la vida eternaAnonimo (Author)1
Gabriel's message does awayAnonymous (Author)1
Gather around the Christmas tree! Gather around the Christmas tree!Unknown (Author)1
Gather them in, gather them in, Gather the children inAnon. (Author)1
Gbemi, gbemi Jesu (Lift me, lift me, Jesus)unknown (Yoruba) (Author)1
Geöffnet steht für mich ein ThorAnonymous (Translator)1
Gentle peace, from heaven descendedUnknown (Author)3
Gentle Virgin MotherAnon. (Author)2
Gently, gently kneel and prayAnonymous (Author)1
Gently, Lord, O gently lead us, Through this lonely vale of tearsAnon. (Author)5
Give as God hath given theeAnonymous (Author)1
Give ear, O earth, give earUnknown (Author)1
Give forth thine earnest cryAnon. (Author)1
Give me a heart like thine, Give me a heart like thineAnon. (Author)1
Give me a heart of calm reposeAnon. (Author)2
Give me a sober mindAnon. (Author)1
Give me joy in my heart, keep me praisingunknown (Author)3
Give me oil in my lamp, oil in my lampUnknown (Author)14
Give Me thy hand if thou would'st know the wayAnon. (Author)1
Give peace to every heart.Anon. (Author)3
Give, said the little streamAnon. (Author)2
Give thanks and praise to God aboveAnonymous (Author)1
Give thanks to God, for good is he: His love abides foreverAnonymous (Author)1
Give thanks unto the Lord, JehovahAnonymous (Author)4
Give to the Lord thine heartUnknown (Author)2
Give to the winds thy fearsAnonymous (Author)1
Give us room that we may dwellAnonymous (Author)1
Glad Christmas bells, your music tellsAnonymous (Author)1
Glad hymns and songs will I reciteUnknown (Author)1
Glad we welcome every brotherAnon. (Author)1
Gloire soit au Père (Glory be to the Father)Anonyme (Author)2
Gloria a Dios nuestro CreadorAnónimo (Author)3
Gloria al Padre, y al Hijoanónimo (Author)1
Gloria coma ken AmaAnonymous (Author)3
Gloria demos al Padre, al Hijodesconocido (Translator)5
Gloria sea a CristoDesconocido (Author)2
Gloria sea al Padre, Gloria al Hijoanónimo, siglo II (Author)2
Gloria sea al Padre, y al Hijoanónimo, siglo II (Author)1
Gloria y honor al Señor tributadAnonymous (Author (v. 2))2
Glory be to God on high, God whose glory fills the skies (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)2
Glory be to God the Father! Glory be to God the Son!Anon. (Author)1
Glory be to Jesus, Who in bitter painsAnon. (Author)3
Glory be to the Father and to the SonAnonymous (Author)26
Glory, glory be to Jesus, Glory to his precious nameAnon. (Author)3
Glory, glory everlasting Be to him who bore the corssAnonymous (Author)1
Glory, hallelujah, I shall not be movedAnon. (Author)2
Glory to God, glory to God, glory in the highest! (¡Gloria a Dios, Gloria a Dios, Gloria en los cielos!)Anon. (Author)2
Glory to God in the highest, and upon earth peaceUnknown (Author)2
Glory to God on high! Forever bless his nameAnonymous (Author)1
Glory to God on high! Let heaven and earth replyAnonymous (Author)3
Glory to God, who deigns to blessAnon. (Author)3
Glory to the blessed Jesus!Anonymous (Author)9
Go and tell Jesus, weary, sin-sick soulAnon. (Author)2
Go, bring me [them], said the dying fairAnon. (Author)1
Go bury thy sorrowAnon. (Author)2
Go forth to the mount, bring the olive branch homeAnonymous (Author)3
Go forth, ye heralds, in My NameAnon. (Author)2
Go in peace!--serene dismissionAnonymous (Author)4
Go preach the gospel, Jesus cries [cried]Anonymous (Author)1
Go teach the nations, and baptizeAnon. (Author)1
Go thou, in life's fair morningAnon. (Author)3
Go to the pillow of diseaseAnon. (Author)2
Go to thy rest in peace, And soft be thy reposeAnon. (Author)1
Go watch and pray, thou canst not tellAnon. (Author)1
Go, when the morning shinethAnonymous (Author)3
Go with thy servant, LordAnonymous (Author)3
Go, work in my vineyard, there's plenty to doAnon. (Author)4
God, be merciful to me, On Thy grace I rest my pleaAnonymous (Author)2
주 여 우 리 우 리 를 (God, be merciful to us)Anonymous (Author)2
God bless our native land! Firm may she ever standAnonymous (Author)4
God can see me every dayAnon. (Author)1
God cares for every little childAnon. (Author)1
God eternal, Lord of allAnonymous (Author)3
God eternal, mighty KingAnon. (Author)5
God forbid that I should gloryAnon. (Author)1
God grant a blessing on this landAnon. (Author)1
PrayersAnonymous (Author)13
God guards me, for my God is Love, Love divine (Elolo, nye Mawu elolo ŋutɔ)Anonymous (Author (Verse 1))2
God guards the good with watchful eyesAnonymous (Author)1
God has blotted them outAnon. (Author)5
God has said--"For ever blessed"Unknown (Author)6
God hath sent his angels to the earth againAnon. (Author)1
God is born, great powers trembleAnonymous (Translator)2
God is building a houseAnon. (Author)2
God is great, and God is good, And we thank Him for our foodAnonymous (Author)3
God is in His holy temple, Earthly thoughts be silent nowAnon. (Author)10
God is in his holy temple, Thoughts of earth, be silent nowAnonymous (Author)1
God is in his holy temple, All the earth, keep silence here!Anonymous (Author)5
God is king forever, let the nations trembleAnonymous (Author)1
God is known among his peopleAnonymous (Author)1
God is near thee, Therefore cheer theeAnon. (Author)1
God is our refuge and our strength, Our ever present aid (Psalter 1912)Anonymous (Author)1
God is our refuge, steadfast and unshakenAnon. (Author)1
God is so good, God is so goodAnonymous (Author)6
God is the fountain whence Ten thousand blessings flowUnknown (Author)5
God loved the world so that He gaveAnonymous (Cento)4
God loveth the righteous, His goodness is sureAnonymous (Author)1
God made the birds and flowersAnonymous (Author)2
God moves in a mysterious wayAnonymous (Translator)1
God never would send you the darknessUnknown (Author)1
God of all grace, Thy mercy sendAnonymous (Author)1
God of almighty loveAnonymous (Author)1
God of almighty power, How glorious are thy waysAnon. (Author)3
God of eternal love, Our FatherAnonymous (Author)1
God of every land and nationAnon. (Author)1
God of mercy and compassion, Look with pityAnon. (Author)3
God of my heart, Its earliest loveAnon. (Author)1
God of my life, thy boundless graceUnknown (Author)3
God of my life, to thee belongAnon. (Author)2
God of my life, to Thee I callUnknown (Author (st. 6))1
God of my life, whose gracious powerAnonymous (Author)1
God of my salvation, hearAnon. (Author)2
God of our boyhood, whom we yieldAnonymous (Author)3
God of our fathers, by Whose handAnonymous (Author)2
God of our fathers 'tis thy handAnonymous (Author)3
God of our salvation, Unto thee we prayAnonymous (Author)3
God of the prophets' powerAnonymous (Author)2
God of the universe, These sacred walls we rearAnon. (Author)1
God of the universe to theeAnon. (Author)2
God, our Father, made the nightUnknown (Author)1
God rest ye merry, gentlemenAnonymous (Author)2
God save our gracious kingAnonymous (Author)26
God saved His people from distressAnonymous (Author)1
God sent his Son to dieUnknown (Author)1
God the Father, be our StayAnonymous (Author)2
God the Father, God the Son (Pollock)Anonymous (Author)1
God the Father, God the WordAnonymous (Author)1
God, who omniscient artAnonymous (Author)1
God will our strength and refuge proveAnonymous (Author)1
God with us, O glorious name, Let it shine in endless fameAnon. (Author)1
Preserve me, God, I take refuge in youAnonymous (Author)1
Gode Gud, se til enhverUkjendt (Author)3
God's free mercy streamethAnon. (Author)1
God's holy law transgressedAnon. (Author)1
God's love is as high as the heavensAnonymous (Author)3
God's not dead; (No!) he is aliveUnknown (Author)3
God's trumpet wakes the slumbering worldAnon. (Author)1
Going down to the grave, with no hope in thy heartUnknown (Author)1
Good morning, brother pilgrim, What, marching [traveling] to ZionAnon. (Author)2
Gott, welch ein [welcher] Kampf in meiner SeeleUnbekannt (Author)1
Gottlob, die Krankheit ist bezwungenUnbekannt (Author)1
Gozo del mundo es el SeñorAnónimo (Translator)2
Grace and Truth Shall Mark the WayAnonymous (Author)1
Grace, when the sun is shining, LordAnon. (Author)3
Gracia admirable del Dios de amorDesconocido (Translator)2
Gracias damos, Señor, por el pandescon. (Author)2
Gracias por el amor del cieloanónimo (Author)2
Gracias por el amor del cielo (Thank you for sending love from heaven)Anónima (Author)3
Gracias quiero darte por amarme (Thank you, God most holy)Anónima (Author)2
Gracious Father, guard thy childrenAnon. (Author)3
Gracious Father, hear our prayer, While the shades are stealingUnknown (Author)2
Gracious Father, lend thine earAnon. (Author)1
Gracious God, my heart renewAnonymous (Author)1
Gracious God, our heavenly Father, meet and bless our schoolAnon. (Author)1
Gracious God, send down thy SpiritAnon. (Author)3
Gracious Lord, remember DavidAnonymous (Author)1
Gracious Savior, can it beAnon. (Author)2
Gracious Source of every blessingAnonymous (Author)1
Grande gozo hay en mi alma hoyAnónimo (Translator)3
Grandes y maravillosas son tus obrasDesconcido (Author)2
Grant us, God, the grace of givingAnonymous (Author)2
Grant us, Lord, the grace of givinganonymous (Author)1
Grata certeza, ¡soy de Jesús!Anónimo (Translator)2
Grateful hearts and cheerful voicesAnon. (Author)1
Grateful notes and numbers bringAnonymous (Author)1
Great and glorious Father, humbly we adore theeAnon. (Author)1
Great and so wonderful are all your workingsDesconcido (Author)2
Great Author of the immortal mindAnonymous (Author)1
Great Author of the world, I bowAnon. (Author)2
Great Giver of all goodAnon. (Author)1
Great Giver of all goodAnonymous (Author)2
Great God, and wilt thou condescendAnonymous (Author)3
Great God, as seasons disappearAnonymous (Author)2
Great God, at thy commandAnonymous (Author)3
Great God, at whose all-powerful callAnonymous (Author)9
Great God, before thy throne we bowAnonymous (Author)1
Great God in heaven, who by my bedAnon. (Author)1
Great God of nations, now to TheeAnon. (Author)6
Great God, our Father and our FriendUnknown (Author)2
Great God, our voice to thee we raiseAnonymous (Author)1
Great God, thou art a vast abyssAnon. (Author)1
Great God, we sing that mighty handAnon. (Author)1
Great God, we would to thee make knownAnon. (Author)1
Great God, wert thou extreme to markAnonymous (Author)1
Great God, what do I see and hear!Anonymous (Author (st. 1))16
Great God, when I approach thy throneUnknown (Author)5
Great God, who hast delivered usUnknown (Author)1
Great God, whose hand outpours the rillsAnon. (Author)2
Great God, with wonder and with praiseUnknown (Author)6
Great is he who's the King of kingsAnonymous (Author)2
Great Jehovah! God of nations!Anonymous (Author)1
Great Jehovah, we adore theeAnon. (Author)1
Great King of saints, enthroned on highUnknown (Author)1
Great One in Three, great Three in OneAnon. (Author)2
Great Redeemer, Friend of sinnersAnon. (Author)2
Great Ruler of the earth and skiesAnon. (Author)1
Great Savior, who didst condescendUnknown (Author)2
Great Shepherd of the sheepAnon. (Author)3
Great Shepherd who leadest Thy people in loveAnonymous (Author)1
Great Source of life and lightUnknown (Author)2
Great Sovereign of the earth and skyAnonymous (Author)1
Greatest of beings, source of lifeAnonymous (Author)1
Grows dark thy path before theeAnonymous (Author)2
Guard, my child, thy tongueAnon. (Author)4
Gud, dit Folk du vækkeUkjendt (Translator)3
Gud Faders Søn enbaarneAnonymous (Translator)3
Gud är vår starkhet och vårt stödAnonymous (Translator)1
Gud, som mig i kärlek kändeAnonymous (Author)1
Guddomsstraale, HimmellueAnonymous (Author)2
Guide me, O Thou great JehovahAnonymous (Translator (Spanish))1
Guide us, Lord, a pilgrim bandAnon. (Author)2
Guide us, Lord, while hand in handAnon. (Author)1
Gushing so bright in the mornning lightAnon. (Author)2
Hör ditt Sions bittra klaganAnonymous (Author)1
Ha pasado el díaDesconocido (Translator)2
Hacia Belén se encamina (Mary journeyed with her husband)Anónima (Author)3
Had I ten thousand gifts besideAnon. (Author)1
Had not the Lord been Israel's helpAnonymous (Author)1
Hail, all hail the joyful mornAnonymous (Author)2
Hail, gladdening Light, of His pure glory pouredAnonymous (Author)2
Hail, great Creator, wise and goodAnonymous (Author)6
Hail, holy Queen enthroned aboveAnon. (Translator)2
Hail, O star that pointestAnonymous (Author)1
Hail, peaceful hour, supremely blestAnonymous (Author)2
Hail, sacred truth, whose piercing raysAnon. (Author)1
Hail the cross of JesusAnon. (Author)1
Hail the day so rich in cheerUnknown, 15th century (Author)2
Hail the day that sees Him riseAnon. (Author)2
Hail the God of our salvationAnonymous (Author)2
Hail the gospel jubileeAnon. (Author)2
Hail, thou glorious Easter morningAnon. (Author)3
Hail, thou happy morn, so gloriousAnon. (Author)2
Hail, Thou once-despised Jesus!Unknown (Author)2
Hail, ye days of solemn meetingAnon. (Author)1
Hail! ye sighing sons of sorrowAnonymous (Author)2
Haleliwia! mawl i Dduw (Alleluia to our God)Anonymous (Author)2
Halelu', halelu'Anonymous (Author)2
Hallelu! Hallelu! Hallelu! Hallelujah! Praise ye the Lord!Unknown (Author)5
Alleluia, best and sweetestUnknown (Author)1
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In His temple God be praisedAnonymous (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah … He is coming soonAnon. (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, let the hymn of glory ringAnonymous (Author)3
Hallelujah, I'm walking with the KingUnknown (Author)2
哈利路亞,哈利路亞 (Hā lì lù yà, hā lì lù yà)Anonymous (Author)1
Hallelujah, let praises ringAnonymous (Author)3
Hallelujah, Lord, our voicesAnon. (Author)2
Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, O my soul, Jehovah praiseAnonymous (Author)1
Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, From the heavens praise His nameU. (Arranger)1
Hallelujah! raise the song, "Jesus Christ is risen:"Anonymous (Author)2
Hallowed Gethsemane, Once the Savior knelt in theeAnon. (Author)1
Lovely star in the skyUnknown (Translator (into Korean))1
Happy birthday to youAnonymous (Author)3
Happy now, happy nowUnknown (Author)2
Happy the home when God is there, And love fills every breastAnon. (Author)11
Happy the man who finds the graceAnonymous (Author)1
Happy the man, whose generous heartAnon. (Author)1
Happy the spirit released from its clayAnon. (Author)1
Hark! a thrilling voice is soundingAnon. (Author)4
Hark! a voice from heaven proclaimingAnon. (Author)1
Hark! for 'tis God's own Son that callsAnon. (Author)1
Hark! hark! hear the blest tidingsAnon (Author)1
Hark! Hark! Hear the glad tidingsAnon. (Author)2
Hark! hark the voice of praiseAnon. (Author)3
Hark! hark, what sounds are these so pleasingAnon. (Author)3
Hark! hear the sound on earth is foundAnonymous (Author)1
Hark! how the choral songs of heav'nAnon. (Author)2
Hark, how the gospel trumpet charms!Anonymous (Author)1
Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds, Christ and free grace therein aboundsAnon. (Author)1
Oft I hear hope sweetly singing, Softly in an undertoneUnknown (Author)3
Hark, it is the Savior's calling Little children, follow meAnon. (Author)1
Hark, listen to the trumpeters They call for volunteersAnon. (Author)1
Hark, the distant isles proclaimAnon. (Author)1
Hark, the herald angels say, Christ the Lord is risen todayAnon. (Author)2
Hark! the herald angels sing Glory to the new-born KingAnon. (Author)4
Hark, the lark is singingAnon. (Author)2
Hark, the merry, merry bellsAnonymous (Author)1
Hark, the Sabbath bells are ringing Let us haste without delayAnon. (Author)1
Hark, the Savior's voice from heavenAnon. (Author)2
Hark! the song of jubileeAnon. (Author)1
Hark, the sound of angel voicesAnon. (Author)3
Hark! the sound of holy voices, Chanting o'er the crystal seaAnon. (Author)1
Hark, the sounds melodiousAnonymous (Author)1
Hark! the trumpet, earth’s four regionsAnonymous (Author)2
Hark! the voice of Jesus crying, "Who will go and work today?"Unknown (Author (st. 3))4
Hark! the voice of love and mercyAnonymous (Author)3
Hark, the wail, the voice of anguishAnon. (Author)1
Hark, through the waking earthAnonymous (Author)2
Hark! 'tis our heavenly Leader's voice, From the bright realms aboveAnonymous (Author)1
Hark ’tis the trumpet’s sound!Anonymous (Author)2
Hark, 'tis the watchman's cryAnon. (Author)9
Hark, what celestial notesAnon. (Author)2
Hark, what music fills the skyAnon. (Author)2
Hark, what sounds are sweetly stealingAnonymous (Author)1
Hast du, o Seele, dir Jesus als Heiland erkorenUnbekannt (Author)2
Hast thou within a care so deepAnon. (Author)3
Now is the time approachingAnonymous (Author)1
Hath not thy heart within thee burnedAnonymous (Author)1
Have mercy on me, O my GodAnon. (Author)2
Have ye looked for my sheep in the desert, For those who have missed their wayUnknown (Author)1
Have you any room for Jesus, He who bore your load of sin?Anonymous (Author)1
Have you heard about the stoneAnon. (Author)2
Have you heard, have you heard of that sun-bright climeAnon. (Author)1
Hay momentos Que las palabras no me alcanzanDesconocido (Author)4
Hay momentos (There are times, Lord)Anónima (Author)2
Hay una fuente de amor divinoDesconocido (Author)3
Hay una fuente sin igual Anonymous (Translator)2
Hazme un instrumento de tu pazanónimo (Translator)1
He came in weakness, comes in powerAnonymous (Author)2
He decidido, seguir a CristoAnonymous (Author (v4,5))4
He gives me salvation, how good is the LordAnon (Author)2
He is coming, coming for usAnon. (Author)2
He is Lord, he is LordAnonymous (Author)17
He is not a disappointmentAnon. (Author)4
He is the King of KingsUnknown (Author)1
He knows the bitter, weary wayUnknown (Author)15
He leadeth me: O blessed thought!Anon. (Author)3
He lies mid the beasts of the stallAnonymous (Author)3
He paid a debt He did not oweUnknown (Author)2
He sendeth sun, he sendeth showerAnon. (Author)1
He stood in the midst of his chosenAnonymous (Author)1
He took my feet from the miry clayAnonymous (Author)1
He visto el fúlgido rayodescon. (Author)2
He waters the hills with rains from the skiesAnonymous (Author)1
He who himself and God would knowAnon. (Author)1
He, whose confession God of old acceptedAnonymous (Author)1
Hear, Father, hear our prayerAnonymous (Author)2
Hear, Lord, the voice of my complaintAnonymous (Author)1
Hear me, blessed Jesus, Bid all fear [fears] departAnonymous (Author)1
Hear, O Jesu [Jesus], Isr'l's ShepherdAnon. (Author)1
Hear our prayer, O Lord, Hear our prayer, O LordAnonymous (Author)5
Hear the pennies droppingUnknown (Author)1
Hear the royal proclamationAnon. (Author)1
Hear the royal summonsAnon. (Author)1
Hear the temperance call, freemenAnon. (Author)1
Hear this all ye people, hear, earth's inhabitantsAnonymous (Author)1
Hear us, heavenly Father, thou whose gentle careAnon. (Author)18
Hear us, our Father, we know thou wilt hear usAnonymous (Author)5
Hear what glorious song of angelsAnonymous (Author)2
Hear your country's call, freemen, one and allUnknown (Author)1
Hearken all, what holy singingUnknown (Author)2
주 예 수 에 은 혜 를 내 려 주 사 (Heart longings, Lord Jesus, I lift to the throne)Anonymous (Author)2
Hearts, like doors, unlockUnknown (Author)1
Hearts like doors will open with easeAnonymous (Author)2
Heaven is the land where troubles ceaseAnon. (Author)2
Heaven opened to Isaiah, showing him God's gloriousAnon. (Author)1
Heavenly Father, grant thy blessing On the teaching of this dayAnon. (Author)2
Heavenly Father let thy light breakAnon. (Author)3
Heavenly Father! Sovereign Lord! Be thy glorious name adored!Unknown (Author)3
Heavenly Father, sovereign Lord, ever faithful to thy wordAnonymous (Author)1
Heavenly Father, we appreciate YouAnonymous (Author)1
Heavenly Shepherd, true and holyAnon. (Author)1
Heavenly Spirit, may each heart through these sacredAnon. (Author)1
Heavenly Father we implore theeAnon. (Author)2
Heavy laden, sick with sinAnonymous (Alterer)1
Heed not the tempter's siren voiceAnonymous (Author)2
Heir of the Kingdom, O, why dost thou slumberAnon. (Author)3
Heirs of salvation, chosen of God, past condemnationAnon. (Author)1
Heirs of unending lifeAnon. (Author)9
Help us to feel for drunken manAnon. (Author)1
Hen afon yr IorddonenAnad. (Author)3
Here at the water's brink we areAnonymous (Author)1
Here, in this place of prayerAnonymous (Author)2
Here, in thy name, eternal GodAnon. (Author)1
Here in thy presence, gracious GodAnonymous (Author)1
Here let us see thy face, O LordAnon. (Author)2
Here, Lord of life and light, to TheeUnknown (Author)1
Here, O my God, I cast me at Thy feetAnonymous (Author)3
Here, O my God, low at Thy feet I bend meAnon. (Author)2
Here on earth, where foes surround usAnon. (Author)3
Here, Savior, we would comeAnonymous (Author)2
Here we come a-wassailingAnonymous (Author)1
Here we meet with joy togetherAnonymous (Author)1
Here's a hand to the fellow with courageAnon. (Author)1
Here's my heart, my loving JesusAnonymous (Author)2
Herr, deine Kirche danket dirAnonymous (Author)1
Herr, danke EvangelistenUnbekannt (Author)1
Herr Jesu, du regierstUnbekannt (Author)1
Herr, lenke unsre HerzenUnbekannt (Author)1
Herr, unser Gott, dich loben wir, Mit lautem PreisUnbekannt (Author)1
Herre, jeg hjertelig ønsker at fremme din ÆreAnonymous (Author)1
Herre, mägtig att befallaAnonymous (Author)1
He's a Friend of mine, He's a Friend of mineUnknown (Author)1
He's come! let every knee be bentUnknown (Author)1
He's coming back againUnknown (Author)2
He's got the whole world in his handsAnonymous (Author)3
He's here! Jesus Christ is here!Anonymous (Author)2
Heute, so ihr Gottes Stimme hoertUnbekannt (Author)1
High in yonder realms of lightAnon. (Author)1
High Word of God, who once didst comeAnonymous (Author)1
Higher, higher, higher,higherAnonymous (Author)3
Hilf, Herr, und lass gelingenUnbekannt (Author)1
Him eye to eye we there shall seeUnknown (Author)1
His are the thousand sparkling rillsUnknown (Author)1
His flock our Shepherd feedsUnknown (Author)1
His grace is like a riverUnknown (Author)2
His name is higher Than any otherAnon. (Author)2
His Name is Jesus, JesusAnonymous (Author)2
His saints shall live, and to the KingAnonymous (Author)1
His wide dominion shall extendAnonymous (Author)1
Hither, ye faithful, haste with songs of triumphAnon. (Author)4
Hjælp Gud, at jeg nu kundeUkjendt (Translator)3
Hjelp, Gud! de trogna äro fåAnonymous (Translator)1
Alleluia, song of gladness, Song [voice] of everlasting joyAnon. (Author)2
Ho anĝeloj, la Sinjoron adoradu en ĉiel'Anon. (Author)9
Ho, ho, ho, hosannaUnknown (Author)2
Ho Jesuo, Ĉu mi diru, kion mi sentas?Anonymous (Author)2
Ho paŝtistoj ĉi, kion vidis vi?Esperantiginto nekonata (Translator)2
Ho Sankta Kap', kronitaDiversaj (Translator)1
Ho sankta nokto!Diversaj (Other translators into English)1
Ho venu vi, Imanuel'!Anonima, 13a jc. aŭ pli frue (Author)2
Ho ye that thirst approach the spring Where living waters flowAnon. (Author)1
Hodiaŭ, jen naskiĝis infano de renom'Anonima (Author)2
Holiest source of consolationUnknown ()1
Holy and reverend is the nameAnonymous (Author)3
Holy as thou, O Lord, is none!Anonymous (Author)1
Holy Bible, book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mineAnon. (Author)7
Holy Father, heavenly KingAnon. (Author)1
Holy Father, holy Son, Holy Spirit, Three in OneAnon. (Author)3
Holy Father, send thy blessingUnknown (Author)4
Holy Father, thou hast taught meAnon. (Author)18
Holy Father, we adore thee, and all honorAnon. (Author)2
Holy Ghost, Comforter, Spirit of love divineAnon. (Author)5
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadnessAnon. (Author)2
Holy Ghost! my Comforter!Anon. (Translator)3
Holy Ghost, thou Source of lightAnon. (Author)1
Holy God, my Maker, I belong to theeAnon. (Author)1
Holy God, we praise Thy NameUnknown (Author)3
Holy, holy, holy, Holy is the Lord; Heav'n and earthUnknown (Author)2
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord; Holy is the Lord God almighty!Anonymous (Author)5
Holy, holy, holy Lord! Be thy glorious name adoredAnon. (Author)4
Holy, holy, holy, Lord, In the highest heavens adoredAnon. (Author)1
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to comeAnonymous (Author)1
Holy is the seed timeAnon. (Author)1
Holy Jesus, by thy passionAnon. (Author)1
Holy Lord, Holy Lord, Holy and Almighty LordAnonymous (Author)1
Holy patron, thee salutingAnon. (Author)2
Holy Source of consolationAnon. (Author)5
Holy Spirit, come and shineAnonymous (Author)1
Holy Spirit, faithful Guide, Ever near the Christian's sideAnon. (Author)4
Holy Spirit, fill our heartsAnonymous (Author)3
Holy Spirit, gift bestowerUnknown (Author)2
Holy Ghost, with light divineAnon. (Author)1
Holy Spirit, Lord of light, From Thy clear celestial height (Caswall)Anonymous (Author)1
Holy Spirit, Source of gladness, shine amid the clouds of nightAnonymous (Author)4
Holy Spirit, Source of gladness! Come with all thy radiance brightAnon. (Author)5
Honor and glory, power and salvationAnonymous (Author)1
Honor and glory, thanksgiving and praiseAnonymous (Author)1
Ho'ola naniAnonymous (Author)2
Hosanna be our cheerful songAnon. (Author)1
¡Hosanna, hosanna al Hijo de David! (Hosanna, hosanna to royal David's Son)Anónima (Author)2
Hosanna to Jesus, I am filled with his praisesAnon. (Author)2
Hosanna to Jesus on high, Another has entered his restUnknown (Author)2
How blest are they who striveAnon. (Author)1
How blest is he whose tranquil mindAnonymous (Author)8
How blest is he whose trespassAnonymous (Author)1
How blest is life if lived for theeAnonymous (Author)2
How blest are those who fear the LORDAnonymous (Author)1
How blest the man who thoughtfullyAnonymous (Author)1
How blest the perfect in the wayAnonymous (Author)1
How blest was that life once lived upon earthAnonymous (Author)2
How blest was the life once lived upon earthAnonymous (Author)1
How bright that blessed hopeUnknown (Author)1
How bright these glorious spirits shine!Anonymous (Author)1
How can a child be savedAnon. (Author)1
How can I say thanks for the things you have done for meAnonymous (Translator)1
How can I vent my griefAnon. (Author)1
How cheering is the Christian's hopeAnon. (Author)4
How cheering the thought, that the spirits in bliissAnon. (Author)1
How dear is the thought that the angels of GodAnonymous (Author)4
How dear to me, o Lord of hostsAnonymous (Author)1
How dear to us, O God, Thou art!An. (Author)2
How far beyond our mortal sight The Lord of glory dwellsAnon. (Author)1
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordAnonymous (Author)5
How frail are these bodies of clayAnonymous (Author)2
This God is the God we adoreAnon. (Author)2
How good it is to thank the Lord, And praise to thee, Most High, accordAnonymous (Author)1
How great is our GodAnon. (Author)2
How great the goodness kept in storeAnonymous (Author)1
How happy is the Christian's stateUnknown (Author)2
How sweet is the Bible! how pure is the lightAnon. (Author)3
How I love Thy law, O LordAnonymous (Author)1
How I wish I could tell it, what Jesus did for meAuthor unknown (Author)2
How long, O Lord, our GodAnon. (Author)1
How long, O Lord our SaviorAnon. (Author)1
How long shall Afric's sonsAnon. (Author)1
How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord, Thou God of graceAnonymous (Author)1
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord Shall it forever beAnonymous (Author)1
How lost was my conditionUnknown (Author)5
How lovely is thy dwelling-place, O Lord of hosts, to me (Scottish Psalter, 1650)Anonymous (Author)1
How lovely, Lord of hosts, to meAnonymous (Author)1
How lovely on the mountains are the feet of himUnknown (Author (vs. 2-4_)1
How loving is Jesus, Who came from the skyAnon. (Author)3
How many times, discouragedAnon. (Author)2
How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Of youthful emotions and innocent joyAnon. (Author)4
How pleasant and how good it isAnonymous (Author)1
How pleasant thus to dwell belowUnknown (Author)2
How pleasing, Lord, to seeAnonymous (Author)2
How precious is the book divineAnonymous (Author)1
How precious is the name, brethren singAnon. (Author)1
How rest the saints in Christ, who sleepAnon. (Author)1
How sad's my state, I know not howAnon. (Author)2
How sang the heavenly armyAnonymous (Author)1
How shall the young direct their wayAnonymous (Author)1
How solemn are the words, And yet to faith how plainAnon. (Author)5
How solemn the signal I hearAnon. (Author)1
How splendid shines the morning starAnon. (Translator (v. 1))1
How still and peaceful is the grave!Anon. (Author)3
How strong and sweet my Father's careAnonymous (Author)9
How sweet and aweful is the placeAnon. (Author)1
How sweet are the tidings that greet the pilgrim's earAnon. (Author)4
How sweet, how calm this Sabbath mornAnon. (Author)6
How sweet and heavenly is the sightUnknown (Author)1
How sweet is the Sabbath, the season of restAnon. (Author)1
How sweet the gospel trumpet soundsAnon. (Author)1
How sweet the melting layAnon. (Author)3
How sweet to be allowed to prayUnknown (Author)4
How sweet to bless the LordAnonymous (Author)1
How sweet to reflect on the joys that await meAnon. (Author)2
How sweetly fall those simple wordsAnon. (Author)1
How vain is all beneath the skiesAnon. (Author)1
How vast, how full, how freeAnon. (Author)1
How wondrous is this frameAnon. (Author)1
How wondrous that manner of loveAnon. (Author)1
How wondrous was the burning zealUnknown (Author)1
Hoy en gloria celestialdescon. (Author)2
Hoy es día de reposoAnonimo (Author)1
Hoy perdóname (Mercy, Lord, we pray)Anónima (Author)3
Humble praises, holy JesusAnonymous (Author)4
Hungry, and faint and poorUnknown (Author)4
Hush, hush, hush, Behold the wondrous lightAnon. (Author)1
Hush, little Jesus boy, hallalujahAnon. (Author)1
Hvad kan os komme til for NødUkj. (Translator)3
Hvad min gud vill, det alltid skerAnonymous (Translator)1
Hver mand skal tage vel i AgtAnonymous (Author)1
Hvi kvider Kjød og Blod sig saaAnonymous (Author)2
Hvilken kärlek oss bevisad!Anonymous (Author)1
I always go to JesusAnon. (Author)2
I am a little gleaner among the harvestsAnon. (Author)1
I am coming to the cross; I am poor, and weak, and blindAnon. (Author)1
I am drinking at the fountainAnon (Author)1
I am dwelling on the mountain, Where the golden sunlight gleamsAnonymous (Author)30
I am Jesus' little lamb, Ever glad at heart I amAnonymous (Translator)1
I am just a lonesome trav'lerUnknown (Author)2
I am on a shining pathwayAnon. (Author)1
I am satisfied with Jesus, every day and every hourAnonymous (Author)2
I am the bread of life, They who come to me shall not hungerUnknown (Translator (Spanish))4
I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, Our blessed Master saidAnon. (Author)5
I am walking in the lightAnon. (Author)1
I am weak, but thou art strongAnonymous (Author)32
I am weary, I am weary of the cares and toils of lifeAnon. (Author)1
I am weary of my sinAnon. (Author)1
I asked the New Year for some motto sweetAnon. (Author)3
I believe in God the Father, Maker of the heaven and earthAnonymous (Versifier)4
I believe in God the Father almightyAnonymous (Versifier)1
I bless thee, Lord, for sorrows sentAnon. (Author)4
I can hear my Savior calling, I can hear my Savior calingAnon. (Author)2
I can see beyond the riverAnon. (Author)1
I cannot always see the way that leads to heights aboveUnknown (Author)1
I cannot always trace the way, Where thou, Almighty One, dost moveAnon. (Author)10
I cannot tell, I do not know, What in the futureAnon. (Author)1
I constant care will takeAnonymous (Author)1
I cried to God in my distressAnonymous (Author)1
I Dag er Naadens Tid, I Dag er Gud at findaAnonymous (Author)2
I do not stand on shifting sandUnknown (Author)2
I dreamed that the great judgment morning Had dawned, and the trumpet had blownAnon. (Author)1
I dreamed that the great judgment morning (Winsett)Anon. (Author)1
I entered once a home of careSelected (Author)3
I feel the winds of God todayAnonymous (Author)3
I find myself placed in a state of probationAnonymous (Author)1
I give my heart to Thee, O Jesus most desiredAnonymous (Author)2
I got shoes, you got-a shoesUnknown (Author)1
I graciously will teach theeAnonymous (Author)1
I greet Thee, who my sure Redeemer artanonymous (French) (Author)1
I had so many sins and he took them all awayAnon. (Author)1
I have a Friend, an everlasting FriendAnon. (Author)1
I have a Friend so precious, So very dear to meAnon. (Author)4
I have a treasure which I prizeUnknown (Author)1
I have a wonderful treasure, the gift of God without measureAnon. (Author)2
I have decided to follow JesusAnonymous (Author)14
I have enough, for Christ is mineAnonymous (Author)2
I have given up all for Jesus this vainAnonymous (Author)1
I have heard of a Savior's love, And a wonderful love it must beAnon. (Author)3
I have known a life of sorrowAnon. (Author)3
I have sought round the verdant earthAnon. (Author)1
I have treasures laid up in the city of GodAnon. (Author)1
I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and restAnonymous (Translator)3
I hear it singing, singing sweetlyAnon. (Author)1
I hear my blessed Savior say, follow meUnknown (Author)1
I hear my dying Savior sayAnon. (Author)1
I Herrans namn far jag åstadAnonymous (Translator (st. 4))1
I hoppet sig min frälsta själAnonymous (Translator)1
I Jesus søger jeg min fredUkj. (Author)1
I journey forth rejoicingUnknown (Author)1
I just begin to seeAnon. (Author)2
I know a soul that is steeped in sinUnknown (Author)1
I know not if he comes at eveAnon. (Author)1
I know not where, beneath, aboveAnon. (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer lives, Oh, how He loves!Anonymous (Author)1
I know that my Redeemer lives, He lives, and on the earth shall standAnon. (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer lives, What comfort this sweet sentence givesAnonymous (Author (refrain))2
I know the Lord will make a way for meUnknown (Author)3
Languish for a sightAnon. (Author)2
I lay me down to sleep with neither thought nor careAnon. (Author)2
I leave the world, its boasted storeUnknown (Author)1
I long to see the season come When sinners shall come flocking homeAnon. (Author)1
I look not back, God knows the fruitless effortsAnon. (Author)2
I look to Jesus, and the faceAnon. (Author)1
I looked upon the righteous manAnon. (Author)7
I love the Lord, for my requestUnknown (Author)1
I love the Lord, his strength is mineAnonymous (Author)1
I love the Lord who heard my cry And granted my requestAnonymous (Author)1
I love the name of Jesus (Miller)Anon. (Author)2
I love the sacred book of GodAnon. (Author)1
I love thee, O my Lord, my mightAnonymous (Author)1
I love to sing of Jesus, the story all so trueAnon. (Author)1
I love to sing of that great Power That made the earth and seaAnon. (Author)3
I love to think of my home aboveUnknown (Author)1
I love Thee, I love Thee, I love Thee, my LordAnonymous (Author)9
I may never march in the infantryUnknown (Author)1
I must be watchfulUnknown (Author)1
I need thee, precious Jesus, For I am full of sinAnon. (Author)1
I often think of heathen landsAnon. (Author)1
I once was a stranger to grace and to God Anon. (Author)1
I ought to love my Savior, no earthly friendAnon. (Author)6
I prægtige Himle og Jorden tilligeUkj. (Author)1
I saw a blood washed pilgrim, a sinner saved by graceAnon (Author)1
I saw a happy pilgrim in shining garments cladAnon. (Author)2
I saw a mighty angel flyAnon. (Author)1
I saw a wayworn travelerAnon. (Author)3
I saw beyond the tombAnon. (Author)1
I saw him kneel in calm despairAnon. (Author)1
I saw the cross of JesusAnon. (Author)6
I saw three ships come sailing inAnonymous (Author)3
I shall lead you with mine eyesAnonymous (Author)2
I sing as I arise todayAnon. (Author (st. 1, 2))3
I sometimes feel the thread of life is slenderUnknown (Author)1
I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewAnonymous (Author)39
I stand amazed in the presenceanonymous (Author (St. 4))1
I stood beside a dying bedAnon. (Author)1
I think not of the starry crownAnon. (Author)1
I think when I read that sweet story of old (Luke)Unknown (Author)1
I thought upon the days of oldAnonymous (Author)1
I to the hills will lift my eyes; From whence shall come my aid?Anonymous (Author)1
I travel all the irksome nightAnon. (Author)1
I used to think that CanaanAnon. (Author)1
I waited for the Lord Most HghAnonymous (Author)1
I waited for the Lord my God, And patiently did bearUnknown (Author)1
I waited for the Lord my God, Yea, patiently drew nearAnonymous (Author)1
I wake in the morning earlyAnonymous (Author)2
I walked through the woodland meadowsAnon. (Author)2
I want a sober mindAnonymous (Author)3
I want, dear Lord, a heart that's true and cleanAnon. (Author (st. 1-3))2
I want Jesus to walk with meAnonymous (Author)1
I want no other argumentUnknown (Author)2
I want to be like Jesus, so lowly and so meekAnon. (Author)3
I will extol Thee, O my God, And praise Thee, O my KingAnonymous (Author)1
I will follow Thee, my Savior, Wheresoe'er my lot may beAnon. (Author)2
I will leave my Jesus neverUnknown (Translator)2
I will make you fishers of menAnon. (Author)1
I will never, never leave theeAnon. (Author)3
I will rejoice in You and be gladAnon (Author)2
I will sing for Jesus, With his blood he bought meAnon. (Author)1
I will sing of my Redeemer And his wondrous love for meAnon. (Author)1
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord foreverAnon. (Author)2
I will sing unto the LORD, for he has triumphed gloriouslyAnon. (Author)1
I will sing you a song of that beautiful landUnknown (Author)2
I would a youthful pilgrim beAnon. (Author)1
I would be thine, O take my heartAnon. (Author)1
I would be true, for there are those who trust meUnknown (Author)2
I would commune with thee, my GodUnknown (Author)2
I would not have my life go onAnon. (Author)2
I would not live alway: I ask not to stayAnonymous (Author)1
Ich sehne mich nach DirUnbekannt (Author)1
Ich weiß eine liebe KapelleAnon. (Author)1
Iesu Grist o'r nef a ddaeth - Haleliwia! I GalfariaAnad. (Author (stanza 3))1
If a task is once begunUnknown (Author)1
If angels sung a Savior's birthAnonymous (Author)3
Early to bed, and early to riseAnon. (Author)1
If God Himself be for meUnknown (Translator (st. 4-5))1
If high or low our station beAnonymous (Author)1
If I could only surely knowAnon. (Author)1
If on our daily course our mindAnon. (Author)1
If Providence, to try my heartAnonymous (Author)1
If the Spirit of the Lord moves in my soulAnonymous (Author)2
If on a quiet seaAnon. (Author)3
If Thy beloved Son, O GodUnknown (Author (st. 5))2
If 'tis sweet to mingle whereAnon. (Author)4
If we could see beyond today, As God can seeAnonymous (Author)3
If we could, if we could knowAnon. (Author)1
If we have forgotten the name of our GodAnonymous (Author)1
If you hear a kind word spokenUnknown (Author)1
If you miss me singing down hereUnknown (Author)2
If you're in the battle for the Lord and rightUnknown (Author)1
Iglesia de Cristo, tu santa misiónanónimo (Author)3
Ihr Waisen! weinet nichtUnbekannt (Author)1
I'll be true, Lord, to TheeUnknown (Author)1
I'll be true, precious JesusAnonymous (Author)1
I'll blow the gospel trumpetUnknown (Author)2
Ilumina, Luz divinaanónimo (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger, I can tarry, I can tarry but a nightAnon. (Author)4
I am a poor wayfaring strangerAnon (Author)1
I'm asked to help when I want to playUnknown (Author)2
I'm behind the times, well perhaps it is trueAnon. (Author)1
I'm but a little child, mammaAnonymous (Author)2
I'm glad salvation's freeAnon. (Author)1
I am glad that I was born to die, From grief and woe my soul shall flyAnon. (Author)1
I'm going higher, yes higher somedayU. K. Nown (Author)2
I'm going up, up, upUnknown (Author)1
I'm inright, outright, upright, downright happy all the timeUnknown (Author)2
I'm on the faith line, the good old faith lineUnknown (Author)1
I'm sometimes up and sometimes down, He took my feel out of the mire and clayUnknown (Author)1
I'm thine, O Lord, and thine aloneAnon. (Author)3
I'm up, right in, right out, right down, right happy all the timeUnknown (Author)1
Immaculate Mary, thy praises we singAnon. (Author (vss. 2-4))4
Immanuel, sunk with dreadful woeAnonymous (Author)1
Imploramos tu presenciaanónimo (Author)1
Imposture shrinks from lightAnon. (Author)1
In a lonely churchyard, many miles awayUnknown (Author)3
In a manger laid so lowlyAnonymous (Author)1
In all my ways, O GodUnknown (Author)3
In Bethlehem, the lowlyAnon. (Author)1
In Christ I've all my soul's desireAnon. (Author)2
In Christ my Saviour's wounds secureAnonymous (Translator)2
In country or village, in alley or streetAnon. (Author)1
In dulĉi jubilo', nun kantu ni kun ĝojoAnonima, ca. 14th century (Author)2
In dulci jubilo, (gajege kantu do)Anonima, 14th century (Author)1
In every trouble, sharp and strongUnknown (Author)2
In every trying hourAnon. (Author)5
In every town and city, some people can be foundAnon. (Author (v. 1-3))1
She only touched the hem of his garmentAnonymous (Alterer)1
In full assurance of Thy graceAnonymous (Author)1
In God, my Savior, I put my trust aloneAnon. (Author)1
In God we trust, with all our heart and soulAnonymous (Author)3
In God will I trust, though my counselors sayAnonymous (Author)1
In God's name let us on our way!Anon. (Author)2
In God's own house, by silent nightAnon. (Author)1
In heaven and in our hearts he livethAnonymous (Author)1
In his love abiding, wait on the LordAnonymous (Author)1
In Jesus I find rest and peaceUnknown (Author)3
In lowering gloom and cloudinessAnonymous (Author)2
In memory of the Savior's loveUnknown (Author)6
In my heart, in my heart, Send a great revivalAnon. (Author)6
In one fraternal bond of loveAnon. (Author)4
In seasons of grief to my God I'll repairAnon. (Author)1
In secret paths, God leads us onAnon. (Author)1
In Sharon's lovely RoseAnon. (Author)2
In sweet communion, Lord, with TheeAnonymous (Author)1
In that glorious dayAnon. (Author)1
In that world of ancient storyAnon. (Author)1
In the broad fields of heavenAnonymous (Author)9
In the Christian's home in gloryAnon. (Author)1
In the early morning, with the sun's first raysAnon. (Author)1
In the early morning, Ere the darkness clearsAnonymous (Author)1
In the furrows of thy life, scatter seedX. X. X. (Author)2
In the harbor safe at homeAnon. (Author)1
In the heavens the Lord Almighty Fixed His everlasting throneAnonymous (Author)1
In the hour of deepest sorrowAnon. (Author)1
In the name of God advancingAnon. (Author)1
In the name of Jesus, in the name of JesusAnon (Author)1
In the resurrectionUnknown (Author)2
In the Savior's hour of deathAnonymous (Author)1
In the secret of his presence how my soul delights to hideAnon. (Author)1
In the shadow of the rock Let me restAnon. (Author)1
In the silence of that night so brightUnknown (Translator (from Polish))2
In the still air the music lies unheardAnon. (Author)1
In the sweet bye and byeUnknown (Author)2
In the sweet season of thy youthAnon. (Author)2
In the town of BethlehemAnon. (Author)1
In the vineyard of our FatherAnon. (Author)1
In the wintry heavenAnonymous (Author)2
In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust; Shamed never let me be (Psalter 1912)Anonymous (Author)1
In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust, I call upon Thy nameAnonymous (Author)1
In Thee, Lord, have I put my trustAnonymous (Author)1
In Thy heritage the heathenAnonymous (Author)1
In thy rebuke, all gracious GodAnon. (Author)1
In thy wrath and hot displeasureAnonymous (Author)1
In trouble and in grief, O GodAnonymous (Author)5
In us the hope of gloryUnknown (Author)2
In vain men talk of living faithAnon. (Author)1
In vain opposing nations rageAnon. (Author)2
In vision to His saints God spakeAnonymous (Author)1
Incierta es del mortal la suerteDesconocido (Translator)1
Increase our faith, beloved LordAnon. (Author)2
Indulgent Father, by whose careAnon. (Author)1
Indulgent God, whose bounteous careAnonymous (Author)10
Indulgent Lord, thy goodness reignsAnonymous (Author)1
Inmensa y sin igual piedadDesconocido (Translator)2
Inquiring souls, who long to findAnon. (Author)4
Inscribed upon the cross we seeAnon. (Author)4
Inspirer of the ancient seersAnonymous (Author)2
Intemperance, like a raging floodAnon. (Author)3
Into my heartAnon. (Author (st. 2))3
Is it a thing so smallUnknown (Author)1
Is it thy will that I should be buried in symbolAnon. (Author)1
Is there a God, yon rising sunAnonymous (Author)2
Is this thy time of troubleAnon. (Author)1
Is thy soul the Savior seekingAnon. (Author)1
Isles of the south, awakeAnon. (Author)3
Isn't He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful?Anonymous (Author)1
"It is finished!" Shall we raiseAnon. (Author)3
It is good to sing Thy praisesAnonymous (Author)1
It is just a step to JesusAnon. (Author)1
It is not for thy golden streetsUnknown (Author)2
It is only a step into CanaanAnonymous (Author)3
It is the hour of prayerAnonymous (Author)7
It is time to be brave, It is time to be trueUnknown (Author)2
It may be far, it may be nearAnon. (Author)3
It was good for our mothersAnon. (Author)29
It's a grand thing to be a Christian, It's a grand thing to be a ChristianUnknown (Author)1
I've a long time heard that there will be a judgmentAnonymous (Author)1
I've been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)2
I've been sitting by the hillsideAnon. (Author)1
I have found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to meAnon. (Author)3
I've found a Friend; O such a Friend!Anon. (Author)11
I've got peace like a riverAnonymous (Author)1
I've seen the lightning flashingAnonymous (Author)10
I've tried in vain a thousand waysAnon. (Author)2
Jamás, jamás mis pecados contarádescon. (Author)2
Jeg beder dig, Fader i HimmerigAnonymous (Author)1
Jeg kommer her, o søde GudUkj. (Author)1
Jeg raaber, Herre Jesus KristUkjendt (Translator)3
Jeg slipper Jesus eiUkj. (Author)4
Jeg ved et evigt HimmerigUkj. (Author)1
Jeg vil din Pris udsjungeUkj. (Author)2
Jehovah from His throne on highAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah hear thee in the day When trouble he doth sendAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah hear thee in thy griefAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah is a God of mightAnon. (Author)2
Jehovah is my light, And my salvation nearAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah is our strengthAnon. (Author)1
Jehovah lives and be his nameAnon. (Author)2
Jehovah, my God, on Thy help I dependAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord God reigns in majestyAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah reigns let all the earth In his just government rejoiceAnon. (Author)2
Jehovah reigns let earth be gladAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah sits enthroned in majesty most brightAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah sits upon the cloudsAnon. (Author)1
Jehovah, to my prayer give earAnonymous (Author)1
Jehovah's perfect law Restores the soul againAnonymous (Author)1
Jerusalén la excelsaAnonymous (Translator)2
Jerusalem, forever brightAnonymous (Author)1
Jerusalem, my glorious homeAnon. (Author)4
Jerusalem, my happy home, Name ever dear to meAnon. (Translator)32
Jerusalem, my happy home, O how I long for theeAnon. (Author)19
Jesús, el buen Pastor, mostrando su tierno amordescon. (Author)2
Jesús es mi pastor, Conmigo estáDesconocido (Author)2
Jesús está buscando voluntarios hoyAnónimo (Author)1
Jesús está pasando por aquí (Jesus is passing by, O come and see!)Anónima (Author)2
Jesús, nombre de amorAnónimo (Translator)2
Jesus, din søde forening at smageUkj. (Author)1
Jesu hail! O God most holyAnonymous (Author)2
Jesu, ich komm'! Des Lebens LichtAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, our hope, our heart's desireAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus, our Lenten fast of theeAnonymous (Author)1
Jesu, schenk' mir BruderliebeUnbekannt (Author)1
Jesu, styr du mine TankerUkj. (Author)1
Jesus, the Father's only sonAnonymous (Author)1
Jesu, the world's redeeming LordAnonymous (Author)1
Jesu Cristo descendióAnonimo (Author)1
Jesucristo reina reina, yaAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus all redeeming LordAnon. (Author)1
Jesus and didst thou condescendAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus annammer SyndereAnonymous (Translator)1
Jesus, at whose supreme commandAnon (Author)1
Jesus, ayatencaAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus calls to little childrenAnon. (Author)1
Jesus calls us, o'er the tumultAnon. (Author)9
Jesus can never fail, never failAnon. (Author)1
Jesus Christ is alive todayAnon (Author)2
Jesus Christ is made to meAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus Christ is passing byAnon. (Author)1
Jesus Christ is risen today, Our triumphant holy dayAnonymous (Author (st. 1))31
Jesus Christ, my sure defenseAnon. (Author)2
Jesus Christ, our blessed SaviorUnknown (Translator)4
Jesus Christ will returnAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus comes, his conflict overAnon. (English stanzas 1 & 2)1
Jesus desceu, a Bíblia o dizAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus, draw me ever nearerAnonymous (Translator)1
Jesus drinks the bitter cupAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, exalted far on highAnon. (Author)2
Jesus gave her water that was not in the wellAnon. (Author)1
Jesus gave his mandateAnon. (Author)1
Jesus gave the water that was not in the wellUnknown (Author)2
Jesus giv seier, Livs-Fyrste og KildeUkjendt (Translator)3
Jesus, goer mig stilla, stillaOkaend (Author)3
Jesu, grant me this, I prayAnon. (Author)6
Jesus hath died and hath risen againAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus, help us to rememberAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, high in gloryAnon. (Author)4
Jesus I come to thee for lightAnon. (Author)3
Jesus, I come to thee: no one besideAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus, I long for thy blessed communionAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, I love thee evermoreUnknown (Author)1
Jesus, I love thee, thou dost knowAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, I Thy face am seekingUnknown (Author)4
Jesus, I will trust thee, When across my soulUnknown (Author)2
Jesus is calling, is calling, is callingAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus is my best of friendsAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus is standing at your heart's doorAnonymous (Author (Chorus))4
Jesus is standing in Pilate's hallAnon. (Author)15
Jesus is the name we treasureUnknown (Author)4
Jesus is the Shepherd, Guess who I amUnknown (Author)1
Jesus is waiting, patiently stillAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, JesusAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sing aloud the nameAnonymous (Author)2
Jesu, joy of man's desiringAnon. (Translator)2
Jesus, keep me near the crossAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, kom dog selv til migAnonymous (Translator)3
Jesus, lead me up the mountainAnon. (Author)6
Jesus lives, and so shall I Anon (Author)1
Jesus, Lord and precious Savior Anonymous (Author)1
Jesus loves a little child, Smiling in its infant gleeAnon. (Author)2
Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me soAnonymous (Translator (Spanish))2
Jesus loves the children For He said one dayUnknown (Author)2
Jesus loves the little childrenUnknown (Author)9
Jesus loves the little children, For he said one dayUnknown (Author)5
Jesus, Master, hear me nowAnon. (Author)7
Jesus, my dreadful leprosyAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, my Lord, my God, Thy promise I embraceUnknown (Author)1
Jesus my Lord, my Life, my all, In Thee I trust, in Thee I hideAnonymous (Alterer)2
Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cryAnon. (Author)9
Jesus my love, my chief delightAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, my Savior, let me hear thy gentle voiceAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came, Born in a manger to sorrow and shameAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, my truth, my wayAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus now is my salvationAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, of thee we ne'er would tireAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, our best beloved FriendAnon. (Author)3
Jesus our brother, strong and goodAnon. (Translator)7
Jesus, our life, our hope, our heavenAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, our Lord and King, To thee our praises riseAnonymous (Author)5
Jesus, our Lord, descendAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus, our Lord, make no delayAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, our Lord, we know thy nameAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, our Lord, we rest in theeAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, Refuge of the wearyAnonymous (Translator)2
Jesus said: I am the Bread Kneeded long to give you lifeAnonymous (Author)13
Jesus, Savior, Son of God, who for me life's pathway trodAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, lover of my soul, Let me to thy bosom flyAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus, Savior, pilot meAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, Savior, Son of God, bearer of the sinner's loadAnon. (Author)2
Jesus says: I am the Bread Sent to your from God most highAnonymous (Author (v. 4))5
Jesus shall reign where'er the sunAnonymous (Translator)1
Jesus sinners doth receive! Let the lost and sorrowing hear itAnonymous (Translator)1
Jesus, styr du mine tankerUkjendt (Author)2
Jesus, teach me how to prayAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, tender Jesus, hast thou died for meAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, tender Savior, hast thou died for meAnon. (Author)10
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear meAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, the friend of manAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus the Lord said, "I am the bread"Anonymous (Author)6
Jesus, the mighty God, hath spokenUnknown (Author)1
Jesus, the spring of joys divineAnon. (Author)1
Jesus! the very thought of theeUnknown, 12th century (Author)1
Jesus, thou art the sinner's friendAnon. (Author)4
Jesus, thou everlasting wordAnonymous (Author)1
Jesu, Thou joy of loving hearts!Anonymous (Author)4
Jesus, thou odoriferous nameAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, thy dreadful leprosyAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, thy good spirit alone Can lead me forthAnon. (Author)1
The Head that once was crowned with thornsAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, thy name I loveAnon. (Author)4
Jesus, view our feast of loveAnon. (Author)1
Jesus walked this lonesome valleyAnonymous (Author)2
Jesus, we look to theeAnonymous (Author)1
Jesus wept, those tears are overAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, when a little childAnon. (Author)1
Jesus, when He left the skyAnonymous (Author)4
Jesu, who for us didst bearAnon. (Author)2
Jesus, who on Calvary's mountainAnon. (Author)4
Jo større Kors, des mer til HimlenUkjendt (Translator)2
John said the city was just four-squareAnonymous (Author)1
John saw the number of all those redeemed (Juan vió el número, de los redimidos)Anonymous (Author)3
Join, every tongue, to praise the LordAnon. (Author)1
Join your voices, youth rejoicesAnonymous (Author)1
When Joseph was an old manAnonymous (Author)1
Joy because the circling yearAnonymous (Author)2
That Easter day with joy was brightAnonymous (Author)3
Joy fills our inmost hearts today!Anon. (Author)1
Joy is now in every placeUnknown (Author)1
Joy is the flag flown high from the castle of my heartUnknown (Author)2
Joy, joy, a year is bornAnonymous (Author)3
Joy, joy, joy, with joy my heart is singingUnknown (Author)1
Joy to the world! the Lord is come!Unknown (Author)1
Joy to those that serve the LordAnonymous (Author)1
Joyful be the hours todayAnon. (Author)1
Joyfully, Joyfully, onward I move, Bound to the land of bright spirits aboveAnon. (Author)2
Canto de alegría porque tengo amor (Joyfully we sing here of the Savior's grace)Anon. (Author (Verses 1, 4))3
Joys are flowing like a riverAnon. (Author)2
Jubilate Deo, Jubilate DeoAnonymous (Author)1
Judge me, God of my salvationAnonymous (Author)1
Judge me, O God, and plead my cause Against a godless raceAnonymous (Author)1
Judge my integrity, the righteous Judge thou artAnonymous (Author)1
Just as I am, without one pleaAnon. (Author)8
Just as thou art, without one traceAnon. (Author)1
Just as Thou wilt, no more I pray that ThouAnon. (Author)1
Just before His trial, Jesus entered dark GethsemaneUnknown (Author)2
Justa, explícita y sin veloAnonimo (Author)2
Keep me true, Lord Jesus, keep me trueAnonymous (Author)2
Keep us, Lord, O, keep us everAnon. (Author)3
Kind friends have decked the Christmas-treeAnonymous (Author)1
Kind hearts are the gardensUnknown (Author)1
Kind, loving words, O, scatter themAnon. (Author)2
Kind words can never die; cherished and blestAnon. (Author)4
Kindly spring again is hereUnknown (Author (v. 4))1
Kindred, and friends, and native landAnon. (Author)3
King of kings, and wilt thou deignAnon. (Author)1
Kjæmp alvorlig nu, Guds naadeUkjendt (Translator)3
Know that God is here (Dieu est toujours présent)Anon. (Refrain)2
Kom, Gud og Skaber, HelligaandAnonymous (Translator (Norwegian))1
Kom, Helge Ande, Herre Gud!Anonymous (Translator)1
Kom, Helge Ande, till mig inAnonymous (Translator)1
Kom hen til mig, du træte Sjæl!Ukjendt (Author)3
Kom, Menneske, at skue migUkj. (Translator)3
Kom, o Jesu! huru längeAnonymous (Translator)2
Kom, o kom, du aand, som giverUkjendt (Translator)2
Kom, stærke Frelser, snart, mit Hjerte at opbrydeAnonymous (Translator)1
Komm, Geist vom Thron herabUnbekannt (Author)1
Komm, o Geist von Gott gegebenUnbekannt (Author)1
Komm, o komm, du Geist des LebensUnknown (Author)1
Komm' zu Jesus, komm' zu JesusAnon. (Author)2
Krist den Helligaand sendeAnonymous (Translator)1
Krist stod op af DødeAnonymous (Translator (Danish))1
Krist stod op af Døde, Og frelste os af Møde!Anonymous (Author)2
Krist til Himmels mon fareAnonymous (Translator)1
Kriste Jesu, du velsigne Landet og dets OevrighedUkj. (Author)1
Kristus Jesus, du velsigneAnonymous (Author)1
Kristus, sjælens sande lysUkjendt (Translator)2
Kum ba yah, my LordAnonymous (Author)2
Kuu Iesu aloha, o oe no ka'uAnonymous (Author)2
Kyrie eleison, Gud Fader, forbarme digAnonymous (Translator (Norwegian))1
Kyrie, God Father in heav'n aboveUnknown (Author (German))1
Límpiame, Señor, de toda mi maldaddescon. (Author)2
Laŭdu la Sinjoron kant'Anonima (Author)2
La palabra hoy sembradaDesconocido (Author)2
La profética anunciaciónUnknown (Translator (English))2
La salvación llevandoDesconocido (Translator)2
La sangre de Cristo tiene poder (There's pow'r in the blood of Jesus for me)Anónima (Author)2
La tierna voz del SalvadorDesconocido (Translator)1
Laid by Jehovah's mighty handsAnon. (Author)2
Lamp of our feet, whose hallowed beamAnon. (Author)2
Land ahead, its fruits are wavingUnknown (Author)2
Las mujeres cristianas trabajandescon. (Author)2
Las ovejas celebramos Del Pastor el grande amorAnonimo (Author)2
Last night, my lads, we toiled awayUnknown (Author)2
Le Seigneur est dans son saint temple (The Lord is in his holy temple)auteur inconnu (Translator)2
Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truthAnonymous (Author)2
Lead them, my God, to theeAnon. (Author)3
Leave all to him, who knoweth allAnon. (Author)1
Leave, shepherds, leave your peaceful flocks agrazingAnonymous (Author)2
Lejos de mi Padre DiosAnonymous (Translator)4
Lejos fui del santo DiosAnónimo (Translator)2
Let all on earth their voices raise, Re-echoing Heaven's triumphant praiseAnonymous (Author)1
Let all the earth Jehovah fearAnonymous (Author)1
Let all the people join, to swell the solemn chordAnon. (Author)2
Let all the world in every corner singUnknown (Author (st. 3))1
Let all with humble hearts adoreAnonymous (Author)1
Let children never fear to leave this worldAnonymous (Author)1
Let Christian faith and hope dispelAnon. (Author)5
Let earth and heaven agree, Angels and men be joinedAnonymous (Author)1
Let every heart exulting beatUnknown (Author)1
Let glory be to God on highAnonymous (Author)1
Let God arise, and by his might, Let all His foes be put to flightAnonymous (Author)1
Let God the Father, and the SonAnon. (Author)2
Let heav'n and earth rejoice, And sacred anthems raiseAnonymous (Author)1
Let heaven and earth rejoice and singAnonymous (Author)1
Let me be Thine foreverUnknown (Author (st. 2 & 3))3
Let me go, the day is breaking, Dear companions, let me goAnonymous (Author)1
Let me go where saints are goingAnon. (Author)1
Let me not wander comfortlessAnonymous (Author)2
Let no hopeless tears be shedAnonymous (Author)3
Let no tears today be shedAnon. (Author)4
Let not my faith be weakUnknown (Author)1
Let others seek a home belowAnon. (Author)1
Let our gladness have no endUnknown (Author)3
Let our songs of praise ascendingAnon. (Author)1
Let sects and names and parties fallAnon. (Author)2
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me, All his wonderful passion and purity (Orsborn)Anon. (Author)1
Let the earth now praise the Lord,Unknown (Translator (st. 7))3
Let the holy name of JesusAnon. (Author)1
Let the merry church bells ringAnon. (Author)2
Let the nations awake to the signs of the timesAnon. (Author)1
Let the palms wave on this most happy day!Anonymous (Author)2
Let the round world with songs rejoiceAnonymous (Author)1
Let the Savior's gentle callAnonymous (Author)2
Let the wild leopards of the woodAnon. (Author)1
Let the world despise and leave meAnonymous (Author)2
Let them that love Him Rise with joy to serve HimAnon. (Author)1
Let there be light, when from on highAnonymous (Author)1
Let thy grace, Lord, make me lowlyAnon. (Author)2
Let thy Kingdom, blessed SaviorAnon. (Author)2
Let thy Spirit, blessed Savior, comeAnon. (Author)4
Let us all with gladsome voiceAnon. (Author)2
Let us awake our joysUnknown (Author)1
Let us be one in mind and heartAnon. (Author)2
Let us break bread together on our kneesAnonymous (Author)4
Let us now depart in thy peace, blessed JesusAnonymous (Author)1
Let vain pursuits and vain desiresAnon. (Author)7
Let warriors tremble, when they dareAnon. (Author)1
Let worldly minds the world pursueUnknown (Author)4
Life at best is very briefAnon. (Author)5
Life from the dead, Almighty GodAnon. (Author)5
Life itself is very brief, Like the falling of a leafAnon. (Author)1
Life of all that lives below!Anon. (Author)2
Life out of death—dear Master, is it spokenAuthor Unknown (Author)2
Lift Jesus higher, lift Jesus higherAnon (Author)2
Lift up, lift up your voices nowUnknown (Author)16
May the Lord, Mighty GodAnonymous (Author)4
Lift up your heads, eternal gates, Unfold to entertainAnon. (Author)1
Lift up your hearts, believers! This is the holy dayUnknown (Author)3
Lift up your hearts, Immanuel's friendsAnon. (Author)3
Lift up your joyful eyes, and seeAnonymous (Author)1
Lift your heads with faithUnknown (Author)1
Light after darkness, gain after lossUnknown (Author (refrain))2
Light of the lonely pilgrim's heartAnon. (Author)1
Light of the soul, O Savior blestAnon. (Author)3
Light of those whose dreary dwellingAnonymous (Author)3
Light's abode, celestial SalemAnonymous (Author)5
Light's glittering morn bedecks the skyUnknown (Author)3
Like a cradle rocking Silent, peaceful, to and froUnknown (Author (v.1,2))1
Like a river gloriousAnon. (Author)2
Like Noah's weary doveAnon. (Author)1
Like Zion's steadfast mount are theyAnonymous (Author)1
Listen, my soul, while Jesus praysAnon. (Author)1
Listen, O listen, our father all holyAnon. (Author)1
Listen to the word which God has spokenAnon. (Author)1
Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheepAnon. (Author)2
Little children, can you tell, Do you know the story wellAnonymous (Author)1
Little children, can you tell Who has kept us safe and wellAnon. (Author)2
Little children, come to Jesus Hark, he calls youAnon. (Author)1
Little children, come to Jesus, Hear him saying, "Come to me"Anon. (Author)1
Little children, praise the Savior, He regards you from aboveAnon. (Author)3
Little children, wake and listenUnknown (Author)4
Little givers, come and bring Tribute to your heavenly KingAnon. (Author)1
Little lambs so white and fairAnon. (Author)1
Little ones are often sorryAnonymous (Author)1
Little schoolmates can you tellAnon. (Author)1
Live for something be not idleAnon. (Author)1
Live in me Lord JesusAnonymous (Author)1
Living water freely flowingUnknown (Author)1
Ljus af ljus o morgonstjernaAnonymous (Translator)1
Llanto y gritos se oiránAnonymous (Author)2
Lo! God is here: let us adoreAnonymous (Author)3
Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingUnknown (Author)6
Lo! now the time accepted pealsAnonymous (Author)1
Lo que respira alabe a JehováAutor anónimo (Author)2
Lo round the throne a glorious bandAnon. (Author)1
Lo round the throne at God's right handAnon. (Author)1
Lo, the clouds of night are rendingUnknown (Author)1
Lo the heavens are breakingAnonymous (Author)2
Lo the lilies of the fieldAnon. (Author)1
Lo the lord the mighty SaviorAnonymous (Author)1
Lo the seal of death is breakingAnon. (Author)1
Lo! what a cloud of witnessesAnonymous (Author)5
Lone amidst the dead and dyingAnon. (Author)1
Long ago the lips of JesusAnonymous (Alterer)2
Long for my Savior I've been waitingAnon. (Author)1
Long hath the night of sorrow reignedAnon. (Author)1
Long is our winter, dark is our nightAnonymous (Author)2
Long is the way of the earthly lifeU. N. Signed (Author)1
Long long ago in a manger lowAnonymous (Author)1
Look not on the wine cup brightUnknown (Author)1
Look to the Savior on Calvary's treeAnon. (Author)1
Look up my soul with cheerful eyeAnon. (Author)2
Looking upward every dayAnon. (Author)2
Lord, a little band, and lowlyUnknown (Author)4
Lord! am I precious in thy sight?Unknown (Author)1
Lord, as the evening shades ariseUnknown (Author)1
Lord, as to thy dear cross we fleeUnknown (Author)3
Lord, at thy table I beholdAnon. (Author)1
Lord, at thy temple we appearAnon. (Author)1
Lord, bid thy light ariseAnon. (Author)2
Lord, bless and pity us, Shine on us with your faceAnonymous (Author)1
Lord bless Thy saints assembled hereAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Fill our hearts with joy and peaceAnon. (Author)14
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Hope and comfort from aboveAnonymous (Author)10
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Bid us now depart in peaceUnknown (Author)1
Lord, for tomorrow and its needsAnon. (Author)2
Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried, My voice, Lord, do thou hearAnon. (Author)2
Lord, from the depths to thee I cry, To Thee I lift my tearful eyeAnon. (Author)1
Lord, from the ill and froward manAnonymous (Author)1
Lord God of hosts, by all adoredAnon. (Author)1
Lord God of hosts, in mercy My supplication hearAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, grant thy blessing here todayAnon. (Author)1
Lord, hast thou made me know thy waysAnon. (Author)1
Lord, hear me in distressAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, hear me when I pray, And answer me in graceAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry Have speedy access to theeUnknown (Author)1
Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry Have ready access unto TheeAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, hear the right, regard my cry, My prayer from lips sincereAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, hear the voice of my complaint, To Thee I now commend meAnon. (Author)1
Lord, help me to resign My doubting heart to theeAnon. (Author)4
Lord, how delightful 'tis to seeAnon. (Author)1
Lord, how Mysterious are thy Ways!Anon. (Author)1
Lord, I am thine, and in thy [thine] aidAnon. (Author)3
Lord, I believe; Thy power I ownAnon. (Author)2
Lord, I have started to walk in the lightUnknown (Author)1
Lord, I hear of showers of blessingUnknown (Author (st. 3))2
Lord, I make a full surrender, All I have I yield to theeUnknown (Author)1
Lord, I perish; save, I criedAnon. (Author)1
Lord, I want to be a ChristianAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, I will praise thy nameAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, I would come to theeAnon (Author)1
Lord, if on earth the thought of theeAnon. (Author)2
Lord, if Thou Thy grace impartAnon. (Author)1
Lord, I'm oppressed; O, undertake For meAnon. (Author)1
Lord, in the morning I will sendAnon. (Author)3
Lord, in the temples of thy graceAnon. (Author)1
Lord, in thee am I confidingAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, in these dark and dismal daysAnon. (Author)2
Lord, in this Thy mercy's dayand others (Author)2
Lord, in thy courts we now appearAnon. (Author)1
Lord, in thy garden agonyAnonymous (Author)3
Lord, in thy presence dread and sweetAnonymous (Author)3
Lord, in thy sight, O let my prayerAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, it is thy holy dayAnon. (Author)2
Lord Jesus, by Thy PassionUnknown (Author)1
Lord Jesus Christ, be present now!Anonymous (Author)4
Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, my heartAnon. (Author)1
Lord Jesu Christ, with us abideUnknown (Author (st. 3-9))1
Lord Jesus, come, nor let us longer roamAnon. (Author)1
Lord Jesus, my Savior, how vast Thy love to meAnon. (Author)1
Lord Jesus, my sweet Rose of SharonUnknown (Author)2
Lord Jesus, though but two or threeAnon. (Author)1
Lord Jesu, when, when shall it beAnon. (Author)1
Lord, keep us safe this nightAnon. (Author)3
Lord, lay some soul upon my heartAnonymous (Author)5
Lord, lay some soul upon my heartAnonymous (Author)2
Lord, let mercy now attend usAnon. (Author)2
Lord, let thy goodness lead our landAnon. (Author)2
Lord, let thy kingdom comeAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, let us now depart in peace Who in thy name are gathered hereSource unknown (Author)2
Lord, may our sympathizing breastsAnon. (Author)1
Lord, must I die? O let me dieAnonymous (Author)3
Lord, my petition heedAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, my times are in thy hand. All my fondest hopes have plannedAnon. (Author)3
Lord of Creation, bow thine ear, O Christ, to hearAnonymous (Author)1
Lord of heaven, and earth, and oceanAnonymous (Author)1
Lord of hosts, to Thee we raiseUnknown (Author)1
Lord of hosts, whom all adoreUnknown (Author)2
Lord of mercy and of might, God and Father of us allAnon. (Author)2
Lord of my life, whose tender careAnon. (Author)3
Lord of my life, whose word of powerAnon. (Author)1
Lord of the families belowAnonymous (Author)2
Lord of the harvest, God of graceAnon. (Author)1
Lord of the Sabbath and its lightAnonymous (Author)4
Lord of the Sea!-- thy potent swayAnonymous (Author)11
Lord of the worlds belowAnonymous (Author)3
Lord, our Lord, your glorious nameAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, rebuke me not in angerAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, teach a little child to pray, And, O accept my prayerAnonymous (Author)4
Lord, thee I'll praise with all my heart, And all thy wondrous works procalimAnon. (Author)2
Lord, thou art the Truth and wayUnknown (Translator)1
Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place Through all the ages of our race (Psalter 1912)Anonymous (Author)1
Lord, thou hast favor shown thy landAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our landAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, thou shalt early hear my voiceAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, through all the generationsAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, Thy children guide and keepAnon. (Author)1
Lord, thy mercy now entreatingAnon. (Author)3
Lord, Thy Word to me rememberAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, to Me Thy Ways Make KnownAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, to our humble prayers attend:Unknown (Author)1
Lord, we adore thy vast designsAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, we adore thy wondrous graceAnonymous (Author)2
Lord, we come to ask thy blessingAnon. (Author)1
Lord, we plead for faith aloneAnon. (Author)1
Lord, what our ears have heardAnon. (Author)2
Lord, when thine ancient people criedAnon. (Author)1
Lord, when together here we meetAnon. (Author)3
Lord, when we bend before thy throneAnonymous (Author)2
Lord, where thou art, our holy dead must beAnonymous (Author)1
Lord, where thou wilt, it matters not to meAnon. (Author)1
Lord, who at Cana's wedding feastAnon. (Author)1
Lord, who can pay the mighty debtAnon. (Author)1
Lord, whom winds and seas obeyAnon. (Author)1
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise theeAnonymous (Author)2
Los heraldos celestialesanónimo (Author)1
Los hijos, Dios, te damos hoydesconocido (Author)2
Love came down and died for sinUnknown (Author)1
Love divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven, to earth come downAnon. (Author)2
Love him, love him, all ye little childrenAnon. (Author)3
Love is the theme of saints aboveAnon. (Author)2
Love is to human heartsUnknown (Author)1
Love of the Father, love of God the SonAnonymous (Author)2
Love thyself last, look near, behold thy dutyAnonymous (Author)11
Loved ones will weep over my silent faceAnonymous (Author)2
Loved with everlasting loveAnon. (Author)3
Lovely babe how brief thy stayAnon. (Author)1
Lovely this child, asleep in deathAnon. (Author)1
Lover den herre, den mægtige konge, med æreUkjendt (Translator)3
Loving words are rays of sunshineAnon. (Author)1
Lovingly the Shepherd, seeking the lost sheepUnknown (Author)1
Lowly bending at Thy footstoolAnonymous (Author)2
Luk Øine op, o Verdens barnAnonymous (Author)1
Más santidad dameDesconocido (Translator)2
Mae carcharorion angau (The pow'r of death is broken)Anonymous (Chorus)2
Mae carcharorion angeuAn. (Author)3
Mægtigste Kriste, Menighedens HerreUkjendt (Translator)3
Thank and praise Jehovah's nameAnon. (Author)1
Mais do que tesouros é Cristo, meu bom MestreUnknown (Translator)2
Make haste, O God, to save; To help me, Lord, make hasteAnonymous (Author)1
Make haste, O my God, to deliver, I prayAnonymous (Author)1
Make haste, O man, to liveAnon. (Author)2
Make me a channel of your peaceAnon. (Author)1
Make my life what it ought to beUnknwon (Author)2
Make us, by thy transforming graceAnon. (Author)1
Maker of all things, Author of lightAnon. (Author)1
Maker of all things, Lord our GodAnon. (Author)1
Maker of man, who from thy throneAnonymous (Author)1
Makes me love everybodyAnonymous (Author)4
Mansions are prepared aboveAnon. (Author)2
Many names are dear, but his is dearerAnon. (Author (vs. 1, 2))1
March onward, march onward, our banner of lightAnon. (Author)5
Mark the virtuous man and seeAnonymous (Author)1
Martyr of God, whose strength was steeledAnonymous (Author)1
Mary to the Savior's tombAnonymous (Author)1
May God accept our vowAnonymous (Author)1
May our homes be filled with dancingAnonymous (Translator)1
May the grace of Christ our Savior, And the Father's boundless loveAnon. (Author)1
May those who have thy name confessedAnon. (Author)1
May you who enter hereAnon. (Author)3
mayka wash kopa djizEs pilpilĈinukigo anonima (Translator)2
Me agrada cantar sin cesar, y honrarAnonymous (Author)2
Me voy al cielo, ¡qué favor!Anonimo (Author)2
Med Bøn jeg Støv og MuldUkjendt (Author (v. 1, 3, 5, 6))3
Med dig, min Frelser, vil jeg lideUkjendt (Translator)5
Med konning David KlageUkj. (Author)2
Meek and lowly, pure and holyUnknown (Author)2
Meet and right it is to sing, In every time and placeAnonymous (Author)2
Mejor es mi Cristo que el oro mortalAnonymous (Translator)2
Men who walk in folly's wayAnonymous (Author)1
Merrily to Bethlehem the shepherds cameAnonima pola kanto, 17a jc. (Author)2
Mewn gofid trwm a galar tristAn. (Author)2
Mi corazón está sangrando (This heart of mine is in deep anguishAnonymous (Author)2
Mi corazon deseaAnonimo (Author)2
Mi espíritu, alma y cuerpoDesconocido (Translator)2
Mi fe descansa en tiDesconocido (Translator)2
Mi fe espera en tidesconocido (Translator (estrs. 1-2))3
Mi Jesús, mi Salvadoranónimo (Author)1
Mi pensamiento eres tú, Señor (My heart will meditate on you, my Lord)Anónima (Author)2
Mi pensamiento eres tú, Señor (My only thought it is of you, O Lord)Anónima (Author)2
Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaintsAnon. (Author)3
Midnight’s sable hour is passingAnonymous (Author)2
Midst sorrow and careAnon. (Author)1
Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrowUnknown (Translator)1
Mig hjertelig nu længesUkj. (Author)1
Mighty God, we worshipAnon. (Author)1
Min Gud och Fader käreAnonymous (Translator)1
Min högsta skatt, o Jesu, kärAnonymous (Translator)1
Min jemmer nu en ända harAnonymous (Translator)1
Min Jesus ene er mit nøieUkjendt (Translator)3
Min synd, o GudAnonymous (Translator)3
Mindful of our human frailtyAnonymous (Author)1
Mine eyes look toward the mountainsAnonymous (Author)1
Mine, mine, mine, mine, Jesus is MineUnknown (Author)1
Mirad y ved a nuestro Diosdesconocido (Author)1
Mis dos ojitos que miran a DiosDesconocido (Author)2
Mit Haab og Trøst og al TillidUkj. (Author)1
Forever with the Lord! Amen, so let it beAn. (Translator)1
Mor rhyfedd yw Dy gariad, IorAn. (Author)4
More Dios en míanónimo (Author)2
Morir sólo es resucitarUnknown (Author)3
Most holy Lord and God of heavenAnonymous (Author)1
Most perfect is the law of GodAnonymous (Author)1
Most splendid and resplendent LightAnonymous (Author)2
Mourn for the thousands slainAnon. (Author)14
Mungu ni nwema (Know that God is good)Anonymous (Author)2
Must Jesus bear the cross aloneUnknown (Author (v. 2))10
Muy cercano está el díadescon. (Author)1
My Bible, my Bible, 'tis a book divineAnon. (Author)1
My brethren, I have found a landAnon. (Author)1
My buried friends, can I forgetAnon. (Author)1
My Captain sounds the alarm of warAnon. (Author)1
My Christian friends in bonds of love, Whose hearts the sweetest union proveAnon. (Author)6
My Church, my Church, my dear old ChurchAnonymous (Author)10
My country is the world, My flag with stars impearledAnonymous (Author)2
My days and weeks, and months and yearsAnon. (Author)2
My dear Jesus I'll not leaveAnon. (Translator)1
My dog Dash is full of funAnon. (Author)1
My end, Lord, make me knowAnonymous (Author)1
My faith shall triumph o'er the graveAnon. (Author)3
My faithful shepherd is the Lord, Supplying all my needsAnonymous (Author)1
My father and my mother dearUnknown (Author)1
My God, my Father, blissful nameAnon. (Author)1
My Father, the guide of my youthAnon. (Author)1
My Father, when I come to theeUnknown (Author)3
My Father's house is built on highAnon. (Author)1
My feet are so weary with the marchAnon. (Author)3
My feet are weary with the marchAnon. (Author)1
My friends, I am going a long and tedious journeyAnonymous (Author)1
My God, and is Thy table spread?Anon. (Author)1
My God, I love Thee, not becauseAnonymous (Author)2
My God, in morning's radiant hourAnon. (Author)3
My God, in Thee all fulness liesAnon. (Author)3
My God, it was Thy graceAnonymous (Author)1
My God, my Father, may I dareAnonymous (Author)1
My God, my Father, while I strayAnonymous (Author)8
My God, My God, I cry to TheeAnonymous (Author)1
My God, my God, to thee I cryAnon. (Author)1
My God, my heart with love inflameUnknown (Author)2
My God, my prayer attend, O bow thine ear to meAnon. (Author)1
My God! the covenant of Thy love Anon. (Author)1
My griefs of heart aboundAnonymous (Author)1
My grieving soul revive, O LordAnonymous (Author)1
My heart doth overflowAnonymous (Author)1
My heart is fixed, O GodAnonymous (Author)2
My heart its incense burningAnon. (Author)2
My hope, my all, my Savior thouAnon. (Author)8
My hope my portion and my GodAnon. (Author)3
My inmost heart now raisesAnon. (Author)1
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineAnonymous (Author)74
My life flows on in endless songUnknown (Author)13
My life is hid in JesusAnon. (Author)4
My Lord is real, yes, real to meU. N. K. (Author)1
My Lord, my God, my Love, to thee, to thee I callAnon. (Author)2
My only Savior, when I feelUnknown (Author)2
My opening eyes with rapture seeAnonymous (Author)3
My people, give ear, attend to my wordAnonymous (Author)1
My pilgrim days are almost o'erAnon. (Author)1
My precious Lord, for thy dear nameUnknown (Author)1
My precious Lord has won my heartUnknown (Author)2
My Prophet thou, my heavenly GuideUnknown (Author)2
My Redeemer knoweth meAnon. (Author)1
My Redeemer, O, what beautiesAnon. (Author)1
My righteous God, who oft of oldAnonymous (Author)1
My Savior once for allAnon. (Author)1
My Savior, Thou hast offered restAnon. (Author)6
My Shepherd is the Lord Most High, And all my wantsAnon. (Author)14
My Shepherd is the Lord, my God, What can I want beside?Anonymous (Author)1
My Shepherd is the Lord Who knows my needsAnonymous (Author)1
My shepherd will supply my needAnon. (Translator)1
My sins and faults of youthAnonymous (Author)1
My sisters, bless the LordAnon. (Author)2
My son, be this thy simple planAnon. (Author)1
My song forever shall recordAnonymous (Author)1
My soul, bless the Lord! the Lord is most greatAnonymous (Author)1
My soul complete in Jesus standsAnon. (Author)3
My spirit longs for TheeAnon. (Author)1
My soul doth magnify the Lord, My spirit shall in God rejoiceUnknown (Author)3
My soul for Thy salvation faints, But still I hope in TheeAnonymous (Author)1
My soul in silence waits for GodAnonymous (Author)1
My soul is grieved because my foesAnonymous (Author)1
My soul, it is thy GodUnknown (Author)1
My soul! weigh not thy lifeUnknown (Author)10
My soul, why sink when griefs oppressAnonymous (Author)2
My soul with expectation dothAnonymous (Author)1
My soul's full of gloryAnon. (Author)1
My spirit on Thy careAnonymous (Author)1
My steadfast heart, O GodAnonymous (Author)1
My times are in thy hand, My God I wish them thereAnon. (Author)6
My trust is in the Lord; How say ye then to meAnonymous (Author)1
Nằm yên trong máng chiền kia, nào duoc nôi, nêm, giuôngNekonata (Author)6
Na lwfwrha, mae bysedd (Despair not! God's own finger)An. (Author)2
Naar vi i største Nøden staaUkjendt (Versifier)3
Nach der Heimat süsser StilleAnon. (Author)1
Nada es comparabledesconocido (Author)2
Nada puede ya faltarmeUnknown (Author)3
Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn ikotppun (This is my one, my life-long wish)Anonymous (Author)2
Name of Jesus, softly stealingUnknown (Author)1
Name of our triumphant SaviorUnknown (Author)1
Native land, in summer smilingAnon. (Author)1
Nature hath seasons of reposeAnon. (Author)3
Nature, with all her powers, shall singAnon. (Author)1
Nature with solemn accent criesAnon. (Author)1
Nehene'enovohė Ehanė he'amo'omee'ė?Anonymous (Author)2
Never be afraid to speak for JesusAnon. (Author)1
New every morning is the loveAnonymous (Author)1
Ángeles cantando están Tan dulcísima canciónAnómino (Transltor, (v. 3))3
Ni en la tierra ni en el cieloDesconocido (Author)2
Ni Jesus madayawAnonymous (Author)2
Niemals sorge für MorgenAnon. (Author)1
Night wraps the land where Jesus spokeAnon. (Author)1
No condemnation, O my soulAnpn. (Author)1
No estés eternamente enojado (Look not upon your people with wrath, O Christ)Anónima (Author)3
No me pases, no me olvidesanónimo (Translator)1
No more my own, Lord JesusAnon. (Author)2
No more shall the sound of the war-whoop be heardAnonymous (Author)2
No, never shall my heart despondAnon. (Author)1
No, not despairinglyAnon. (Author)1
No one like Jesus can make my heart cleanAnon. (Author)3
No room within the dwellingAnon. (Author)1
No time to pray, O who so fraught with earthly careAnon. (Author)7
Noble sostén de la esperanza míadescon. (Author)2
Nobody knows of the work it makesAnon. (Author)8
None loves me, Father, with thy loveUnknown (Author)1
Nos veremos en el rioAnonymous (Translator)1
Not for tongues of heaven's angelsAnonymous (Translator (sts. 2, 3))1
Not heaven's wide range of hallowed spaceUnknown (Author)2
Not in the churchyard shall he sleepAnon. (Author)3
Not my brother, nor my sister, but it's me, O LordUnknown (Author)1
Not so in haste, my heartAnon. (Author)1
Not to ourselves againAnon. (Author)1
Not unto us O Lord of heavenAnonymous (Author)1
Nothing but leaves the spirit grievesAnon. (Author)2
Nothing but the name of Jesus can availAnon. (Author)1
Now all the bells are ringingAnon. (Author)2
Now are the days fulfilledUnknown (Author)4
Now at the Lamb's great paschal feastAnon. (Author)1
Now be my heart inspired to singUnknown (Author)1
Now be the gospel bannerAnonymous (Author)4
Now begins the heavenly themeUnknown (Author)1
Now blessed be Jehovah God, The God of IsraelAnonymous (Author)1
Now blessed be the mighty OneAnon. (Author)3
Now for a hymn of praise to GodAnon. (Author)3
Now, from labor and from careAnon. (Author)4
Now from the altar of my heartAnonymous (Author)2
Now glad of heart be every oneAnon. (Author)1
Now go forward, press toward the goalAnonymous (Author)4
Now hail the day so rich in cheerUnknown (Author)2
Now hush your cries, and shed no tearUnknown (Author (st. 5))1
Now I feel the sacred fireAnon (Author)1
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keepAnon. (Author)7
Now in a song of grateful praiseAnonymous (Author)1
Now in the heat of youthful bloodAnon. (Author)1
Now is the healing time decreedAnonymous (Author)1
Now is the seed time, God aloneAnon. (Author)1
Now is the time, the accepted hourAnon. (Author)1
Now Israel's hope in triumph endsUnknown (Translator)2
Now joyful strains we lift on highAnonymous (Author)1
Now let every tongue adore theeAnon. (Author)2
Now let our hearts conspire to raiseAnon. (Author)1
Now let our mourning hearts reviveAnon. (Author)1
Now let our prayers ascend to theeAnon. (Author)3
Now let us sing the angels' songAnonymous (Author)1
Now living waters flowAnon. (Author)1
Now Lord, thy heavenly seed is sownAnonymous (Author)2
Now may the light that shone in Jesus Christ our LordAnon. (Author)1
Now may the Lord our shepherd leadAnon. (Author)1
Now on land and sea descendingAnon. (Author)1
Now once day more of life is goneAnon. (Author)1
Now sing we, now rejoiceAnon. (Author)2
Now sound ye forth with trumpet toneAn. (Author)1
Now that the day hath reached its closeUnknown (Author (st. 9))1
Now that the daylight fills the skyUnknown (Author)3
Now the King in Thy strength shall be joyful, O LordAnonymous (Author)1
Now the long expected SaviorAnonymous (Author)2
Now the Savior stands a pleadingAnon. (Author)4
Now the shades of night are goneAnon. (Author)7
Now the shadows slowly lengthenUnknown (Author)1
Now to God, our Strength and SaviorAnonymous (Author)1
Now unto Jehovah, ye sons of the mightyAnonymous (Author)1
Now unto thee, the high andArranged (Author)2
Now we expect a dayAnonymous (Author)1
Now, when the dusky shades of night retreatingAnonymous (Author)20
Now with joyful exultationAnonymous (Author)1
Nu er frelsens dag oprundetUkj. (Author)1
Nu er jeg glad og gaar med sangUkjendt (Author)1
Nu fryde sig hver en kristen mandAnonymous (Translator)1
Nu lad hans legem graves nedAnonymous (Translator)1
Nu skal du, min Sjæl, dig smykkeAnonymous (Translator)1
Nu takker alle GudAnonymous (Translator)3
Nu tystne de Klagande ljudenAnonymous (Translator)2
Nuestros hijos, recibidos de tu manoDesconocido (Author)2
Nuevas alegres para decirlesdescon. (Author)2
Num berço de palhas, humilde nasceuAnonymous (Author (sts. 1-2))2
Nun wachen gottes strafgerichteUnbekannt (Author)1
Nunca desmayes, que en el afánAnónimo (Translator)2
Nur wo lieb ist, da ist wahrheitUnbekannt (Author)1
O all ye nations, praise the Lord, His glorious acts proclaimUnknown (Author)1
O all ye peoples, bless our GodAnonymous (Author)1
O! Arglwydd Dduw rhagluniaethAnon. (Author (stanza 1))1
O aros gyda ni, Ein Iôr a'n Ceidwad cu!An. (Author)2
O bells in the steepleAnon. (Author)2
O bless His holy nameAnon. (Author)3
O blessed God, to thee I raiseAnonymous (Translator)3
O boundless Wisdom, God most highAnonymous (Author)1
O bow thine ear, Eternal OneAnon. (Author)5
O Bread of Life from heavenUnknown (Author)9
O bread to pilgrims givenAnonymous (Author)13
O Bride of Christ, rejoiceAnon. (Author)2
O Brightness of th'immortal Father's faceUnknown (Author)1
O Christ, in thee my soul hath foundAnonymous (Author)8
O Christ, our ever blessed LordUnknown (Author)2
O Christ, our hope, our heart's desireAnon. (Author)4
O Christ our Joy, gone up on highAnonymous (Author)1
O Christ, our joy, to whom is givenAnonymous (Author)1
O Christ, Redeemer of our raceUnknown (Author)1
O Christ, the heavens' eternal KingAnonymous (Author)2
O Christ, Thou bright and Morning StarAnon. (Author)4
O Christ, thy precious blood was shedAnon. (Author)1
O Christ, what burdens bowed thy headAnon. (Author)1
O Christ, what gracious wordsAnon. (Author)3
O Christ, who art the Light and Day, Thou drivest night and gloom awayUnknown (Author)2
O Christ who art the light and dayAnon. (Author)3
O Christ, with each returning morn Anon. (Author)2
O Christian, see that dread arrayAnon. (Author)1
O come, little children, O come, one and all (Brueckner)Unknown (Translator)2
O come, all ye children, O come, one and all (Overholt)Anonymous (Translator)2
O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphantAnonymous (Author)32
O come and let us all with one accordAnon. (Alterer)2
O come and to Jehovah singAnonymous (Author)3
O come before the Lord, our KingAnonymous (Author)1
O come, come away, from labor now reposingAnon. (Author)1
O come in life's gay morningAnonymous (Author)1
O come, let us adore himAnonymous (Author (stanzas 2-4))5
O come, let us sing to the Lord, In God our salvation rejoiceAnonymous (Author)1
O come, little children, O come, one and allAnonymous (Translator)1
O come, little children, O come, one and all (Anonymous)Anonymous (Translator)1
O come, little children, O come, one and all (Anonymous)Anonymous (Translator)1
O come, my people, to my law attentively give earAnonymous (Author)1
O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy MakerAnonymous (Author)1
O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ransom captive IsraelAnon. (Author)16
O come, thou great and gracious PowerAnon. (Author)2
O comfort to the drearyAnon. (Author)1
O could I find from day to dayAnon. (Author)3
O dark was the night and cold blew the windAnonymous (Author)2
O darkest woe! Ye tears forth flowAnonymous (Author, verse 1)3
O daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadnessUnknown (Author)1
O day, full of grace, which we beholdAnon. (Author)1
O dearest Lord, Accept today the gifts we bringAnonymous (Author)1
O, deffro, deffro, gwisg dy nerth (Awake, awake, arm of the Lord)An. (Author (stanza 5))2
O, deuwch ffyddloniad Oll dan orfoledduAn. (Author)1
O, du Helge Ande! komm till oss inAnonymous (Translator)1
O, du trefoldig EnighedAnonymous (Translator (Norwegian))1
O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are soreAnon. (Author)9
O fader vor, barmhjertig, godUkjendt (Translator)3
O Fader vor i HimmerigUkj. (Translator)1
O Farnwr cyfiawn! gwrando'n criAnonymous (Author)2
O Father Almighty, to Thee be addressedAnon. (Author)7
O Father, draw us after theeAnonymous (Author)1
O Father, lift our souls aboveAnonymous (Author)4
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, One God in persons threeAnon. (Author)3
O Father, thy kingdom is come upon earthUnknown (Translator)1
O Father, when the softened heartAnon. (Author)2
O Food of men wayfaringUnknown (Author)1
O for a faith that will not shrinkAnon. (Author)2
O for a heart of calm reposeAnonymous (Author)2
O for a heart to feelUnknown (Author)1
O for the Peace which floweth like a riverUnknown (Author)1
O Frelser, som er lys og LivetUkjendt (Translator)2
O give thanks, give thanksAnonymous (Author)1
O give the Lord whole-hearted praiseAnonymous (Author)1
O gladsome light, O grace Of God the Father's faceUnknown (Author)7
O glorious King of martyr hostsAnonymous (Author)1
O God, accept the sacred hourAnonymous (Author)1
O God, according to Thy grace Be merciful to meAnonymous (Author)1
O God, almighty Father, Creator of all thingsAnonymous (Author)12
O God be merciful and blessAnonymous (Author)1
O God, be merciful to me, For men no mercy showAnonymous (Author)2
O God, be merciful to me, My soul for refuge comes to TheeAnonymous (Author)1
O God, be thy Anointed Son Anonymous (Author)1
Now God be with us, for the night is closingUnknown (Author (st. 5))2
O God, eternal FatherAnon. (Author)1
O God, give ear unto my cry, And to my voice attendAnonymous (Author)1
O God, give Thou ear to my pleaAnonymous (Author)1
O God, how good Thou artAnonymous (Author)1
O God, I love thee, not that my poor loveAnonymous (Author)1
O God, most holy are Thy waysAnonymous (Author)1
O God most merciful and trueAnon. (Author)1
O God, my God, my all thou artUnknown (Author)2
O God, no longer hold thy peaceAnonymous (Author)1
O God of Bethel, by Whose handUnknown (Scottish) (Author (vs. 5))1
O God of God! O Light of Light!Anon. (Author (v. 4))1
O God of love, with cheering rayAnonymous (Author)2
O God of mercy! hearken now:Anon. (Author)1
O God of sovereign graceUnknown (Author)1
O God of Zion, from thy throneAnonymous (Author)1
O God, our Lord, Your holy WordUnknown (Author)3
O God, our strength, to thee the songAnon. (Author)2
O God, preserve me, for in TheeAnonymous (Author)1
O God, regard my humble pleaAnonymous (Author)1
O God the Father, Christ the Son, and Holy spirit, three in OneAnon. (Author)3
O God, the God that saveth meAnonymous (Author)1
O God, the light of all that liveUnknown (Author)1
O God, thou art my God alone, Early to thee my soul shall cryAnon. (Author)1
O God, Thou art our King of oldAnonymous (Author)1
O God, Thou hast rejected us, And hast afflicted soreAnonymous (Author)1
O God, thou righteous, faithful LordAnon. (Author)1
O God, thy grace and blessing giveAnon. (Author)2
O God, thy soldiers' crown and guardAnonymous (Author)1
O God, thy soldiers' great rewardAnonymous (Author)1
O God, to thee my sinking soulAnonymous (Author)7
O God, to thee the sinking soulAnonymous (Author)1
O God, to Thine anointed kingAnonymous (Author)2
O God, to us show mercyAnon. (Author)3
O God, unseen yet ever nearUnknown (Author)3
O God, we have heard and our fathers have told (Psalter 1912)Anonymous (Author)1
O God, we praise Thee, and confessAnonymous (Author)9
O God, while generations fleeAnon. (Author)1
O God, whom I delight to praiseAnonymous (Author)1
O God, with thanks unfeignedAnon. (Author)1
O Gott, mit deiner ChristenschaarUnbekannt (Author)1
O gracious God, forsake me notAnonymous (Author)1
O gracious Master, to thy loveAnon. (Author)2
From Greenland's icy mountainsAn. ((Cyf.))2
O Gud, af Himlen se hertil, Dig over os forbarmeAnonymous (Translator)1
O Gud, ditt folk dig bederAnonymous (Author)1
O Gud, hvarthän ett hjerta drifsAnonymous (Author)1
O Gud, jeg vil dig priseAnonymous (Translator)1
O Gud, o Gud! så fromAnonymous (Translator)1
O, Gud ske Lov for Fødsel nyUkjendt (Author)2
O Gud! vi lofve digAnonymous (Translator (into Swedish))1
O Guds lam uskyldig, Paa Korset ihjelslagetUkj. (Translator)1
O høie Herre Gud Ukj. (Author)1
O happy day, that fixed my choiceUnknown (Author (Refrain))3
How happy is the man who hearsAnon. (Author)4
O happy they who know the LordUnknown (Author)2
O happy time of reaping, Fields flow with ruddy grainAnonymous (Author)1
O, have you seen Him?An. (Author (stanzas 1-3))2
O healing river, send down your watersanonymous (Author)1
O hear the wailing cryAnon. (Author)1
O Heavenly JerusalemAnonymous (Author)2
O herr belebe du dein zionUnbekannt (Author)1
O herre Krist gak ikke bortAnonymous (Author)2
O hjertekjære GudUkj. (Author)1
O hjertekjære Jesus KristUkj. (Author)1
O Holy Father mid the calmAnonymous (Author)1
O Holy Ghost the ComforterAnon. (Author)5
O holy, holy, holy Lord! Thou God of hosts, by all adored!Anon (Author)2
O holy, holy, holy Lord creation's sovereignAnonymous (Author)1
O Holy Lord our GodAnon. (Author)1
O holy night the stars are brightly shining Anon (Author)1
O Holy Spirit, by whose breathAnon. (Author)1
O how can praise my tongue employAnon. (Author)1
O how happy are they Who the Savior obeyAnon. (Author)3
O how I long to see that dayAnon. (Author)1
O how lovely, O how sweetAnonymous (Author)1
O how shall I receive TheeComposite (Translator)1
O how soft that bed must beAnon. (Author)1
O, if thy brow, serene and calmAnonymous (Author)5
O, in the morn of life, when youthAnon. (Author)2
O it is joy for those to meetAnon. (Author)1
O it is joy in one to meetAnon. (Author)1
O Jerusalem the blissful, home of gladness yet untoldAnonymous (Author)1
O Jesu Krist, Till dig förvisstAnonymous (Translator)1
O Jesu Krist, du nådens brunnAnonymous (Author)1
O Jesu, Lov og Ære Anonymous (Author)1
O Jesus, de haŋhepi kiŋAnonymous (Author)1
O Jesus, delight of my soul My Savior, my Shepherd divineAnonymous (Author)1
O Jesus, du er minUkjendt (Paraphraser)4
O Jesus, for din PineAnonymous (Author)1
O Jesus, friend unfailingUnknown (Author)2
O Jesus, high and holyArranged (Author)1
O Jesus, King most wonderfulAnonymous (Author)4
O Jesus, lead us onwardAnon. (Author)3
O Jesus, let thy kingdom comeAnon. (Author)1
O Jesus, my Savior, I know thou art mineAnon. (Author)1
O Jesus, my Savior, to Thee I submitAnon. (Author)2
O Jesus, O Jesus How vast thy love to meAnon (Author)1
O Jesus, once a Nazareth boyAnonymous (Author)3
O Jesus, Prince of life and truthAnonymous (Author)6
O Jesus, the giver of all we enjoyAnon. (Author)1
O Jesus, Thou Shepherd divine!Anon (Author)1
O Jesus, with thy church abideArranged (Author)1
O joy of the justified, joy of the freeAnon. (Author)1
O joyous Easter morningUnknown (Author)3
O kind and gentle SaviorAnon. (Author)1
O King most high of earth and skyAnonymous (Author)1
O kjære Jesu, hvad har du bedrevetAnonymous (Translator)1
O kom dog hver, som synd har gjortUkjendt (Translator)3
Oí la voz del SalvadorDesconocido (Translator)4
O Lamb of God, most holy, All free from spot and stainAnon. (Author)3
O lay not up upon this earth, Your hopeAnon. (Author)3
O let the power fall on me, my LordUnknown (Author (v. 2))2
O let us all rejoicingAnon. (Author)1
O let us praise the Christmas treeAnon. (Author)1
O listen to our wondrous storyAnon. (Author)4
O little town of BethlehemUnknown (Author)2
O Lord, all glorious, Life of lifeAnon. (Author)1
O Lord, behold us at thy feetAnon. (Author)2
O Lord, by thy supporting handAnonymous (Author)1
O Lord, Have mercy upon usUnknown (Translator)2
O Lord, how happy should we beAnonymous (Author)2
O Lord, how many they Who deeply trouble meUnknown (Author)1
O Lord, I am not worthyAnon. (Author)8
Grant Lord, I may delight in TheeAnon. (Author (attributed to))1
O Lord, let our songs find acceptanceAnon. (Author)1
O Lord my God, to thee I cryAnon. (Author)2
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderUnknown (Translator (into Cree))3
O Lord of heav'n and earth and seaArranged (Author)2
O Lord of Hosts, how lovely, Thy tabernacles areAnonymous (Author)1
O Lord of seasons, unto TheeAnon. (Author)1
O Lord, our God, ariseAnon. (Author)6
O Lord, we praise Thee, bless Thee, and adore Thee (Lutheran Hymnal, 1941)Unknown (Author (st. 1))1
O Lord, we praise Thee, bless Thee, and adore TheeUnknown (Author (v. 1))1
O Lord, when faith with fixed eyesUnknown (Author)1
O Lord, when we the path retraceAnon (Author)1
O Lord, whose bounteous hand againUnknown (Author)1
O Lord, with thankful hearts we meetAnon. (Author)1
O Lord, within thy sacred gatesUnknown Spanish author (Author)1
O love, beyond conception greatUnknown (Author)2
O love, how deep, how broad, how highAnonymous (Author)6
O Love, thou fathomless abyss!Anonymous (Author)3
O Love, who gavest thy life for meUnknown (Author)2
O lovely star that shone so brightAnonymous (Author)1
O Menneske, vil du betænkeAnonymous (Translator)1
O miorbhail graisSkotgaeliginto nekonata (Translator)6
O, mor ddymunol yw cael cwrddAnonymous (Author (stanza 5))2
[O Most Holy, O Most Holy]Anonymous (Author)2
O mother, most afflicted, Standing beneath that treeAnonymous (Author)1
O my distrustful heartAnonymous (Author)1
O my Savior, Guardian trueAnon. (Author)1
O my soul, bless God, the Father, All within me bless his nameAnonymous (Author)2
O my soul, bless thou Jehovah, All within me bless His nameAnon. (Author)3
O my soul, bless thou the LordAnonymous (Author)2
O my soul, bless your CreatorAnon. (Author)2
O my soul, on wings ascendingComposite (Translator)1
O not in far off realms of spaceAnon. (Author)1
O peace of God, sweet peace of God, where broods onUnknown (Author)2
O praise the Lord, he loves to hear you singingAnonymous (Author)1
O praise the Lord, all ye nations, Praise him all ye people (Chant)Anonymous (Author)1
O, praise the Lord, his name extol, The God of skill and mightAnon. (Translator)1
O praise the Lord of heaven, Whose mercy never failsAnonymous (Author)1
O praise ye the Lord, Prepare your glad voiceAnon. (Author)1
O praise ye the Name of JehovahAnonymous (Author)1
O que darei a Cristo, que se entregou por mim?Unknown (Author)2
O sacred head, now wounded, With grief and shame weighed downAnon. (Author)5
O Savior, may we never rest, Till Thou art formed withinUnknown (Author)1
O Savior, now to thee we raiseAnon (Author)1
O Savior, welcome to my heartAnon. (Author)3
O Savior, who didst comeAnon. (Author)4
O Savior, whose mercy, so faithful in kindnessAnon. (Author)1
O send me not away, for I would drinkAnonymous (Author)2
O shout for joy, let songs ariseUnknown (Author)2
O sing ye Hallelujah! 'Tis good our God to praiseUnknown (Author)1
O sinner, bring not tears aloneAnon. (Author)1
O sinner, for a little spaceAnon. (Author)1
O sinners, what will you doAnonymous (Author)1
O sons and daughters, let us singUnknown Author (Author)3
O speed thee, Christian, on thy wayAnon. (Author)24
O spirit, source of lightAnon. (Author)7
O still trust on, if in the heartAnonymous (Author)2
O Stjerners Skaber i himmelske HusAnonymous (Translator)1
O Sun of righteousness, arise, With gentle beamsAnon. (Author)1
O Sun of righteousness, arise With healing in thy wingAnon. (Author)1
O Sun of righteousness divineAnon. (Author)1
O tell me about the MasterAnon. (Author)1
O tell me no more Of this world's vain storeAnon. (Author)2
O thank the Lord, the Lord of loveAnonymous (Author)1
O that I had some humble placeAnonymous (Author)1
O that the Comforter would comeAnon. (Author)2
O the blood of Jesus, O the blood of JesusUnknown (Author)3
O there's joy in every heartAnon (Author)1
O think of the home over there By the side of the river of lightAnon. (Author)1
O thou, before whose gracious throneAnon. (Author)2
O thou dear suffering Son of GodAnon. (Author)1
O thou, enthroned in worlds aboveAnonymous (Author)2
O Thou great Shepherd of Thy chosen raceUnknown (Author)1
O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delightUnknown (Author (st. 4))9
O Thou joyful, O Thou wonderful anonymous (Author (stanzas 2, 3))3
O thou that hearest prayer, And teachest how to prayAnon. (Author)2
O thou to whom archangels raiseUnknown (Author)1
O thou who all things canst controlUnknown (Author)2
O thou who all things dost controlAnonymous (Author)6
O thou who all things dost commandAnon. (Author)1
O Thou who dost accord usAnon. (Author)1
O thou who dwellest up on highAnon. (Author)1
O thou who hearest every heartfelt prayerUnknown (Author)2
O thou who hearest prayer through his submissionAnon. (Author)3
O thou who hearest prayer, Give ear unto our cryUnknown (Author)3
O thou who once on Isr'l's groundAnonymous (Author)3
O thou who sendest sun and rainAnon. (Author)3
O thou who the Shepherd of Israel artUnknown (Author)1
O thou whose arm of power surroundsAnonymous (Author)1
O thou whose own vast temple standsUnknown (Author)1
O vilde du betænkeUkjendt (Translator)5
O Wanikiya mitawaAnonymous (Author)1
O weep not for the joys that fadeAnon. (Author)2
O Wesenliche Liebe, Du Quell der HeiligkeitUnbekannt (Author)1
O what amazing words of graceUnknown (Author (v. 2))1
O what can little hands doAnon. (Author)2
O what shall I render? For love so unboundedDesconocido (Author)2
O! where you going, preacher?Unknown (Author)1
O why did my Savior leaveAnon. (Author)1
O why should friendship grieve for theeAnonymous (Author)1
O why so far removed, O LordUnknown (Author)1
O wie sehr lieblich, sind alle deine WohnungAnon. (Author)1
O wondrous grace! for guilty menAnonymous (Author)2
O wondrous type! O vision fairAnon. (Author)1
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down before Him, His glory proclaimAnon. (Author)4
O Zion, afflicted with wave upon waveAnon. (Author)1
O'er all the way green palms and blossoms gayAnon. (Author)1
O'er mountain tops the mount of GodAnonymous (Author)1
O'er our blooming plains and prairiesAnon., abr. (Author)1
O'er the distant mountains breakingAnon. (Author)1
O'er the gloomy hills of darknessAnonymous (Author)1
O'er the hill and o'er the valeAnonymous (Author)1
Over the hills the sun is settingUnknown (Author)4
O'erwhelmed in depths of woeAnonymous (Author)1
Of all the tints that light looks onAnon. (Author)1
Of him who did salvation bringAnon. (Author)1
Ofrenda al Señor porque él es buenodescon. (Author)2
Oft in danger, oft in woeAnon. (Author)3
Ogoneddus Graig yr OesoeddAnon. (Author)1
Oh, aldehuela de BelénAnonymous (Translator)1
O be careful little eyes what you seeAnon. (Author)2
O blest the house whate'er befallUnknown (Translator (st. 3))1
¡Oh buen Jesús! Yo creo firmamenteDesconocido (Author)2
Oh buen Jesús, yo creo firmemente (Lord Jesus Christ, my faith has this foundation)Anónima (Author)2
O cease, my wandering soulAnon. (Author)1
¡Oh Cordero celestial, Por mí herido en Gólgota!Desconocido (Author)2
!Oh Cristo lleno de bondad!Desconocido (Author)2
Oh, deja que el Señor te envuelvadesconocido (Translator)3
Oh, Dios de mi alma sé tú mi visiónAnonymous (Author)2
O Dios de paz y de bondadAnonimo (Author)1
¡Oh Dios mío y todo mío!Desconocido (Author)2
O, Dios, mi Soberano, Reydescon. (Estr. #1-2)2
O do not let the Word departAnon. (Author)3
O, ever on our earthly pathAnon. (Author)1
O for the death of thoseAnon. (Author)3
Oh gracia admirable, ¡dulce es!anónimo (Author (v. 4))2
O gran Dios, tres veces santoAnonimo (Author)2
Oh! had I the voice of an angel to singAnonymous (Author)2
O have you not heard of that wonderful loveAnon. (Author)1
O have you not heard of a beautiful streamAnon. (Author)2
O how my spirit longs for theeUnknown (Author)1
O I know the Lord I know the LordAnon. (Author)1
O I love to talk with JesusUnknown (Author)1
O, if my soul were formed for woeAnon. (Author)1
¡Oh jóvenes, venid! Su brillante pabellónanónimo (Author)1
O Jehova omnipotente DiosDesconocido (Translator)5
Oh Jerusalén, qué bonita eres (O Jerusalem, how you shine in beauty)Anónima (Author)2
Oh Jesús, del alma humanaAnónimo (Author)2
O Jesús, Pastor divinoDesconocido (Author)2
O, join ye the anthems of triumph that riseAnon. (Author)1
Oh, la sangre de Cristodescon., s. 20 (Author)2
O let the Son of God enfold youAnonymous (Translator)1
O mi Dios, O Rey eterno! Tu poder se extenderáDesconocido (Author)3
Oh mi santo Dios, mi alma espera en tidescon. (Author)2
O not to fill the mouth of fameAnon. (Author)1
¡Oh nuestro Padre! Ahora Venímoste a pedirDesconocido (Translator)1
¡Oh nuestro Padre, eterno Dios! Que guías al mortalDesconocido (Author)3
O nuestro Padre, nuestro DiosAutor desconocido (Author)3
¡Oh! Nunca olvides, mi alma, a quienDesconocido (Author)2
¡Oh Padre eterno! ¡Oh Padre amado!Desconocido (Author)3
O Padre, eterno DiosAnónimo (Author)1
O pan del cielo, dulce bienanónimo (Author)1
Oh Pastor divino escuchaDesconocido (Author)2
¡Oh qué Salvador es Jesús, el Señor!Anónimo (Translator)2
¡Oh! Ruégote, Señor JesúsDesconocido (Translator)2
O sacred day of peace and joyAnon. (Author)1
Oh, santísimo, Felicísimoanónimas (2a y 3a estrofas )1
¡Oh santo eterno Dios!Anonymous (Author)4
Oh Spirit of the light and loveDesconocida (Author)2
O spread thy pure wing o'er themAnon. (Author)1
O still in accents sweet and strongAnon. (Author)1
O teach me more of thy blest waysAnon. (Author)1
O that each day may bringAnon. (Author)1
O the judgment day is comingUnknown (Author)1
O there will be mourning, mourning, mourning, mourningAnon. (Author)1
Oh tierra, el aguaanónimo (Author)2
O to be ready when death shall comeUnknown (Author)1
O to be there, where the songs of gloryUnknown (Author)1
¡Oh triste alma mia!Anonimo (Author)2
O trust thyself to Jesus When conscious of thy sinAnon. (Author)2
O turn from the wine glass awayAnon. (Author)2
O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye dieAnon. (Author)4
O we are going to wear a crownAnonymous (Author)2
O well for him who all things bravesAnon. (Author)2
O what a glorious thought is thisAnon. (Author)1
O what praises shall we renderAnon. (Author)1
O when shall I see Jesus, And dwell with him aboveAnon. (Author)7
O who'll stand up for JesusAnon. (Author)1
O wondrous vast surpassing loveAnon. (Author)1
Oid un son en alta esferaAnonimo (Author)1
Omniscient God, 'tis thine to knowAnonymous (Author)2
On a Christmas morning brightAnonymous (Author)1
On Christmas night all Christians singAuthor unknown (Author)1
On earth was darkness spreadAnonymous (Author)3
On God alone my soul reliesAnonymous (Author)1
On heav'nly heights an Angel standsUnknown (Author)2
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryAnon. (Author)5
On man, in his own image madeAnon. (Author)1
On Mary, Virgin undefiledAnon. (Author)1
On mountains height, by peaceful shoresAnonymous (Author)2
On our festal day, in its bright arrayAnon. (Author)1
On Sunday I am happy, on Monday full of joyAnon. (Author)2
On the birthday of the LordAnonymous (Author)1
On the Cross of Calvary, Jesus died for you and meAnon. (Author)1
On the dewy breath of evenAnonymous (Author)2
On the first Thanksgiving dayAnonymous (Author)2
On the happy, golden shoreAnon (Author)1
On thee, each morning, O my GodAnonymous (Author)2
On thee my heart is restingAnon. (Author)2
On, through Judea's palmy plainAnonymous (Author)6
On thy Church, O Power DivineAnon. (Author)2
On your journey to the kingdomAnon. (Author)2
On Zion, his own holy mountAnonymous (Author)3
On Zion's holy wallsAnonymous (Author)1
Once in a lonely manger [manger lowly], hundreds of years agoAnonymous (Author)2
Once in royal David's city Stood a lowly cattle-shedAnon. (Author)1
Once in the sin of the world I was boundUnknown (Author)1
Once more before we part We'll bless the Savior's nameAnon. (Author)2
Once more we meet to prayAnon. (Author)4
Once was heard the songs of childrenAnon. (Author)5
One general song of praise ariseAnonymous (Author)1
One little hour for watching with the MasterAnon. (Author)1
One more day's work for JesusAnon. (Author)1
One sole baptismal signAnon. (Author)1
One sweetly solemn thoughtAnon. (Author)1
Onipotente ReiAnonymous (Author)2
Only a word for the MasterAnon (Author)2
Only begotten, Word of God eternalAnonymous (Author)1
Only Christ can save your soulAnon. (Author)1
Only one life for Jesus, 'twill soon be pastAnon. (Author)2
Only waiting till the shadowsAnon. (Author)1
Onward, Christian! though the regionAnon. (Author)1
Onward speed thy conquering flightAnonymous (Author)2
Oo-neh-la-nuh-hee Oo-weh-jeeAnon. (Author (refrain))1
Op alle, som paa Jorden borUkjendt (Translator)3
Op, Zions væg'tre, sover eiAnonymous (Alterer)1
Open the door for the childrenUnknown (Author)3
Open the eyes of my heart, LordAnonymous (Translator)1
Ophold os Gud og Fader StorUkjendt (Translator)2
Laden with guilt, and full of fearsAnon. (Author)1
Our Bible club's begunUnknown (Author)1
Our blessed Redeemer we'll followAnonymous (Author (stanzas 1, 2))2
Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathedAnon. (Author)1
Our bondage it will end, by and by, by and byAnon. (Author)3
Our Captain leads us onAnon. (Author)2
Our children thou dost claimAnon. (Author)2
Our country's voice is pleadingAnon. (Author)1
Our earth we now lament to seeAnon. (Author)1
Our Father-Mother, Your will be done (Mayenziwe 'ntando yakho)Anonymous (Author (Verse 1))2
Our Father, through the coming yearAnon. (Author)7
Our Father, we thank thee for sleepAnonymous (Author)3
Our Father which in Heaven art, Lord, hallowed be thy NameAnon. (Author)1
Our Father, who art in heaven, we pray thee to sendAnonymous (Author)2
Our Father, who dost lead the children of thy graceUnknown (Author)1
Our Father, who in heaven art, All hallowed be thy NameAnon. (Author)1
Our God is love, and all his saintsAnon. (Author)5
Our God is so great, so strong and so mightyUnknown (Author)2
Our God loves us, His love will never endUnknown (Author (v. 1))2
Our Helper, God, we bless his nameAnon. (Author)1
Our highest joys succeed our griefsAnonymous (Author)1
Our holy Father and our GodAnon. (Author)1
Our little bark, on boisterous seasAnon. (Author)1
Our Lord is risen from the dead, Our Jesus is gone up on highAnonymous (Author)1
Our loving Redeemer, we trust in thy wordAnon. (Author)1
Our Savior bowed beneath the waveUnknown (Author)2
Our souls are in the Savior's handUnknown (Author)2
Our souls by love together knitAnonymous (Author)3
Out from the rising of the sunUnknown (Author)1
Out in the gloomy night, sadly I roamAnon. (Author)1
Out of my bondage, sorrow and nightAnonymous (Translator)1
Out on an ocean all boundless we rideAnonymous (Author)4
Ovejita afortunada, Ten confianzaDesconocido (Author)2
Over alle Jordens LandeUkjendt (Alterer)2
Over the hilltops, down from the skiesAnonymous (Author (refrain))2
Over the ocean wave, far, far awayAnon. (Author)5
Over the river the crystal stream flowsUnknown (Author)1
Over where the shining angelsAnonymous (Author)1
Over yonder is a mansion, Christ prepared for meAnon. (Author)1
Oye la voz, Señor, Que el pueblo con fervorDesconocido (Author)3
Oyenos, Señor, Oye la oraciónanónimo (Author)1
På dig jag hoppas, Herre kärAnonymous (Translator)1
Paa Gud alene Anonymous (Author)2
Padre eterno, me postro ante tidescon. (Author)2
Padre nuestro celestialdescon. (Author)2
Pain's furnace heat within me quiversAnon. (Author)1
Parting soul, the floods await theeAnon. (Alterer)2
Pass me not, O gentle SaviorAnon. (Author)1
Patience, O what a grace divineAnonymous (Author)1
Paying a visit to sorrow's abodeAnon. (Author)1
Peace be to this congregationAnon. (Author)2
Peace is flowing like a riverUnknown (Author)7
Peace of God, which knows no measureAnonymous (Author)5
Peace, the welcome sound proclaimUnknown (Author)3
Peace, troubled soul! Thou need'st not fear, Thy great provider still is nearAnon. (Author)4
Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moanAnonymous (Author)7
Peace was the song that [the] angels sangAnon. (Author)1
Peacefully lay her [him] down to restAnon. (Author)2
Pecador, Jesus te llamaDesconocido (Translator (v. 1-3))2
Pecadores venid, á Jesus recibidAnonimo (Author)2
Pengyou, ting zhe hao xin xi (Listen, my friends and hear the good news)Anonymous (Author)2
¡Perdón, oh Dios mío! ¡Perdón e indulgencia!Desconocido (Author)2
Perfect in love, Lord can it beAnon. (Author)2
Peter and John went to prayAnonymous (Author)5
Ô peuple fidèle, Jésus vous appelleanonyme (Translator)2
Piedad, O santo Dios, piedadDesconocido (Translator)1
Pilgrim to the heavenly cityAnonymous (Author)1
Pilgrims, on, the day is dawningAnon. (Author)2
Politeness is to do and sayUnknown (Author)1
Pon aceite en mi lámpara, Señor (Give me oil in my lamp, O my dear Lord)Anónima (Author)2
Poor and needy though I beAnon. (Author)2
Poor, wildered, weeping heartAnon. (Author)1
Por el valle iremos en pazanónimo (Author)2
Por estos alimentos, Diosdescon. (Author)2
Por estos bienes, oh Señoranónimo (Author)2
Por fe en Jesús, el Salvadordescon. (Author)2
Por la vía terrenalAnonimo (Author)2
Por mí en el tormentoAnonimo (Author)2
Praise and thanks and cheerful loveAnonymous (Author)2
Praise and thanksgiving let everyone bringUnknown (Author)1
Praise God for beauty everywhereUnknown (Author)1
Praise God, for he is kind:Unknown (Author)1
Praise God for love we all may shareUnknown (Author)2
Praise God for the BibleAnonymous (Alterer)1
Praise God for what he's done for meUnknown (Author)2
Praise God for wheat all white and sweetAnonymous (Author)2
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (Ken)Anonymous (Author)2
Praise God, the Father and the SonAnon. (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, everybody praise him!unknown (Author)1
Praise him, praise him, Praise him in the morningAnonymous (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, all ye little childrenAnonymous (Author)30
Praise him, praise him, praise himUnknown (Author)2
Praise our glorious King and LordAnon. (Author)1
Praise the Father, earth and heavenUnknown Author (Author)8
Praise the God of all creation, Praise the Father's boundless loveUnknown (Author)3
Praise the Lord from heaven, praise himAnon. (Author)2
Praise the Lord in heavenly placesUnknown (Author)1
Praise the Lord, O ye, his servantsUnknown (Author)2
Praise the Lord, when blushing morningAnonymous (Author)3
Praise the Lord, who died to save usAnon. (Author)2
Praise the Lord, who reigns above, And keeps his courts belowAnonymous (Author)2
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore himAnonymous (Author (st. 1-2))53
Praise the name of God most highAnon. (Author)13
Praise to God the Father (Da n'ase! Da n'ase!)Anon. (Author)2
Praise to God, the great Creator, Bounteous source of every joyAnon. (Author)1
Praise to him by whose kind favorAnonymous (Author)3
Praise to thee, O Lord we renderAnon. (Author)3
Praise to thee, thou great creatorAnon. (Author)1
Praise unto thee we singArranged (Author)1
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee; Thy saints adore thy holy nameAnon. (Author)1
Praise we the Lord this dayAnonymous (Author)12
Praise ye Jehovah's name; Praise through His courts proclaimAnonymous (Author)2
Praise ye the Father, for his loving kindnessAnon. (Author)10
Praise ye the Lord, again, againAnonymous (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, for it is good To sing unto our GodUnknown (Author)1
Prayer is the key on the bending kneeUnknown (Author)2
Preis sei dem Namen Jesu ChristAnon. (Author)1
Preis sei Dir, Herr Jesus, Preis Dir und EhrUnbekannt (Author)2
Prepare us Lord to view thy crossAnon. (Author)3
Press on, press on, though doubts ariseAnon. (Author)1
Prince of Peace, control my willAnon. (Author)6
Prisoners of hope be strong, be boldAnonymous (Author)2
Proclaim, saith Christ, my wondrous graceAnon. (Author)1
Proclaim the lofty praiseAnon. (Author)1
Proclamen las naciones Divulguen cielo y tierraAnonymous (Author)2
Propitious Light of holy gloryUnknown (Author)2
Puedo confiar en el Señor (I place my trust in the Lord)Anónima (Author)2
Pues si vivimos para Él vivimos (When we are living, it is in Christ Jesus)Anonymous (Author (Spanish))10
Purer yet and purer, I would be in mindAnonymous (Author)29
Put on the armor of our GodAnonymous (Author)2
Pwy sydd ar du'r ArglwyddAnonymous (Author (stanza 1))2
¿Qué júbilo inmenso resuenaAnonimo (Author)2
¿Qué me importan del mundo las penas y doblada tener la cerviz?Anonimo (Author)1
Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heartAnónima (Author)1
Quién, quién, quién como Jehová (Who, who, who is like our God)Anónima (Author)3
Quiero cantar una linda cancióndescon. (Author)2
Quiero cantar una linda canción (I want to sing out a beautiful song)Anónima (Author)2
Quiero Jesús mi reyDesconocido (Translator)2
Quiet from God how beautiful to keepAnonymous (Author)2
Quiet, Lord, my froward heartAnon. (Author)1
Quince años Dios te concedeAnonymous (Author)2
Rabə ki hove (In God's house sing out)Anonymous (Author)2
Ready to suffer grief or painAnonymous (Author)1
Reich des Herrn, Reich des HerrnUnbekannt (Author)1
Reisend in's gelobte Land, durch der Wüste Glut und SandAnon. (Author)2
Rejected and despised of men, Behold! a man of woeUnknown (Author)1
Rejoice, believer, in the LordAnon. (Author)2
Rejoice in God alwayAnonymous (Author)5
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, rejoiceUnknown (Author)2
Rejoice, my soul, still in the LordAnon. (Author)1
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is comingAnon. (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, ye ChristiansAnon. (Author)5
Rejoice, ye saints, the time draws near, When Christ will in the clouds appear (Anonymous)Anon (Author)1
Religion's dictates can assuageAnon. (Author)1
Remember me, my Savior GodAnon. (Author)2
Remember thy Creator, While youth's fair spring is brightAnon. (Author)1
Remember thy Creator In these thy youthful daysUnknown (Author)1
Remember thy Creator now, In these thy youthful daysUnknown (Author)1
Remember thy Creator now, in these youthful daysAnon. (Author)4
Remido, eu vou proclamarUnknown (Translator)2
Rest, for the little sleeperAnon. (Author)1
Restore, O Father, to our times restoreAnonymous (Author)2
Resucitado, Cristo es aclamadoDesconocido (Author)1
Retire, vain world, awhile retireAnon. (Author)1
Retiring from our school once moreAnon. (Author)1
Return, my soul, unto thy rest, From vain pursuits and maddening caresUnknown (Author)1
Revive, O God, desponding saintsAnon. (Author)1
Revive thy churches, Lord, with graceAnon. (Author)1
Revive thy work, O Lord, And send salvation downAnon. (Author)1
Ring, bells, ring ding, dong dingAnon. (Translator)1
Ring out, O bells, your peals todayAnonymous (Author)2
Ring out the bells for ChristmasAnonymous (Author)4
Ring out the merry bells, the Savior has comeAnon. (Author)2
Ring out, ye throbbing stars of night!Anonymous (Author)2
Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bellsAnon. (Author)2
Ring the joybells, Christ is risenAnonymous (Author)3
Rise again, ye lion heartedUnknown (Author)4
Rise and shineUnknown (Author)2
Rise, daughter of Zion, thy mourning is o'erUnknown (Author)1
Rise, every heart and every tongueAnonymous (Author)2
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsAnonymous (Author)5
Rise, my soul, thy God directs theeAnon. (Author)1
Roca de la eternidadDesconocido (Translator)2
Rogamos al buen ConsoladorDesconocido (Author (stanza 1))2
Roll on, thou mighty ocean! And as thy billows flowAnon. (Author)1
Rostro divino, ensangrentadoAnonimo (Author)1
Rosy dawn, with locks of goldUnknown (Author)1
Round our sparkling Christmas treeAnonymous (Author)1
Round the temperance standard rallyAnon. (Author)1
Round the throne of glory, Circling cherubimAnon. (Author)3
Rows of cheerful facesAdaline Holf Beery (Author)1
Søde Jesus, vi er her Ukj. (Translator)2
Så får jag nu med frid och fröjdAnonymous (Translator)1
Så högt har Gud oss till stor fröjdAnonymous (Translator)1
Sólo a Ti, Dios y SeñorDesconocido (Author)2
Sólo tú eres santo, sólo tú eres dignoDesconocido (Author)4
Sé, ¡oh Dios! que á iniquidadAnonimo (Author)2
Saa sandt jeg lever siger GudUkj. (Translator)3
Sabbath morn has come once moreAnon. (Author)1
Sacred day forever blestAnon. (Author)1
Sadly bend the flowers in the heavy rainAnon. (Author)1
Sagrado es el amor Desconocido (Translator)5
Saint of God elect and preciousUnknown (Author)1
Saints of God lift up your voicesAnon (Author)1
Saints of God! the dawn is brighteningAnon. (Author)1
Sal a sembrar, sembrador de pazAutor desconocido (Author)3
Salud hay para miDesconocido (Translator)3
¡Salvacion! palabra hermosaAnonimo (Author)2
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, I lift my voice in worshipUnknown (Author)3
Santa Biblia para miAnonimo (Author)1
Santa Cordero, En cruz clavadoDesconocido (Author)2
¡Santo Cordero! por tu llamamientodesconocido (Author)2
Santo Dios ¡oh Dios de amor!Desconocido (Author)3
Santo, santo, santo, mi corazón te adora (Holy, holy, holy, my heart, my heart adores you)Anon. (Author)2
Santos ángeles cantoresAnonimo (Author)2
Satúrame, Señor, con tu EspírituDesconocido (Author (estr. 1))4
Satúranos, Señor, con tu Espíritu (Lord, fill us with the love of the Spirit)Anónima (Author (st. 1))1
Save, Jesus save, thy blessing now we craveAnon. (Author)1
Save me from my foesAnonymous (Author)5
Savior, canst Thou love a traitor?Anon. (Author)1
Savior, my feet have neverSelected (Author)1
Savior, my heart is Thine, keep it for meUnknown (Author)2
Savior, while my heart is tender, I would yield that heart to TheeAnon. (Author)1
Savior, Who Thy flock art feedingAnonymous (Author)9
Savior at thy feet we bowAnon. (Author)1
Savior, at Thy footstool bendingAnon. (Author)1
Savior, happy should I be, If I could but trust in theeAnon. (Author)2
Savior, hear us, through Thy merit, lowly bending at Thy feetAnon. (Author)8
Savior, I come to Thee, in all my weaknessAnonymous (Author)1
Savior, I long to be nearer to TheeAnon (Author)1
Jesus, I my cross have taken, All to leave and follow TheeAnonymous (Author)2
Savior, I see my guilty courseUnknown (Author)1
Savior King, in hallowed unionAnon. (Author)7
Savior, like a shepherd lead usAnonymous (Author)49
Savior, listen to our prayer, Poor and sinful though we areAnon. (Author)3
Savior, teach me, day by dayUnknown (Author)18
Savior, Thy law we loveUnknown (Author)2
Savior, Thy precept is not hidUnknown (Author)1
Saw ye my Savior, saw ye my SaviorAnon. (Author)2
Saw you never, in the twilightAnon. (Author)2
Say, brothers, will you meet usAnon. (Author)1
Say, dear sinner, take salvationAnon. (Author)1
Say now, ye lovely social bandAnon. (Author)2
Say to the nations, Jesus reignsAnon. (Author)1
Say, watchman, what of the nightAnon. (Author)1
Say, why should friendship grieve for thoseAnon. (Author)2
Schoenster Herr Jesu, Herrscher aller EndenAnon. (Author)1
Scorn not the slightest word or deedUnknown (Author)21
Señor, piedad, misericordia imploroAnonimo (Author)2
Señor, ¿quién entrará en tu santuario para adorar?anónimo (Author)3
Señor, ¿quién entrará en tu santuario para adorar? (O Lord, who enters in your holy place to worship you?)Anónima (Author)2
Señor, yo quiero entrar (O God, I want to enter)Anonymous (Author)2
See from on high a light divineUnknown (Author)2
See, from Zion's sacred mountainAnon. (Author)1
See how he loved, exclaimed the JewsAnonymous (Author)1
See in the vineyard of the LordAnon. (Author)1
See the eternal Judge descendingAnon. (Author)5
See the rain is fallingAnon. (Author)1
See the seal is rudely brokenAnonymous (Author)1
See the shining dewdropsAnon. (Author)4
See the stars from heaven fallingAnon. (Author)1
Seek ye first the kingdom of God And His righteousnessAnonymous (Author (st. 2))8
Sei getreu bis in den Tod, Seele, lass dichUnbekannt (Author)1
Seigneur en ta victoireauteur inconnu (Translator)2
Sembraré la simiente preciosaAutor desconocido (Author)3
Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloomAnonymous (Author)2
Send, O Lord, thy Holy SpiritUnknown, 19th century (Author)2
Será de manhã, no começo do dia?Unknown (Translator)2
Servir en vida á nuestro Dios podemosAnonimo (Author)2
Set my spirit free that I might worship youAnon (Author)2
Settled forever, sin's tremendous claimAnon. (Author)1
神說話,我就相信祂 (Shén shuōhuà, wǒ jiù xiāngxìn tā)Anonymous (Author)1
Shall heaven excuse thy blinded mindAnon. (Author)1
Shall I, for fear of feeble man, The Spirit's course in me restrain?Anon. (Author)1
Shall I tell you what brought me to JesusUnknown (Author)3
Shall we all meet at home in the morningAnon. (Author)1
Shall we gather at the riverAnon. (Author)1
Shall we meet beyond the river In the clime where angels dwell?Unknown (Author)3
Shalom, javerimdesconocido (Translator)3
¡Shalom para tí! (¡Shalom, javerim!)anónimo (Versión en español)1
Shed not a tear, o'er your friend's early bier Anon. (Author)2
Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessAnonymous (Author (st. 1-3))16
Shepherd of thy little flockUnknown (Author)2
Shepherd, with thy tenderest loveAnon. (Author)10
Shepherds, hail the wondrous strangerAnon. (Author)3
Shepherds keeping watch by nightAnonymous (Author)1
Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyesAnon. (Author)1
Shine on our souls, eternal GodAnon. (Author)2
Should auld acquaintance be forgotAnon. (Author)2
Should sorrow's gate be open wideAnonymous (Author)1
Shout the tidings of salvation to the aged and the youngAnon. (Author)3
Shout the tidings of salvation, Bear the message far and wideUnknown (Author)3
Show me myself, O holy LordAnon. (Author)1
Show me thy face, one transient gleamAnon. (Author)4
Show me Thy way, O Lord, And make it plainAnon. (Author)6
Shut in, O no, my sisters, but only led awayAnon. (Author)1
Si aquí sufrimos tanto, nos brinda el SalvadorAnonymous (Author)2
Si el grano de trigo no muereAnon. (Author (verses))2
Si hay en tu vida algunas penasanónimo (Author)2
Si un dia el dolor te oprime ¡oh mortal!Anonymous (Author)2
Sica, Apo, cas PastormiUnknown (Author)2
Siervos de Dios, la trompeta tocadAnónimo (Translator)1
Silent night, hallowed night, land and deep silent sleepUnknown (Author)3
Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is brightAnon. (Translator (stanza 4))19
Silent night, peaceful night! All things sleep, shepherds keepAnon. (Translator)4
Silent night, shadowy night, purple domeAnon. (Author)1
Silently, silently, they pass awayAnonymous (Author)2
Silently the shades of eveningAnon. (Author)2
Silver and gold have I noneUnknown (Author)1
Simply trusting every dayAnon. (Author)1
Since Jesus is my FriendAnon. (Author)1
Since Jesus freely did appearAnonymous (Author)5
Since o'er thy footstool here belowAnon. (Alterer)7
Since she went home, how still the empty room her presence blessedAnonymous (Author)1
Since thy Father's arm sustains theeAnon. (Author)2
Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praiseAnonymous (Author)4
Sing alleluia to the Lordanonymous (Author (verses 2-4))1
Sing my soul his wondrous loveAnonymous (Author)23
Sing, my soul, sing with raptureUnknown (Author)1
Sing now with joy unto the LordAnon. (Author)1
Sing, O children, sing with gladnessAnonymous (Author)2
Sing of Mary pure and lowlyAnonymous (Author)4
Sing to the Lord in joyful strainsAnon. (Author)1
Sing we all merrilyAnonymous (Author)1
Sing we now of Christmas, Noel sing we hereAnonymous (Translator)1
Sing we to our God aboveAnon. (Author)2
Sing ye the songs of praise: Jesus is come!Anon (Author)2
Singet mit Freuden, verkündet’s mit mächtigen WortenUnbekannt (Author)2
Sinner, go, will you go, To the high lands of heaven?Unknown (Author)3
Sinner, hear your Friend and SaviorAnonymous (Author)1
Sinners, seek the narrow gateAnon. (Author)2
Sinner, the Lord invites thee nowAnon. (Author)1
Sinner, what has earth to showAnon. (Author)2
Sinners, hear, for God hath spokenAnon. (Author)1
Sinner, O, why so thoughtless grown?Anon. (Author)1
Sinners, take the friendly warningAnon. (Author)1
Sinners, whither will you wanderAnon (Author)2
Sins of years are washed awayAnon. (Author)1
Sister, thou wast mild and lovelyAnon. (Author)2
Sit down by the side of your mother, my boyAnon. (Author)1
Sittande vid Jesu fötterOkaend (Author)3
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, O what words I hear him sayUnknown (Author)1
Sleep, baby, sleep, thy Father guards the sheepAnonymous (Translator)1
Sleep, my Savior, sleepAnon. (Author)1
Sleep not, soldier of the crossAnon. (Author)2
Snow, snow, everywhereUnknown (Author)1
So let our lips and lives expressAnon. (Author)1
So nimm denn meine HändeAnon. (Author)2
Soft fell the mother's lullabyUnknown (Author)1
Softly now the light of dayAnonymous (Author)1
Softly sighs the breath of eveningUnknown (Author)1
Softly, softly, Christ is callingAnon. (Author)2
Solamente El es la fuenteAnonymous (Author)2
Solamente en CristoAnonymous (Author)2
Solamente en Cristo, solamente en él (Only in Christ Jesus, only by his grace)Anónima (Author)2
Soldiers fighting round the crossAnon (Author)1
Soldiers of Christ, arise, And put your armor on; Engage your enemiesAnonymous (Author)1
Soldiers of our God, arise!Unknown (Author)1
Soldiers of the Captain, stand for himAnon. (Author)1
Soldiers on life's battlefieldX. X. X. (Author)1
Soldiers who to Christ belongAnon. (Author)3
Solo el poder de Dios puede cambiar tu ser (What power changes lives? Only the love of God)Anónima (Author)2
Some of these days all the skies will be brighterF. L. S. (Author)2
Somebody near you is struggling alone, Over life's desert landAnon. (Author)1
Something in my heart like a stream running freeAnon. (Author)1
Somos uno en Cristodescon. (Author)2
Somos uno en Cristo, somos uno (We are all one in Christ, we are one body)Anonymous (Author)3
We are one in Christ JesusAnonymous (Author)11
Son of the Father, Jesus, Lord and slaveAnon. (Author)1
Son of the living God! thy handsAnonymous (Author (st. 1))2
Songs anew of honor framingAnon. (Author)1
Sons of men, behold from farAnonymous (Author)10
Soon may the last glad song ariseAnon. (Author)4
Soon will our fleeting hours be pastAnonymous (Author)1
Soon will the heavenly Bridegroom comeAnon. (Author)3
Soon with resistless arm shall deathAnonymous (Author)1
Soul of Jesus, make me wholeUnknown (Translator)1
Soul of my Savior, sanctify my breastAnonymous (Translator)3
Sound aloud the wondrous storyAnon. (Author)1
Sound the Gospel of grace abroadAnonymous (Author)2
Sov nu, mit Barn, saa soedeligUkjendt (Translator)1
Sovereign Lord of light and gloryAnonymous (Author)1
Sovereign of worlds, display thy powerAnon. (Author)4
Sovereign of life, I own thy handAnon. (Author)1
Sow in the morn thy seedAnon. (Author)1
Sow thou thy seed in the morningAnon. (Author)2
Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessAnon. (Author)1
Sowing the seed by the daylight fairAnon. (Author)2
Sowing the tares, when it might have been wheatA Convict (Author)2
¿Soy yo soldado de Jesús Y siervo del Señor?descon. (Coro)1
Speak gently, it is better farAnonymous (Author)4
Spirit divine, attend our prayersAnonymous (Author)1
Spirit of God, my guardian dearUnknown (Author)2
Spirit of love, come fill my heartAnonymous (Author)1
Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveAnonymous (Author)18
Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on meAnon. (Author)2
Spirit of truth, O let me know the loveAnon. (Author)1
Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyesAnon. (Author)3
Spirit, poured on PentecostUnknown (Author)1
Spring has now unwrapped the flowersAnonymous (Author)1
Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fearsAnon. (Alterer)2
Standing at the portalAnon. (Author)1
Star of our hope, he'll soon appearAnon. (Author)2
Star of peace to wanderers wearyAnon. (Author)1
Star of the east! whose beacon lightAnonymous (Author)2
Still evening comes, with gentle shadeAnon. (Author)3
Still on the Lord thy burden rollAnon. (Author)1
Still with thee, O my GodAnon. (Author)2
Stir me, O Lord, as Thou wast stirredAnon (Author)2
Stop! And let me tell you what the Lord has done for meUnknown (Author (st. 1))2
Strike off my galling fettersAnon. (Author)1
Su gloria cubrió cielos (God's glory filled highest heavens)Anónima (Author)2
Submissive to thy will, my GodAnon. (Author)1
Suffering Savior, with thorn crownAnon. (Author)2
Sun, shine forth in all thy splendorUnknown (Author)1
Sweet Agnes, holy childAnonymous (Author)1
Sweet alleluias, the birds and the blossomsAnon. (Author)2
Sweet and clear the birds are singingAnonynous (Author)2
Sweet glories rush upon my sightAnon. (Author)2
Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerAnon. (Author)4
Sweet hymns and songs will I reciteUnknown (Author)1
Sweet is the prayer, whose holy streamAnon. (Author)17
How blessed the righteous when he diesAnon. (Author)1
Sweet is the time of springAnonymous (Author)3
Sweet is the work, my God, my KingUnknown (Author (last verse))1
O land of rest, for thee I sighAnon. (Author)6
Sweet peace of conscience, heavenly guestAnon. (Author)1
Sweet rivers of redeeming loveAnon. (Author)3
Sweet Sabbath bells, I love your voiceAnon. (Author)1
Sweet Sabbath eve, bright is thy smileAnon. (Author)1
Sweet spices they brought on their star lighted wayAnonymous (Author)2
Sweet the moments, rich in blessingAnon. (Author)2
Sweet 'tis to sing of TheeAnon. (Author)1
Sweet to rejoice in lively hopeAnon. (Author)2
Sweet were the tears that once I shedAnon. (Author)1
Sweetly sing the love of JesusUnknown (Author)1
Swell the anthem, raise the songAnon. (Author)1
Swift as the winged arrow fliesAnonymous (Author)1
Synge vi af hjertens grundUkj. (Author)1
Tú dejaste tu trono y corona por míDesconcido (Translator)4
Tú ya vienes, ¡oh Dios mío!Desconocido (Translator)2
Tag, den uns der Herr gemacht, Froehlich jauchzUnbekannt (Author)1
Take comfort, Christians, when your friendsAnon. (Author)2
Take me as I am, O SaviorUnknown (Translator)1
Take me to the living fountainAnon. (Author)1
Take my hands, Lord, to share in your laborsUnknown (Author (v. 2))2
Take my heart, O Father, mould itUnknown (Author)1
Take my heart, O Father, take itAnon. (Author)32
Take thou no thought, O child of dustAnon. (Author)1
Take up thy cross, the Savior said, If thou wouldst my disciple beAnon. (Author)3
Tal como soy sin más decirAnónimo (Translator)1
Tangles, tangles, tangles I was inUnknown (Author)2
Tarry with me, O my Savior! For the day is passing byAnon. (Author)1
Te alabaré, Señor, con todo mi corazónAnonymous (Author)1
Te alabaré, Señor (O Lord, I give you praise)Anónima (Author)2
Te amo, te amo, te amo, Señoranónimo (Author)2
Te damos gracias, oh Señor, Por estas pruebas de tu amoranónimo (Author)2
Te invitamos, oh Cristo (Come, be among us, O Jesus)Anonymous (Author)2
Te preciso, mi Señoranónimo (Author)2
Te quiero, mi SeñorAnónimo (Translator (v. 1-4))1
Teach me, O Lord, Thy holy wayAnon. (Author)3
Teach me to live thy purpose to fulfilAnon. (Author)1
Teach us, O Lord, we earnest prayAnon. (Author)1
Teach us to pray, O Father, we look up to theeAnonymous (Author)4
Tell me the old, old story, Of unseen things aboveAnon. (Author)2
Tell us, wanderer, wildly rovingAnonymous (Author)1
¿Temes que en la lucha no podrás vencer?Unknown (Author)2
Tempted and tried, we're oft made to wonderUnknown (Author)1
Ten thousand different flowersAnonymous (Author)1
Ten thousand sowers through the landAnon. (Author)1
Tengo de Dios el amorAnonimo (Author)2
Tengo en Dios un grande amoranónimo (Author)1
Tens na tua vida mil problemas a enfrentarUnknown (Translator)2
Tere saha mukh ham hain ate (We come before thee, O Great and Holy)Anon. (Author)2
Terrible God, that reign'st on highAnon. (Author)1
The Eternal speaks, all heaven attendsAnon. (Author)1
Thank God for the Bible, 'tis there that we findAnon. (Author)2
Thank you for the world so fairUnknown (Author)1
Thank you for the world so sweetAnon. (Author)2
Thank You, God, for sending JesusAnon (Author)2
Thanks for mercies, Lord, receiveAnonymous (Author)1
Thanks for mercies past, receiveAnonymous (Author)5
That glorious day is comingAnonymous (Author)1
That might of faith, O Lord, bestowAnonymous (Author)2
That solemn hour will come for meUnknown (Author)2
The angels are hovering roundAnon. (Author)1
The anthem the angels were singingAnonymous (Author)1
The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, that's the book for meAnonymous (Author)4
The Babe in Bethlehem's manger laidAnon. (Author)1
The beautiful bright sunshineAnonymous (Author)8
The bells are ringing joyfullyAnon. (Author)1
The Bible, the Bible, More precious than goldAnonymous (Author)4
The bosom where I oft have lainAnonymous (Author)2
The bread that giveth [bringeth] strength I want to giveUnknown (Author)2
The broken bread, the blessed cupUnknown (Author)2
The burdens of life may be manyAnon. (Author)6
The busy scenes of day are fledAnon. (Author)2
The Chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll in fireAnon. (Author)2
The Child of humble virgin bornAnon. (Translator)1
The Church's one foundationAnonymous (Stanzas 1, 2, and part of 3)1
The comforter has comeAnon. (Author)3
The advent of our God With eager prayers we greetAnonymous (Author)1
The corn is ripe for reapingAnon. (Author)2
The cross is my anchor, though wave follow waveAnon. (Author)1
The cross of Christ, what untold loveAnon. (Author)1
The day is fast approaching, By prophets long foretoldAnonymous (Author)1
The day is gently sinking to a closeAnon. (Author)1
The day is past and gone, The evening shades appearUnknown (Author)6
The day is past and overAnon. (Author)5
The day of glory bearingAnon. (Author)1
The day of Resurrectionanon. (Translator (vs. 4))1
The daylight is fading o'er earth and o'er oceanAnonymous (Author)2
The deep defilement of the heartAnon. (Author)1
The die is cast, my choice is made,Author Unknown (Author)2
The earth and the fulness with which it is storedUnknown (Author)2
The earth awakes from winter sleepUnknown (Author)1
The earth belongs unto the LordAnonymous (Author)1
The earth is hushed in silenceAnonymous (Author)2
The earth with all that dwell thereinAnonymous (Author)1
The Easter sunshine breaks againAnonymous (Author)1
The ends of all the earth shall hearAnonymous (Author)1
The eternal gates lift up their headsUnknown (Author)2
The fast, as taught by holy loreAnonymous (Author)1
The Father and the SonAnon. (Author)1
The Father's sole begotten SonAnonymous (Author)2
The fields are all white And the reapers are fewAnon. (Author)7
The first Eternal Mind was law to allUnknown (Author)2
The first noel, the angel did sayAnonymous (Author)9
The glories of that heavenly landAnon. (Author)1
The glorious gates of righteousnessAnonymous (Author)1
The glory of the Lord, The heavens declare abroadAnonymous (Author)1
The God of grace and glory callsAnon. (Author)1
The God of grace will never leaveAnon. (Author)2
The God of love will sure indulgeAnonymous (Author)1
The God of mercy will indulgeAnonymous (Author)1
The God who made both heaven and earthUnknown (Author)3
The God who sits entroned on highAnonymous (Author)2
The gold and silver are the Lord'sAnon. (Author)3
The good man's steps are led arightAnonymous (Author)1
The gospel ship has long been sailingAnon. (Author)1
The gospel trumpet's soundingAnon. (Author)2
The great decisive day is at handAnon. (Author)1
The great Physician now is hereAnon. (Author)4
The heart of home is beamingAnon. (Author)1
The heavens Thy praises are tellingAnon. (Author)2
The heavens resound with his praises eternalUnknown (Translator)1
The holly and the ivy Anonymous (Author)1
The Holy Ghost is comeAnon. (Author)1
The hour will quickly comeAnonymous (Author)2
The hours of rest are overAnon. (Author)2
The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in youAnonymous (Author)3
The joy of the Lord is my strength; The joy of the Lord is my strengthAnonymous (Translator)1
The judgment day is coming, coming, comingAnonymous (Author)2
The King rejoiceth in Thy strengthAnonymous (Author)1
The King shall come when morning dawnsAnonymous (Author)3
The Lamb's high banquet called to shareAnonymous (Author)2
The Lamb's high banquet we awaitAnonymous (Author)1
The land before them, where to chooseAnonymous (Author)2
The land beyond the sea, How close it sometimes seemsAnon. (Author)2
The land we love is callingAnonymous (Author)1
'Tis the last call of mercyAnon. (Author)4
The last lovely morning, All blooming and fairAnon. (Author)4
The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soulAnonymous (Author)1
The law that the Lord has ordained is perfectAnonymous (Author)1
The leaves around me fallingAnon. (Author)1
The life which God's incarnate wordAnonymous (Author)1
The light pours down from heavenAnonymous (Author)8
The lillies of the field, that quickly fade awayAnonymous (Author)1
The Lion of Judah, the Lamb that was slainUnknown (Author (refrain))2
The little cares that fettered meAnon. (Author)1
The little cloud increases fastAnonymous (Author)1
The little flowers came through the groundUnknown (Author)1
The long lost son, with streaming eyesAnon. (Author)1
The Lord again to earth appearsUnknown (Author)2
The Lord almighty is my lightAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord descended from above, And bow'd the heavens most highAnon. (Author)1
The Lord has given a land of good thingsAnon (Author)2
The Lord has heard and answered prayerAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord I will at all times bless, My mouth His praises shall expressAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord into his garden comesAnon. (Author)10
The Lord is coming, let this beAnon. (Author)2
The Lord is ever nearUnknown (Author)1
The Lord is gone, his people watch and prayAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord is great; with worthy praiseAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord is in his holy place, Let all the earthUnknown (Translator (from Danish))1
The Lord is in His holy temple, Let all the earth keep silence before HimAnon. (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, He makes me reposeAnon. (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know (Montgomery)Anon. (Author)1
The Lord is my Shepherd (Unknown)Unknown (Author)1
The Lord is our Shepherd, our Guardian and GuideAnon. (Author)1
The Lord is the fountain of goodness and loveAnon. (Author)1
The Lord, my Portion shall prepareArranged (Author)1
The Lord, my Shepherd holds me Within His tender careAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord of earth and skyAnon. (Author)1
The Lord of glory, moved by loveAnon. (Author)1
The Lord said to Noah, "There's gonna be a floody, floodyUnknown (Author)1
The Lord unto his Christ has said, Sit Thou at my right handAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord upholds the faltering feetAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord who has remembered usAnonymous (Author)1
The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want; He makes me down to lie (Rous)Anonymous (Author)1
The lowly Jesus gladly reignsAnon. (Author)1
The man that fears the Lord, God's way shall understandAnonymous (Author)1
The man who once has found abodeAnonymous (Author)2
The mellow eve is glidingAnon. (Author)1
The merits of the saintsAnonymous (Author)1
The mighty God, Jehovah, speaksAnonymous (Author)1
The mighty God, the Lord, Hath spoken unto allAnonymous (Author)1
The mistakes of my life have been manyAnon. (Author)1
The moon shines bright and the stars give a lightAnon. (Author)1
The morn of life, how fair and gayAnonymous (Author)1
The morning breaks, my voice I raiseAnon. (Author)2
The morning bright with rosy lightAnon. (Author)3
The morning kindles all the sky, the heavens resound with anthems highAnon. (Author)1
The morning light is breaking, The darkness disappearsAnonymous (Author)3
The morning light is surely growing brighterAnonymous (Author)1
The morning purples all the skyAnonymous (Author)1
The morning sun is brightly beamingUnknown (Author)1
The morning sun is shiningAnon. (Author)1
The newborn king who comes todayUnknown (Author)2
The night in solemn stillness hungAnonymous (Author)2
The offering on the altar burnedAnonymous (Author)1
The past is dark with sin and shameAnonymous (Author)1
The people of the Lord are on their wayAnon. (Author)1
The prophetic days of burningAuthor Unknown (Author)2
The race that long in darkness pinedAnonymous (Author)1
The radiant sun decliningAnon. (Author)1
The rivers are his, the mountains are hisUnknown (Author)1
The Royal Banners forward goAnonymous (Translator)7
The rush may rise where waters flowUnknown (Author)1
The sacraments are holy signsAnon. (Author)1
The Savior calleth sinful oneAnonymous (Author)2
The Savior calls usAnon. (Author)1
The Savior kindly calls Our children to His breastAnonymous (Author)1
The Savior of men is a wonderful SaviorAnon. (Author (v. 2 and chorus))1
The Savior risen today we praiseUnknown (Author)2
The sea of God's eternal loveAnon. (Author)1
The seasons are fixed by wisdom divineUnknown (Author)1
The seraphs bright are hoveringAnonymous (Author)1
The short lived day declines in hasteAnon. (Author)1
The snow lay on the groundAnon. (Author)2
The soul wherein God dwellsUnknown (Translator)1
The Spirit, in our heartsAnonymous (Author)5
The spirits of the loved and the departedAnonymous (Author)2
The sprinkled blood is speakingAnon. (Author)1
The star of morn has risenAnonymous (Author)1
The star was bright o'er Bethlehem's plainAnon. (Author)1
The strife is o'er, the battle doneAnon. (Author)20
The sun has long departedAnon. (Translator)1
The sun is sinking fastAnonymous (Author)7
The sun rolls down the distant westAnon. (Author)1
The Sunday school army is marching along (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)1
The tempest beat against my barkAnon. (Author)1
The time draws nigh I must go homeAnon. (Author)2
The time is short sinners bewareAnon. (Author)1
The tree of life my soul hath seenAnonymous (Author)3
The triumphs of the martyred saintsUnknown (Author)1
The twilight falls the night is nearUnknown (Author)8
The virgin Mary had a baby boyAnon. (Author)1
The voice of Free Grace cries escape to the mountianAnonymous (Author)1
The way is long come near to meAnonymous (Author)1
The whole world was lost in the darkness of sinAnon. (Author)1
The wise man built his house upon the rockUnknown (Author)2
The wise may bring their learningAnon. (Author)25
The Word of God is solid groundAnonymous (Author)3
The world may change from old to newAnon. (Author)1
The world puts on its robe of springAnonymous (Author)1
The year is gone beyond recallAnon. (Author)1
Thee, Lord, before the close of dayAnon. (Translator)1
Thee we acknowledge God and LordUnknown (Author)1
Thee we adore, eternal Lord!Anon. (Author)3
Know, my soul, thy full salvationUnknown (Author)1
Thee, we adore, eternal nameAnon. (Author)1
Then let the seventh trumpet soundUnknown (Author)1
There are angels hovering roundAnon. (Author)15
There are hills beyond the valley where the river glideth byAnon. (Author)1
There are lands far away o'er the sea, Where in darkness are souls seeking lightAnon. (Author)1
There are lonely hearts to cherishAnon. (Author)1
There are loyal hearts, there are spirits braveAnon. (Author)2
There came a little Child to earthAnon. (Author)1
There came three kings, ere break of dayAnon. (Author)6
There comes a day, a fearful dayAnon. (Author)1
There is a blessed hope, More precious and more brightAnon. (Author)3
There is a calm and pure delightAnon. (Author)1
There is a dear and hallowed spotAnon. (Author)1
There is a fold whence none can strayUnknown (Author)3
There is a fountain filled with blood Drawn from Emmanuel's veinsAnon. (Author)1
There is a happy land, Far, far awayAnon. (Author)6
There is a Heaven above the skiesAnon. (Author)2
There is a heavenly mercy seatAnon. (Author)1
There is a holy city, A happy world aboveAnon. (Author)7
There is a house not made with hands, Eternal and on highAnon. (Author)1
There is a land above, All beautiful and brightAnon. (Author)2
There is a land mine eye hath seenAnon. (Author)13
There is a land of living joyUnknown (Author)1
There is a land of pleasureAnon. (Author)3
There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing its worthAnonymous (Author (refrain))5
There is a peaceful river Descending from on highAnon. (Author)1
There is a place of sacred restAnon. (Author)1
There is a place where my hopes are stayedAnon. (Author)2
There is a Savior waitingAnon. (Author)1
There is a sea which day by day Unknown (Author (v. 1-2))3
There is a song that glad earth singsUnknown (Author)1
There is a spot to me more dear Than native vale or mountainAnon. (Author)1
There is a time when moments flowAnon. (Author)1
There is a voice of sovereign graceAnon. (Author)1
There is a world above us, and, O, how blestAnonymous (Author)1
There is a world we have not seenUnknown (Author)7
There is an eye that never sleepsAnon. (Author)2
There is an unseen Power aroundAnon. (Author)1
There is no love like the love of JesusAnon. (Author)1
There is no name so sweet on earthAnonymous (Author)9
There is no night in heaven, In that blest world aboveAnon. (Author)2
There is no other name than thineAnon. (Author)2
There is no sweeter story told, In all the blessed bookAnon. (Author)1
There is none other name than thineAnon. (Author)4
There is nothing like the old, old storyAnon. (Author)1
There is room among the angelsAnon. (Author)1
There is something on earth for the children to do** (Author)1
There is sound of rejoicingAnonymous (Author)1
There is within this heart of mineAnon. (Translator)1
There still is room, His house is not yet filledUnknown (Author)1
There lived a man in Isr'l's landUnknown (Author)1
There was John the Apostle, so loving and so kindAnonymous (Author)2
There were twelve disciples Jesus called to help him:Anon. (Author)3
There were whisperings in the heavensAnonymous (Author)1
There where the judges gatherUnknown (Author)1
There'll be no sorrow there, In my Father's houseUnknown (Author)1
There'll be something in heaven for children to doAnonymous (Author)1
There's a beautiful land far beyond the skyAnon. (Author)1
There's a city that looks over the valley of deathAnon. (Author)2
There's a crown laid up in gloryUnknown (Author)1
There's a cry from Macedonia Come and help usAnon. (Author)1
There's a glorious era comingAnonymous (Author)1
There's a message of love Come down from aboveAnonymous (Author)2
There's a question that comes to us allAnon. (Author)1
There's a secret God has whisperedAnon. (Author)4
There's a spirit in the airAnonymous (Translator)1
There's a voice that is calling to theeAnon. (Author)1
There's a welcome here, a welcome hereUnknown (Author)2
There's joy in heaven, and joy on earthAnonymous (Author)1
There's music in the upper heavenAnon. (Author)2
There's not a bird with lonely nestAnon. (Author)1
There's not a hope, with comfort fraughtAnonymous (Author)1
There's not a place in earth's vast roundAnonymous (Author)2
There's nothing bright above, belowAnon. (Author)1
There's only One on whose dear armAnon. (Author)2
These are the crowns that we shall wearAnon. (Author)1
They borrowed a bed to lay his headUnknown (Author)1
They brought their flowers to the altarAnon. (Author)1
They crucified my Lord, And he never said a mumbalin' wordAnonymous (Author)1
They have gone to the land where the patriarchs restUnknown (Author)1
They have reached the sunny shoreAnon. (Author)1
They who seek the throne of graceAnon. (Author)11
Thine is the glory, Risen, conquering SonAnonymous (Author)1
Thine, Jesus, thine, No more this heart of mineAnon. (Author)1
Think on our brethren, LordAnon. (Author)1
Thirsting for a living springAnonymous (Author)1
This body in the grave we layUnknown (Author (st. 8))2
This book of books I'd rather ownAnon. (Author)1
This child we dedicate to theeAnon. (Author)2
This do in memory of your FriendAnonymous (Author)1
This endris night I saw a sightAnon. (Author)1
This is a fence around the yardUnknown (Author)2
ReadingsAnonymous ()6
This is my commandment that you love one anotherAnonymous (Composer)2
This is the day the first ripe sheafUnknown (Author)2
This is the day (This is the day)Anonymous (Author)5
[This Is the Story]Anonymous (Author)2
This is the way the snow comes downUnknown (Author)1
This joyful Eastertide Away with sin and sadness!Anonymous (Author (st. 1 and refrain))1
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shineUnknown (Author)2
This rite our blest Redeemer gaveAnon. (Author)1
This world is not a fleeting showAnonymous (Author)2
This world is not my home, I'm just a passing throughAnon. (Author)1
This world is poor from shore to shoreAnon. (Author)2
Though dark the night and clouds look blackAnon. (Author)11
Though the cover is worn and the pages are tornAnon. (Author)1
Though tossed with winds and faint with fearsAnon. (Author)1
Thou alone, Lord Jesus, canst true peace impartAnon. (Author)3
Thou art blessed, O Lord, who nourishest me from my youthUnknown (Author)2
Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore theeAnon. (Author)1
Thou art my portion, Lord, Thy words I ever heedAnonymous (Author)1
Thou art, O God, a Spirit pureAnonymous (Author)1
Thou art our Shepherd, glorious GodUnknown (Author)3
Thou art the everlasting SonAnon. (Author)1
Thou art the Way, and he who sighsAnon. (Author)11
Thou art the Way, to Thee aloneAnonymous (Author)3
Thou blest Redeemer, dying LambAnon. (Author)1
Thou book of lifeAnonymous (Author)1
Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly crownAnon. (Author)2
Thou, from whom we never partAnon. (Author)6
Thou givest thy Sabbath, Lord, the din is stilledAnonymous (Author)2
Thou God of hope, to thee we bowAnon. (Author)3
Thou God of love, beneath thy sheltering wingsAnon. (Author)1
Thou God of sovereign graceAnon. (Author)1
Thou grace divine, encircling allAnon. (Author)1
Thou hast been our Guide each yearUnknown (Author)1
Thou, holy Jesus, meek and mildAnon. (Translator)1
Thou, Holy Spirit, art Of truth the promised sealAnon. (Author)2
Thou knowest, O my Savior dearAnon. (Author)3
Thou knowest me, Lord, 'tis thine to viewAnon. (Author)1
Thou, Lord of life, whose tender careAnon. (Author)3
Thou, Lord, whose never changing mightAnon. (Author)1
Thou man of griefs, remember meAnon. (Author)1
Thou must go forth alone, my soulAnonymous (Author)3
Thou Power supreme, whose mighty schemeAnon. (Author)2
Thou Sovereign, let my evening songAnonymous (Author)1
Thou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver streamAnon. (Author)1
Thou who art present with thy churchAnon. (Author)1
Thou who didst Israel leadAnon. (Author)1
Thou, who didst with love and blessingAnon. (Author)1
Thou who dost my life prolongUnknown (Author)1
Thou who rollest the year aroundAnon. (Author)1
Thou Who the night in prayer didst spendAnon. (Author)2
Thou, whose almighty wordAnonymous (Author)1
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceAnonymous (Author)3
Though Christ a thousand times In Bethlehem be bornAnon. (Author)2
Though dark our present prospects beAnon. (Author)1
Though faint and sick, and worn awayAnon. (Author)5
Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayUnknown (Author)9
Though I should seek to wash me cleanAnon. (Author)2
Though I walk the downward shadeUnknown (Author)1
Though lonely be thy path, fear not, for HeAnonymous (Author)2
Though lost to our sight we may not deplore theeAnonymous (Author)2
Though sorrows rise, and dangers rollAnon. (Author)3
Though the strife be long, and the foe be strongAnon. (Author)3
Though troubles assail, And dangers affrightAnon. (Author)1
Though wandering in a stranger landAnonymous (Author)1
Though we are children, smallAnon. (Author)1
Three crosses stood grimly side by sideAnon. (Author)1
Three little words, but full of sweetest meaningUnknown (Author)1
Through sorrow's night, and danger's path, Amid the deepening gloomAnon. (Author)1
Through thy precious body brokenAnon. (Author)2
Since all the varying scenes of timeAnon. (Author)1
Through all the various shifting scenesAnonymous (Author)8
Through all the world belowAnon. (Author)2
Through night to light, And though to mortal eyesAnonymous (Author)2
Through north and south and east and westAnonymous (Author)1
Through the love of God our SaviorAnon. (Author)5
Through the night air stealingAnonymous (Author)1
Through the starry sky at midnightUnknown (Author)2
Through thee as we together cameAnonymous (Author)4
Through thy protecting careAnon. (Author)2
Through long ages of the past (Depuis plus de quatre mille ans)Anon. (Translator)7
Thus Agur breathed his warm desireAnonymous (Author)1
Thus saith the Lord, who built the heavensAnonymous (Author)2
Thus spake the Savior, when he sentAnon. (Author)2
Thy blessing, O LordAnonymous (Author)1
Thy broken body, gracious LordAnon. (Author)2
Thy footsteps, Lord, with joy we traceUnknown (Author)2
Thy Gospel, Jesus, we believeAnonymous (Author)2
Thy gracious aid, great God impartAnonymous (Author)1
Thy holy Sabbath, Lord, thy people hail with joyAnon. (Author)1
Thy home is with the humble, LordAnon. (Author)2
Thy law is perfect, Lord of lightAnon. (Author)1
Thy little ones, dear Lord, are weAnon. (Translator)1
Thy mercy gates are open wideAnon. (Author)1
Thy mercy, thy mercy, O God, is my songAnonymous (Author)2
Thy mighty working, mighty GodAnon. (Author)1
Thy name, Almighty Lord, Shall sound through distant landsAnonymous (Author)1
Thy neighbor, it is he whom thouAnon. (Author)1
Thy presence, gracious God, affordAnonymous (Author)2
Thy providence, great God, we praiseAnon. (Author)1
Thy Spirit pour, O gracious LordUnknown (Author)1
Thy table I approachAnon. (Translator)1
Thy way is in the deep, O LordAnonymous (Author)5
Thy way, not mine, O LordAnon. (Author)1
Thy ways, O Lord, with wise designAnonymous (Author)2
Thy Word, O Lord, like gentle dewsAnon. (Author)2
Thy Word sheds light upon my pathAnonymous (Author)1
Thy worthiness is all our songUnknown (Author)3
Tierra bendita y divina es la de Palestinadescon. (Author)2
Till dig allena, Jesus KristAnonymous (Translator)1
Till dig jag ropar, Herre KristAnonymous (Translator (into Danish))4
Till he come, O let the wordsAnon. (Author)1
Time by moments steals awayAnonymous (Author)3
Time hastens on, ye longing saintsAnon. (Author)1
Time is earnest, passing byAnon. (Author)2
Time speeds away, away, awayAnon. (Author)3
'Tis better to shout than doubtAnon. (Author)1
'Tis finished, the conflict is pastAnon. (Author)3
'Tis for conquering kings to gainAnonymous (Author)3
'Tis God the spirit leadsAnon. (Author)1
'Tis Jesus' blood that washes whiteAnon. (Author)1
Tis Jesus protects me, my fears now removeUnknown (Author)1
Low down in this beautiful valleyAnon. (Author)1
'Tis my desire with God to walkAnonymous (Author)1
'Tis mystery all! The immortal dies!Anon. (Translator (stanza 3))2
'Tis not for thee to fearAnonymous (Author)1
'Tis only a sonnet, but yet it tellethAnon. (Author)1
'Tis religion that can give Sweetest pleasure while we liveUnknown (Author)5
'Tis sweet to work for JesusAnon. (Author)1
’Tis the fair dawn of heav’nly dayAnonymous (Author)2
'Tis the hour when silent thoughtAnon. (Author)1
To Christ, the Prince of PeaceAnon. (Author)1
Today, if ye will hear his voice, Now is the time to make your choiceAnon. (Author)3
Today the Savior roseAnon. (Author)1
To Father and to SonAnon. (Author)2
To go from my home, and with kindred to partAnon. (Author)1
To God be glory, peace on earth, to all mankind good willAnonymous (Author)3
To God let every tongue be praiseAnonymous (Author)1
To God--the Father, Son, And Spirit, Three in OneAnon. (Author)1
To God, the universal King, Be sacred every grateful choirAnonymous (Author)1
To God, whose glory fills the skiesAnon. (Author)1
To heaven's eternal KingAnonymous (Author)1
To him from whom our blessings flowAnon. (Author)7
To him that loved the souls of menUnknown (Author)3
To Him who children blessedAnonymous (Author)1
To him who did salvation bringUnknown (Author)2
To Him who reigns in worlds of lightAnonymous (Author)1
To Jesus, the crown of my hopeAnon. (Author)1
To leave my dear friends, and with neighbors to partAnon. (Author)1
To leave my dear home, and from kindred to partAnon. (Author)1
To our Creator, we lift our praisesAnónimo (Author)2
To praise the bounteous Lord of allAnonymous (Author)1
To praise the Savior's name let little children tryAnon. (Author)1
To the eternal ThreeAnon. (Author)1
To the Father's love we trustAnonymous (Author)3
To the name that brings salvationAnon. (Author)8
To the promised home in gloryUnknown (Author)1
To the work, to the work! We are servants of GodAnon. (Author)1
To thee all praise ascendethAnon. (Translator)1
To thee be praise foreverAnonymous (Author)5
To thee before the close of day (Neale)Anonymous (Author)1
To thee, God and SaviorAnon. (Author)1
To Thee my heart I offer, O Christ Child sweet and dearUnknown (Author)2
To thee, O blessed Savior, Our grateful songs we raiseAnon. (Author)5
To thee, O God in heavenAnonymous (Author)1
To thee, O Lamb of GodAnon. (Author)1
To thee, our loving Father, GodUnknown (Author)4
To thee, the Lord of all, I'll humbly singAnon. (Author)1
To thine eternal arms, O GodAnonymous (Author)1
To those who love thee, gracious LordAnon. (Author)1
To thy pastures fair and largeAnon. (Author)1
To thy pastures green and fairAnon. (Author)1
To us a child is born from heavenAnon. (Author)1
To us a child of hope is bornAnonymous (Author)2
To us is born a blessed childAnon. (Author)1
To us the promise is but oneAnon. (Author)2
To whom, my Savior, shall I goAnon. (Author)5
To your Creator, GodAnonymous (Author)1
Today God is telling a wonderful storyUnknown (Author)1
Today the Savior calls! Ye wanderers comeAnon. (Author)2
Todo a Cristo yo me rindoAnonymous (Translator)2
Together with these symbols, LordAnon. (Author)3
Toma, sempre, meu Senhor, minha mente e meu amorUnknown (Translator)2
Tossed upon life's raging billowAnon. (Author)1
Tosturi dwyfol fawrAnonymous (Author (stanzas 3, 4, 5))2
Trachtet nicht nach hohen DingenUnbekannt (Author)1
Træder nu til Herrens BordUkj. (Translator)2
Traigamos con gozo a Dios nuestra ofrenda (With joy and thanksgiving we bring God our off'rings)Anónima (Author)2
Tranquil and peaceful is the path to heavenAnon. (Author)1
Traveling to the better landAnon. (Author)12
Trials dark on every handUnknown (Author)1
Triumphant Zion, lift Thy headAnonymous (Author)4
Trust in the LordAnon. (Author)1
Trust on, trust on, believerAnon. (Author)6
Tsehene'tȧhestoveto, Hetseohe vesevemeno!Anonymous (Author)2
Tu sangre, ¡oh Cristo!, y tu justiciaDesconocido (Translator)2
Tu voluntad, JesúsDesconocido (Translator)2
Tus palabras postrerasAnonimo (Author)2
Tuya es la gloria (Yours, Lord, is the glory)Anónima (Translator (Portuguese))1
Tuya es la gloria, la honra tambiénDesconocido (Author)4
Tuyo Soy, ¡oh Dios de amor!Desconocido (Author)2
'Twas Jesus' last and great commandAnon. (Author)2
'Twas not for our great love to theeAnon. (Author)1
'Twas on that night, when doomed to knowUnknown (Author)2
'Twas on the night when doomed to knowUnknown (Author)1
'Twas the commission of our LordAnon. (Author)1
Two babes were born in the self same townAnonymous (Author)1
Two little eyes to look to GodAnon. (Author)3
Ĉu vi vidis la krucon de l' Sinjor'?anonima (Author)1
Udi min angst og NødUkj. (Author)1
Un amigo hay más que hermanoDesconocido (Translator)2
Un mandamiento nuevo os doyanónimo (Author)1
Un niño nace en Belénanónimo (Author)2
Un nombre existe que escuchar me agradaDesconocido (Author)2
Unanswered yet? The prayer your lips have pleadedUnknown (Author (verse 3))1
Under an eastern sky Amid a rabble's cryAnon. (Author)4
Unheard the dews around me fallAnonymous (Author)4
Unite us, God, unite us in your everlasting loveAnoymous (Author)2
Uns ruft dein heil'ges werk zusammenUnbekannt (Author)1
Unspotted is the fear of God and ever doth endureAnon. (Author)11
Unter meinem schmerz und weinenUnbekannt (Author)1
Until he come like music tonesAnon. (Author)1
Unto our heavenly Father We will not fear to prayAnon. (Author)2
Now to the Lamb that once was slainAnonymous (Author)1
Unto Thee O God our FatherG. R. (Author)1
Unto us a boy is bornAnon. (Author)1
"Unto us a child is born, Unto us a son is given!" Rejoice, ye sinners, sad forlornAnonymous (Author)2
Up, my soul with clear sedatenessAnonymous (Author)1
Up to me sweet childhood lookethAnonymous (Author)2
Up, why sleep ye, men of heavenAnon. (Author)1
Upon this happy mornAnon. (Author)1
Vänd af din vrede, Gud! som straffet sänderAnonymous (Translator)1
Vær trøstig, mit Hjerte, bedrøv dig ei meerAnonymous (Author)2
Vagaba por el mundo sin fedescon. (Author)2
Vain is all terrestrial pleasureAnon. (Author)1
Vain is the thought of manAnon. (Author)1
Var Gud ei med os denne Tid, Maa Israel nu sigeAnonymous (Translator)1
Ved al Cristo, Rey de gloriaDesconocido (Translator)4
Ven a nuestras almasDesconocido (Translator)1
Ven, alma que llorasDesconocido (Translator)2
Ven, Espíritu de Amor, ven sobre míanónimo (Translator)2
Ven, O Dueño de mi vidaDesconocido (Author)2
Ven, O Santo Espíritu, Raudal de agua vivaDesconocido (Author)3
Ven, Santo Espíritu de amorDesconocido (Translator)2
Ven, te invito a cantar al Señordescon. (Author)2
Venid a mí los tristesDesconocido (Translator)1
Venid á la escuela, niños, sin tardarAnonimo (Author)2
Venid, pastorcitos, sigamos La senda que va hacia Belénanónimo (Author)2
Venid, pecadores, que Dios por su amorDesconocido (Author)3
Venid, pequeñuelos, venid sin tardardesconocido (Author)1
Venid, venid, zagalesDesconocido (Author)4
Venid y cantemosDesconocido (Author)2
Verzage, Volk der Christen, nichtUnbekannt (Author)1
Vi komme, Herre Jesus KristUkj. (Author)1
Vi ønsker vor brudgom nu og brudUkj. (Author)1
¡Victoria! ¡Victoria! Cantemos la gloriadescon. (Author)2
Viene otra vez nuestro SalvadorAnónimo (Author)1
Vinde, aflitos pecadores, cheios de tristeza e dorUnknown (Translator)2
Visit, Lord, this land in mercyAnon. (Author)1
¿Vives triste y angustiado?Desconocido (Translator)3
Voll Glauben will ich zu dir betenUnbekannt (Author)1
Vor Brudgom ei længe nu borte vil bliveAnonymous (Author)2
Vor Jesus over os nu staarAnonymous (Author)2
Vor Prest, som os skal læreUkj. (Author)2
Voz de amor y de clemenciaanónimo (Author)1
Vreden din afvend, herre Gud, i naadeUkjendt (Translator)3
Come, O Holy Spirit, come. Holy Spirit, come (Wa wa wa Emimimo)Anonymous (Author)1
Wait, my soul, upon the LordAnon. (Author)2
Wake, O my soul, and hail the mornAnon. (Author)1
Wake the song of jubilee, Let it echo over the seaAnon. (Author)2
Wake! the welcome day appearethAnon. (Author)1
Walk in the light: so shalt thou knowAnon. (Author)3
Walking with Jesus, Walking every dayUnknown (Author)1
War, horrid war, deep stained in bloodAnonymous (Author)1
Was soll ich, liebstes KindUnbekannt (Author)1
Watch, for the time is shortAnon. (Author)2
Watching in the meadowsAnonymous (Author)1
Watchman on the walls of Zion, What, O tell us, of the night?Anon. (Author)2
Watchman, tell me, does the morningUnknown (Author)2
Watchmen on the walls of ZionAnon. (Author)2
We all might do good, where we often do illAnon. (Author)1
We all, O Lord, have gone astrayUnknown (Author)1
We are a little gleaning bandAnonymous (Author)1
We are but minutes, little thingsAnonymous (Author)2
We are but young, yet we may singAnonymous (Author)2
We are climbing Jacob's ladder, We are climbing Jacob's ladderAnon. (Author)1
We are gathering together unto HimAnon (Author)3
We are going down the valley one by oneUnknown (Author (vs. 4))1
We are joyously voyagingAnon. (Author)1
We are junior reapersAnon (Author)1
We are little children, Very young indeedAnon. (Author)1
We are little travelers, marching, marchingUnknown (Author)1
We are living, we are dwelling In a grand and awful timeAnon. (Author)3
We are marching homeward to that landUnknown (Author)1
We are marching on (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)1
We are marching on to Zion (Anonymous)Anonymous (Author)1
We are marching through the desertAnon. (Author)2
We are only little gleanersAnon. (Author)1
We are soldiers in the army We have to fight although we have to cryAnonymous (Author)1
We are sowing, daily sowingAnon. (Author)1
We are the sons of WesleyUnknown (Author)1
We are told there is a homeAnonymous (Author)2
We are waiting, blessed Lord, In thy courtsUnknown (Author)1
We are watching, we are waiting For the bright prophetic dayAnon. (Author)2
We ask not that the stones be breadAnonymous (Author)2
We bless Thee for Thy peace, O GodAnon. (Author)40
We cannot understand, why this is bestAnon. (Author)2
We Christians may rejoice to-dayAnon. (Author)1
We come, Lord, to Thy feetUnknown (Author)6
We come, O God, with gladnessAnonymous (Author)1
We come, O Lord, before thy throneAnon. (Author)2
We come our Sabbath hymn to raiseAnon. (Author)1
We come with joyful song To hail this happy mornAnon. (Author)3
We come with songs of gladnessAnonymous (Author)2
We feel that heaven is now begunAnon. (Author)2
We follow, Lord, where thou dost leadAnonymous (Author)4
We gather together to ask the Lord's blessingAnon. (Author)17
We gather, we gather, dear Jesus, to bringAnon. (Author)1
We have heard the wail of women, we have seen the fathers fallAnon. (Author)1
We have heard thy gentle voice, O blessed SaviorAnon. (Author)1
We have met in peace togetherAnon. (Author)3
We have no home but heaven, A pilgrim's garbUnknown (Author)3
We join to pray, with wishes kindAnon. (Author)3
We lay thee in the silent tombUnknown (Author)2
We lay us calmly down to sleepAnon. (Author)1
We lift our little voicesAnon. (Author)1
We long to move and breathe in TheeAnon. (Author)4
We long to see that happy timeAnonymous (Author)1
We love this outward worldAnonymous (Author)1
We meet again in gladness, And thankful voices raiseUnknown (Author)6
We meet now in thy nameAnon. (Author)1
We need not soar above the skiesAnon. (Author)1
We now implore God the Holy GhostUnknown (Author (st. 1))3
We now to Christ, the Savior KingAnon. (Author)1
We, O Lord, are little pilgrimsAnon. (Author)1
We praise thee, Lord, if but one soulAnon. (Author)2
We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorUnknown, 1626 (Author)4
We praise thee, O God, we acknowledge thee to be the LordAnonymous, Fourth Century (Author)2
We praise thee, we bless thee, our Father and FriendAnon. (Author)1
We praise thy Name, O Lord most HighAnonymous (Author)4
We pray no more, made lowly wiseAnon. (Author)1
We read of scribes and phariseesAnon (Author)1
We saw Thee not when Thou didst comeAnonymous (Author)3
We see the LordAnon (Author)2
We shall meet no more to severAnon. (Author)1
We shall meet them again, the departedAnon. (Author)1
We shall see him, in our natureAnon. (Author)3
We shall walk through the valley of the shadow of deathAnonymous (Author)4
We shape ourselves the joy or fearAnon. (Author (1 & 2))1
I sing my Savior's wondrous deathUnknown (Author)2
We speak of our loved in the heavenly landAnon. (Author)1
We speak of the realms of the blestAnon. (Author)4
We thank thee, heavenly Father, for thy correctingAnon. (Author)1
We thank Thee, Jesus, dearest FriendUnknown (Author)3
We thank thee, Lord, for this our food, For life, and health and every goodAnonymous (Author)2
We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food, God is love, God is loveAnon. (Author)5
We thank thee, loving FatherAnon. (Author)2
We thank thee, O our Father, for all thy loving careUnknown (Author)10
We thank you for your blessingsUnknown (Author)2
We three kings of Orient areAnon. (Author)1
We wait in faith, in prayer we waitAnonymous (Author)5
We welcome glad Easter when Jesus aroseAnonymous (Author)5
We welcome you, we welcome youUnknown (Author)1
We will carol joyfully on this holy festal dayUnknown (Author)1
We worship and adore youAnonymous (Author)4
We would see Jesus; for the shadows lengthenAnon. (Author)16
We, your people, God, confessingAnonymous (Author)1
Weary, Lord, of struggling hereAnon. (Author)1
Weary sinner, keep thine eyesAnon. (Author)4
Weary winds are hushed to sleepAnon. (Author)1
Weep thou, O mourner, but in lamentationAnonymous (Author)3
Weeping saint, no longer mournAnon. (Author)2
Welcome, brothers, voices raisingAnon. (Author)1
Welcome, day of blessingAnonymous (Author)1
Welcome days of solemn meetingAnon. (Author)1
Welcome, O Savior, to my heartAnon. (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, day of restAnon. (Author)6
Welcome, welcome, quiet morningAnonymous (Author)6
Welcome, ye hopeful heirs of heavenUnknown (Author)2
We'll be heroes, we'll be heroesUnknown (Author)2
Well for him who all things losingAnon. (Author)1
Well may thy servants mourn, my GodAnonymous (Author)1
We'll sing the power of him who diedUnknown (Author)2
Wer will mit uns nach Zion geh'nAnon. (Author)1
Wer wird in deiner Huette dortUnbekannt (Author)1
We're bound for the land of the pure and the holyAnon. (Author)2
We're floating down the stream of timeAnon. (Author (first 3 verses))5
We're in a world of hopes and fearsAnonymous (Author)1
We're traveling home to heaven aboveUnknown (Author)9
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?Anonymous (Author)2
What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bearAnon. (Author)11
What a mighty God we serve (African folk song)Anon (Author)1
What a mighty God we serve, What a mighty God we serve (Traditional)Anonymous (Author)5
What a strange and wondrous storyUnknown (Author)1
What a wonderful, wonderful loveAnonymous (Author (Chorus))1
What are those soul-reviving strainsAnonymous (Author)1
What book ought I to love the bestAnon. (Author)1
What can I give to JesusAnonymous (Author)1
What glorious scenes mine eyes beholdAnon. (Author)1
What grace, O Lord, and beauty shoneUnknown (Author)3
What if our bark, over life's rough waveAnon. (Author)1
What is life! 'Tis but a vaporAnon. (Author)1
What is new upon the earthAnon. (Author)1
What is the world, a wildering mazeAnon. (Author)1
What language now salutes the earAnon. (Author)1
What makes a city great and strongAnonymous (Author (stanzas 1-3))1
What means this eager, anxious throngAnon. (Author)1
What must I do, has oft been askedAnon. (Author)2
What poor despised companyAnon. (Author)3
What shall I render to my God For all his kindness shown?Anon. (Author)2
What shall we do, for the desert is lonelyAnonymous (Author)1
What ship is this you are sailing inAnonymous (Author)1
What, sinner, canst thou doAnon. (Author)1
What though no flowers the fig tree clotheAnonymous (Author)2
What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soulAuthor unknown (Author)11
What you begin, my little friendAnon. (Author)1
Whate'er to thee, our Lord, belongsAnon. (Author (vs. 5))2
What's this that in my soul is rising?Anonymous (Author)1
What's this that steals, that steals upon my frame?Anon. (Author)3
When a foolish thought withinAnon. (Author)1
When along life's thorny roadAnon. (Author)2
When any turn from Zion's wayAnon. (Author)1
When around us life is shiningAnon. (Author)1
When, blest Redeemer, thou art nearAnonymous (Author)4
When blooming youth is snatched awayAnon. (Author)1
When brighter suns and milder skiesAnon. (Author)3
When called, O Lord, to mourn the doomAnonymous (Author)1
When Christ came down on earth of oldAnon. (Author)1
When Christ was born of Mary freeUnknown (Author)1
When, dearest Savior, when shall IAnon. (Author)1
When downward to the darksome tombAnon. (Author)1
When floating on [o'er] [in] life's troubled seaAnon. (Author)4
When for eternal worlds we steerAnon. (Author)1
When forced to part from those we loveAnon. (Author)1
When gathering clouds around I viewAnonymous (Author)1
When gloomy thoughts and fearsAnon. (Author)1
When grief and anguish press me downAnonymous (Author)5
When here, O Lord, we seek thy faceUnknown (Author)1
When, His salvation bringing Anonymous (Author)3
When hosannas loud resoundingAnonymous (Author)2
When human hopes all witherAnon. (Author)2
When I look up to yonder skyAnon. (Author)1
When I was in trouble, my way was dark as nightAnonymous (Author)2
When I'm called to cross the river, flowing down the age of timeUnknown (Author)1
When in the vale of lengthened yearsAnonymous (Author)10
When in thine hour of conflict, LordAnonymous (Author)2
When injured Arfic's captive [captives] claimAnon. (Author)1
When is it for a saint to dieUnknown (Author)1
When Israel was going forthAnon. (Author)2
When Israel was in Egypt's LandUnknown (Author)1
When Isr'l's priest the lamb did chooseAnon. (Author)1
When Israel through the desert passedAnonymous (Author)1
When Jesus left His Father's throneAnon. (Author)1
When judgment day is drawing nighAnon. (Author)5
When little Samuel wokeAnon. (Author)1
When morning beams with glory brightAnonymous (Author)2
When morning gilds the skiesAnonymous (Author)31
When morning pours its [her] golden raysAnon. (Author)1
When morning's first and hallowed rayAnon. (Author)5
When mothers of Salem their children brought to JesusAnon. (Author)1
When my final farewell to the world I have saidAnon. (Author)2
When my last hour is close at hand, Lord Jesus Christ attend meUnknown (Author (st. 5))2
When my love to God grows weakAnonymous (Author)6
When no [kind] earthly friend is nearAnon. (Author)1
When none was found to ransom meUnknown (Author)2
When o'er earth is breakingAnonymous (Author)1
When o'er the mighty deep we rodeAnon. (Author)1
When on the third auspicious dayAnon. (Author)1
When Pharaoh dared to vex the saintsAnon. (Author)1
When saints gather round thee, dear Savior, aboveAnonymous (Author)1
When shall I see the dayUnknown (Author)4
When shall the voice of singingAnon. (Author)8
When shall we three meet again?Anon. (Author)5
When shall we meet again? Meet ne'er to sever?Unknown (Author)3
When sinful and burdened and wearyAnon. (Author)2
When sinners quit their wicked waysAnonymous (Author)1
When some kind shepherd from his foldAnonymous (Author)1
When storms around are sweepingAnon. (Author)25
When storms hang o'er the Christian's headAnonymous (Author)4
When sunbeams gild my wayAnon. (Author)2
When the everlasting LordAnon. (Author)1
When the harvest is past and the summer is overAnon. (Author)1
When the King of kings comesAnonymous (Author)2
When the last agony draws nighAnon. (Author)2
When the last trumpet's awful voice (Cameron)Anon. (Author)2
When the morning bells are ringing, To the chapel we repairAnon. (Author)1
When the Savior long agoUnknown (Author)1
When the spark of life is waningAnon. (Author)2
When the Spirit of the Lord is within my heartUnknown (Author)3
When the sun all golden laughs at dawn of dayAnon. (Author)1
When the sun refuses to shineAnon. (Author)2
When the truth shall lead us homeAnon (Author)1
When the twilight gathersAnon. (Author)1
When the way seems dark and drearAnon. (Author)1
When the world and sin opposeAnon (Author)3
When thickly beat the storms of lifeAnon. (Author)2
When thou hast sown the precious seedAnonymous (Author)1
When Thou my righteous Judge shalt comeAnon. (Author)3
When thy harvest yields thee pleasureAnon. (Author)3
When to that blessed world I riseAnonymous (Author)2
When torn is the bosom by sorrow or careAnon. (Author)1
When unto thee I fleeAnon. (Author)1
When warmer suns and bluer skiesAnon (Author)1
When waves of trouble round me swellAnon. (Author)2
When we hear the music ringing In the bright celestial domeAnon. (Author)3
When we the sacred grave surveyUnknown (Author)2
Whence came the armies of the skyAnon. (Author)1
Whence comes this rush of wings afarUnknown (Translator (from French))1
Whenever we meet, you always sayAnon. (Author)5
Where are the Hebrew children?Anonymous (Author)1
Where charity and love prevailanonymous (Author)1
Where, for a thousand milesAnonymous (Author)3
Where high the heavenly temple standsAnon. (Author)1
Where is the Savior nowAnon. (Author)1
Where shall the child of sorrow findAnonymous (Author)4
Where should I be, if God should sayAnonymous (Author)1
Where the Light for ever shinethAnon. (Author)2
Where the lost and wretched areAnon. (Author)1
Where the woodman's axe is ringingAnon. (Author)3
Where wilt Thou go, since night draws nearUnknown (Author)3
Where'er have trod Thy sacred feetAnon. (Author)9
Wherever I am, I'll praise HimAnon (Author)2
Wherever you may be, whatever you may seeAnon. (Author)10
While by my sheep I watched at nightAnonymous (Translator)1
While fighting for my Savior hereAnon. (Author)2
While foes are strong, and danger nearAnon. (Author)3
While I hear life's surging billowsUnknown (Author)2
While in sweet communion feedingUnknown (Author)1
While in the tender years of youthAnon. (Author)1
While in the world we still remainAnon. (Author)1
While in this vale of sorrowAnon. (Author)2
While now upon this Sabbath eveAnonymous (Author)5
While others pray for the grace to dieAnon. (Author)1
While shepherds kept their watchingAnonymous (Author)1
While shepherds watched their fleecy careAnon. (Author)1
While sounds of war are heard aroundAnonymous (Author)3
While the prayers of saints ascendAnon. (Author)1
While through this changing world we roamAnon. (Author)3
While, with ceaseless course, the sunAnon. (Author)1
While yet the youthful spirit bearsAnonymous (Author)2
Whisper a prayer in the morning, Just at the break of dayUnknown (Author)3
Whither goest thou, pilgrim strangerAnon. (Author)1
Whither, pilgrims, are you going?Anon. (Author)7
Who are these arrayed in whiteAnon. (Author)1
What are these in bright array, This innumerable throngAnon. (Author)1
Who are these who are believers now?anonymous (Author)2
Who but Thou, almighty SpiritUnknown (Author)6
Who came down from Heaven above?Anonymous (Author)2
Who has this book, and reads it notUnknown (Author)1
Who hath sorrow, who hath woeAnon. (Author)1
Who is he in yonder stallAnon. (Author)4
Who is it that comes from farAnon. (Author)1
Who is this, so weak and helplessAnon. (Author)2
Who made the stars look out at nightAnon. (Author)1
Who now accuseth themUnknown (Author)1
Who paid for my redemptionAnónimo (Author)2
Who puts his trust in God most justAnon. (Author)4
Who shall sing if not the childrenAnon. (Author)1
Who showed the little [tiny] ant the wayAnon. (Author)1
Who trusts in God, a strong abodeAnon. (Author (stanzas 2 and 3))10
Who was in the manger laid?Anon. (Author)1
Whom have we, Lord, in heaven but theeAnon. (Author)1
Who's been born without two parents?Anonymous (Author)2
Why neath the load of your sins do you toilAnon. (Author)1
Why, on the bending willows hungAnon. (Author)2
Why should I murmur or repineUnknown (Author)3
Why should I yield to slavish fearsAnon. (Author)2
Why should our mourning thoughts delightAnon. (Author)1
Why should our tears in sorrow flowAnon. (Author)2
Will jemand Christi Juenger seinUnbekannt (Author)1
Will you be ready when Jesus comes? Are you truly born again?Unknown (Author)2
Will you come to the spring that is sparklingAnon. (Author)1
Wilt Thou not visit meAnon (Author)1
Wir möchten Jesum seh'nAnon. (Author)1
Wir schauen, Herr der HerrlichkeitUnbekannt (Author)1
Wir singen, herr, von deinen SegenUnbekannt (Author)1
Wir stehen, Herr im HeiligtumUnbekannt (Author)2
Wirf Sorgen und Schmerz ins liebende HerzAnon. (Author)1
With all our hearts, with all our powersAnonymous (Author)1
With broken heart and contrite sighUnknown (Author)2
With cheerful voices rise and singAnonymous (Author)1
With concious guilt and bleeding heartAnon. (Author)1
With deepest reverence at thy throneAnon. (Author)3
With gladness, dear brethren, we meet [met] at [in] this placeAnon. (Author)2
With grateful hearts and tuneful laysAnon. (Author)1
With guilt oppressed, bowed down with sinAnon. (Author)3
With heavenly power, O Lord, defendAnonymous (Author)1
With humble prayer, O may I readAnon. (Author)1
With joy of heart I now can singAnon (Author)1
With love the Savior's heart o'erflowedUnknown (Author)1
With mines of wealth are sinners poorAnonymous (Author)1
With stately towers and bulwarks strongAnonymous (Author)1
With the Lord begin thy taskUnknown (Author (German))1
With thy benediction falling on our earAnonymous (Author)1
With warm delight and grateful joyAnonymous (Author)1
With willing hearts we treadAnon. (Author)1
Within the tented grove the followers of the LambAnon. (Author)1
Within thy house, O Lord, our GodUnknown (Author)7
Wo ist Jesus, mein verlangenAnon. (Author)1
Wo willst du hin, weil's Abend istUnbekannt (Author)1
Wonderful redemption full and freeAnonymous (Author)2
Wonderful Savior! Wonderful FriendAnon. (Author)3
Work for the day is comingAnonymous (Author)2
Work, for the night is coming; Work through the morning hoursAnon. (Author)1
Work for time is flying, work with heart sincereAnon. (Author)1
Worship, honor, glory, blessing be to him who reigns aboveAnonymous (Author)3
Worthy is the Lamb, Worthy is the LambAnon (Author)2
Worthy the Lamb of boundless swayAnonymous (Author)2
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Worthy, worthy is the LambAnon. (Author)2
Would Jesus have the sinner dieAnon. (Author)1
Would you know why I love JesusAnon (Author)1
Would you see Jesus? Come with prayerUnknown (Author)1
Wouldst thou in thy lonely hourAnonymous (Author)3
Ya consumada su mortal carreraDesconocido (Author)2
Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaimAnon. (Author)8
Ye faithful souls, who Jesus knowAnonymous (Author)1
Ye flaming hosts enthroned in lightAnonymous (Author)2
Ye fleeting charms of earth, farewellAnon. (Author)2
Ye followers of the Prince of peaceAnon. (Author)7
Ye happy bells of Easter dayAnon. (Author)2
Ye happy children who follow JesusAnon. (Author)2
Ye hosts of heaven, ye mighty onesUnknown (Author)2
Ye messengers of God, arise and blowAnon. (Author)1
Ye mourning saints, whose streaming tearsAnon. (Author)2
Ye people away nor talk of delayAnon. (Author)1
Ye saints, exult in Jesu's nameAnon. (Author)2
Ye saints, proclaim abroadAnon. (Author)1
Ye shepherds, arise, and shout to the skiesAnon. (Translator)1
Ye sons of Adam, vain and youngAnon. (Author)1
Ye temperance warriors braveAnon. (Author)1
Ye! who in his courts are foundAnon. (Author)1
Ye thirsty souls, approach the springAnonymous (Author)1
Ye valiant soldiers of the crossAnon (Author)1
Ye weary heavy laden soulsUnknown (Author)2
Ye who feel your sin and woeAnon. (Author)1
Ye who rose to meet the LordAnon. (Author)1
Ye who the name of Jesus bearAnon. (Author)1
Ye workers in God's vineyard whatever your calling beAnon. (Author)1
Yes, for me, for me He carethUnknown (Author)2
Yes, YesAnonymous (Author)2
O how sweet the glorious messageUnknown (Author)1
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the sameUnknown (Author)1
Yield now, sin, yield, death and curseUnknown (Author)1
Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! E'en though it be a crossAn. (Translator)1
Yo confío en mi ReyAnónimo (Author)2
Yo me alegré con los que me decían (My heart was glad when I heard sisters saying)Anónima (Author)2
Yo quiero ser, Señor amadodescon. (Author)2
Yo quiero ser, Señor amado (I want to be what you would make me)Anónima (Author)3
Yo sólo espero ese día cuando Cristo volverádescon. (Author)3
Yo sé que vive mi SeñorDesconocido (Translator)2
Yo soy el Pan de VidaAnónimo (Translator)2
Yo te busqué, Señor mas descubríanónimo (Author)1
Yo traigo mi pecadoAnónimo (Translator)2
Yo voy viajando, sí, Al cielo voyAnonimo (Author)2
You alone are holy; you alone are worthyAnon. (Author (st.1))4
You can be happy, and I can be happyAnonymous (Author)2
You may keep on working till your life last hourAnon. (Author)1
You may sing of the beauties of the mountains and daleAnon. (Author)1
We come in the might of the Lord of lightAnonymous (Author)1
Young people all, attention give While I address you in God's nameAnonymous (Author)1
Your garments must be white as snowAnon (Author)1
Youth of the world, ariseAnon. (Author)3
在隱密處與神同關鎖 (Zài yǐn mì chù yǔ shén tóng guān suǒ)Anonymous (Author)1
Zacchaeus was a wee little manUnknown (Author)4
Zion klager med stor smerteUkjendt (Translator)2
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